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Found 4 results

  1. Bloodline Name | 一騎当千 Ikku Tousen (One Man Army) Possessors | Kushinada Clan— Chae Yoon. Appearance | The Kushinada are monolithic people. To the eye they are more like statues than men. Their muscles are dense and ripple beneath their skin. Their bones are heavy like iron rods and their tendons resemble braided steel. They don't share any other physical traits aside from their incredible musculature, but that does not mean they are indistinguishable from other clans or even one another. The privy will know a Kushinada when they see one, and those unfamiliar will know the difference between them and normal people should they come to blows. Abilities | Superior Condition: The Kushinada are built for combat. They are stronger and faster on average (can access Taijutsu one rank above their level), and generally have more stamina (SP) than their counterparts (one rank above their level). Body Supremacy: The clan itself has barely survived the advent of chakra usage, and while a Kushinada may utilize chakra similarly to his counterparts he will always be disadvantaged. But with training and through sheer force of will a Kushinada can develop a deeper understanding of their own body and, eventually, become sovereign to it. In the beginning they learn to localize their stamina to augment their strength and speed, but later in life they can develop control over their conscious and subconscious bodily functions. Weaknesses | Underdeveloped Tenketsu: Clan members possess weaker chakra circulatory systems than their counterparts. As a result, they are born with lower chakra reserves (CP) than normal (one rank below their level) and have a harder time molding chakra. The Kushinada can never possess an Advanced Release. Chakra Cost | All SP costs are one rank lower than average. All CP costs are doubled— excluding non-elemental Taijutsu with additional CP costs.
  2. Name | Chained Shuriken Blades Ranking | C-rank Type | Offensive Appearance | It looks exactly like a giant windmill shuriken but is different from it in some ways. Unlike a windmill shuriken, this can be split into two separate blades. These blades can then be wielded in both hands. If not split, the large windmill shuriken can be thrown as a projectile to cut and pierce objects or foes. Besides this, there are chains attaching with the shuriken blades and the arms of the puppet. These chains are permanently attached with the hands, thus limiting the range the projectile can be thrown. Material | Stainless Steel. Crafter | A blacksmith that Jin probably kidnapped and Jin. Description | There's a mechanism within the wrists of the puppet that keeps the chains attached to the puppet. This mechanism also has the chain within it, so either retracts the chains when not needed or releases them when the shuriken is being swung around by the puppet. The chains can also be untied via a chakra string. It can open up from the end that's tied to the shuriken or from the hand and can thus be wielded as a weapon as well. The total length of each chain (one attached to the right hand wrist and the other attached to the left hand wrist) is 10 meters. Therefore, enabling the puppet to swing the giant shuriken around in a 10 meter circular radius (or 5 meter diameter). The chains are one thing but there's also the shuriken itself. Each blade is 8 feet in length and 1 feet in width, and is double edged. The puppeteer can choose to turn the giant shuriken into weapons that can be wielded by the puppet. It is a double edged weapon, so for close ranges it doesn't exactly hold the shuriken from its blade. The puppet swings it around at close range via the chains attached to the shuriken. But for closer ranges, the majority of the chain is retracted via the mechanisms in the wrists. How do the blades switch modes? (Twin blade mode and shuriken mode) Jutsu | N/A Status | Personal (because it's a customized Gekido part)
  3. Name | Scroll: Hikari Type | Supplementary - Sub-Type | You can write stuff in it, if you feel wordy and poetic. Ranking | D-rank. Material(s) | Paper. Dimensions | 6 inches in height. 3 inches in width when closed and 1 feet in width when opened. Nature | NA (doesn't bite) Appearance | It's different from a usual scroll, that has a plain green color when closed and folded. This one has bright red color and has a black colored tiger silhouette printed on it, permanently. Other than that, it's a simple empty scroll. Abilities | None Description | It's just a piece of rolled up paper with some aesthetic touches. It can be used to write stuff in it and can also be used to seal stuff in it. This one is named after Jin's puppet so it's a custom scroll. He has made it all pretty for his puppet. Availability | Personal. (Who else would want a scroll with a tiger silhouette printed on it?) Requirements | Money really. Ryo Cost | 200
  4. Name | Hikari Ranking | C-rank Type | Beast Appearance | The puppet has slots and modifications built into it to allow storage of weaponry and launching of said weaponry. The internal organs of the now deceased creature have been taken out and the body is preserved. It's been preserved in such a way that it doesn't smell of a rotten corpse, it actually has a pleasant smell. Which is intentional because the creator and owner of the puppet cannot stand foul odors. The fur has remained intact and appears similar to how it would appear on the living creature. Hikari is 6 feet in height, four feet in length and one and a half feet (18 inches) wide. She has a 2 feet long tail with a 5 inch width. As with all tigers, the hind legs are longer than the front legs enabling acrobatic abilities and agility. Material | The corpse of a white tiger as base. Stainless steel and wooden alterations added within to make it a puppet. Crafter | Jin Tataru Background | White tigers are mesmerizing, powerful and agile creatures; not to mention elegant as well. Jin realized the potential of the creature as an offensive puppet. So he killed one of them, preserved the body and made modifications to turn it into a puppet that resembles the real thing but is now far 'better'. Status | Restricted