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Found 5 results

  1. The blue glow of twilight seeped in through the windows of the ship, casting a soft light within the space as she dressed herself. Her mind lingered on the events of the previous day. How she'd unwittingly almost gotten herself killed in a potato box full of people. The fact there was this dangerous man in charge of a dangerous ...militia, whom were out to kill shinobi. Mayhap if she had a village to call home, she might feel safer, but as fate were to have it, she lived on her own with no memory of where she came from. Nothing but a broken sword remained from her forgotten life, and that she kept hidden away beneath the innards of the ship. Four years had passed, and by now she was strongly suspicious the secrets of her identity would never return to her. As far as it mattered anymore, her name was Reimei and she was born from the sea at twilight, her namesake. Her thoughts grew unspeakable, dark inside her heart, as she went about wrapping her chest flat and putting her shirts on. The masked men inside, had any of them survived, had likely noticed a red haired woman bring the building down. It was now more pertinent than ever for her to not forgo her disguise. Reimei rose from the depths of her small sailing ship docked by the beach. She had spent a preposterously long amount of time deciding on her clothes that morning. It was now nightfall. After that one fiasco with the masked men, she'd realized that she'd entirely blown her disguise. Not only had she been caught seen as a girl with purple eyes, she'd shown even more of her skin to the slums of the capitol. Everyone and their brothers had seen a redheaded woman in booty shorts and her bra. Not that she was usually shy about such, but it's not like she wanted to be seen either. In fact, when it was all said and done, she'd returned to her ship to be rightly mortified at herself. She slapped her cheeks and looked into the mirror to be sure her green eye contacts were in place. They were, the left contact made the thin scar through her eye appear slightly pinker against her snowy skin. She then stepped back to check that her chest was wrapped well enough to flatten her curvy figure. It hurt and made it a little hard to breathe, but it did its job. She wore a pair of jeans that fit close to her legs, and a loose black tank underneath a brown leather coat. A thick black scarf wrapped around her neck and helped to conceal from her mouth down. Reimei turned away and pulled on ankle high black combat boots, then rose back up and twisted and tied her hair back into a pony tail that made her hair appear to be short. She checked the mirror once more, and felt like she was satisfied it'd be hard for anyone from the day before to recognize her without having somehow remembered the shape of her body on a very up close level. A thought that drifted her mind towards a certain golden moose she had encountered...She shook some sense into herself and put her checkered hat onto her head before leaping off the side of her ship and onto the beach. When her feet hit the rocky surface, she paused a moment to stare at the city before she began making her way towards it again. She needed to gather some things before she left back to find Aorie and Osaka. The crimson haired woman, disguised as a boy, walked down the streets of the city. She had no idea where she was walking to, but hoped she'd find it eventually. Most people ignored her, perk to looking like a boy, except for the occasional glances she received due to her height. She was a rather short boy, could even perceived as a young one for the way she looked. Being by herself, she only managed to stand out a smudge further. She walked until she spotted a large gathering of people in an even larger grassy area. Laughter and talking drifted across a breeze towards her ears. She got closer and found herself sucked into the mass of bodies like a black hole of human, and it didn't spit her back out until she was on the inside of a wide circle of grass. Here there were a large amount of stalls and stands set up with games and food. People mingled about in animal masks and occasionally one person would pass her in a kimono and geta. She was taken aback by this turn of events, suddenly surrounded by people. A woman without a real place to call home, she wasn't used to this many people being in her vicinity at once. It didn't help that she was naturally directionally challenged from the start, and now she wasn't quite sure where she'd been spit out at. Instead of freaking out though, she moved on and acquired food from a stall. A vendor pleasantly sold her four sticks of yakitori, and she drifted through the park carnival without paying any attention to where she was going. Instead, her attention was riveted upon the meat in her hands.
  2. Akane was carrying a set up glass vials in her bag, a pouch separate for a hollow rubber tube, and a few containers of water. Some flasks contained pure water for the science experiment she had planned for her in field collection, and some flasks were for drinking. As a medical shinobi, she brought her medical kit, her senbon pack, and her kunai. She kept two sandwiches in her pack as well, for when she took a break to eat. On her own body, she wore as usual her hidden breast dagger, and her senbon launcher on her right wrist, locked and loaded as some might say. As for dress, she was absolutely not going to wear her white coat out to some volcanic wasteland. She didn't particularly trust the people in the settlement, not far from her goal location, and hoped to avoid people in general. The red head had her hair pulled back into a loose bun, letting her bangs hang about her face. Her cropped halter top was a shade of black today, a stark contrast to her red hair and pale skin, but suitable considering where she was going. It was loose and flowing fabric, same as her long dark blue pants. Ankle wraps bound the ends of her pants and supported her ankles so she could wear her black leather ankle-boots. They were her favorite boots, but the most durable. She had on golden accessories today as well, a small shimmering band of fabric acting like a headband, tucked over her head in a thin manner, the long ends draped and swaying behind her back as she walked. She had golden sun earrings studded into her ears, two golden rings with red glass stones, and a black leather choker on her neck with a small hanging golden sun in the front. Akane loved dressing up, but today, she considered herself dressing down. The young woman exited the thick jungle and entered the land of rolling hills and active and inactive volcanoes, Various splotches of dark and light colored smoke, geysers, hot springs, littered the expanse before her. But she knew it was a much farther trek than it looked; the heat played tricks on the mind and she was lucky to have come so prepared. Nobody was going to be out here. Nobody. So the young woman made her way with the bag slung over her shoulder, hiding her flame armband from view, and made her way towards the inactive volcano closest. Huge crags of rock and thick black porous rock covered the ground, a show that where she was walking had been covered with magma within the past few weeks.
  3. Fu paced back and forth the hospital room impatiently. For the passed year, this one room had been her home. She ate, slept and was healed here by various shinobi. Ever since her incident with her family in the fire from a year ago, she had been saved by a certain shinobi in the village. She had suffered terrible injuries, mostly burns and even one of her organs had ruptured that terrible day. At the time, Fu didn't know what happened exactly, but the more she thought on the situation, she got a better understanding of what had happened. She possessed an advanced element of explosions. Involuntarily, she had caused her house to explode. Killing both of her parents and the thug inside. By some miracle, she had managed to survive but with serious injuries. She had spent the last year in the hospital: the medical shinobi healing her wounds and making the scars disappear. During that time, her hair had grown back long and beautiful. All of that time was just about over now. Fujin continued to pace the middle of the room impatiently as she waited for a certain medical shinobi to arrive. Fu had spent many days with this shinobi, talking and healing Fu's wounds... Fu just had one last thing she wanted the medical nin to do for her before she left the village. She just wasn't too sure how to ask for such a weird favor.
  4. A single spotlight presented itself among a delicate congregation of deep violet which draped the landscape, catching it in a clear picturesque enclosure. This night was one that didn't need the keen eye of an artist to point out its beauty, even the most staunch of visionaries could not capture nor put brush to canvas as it would be an insult to natures generosity. Nevertheless, time waited for no one and a rather boisterous village lay oblivious to its surroundings. As always the Markets remained lit up like a swarm of fireflies and colonies of marching ants paved the streets accompanied by the clang of flagons and tankards alike. Fumes of various fragrances and transparencies crept their way into other districts enticing innocent bystanders and Shinobi who had finished their duties late and had planned on finding the softest object they could collapse onto. The hustle and bustle of the night was one of Mizumura's pride and joy attractions to tourists, yet Shimo had never found himself enjoying the night as it was intended. Instead he could be found lazing around in the communal park, it was the closest he could find himself surrounded by nature without the dangers of leaving the village. It was not that he was shy, or opposed to the call of a party but he didn't exactly care to be seen as the lone drifter drinking away his problems, plus it was not everyday he would get a view like the one of tonight. Laying there atop of the blades of grass which had been caught in a slow dance with the gentle winds, the reality of a social encounter had only now come to fruition in mind. 'Oh god, what was I thinking, I've never actually met with someone outside of village business! I'm not prepared, what if I say something stupid? What if she doesn't want to work with me on this mission? What if she hates me by the end of the night and decides to leave without me in the morning? Oh this is bad very bad...' 'Hehe, calm down you're over reacting. You've never been bad at communication, how bad could socialising be...' 'Aggghh, but think of all the stupid mistakes you've made over the past couple of weeks. This is another one waiting to happen.' 'I'm the heir of the Chiyome, raised by women. Surely I can't be this clueless...' The internal struggle carried on back and forth through his mind as he raised his head to look at his apparel. It remained rather casual to his eye, Shimo never had a crude sense of fashion, he just frankly did not take too much notice of what he wore and yet somehow he always came out of his bedroom looking semi-decent. His dark grey top appeared frayed throughout random patches of the stitching and a rather out of place zipper traversed down from his shoulder to the right bottom side of his torso. Instead of tight trousers leading down to his feet he had in place 3/4 length elasticated pants which had what seemed to be traces of thin wire intertwined throughout them, not made to be layered into clothing while his footwear remained rather formal sticking to the wooden platformed sandals he was accustomed to. 'I guess all I can do is wait now.' Mission Topic #1 | Mission Topic #2 |
  5. Things seemed to have a turning point for Rei. The last thing he had remembered, was leaving the cave in the tundra from a mission he and Takara had. Both he and her had been injured, his a physical injury and hers a head injury. She was quite stubborn at the time, so he had insisted on carrying her back to the village. Throughout the trek back to the village, his own injury had worsened until he had passed out from the pain. That was when he had woke up in a comfortable clean bed, in a quiet room connected to a busy hallway. It was a hospital room. His clothes had been stripped and his ribs were set back into place and healed by the medical shinobi. I must have passed out before we got back to the village... he thought to himself as he jumped up from the bed, fully naked and quickly finding his clothes. They had not been difficult to find. His clothes had been watched and mended with sewing and then placed in a chair across from the hospital bed. It was an odd sensation and he didn't personally care for the smell. He had never been in the hospital before. Growing up homeless in the slums, he had never been afforded with an opportunity to be treated in such a fancy place. Ever since he had become a shinobi, he had let his summonings do all of the heavy lifting for him with little danger involved to himself. His first time in the shinobi hospital and it had been for taking damage for someone else. He shook his head, regretting how foolishly he he tried to save Takara. Not so much in his decision to save her, but because his body had moved on its own without him consciously willing it. He grabbed his pants from the chair and began to put them on, his upper body still wrapped in heavy white bandages as he grumbled a bit. Though his body had healed, he was still in a fair bit of pain. "I need to know how long I was unconscious..." he would say absently to himself as he pulled his pants up and buttoned them. He didn't like being in an uncommon environment and not knowing what had occurred while he was unconscious. Had Takara been okay? How did they get back to the village? He had several questions but first he needed to get dressed and find someone to ask. His eyes scanned the room for any odd details, but all he could see was a bottle of sake beside the bed on a table. Why was that there? WC-446