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Found 1 result

  1. Jutsu Name | Spirit Possession. Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | D rank Element(s) | N/A Specialty(s) | Puppetry Energy Cost | C-rank & Lower Puppets: 10 CP (Activation), 5 CP (Upkeep) B-rank & Higher Puppets: 15 CP (Activation), 10 CP (Upkeep) Handsigns | N/A Range | 35 meters Duration | Continues until deactivated. Description | The Tataru clan is capable of manipulating and using spirits. This is the very literal embodiment of that concept. A spirit possesses the body of a puppet and manipulates it according to the will of the Tataru using the jutsu. The spirit and the jutsu user communicate mentally so they know the will of one another. The spirit simply performs the actions as the puppet user dictates. Basically, the puppeteer manipulates the puppet without strings thanks to the spirit. Even with that being the case, the puppet (unless it's a human puppet) is not capable of using jutsus. It may have a spirit within it but it does not possess a working chakra network. Therefore, the one casting the jutsus is only the puppet user. The puppet is capable of using the mechanisms/gadgets and weapons stored within it. In addition to this, the puppet can also not be used to propagate jutsus from it . Simplified version: If your character can throw a fireball, it won't come out of the puppet. It'll be the character generating it. This jutsu follows the Tensogu bloodline limitations. With this jutsu, the puppeteer is able to control half the puppets in comparison to normal puppet users. Meaning: At Beginner level: One puppet At Novice Level: Two puppets At Adept Level: Three puppets At Advanced Level: Four puppets At Master Level: Five Puppets Note: Chakra strings can only be generated from puppet fingers if the puppet is being manipulated via Chakra strings or invisible chakra strings. If the puppet is being controlled via this jutsu, it will not be able to generate chakra strings because it does not have a working chakra network. Other Effects | The real difference between the chakra strings and Spirit possession is that Chakra strings are more versatile. You can use a chakra string to lift a rock and hurl it at someone. You cannot possess a rock though. For the possession to work, it has to be an actual puppet. Size doesn't matter, it can be a miniature chibi gaara puppet but it has to be a puppet. It cannot be a kunai, a shuriken or katana. Requirements | Tataru , Tensōgu Status | Open