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Found 23 results

  1. Kaii wasn't' often one to ask his father for help, he hadn't asked his father really for anything since he graduated from the academy. As a now fully fledged ninja, Kaii believed that he should be able to provide for himself, he should be able to take care of himself and learning things without any help from others. But, this was different the things he wanted to learn were not regular things he could get from books or from simply training each and every day. No this stuff was something that he needed an expect on the subject to not only teach him but show him exactly how it's done. As Kaii made his way out to the training grounds of Yamagakure, he could see his father, Kize, standing there looking up at the sky as he rested his hands on his hips. A smile on his face before turning to stare at his son. Raising his hand to signal a wave to his father and smiling back at him Kaii took out a bar of muesli and took a huge bite out of it. Laughing his father clapped his hands once before jumping up into the air, Kaii seeing this shoved the rest of the muesli into his mouth and got ready as his father reached the apex of his jump. Raising his arm up to block the sun as much as he could he watch as his father did a few hand signs before his body began to expand. He hadn't seen this technique in some time in honest, Kaii hated the technique because it made him look fat and ugly but... As a ninja he couldn't care about such things, he needed to learn these techniques in order to get stronger. Kize's body was growing in size but only his abdominal section then as if he pulled his arms, legs and head into the ball he started to fall down towards Kaii like a meteor. Pushing his feet of the ground, Kaii jumped to the side watching as his father fell directly where he was once standing. "Tsk, You never did hold back dad." He shouted to no avail as in that giant boulder like form there was no way he could hear anything. Reaching down to touch the ground, Kaii watched as his father came barreling towards him in what is known as the Human Bullet Tank. Jumping up into the air over his rolling father, he watched as the boulder stopped after a few feet and his father was back to his normal self. Dusting off his clothes and smiling up at his son Kize waved Kaii over to his side. "This technique has been passed down the Akimichi line for centuries.The Multi Size Technique I'm going to teach you today the two ways it is used. You've already seen the Human Bullet Tank and defensive form that is needed for it. But the other form I am going to teach you today is one that I'm not going to guarantee you will learn today." Ram, Bird, Ram, Bird, Ram. These hand signs his father did in quick succession before his body began to grow in size, unlike the other form where only his abdominal section grew into a ball this time his entire body all the way down to his fingers and toes grew too. Kaii didn't know when his father was going to stop, he was about two stories tall before his father reached his peak height. Then with one easy swoop of his hand, Kize moved his hand into the ground and scooped up a giant trench with his bare hand. Then with a booming voice from high above his father began to laugh, "Hahaha you see, this is the technique you must learn to master. In this form we are the strongest." Then just like before his father started to shrink back to his regular size, smiling even more than before. "Now you saw the hand signs, we are a simple clan and our techniques are also simple but this is not something just anyone could learn. No This is a bloodline technique of he Akimichi clan. Show me son. I believe you have learned enough from your time at the academy to know how to control your Chakra. Doing the handsigns that he had seen his father do multiple times, Kaii started to focus his chakra into his abdominal section of his body. Feeling it all mass in the center of his body he did the final handsign, Ram. "Multi-Size Jutsu!" He shouted as his body swelled up like a balloon. Then just like his father before, he pulled his arms and legs into the boulder and started to roll as fast as he could using his strength in taijutsu to propel him forward faster and faster. Though turn was hard and required wide angles, he wanted to get used to the feeling of being in this form even if he couldn't see where he was going or hear his father shouting at him to turn or slow down. Then, in a second he felt something hard hit him right in the back which caused his concentration to fade and his body to shrink back to its normal size. There his father had increased the size of his fist to as if he was in his giant form and stopped him from moving anymore. Looking around Kaii realized that he was heading right towards a small monument that was set up for the people who had died in the civil war of the Village of Lightning. "I think that's enough training for today Kaii. Come on, let's go get some ramen, my treat." Kaii was never one to say no to a meal, but this was the first time he had let his father treat him to food in a while. "Thanks for trianing me father, this is going to help with my upcoming mission outside of the village." His father patted him on the back and grinned, "Tell me about it over dinner." WC: 1,014/700 Notes: -Taijutsu has been trained from Beginner to Novice -Multi Size Technique and Human Bullet Tank have been learned by Kaii Akimichi
  2. Fuck. Chiyoko realized what a dumb thing she had just done. Here she was, just encountering yet another boy to stalk; and it had turned into possibly the most consequential 'date' she would ever had. Just so that her brain could keep up, she had to recap on the previous events. So, she went on a hunting mission with just about the most undeserving-of-her-politeness factor that she'd ever see, starting off their wondrous relationship ass grab. Fuck. So, being the stalker she was, her perversion somewhat appealed to this 'Great Doctor Shisui' and she thought the Shisui was interesting. But! He obviously hated her, lusted after her, or at least had a grudge against her for something she'd done before-none of which of she could confirm. How would she find out? Easy! Chiyoko proposed they go on a spar; in which the winner gets to make the other their personal slave for the next twenty-four hours. Obviously, you could tell she wasn't exactly prepared for this but hey; what can you do? To counter the impending doom of the inevitable harem-it seemed obvious-she was going to train. Train hard. Of course, there was the usual 'this is hopeless' thoughts. But, for the first time, she realized she might have a chance. I mean, he definitely didn't seem like he danced with Taijutsu users often. And! He thought she was weak to when, in reality, Chiyoko was strong-just not letting herself seem strong or act strong. Either way, she'd have to man up now or never. Using a dummy that she had borrowed from higher ranking ninjas, she started continuely hitting the dummy with her fists, using her small stature and speed to try and knock the stuffing out of it. Whack! Pow! Clamp! Unfortunately, it was a tough dummy that she had brought, so it remained untouched. Chiyoko hadn't realized, however, and it sparked a momentary flame in her. She then unleashed a torrent of kicks at the head and torso, tearing through the torso with the pure force behind each one. Was this...hatred? Hatred for this doctor? Impossible, really. She hasn't hated anyone before. Or has he? Deep down, there's a stable soul in there, disguising as a broken one, and that soul tells her to stop. That every time she presents herself as weak, more and more she limits herself to the point of becoming actually weak when, really, she's as strong as any other ninja! Maybe even stronger! MAYBE SHE COULD RIP EVERY FUCKER SHE SAW INTO PIECES! And, for a brief moment, the built-up feelings of twenty--two years, the abuse and mistreatment, were released unto the poor dummy, demolishing it in a matter of moments. And with this anger came adrenaline; Chiyoko wasn't even winded. She stormed back to the previous donor of the dummy, who gleefully handed her another five dummies. She returned to this same area to continue her explosive terrain, and one by one, the dummies vanquished from sight, the beheading of one fueling the flame and increasing the satisfaction of fury of destroying yet another dummy, using every skill that she had learnt as a ninja. Quick as wind the five new dummies were gone, a large pile of fluff sitting around her body, only leaving a wicked-looking Chiyoko and the shredded pieces of these dummies of hers. But she was not done; oh no, indeed, she continued her training, concentrating her rage into her legs, dodging thee various short eruptions that flared up around this volcanic fields of the Flame Village, occasionally receive a burn or two; but Chiyoko didn't care. If she would ever unless her anger, this would be it-and there was no denying this from her. But her energy was fading, and with that was the rush of adrenaline that she had gotten from this sudden flare of rage and untamed wrath. Unfortunately, this meant that she would revert back to her previous form of a unstable, stalking soul, a helpless ninja who would be known for her own incompetence. And that, her mind loathed, so it fought furiously to keep the rush and supply going; going to the more active areas of eruptions, intentionally endangering her own life in the desire to keep her away from her true personality-no, her twisted one-but, alas, a nicely-timed explosion took the adult out of her rush of joy, reverting back to a bleeding, burning Chiyoko. However, this feeling of empowerment was not lost, as she just stood up and grinned wildly, dusting herself off. Why? Because, despite this explosion of emotions, the realization of her true being-the lost realization-both minds, both worlds, knew at least this. That she'd gotten stronger. WC: 782.
  3. The snow floated down. There was no wind and everything was quiet, serene. It was beautiful so far out into the forest, away from human civilization. It could make a peaceful soul forget about their everyday troubles and quietly reflect on how beautiful the world truly was. A tree burst into flames. Birds hurried out from the branches, chirping loudly as they scattered out into the air. Kazuo was gritting his teeth, upset at how little damage his fireball actually did. It barely made it past the bark. An attack like that should have scorched halfway through the tree upon first contact. It was a tree, after all. They were vulnerable to fire! How could he expect to stop enemy shinobi if this was the best his fireball could do? To his credit, Kazuo wasn't trained in ninjutsu like most shinobi. If he spent his training on close combat or weapons then he would be a far bigger force to reckon with. His childhood of helping his father building his criminal empire had him beat up people or hurt them with weapons. He had already been trained before his sensei, Hideaki, ever met him. But Hideaki wanted better for Kazuo. Any person could fight with weapons. That didn't mean that shinobi who specialized in taijutsu or weapons weren't worthy. There were many great shinobi who like that. But Kazuo needed to learn control. He needed something that would slow him down, to help him focus on collecting himself. Ninjutsu was the answer. It took a long time for him to learn how to properly utilize his chakra but by the time he did, Kazuo understood his sensei's reasoning. His ability to use chakra was a tool for justice, a way to help people. Giving him a sword wouldn't have taught him anything, he wasn't ready for that. Just as he wasn't ready to move on to utilize his fire jutsus quite yet. But it bothered him that he wasn't. Kazuo did a couple of handsigns and brought his hand back up to his mouth to shoot at the burning tree once more. A fireball, slightly bigger than the last one came out and struck the tree, snapping its trunk and sending it falling on top of another nearby tree. Kazuo didn't worry about the possibilities of a forest fire. It was likely to spread much, especially with all the snow pelting the flames. That fireball was slightly stronger than the last one but it only caused the tree to fall because the previous fires had weakened it enough. That wouldn't do. Kazuo began shooting fireball after fireball at all the trees that surrounded him. Soon fires surrounded Kazuo but he continued to shoot, feeling the passion envelop him. Hideaki had always warned him that his passions made him lose control and could be turned against him. But maybe Hideaki was wrong. What if passion pushed him further, made him stronger? Hideaki died on the battlefield, facing an enemy shinobi who was stronger than him. Control over his emotions didn't save his life. Kazuo stopped firing. All around him was chaos. It hardly resembled the same forest it was hours ago. Kazuo was feeling drained, sweat was beading down his forehead. And it wasn't just from the heat radiating from the fires, but the fact that he had been putting out so much effort today. Something inside him needed to be set free. So he was letting it all go for today. That's why he went off so far away to train in the Frost Forest, where no one could disturb him and he could just let loose. He wouldn't have been allowed to shoot so many fireballs anywhere near the Water Village. He figured he had launched 6 fireballs in total already. That was a lot of chakra for him. He eyed one tree that still wasn't on fire. It just stood there, seeming so removed from all the destruction surrounding it. Kazuo formed the boar hand sign, then the horse, followed by the tiger. With a powerful wave of emotions building up in his stomach, Kazuo fire off another shot at that lone tree. The fireball, the biggest one yet, zoomed over to the tree and scattered it upon contact. It was so big and so hot that it evaporated all the water within it, not only hitting it with tremendous force from the outside, but forcing it to expand from the inside. Now felt better. His ninjutsu abilities felt stronger, more keen. There was now more passion behind his attacks. He felt like he could now let loose and let the destruction do its job. It was within him all along, he just needed to let it loose. --- Word Count: 790/750 Training Ninjutsu specialty from beginner to novice.
  4. Open

    The young genin stared off in the distance to where the waterfall seems to drop off the end of the world, the same apathetic scowl he always wore firmly embedded on his face. The expression was only empathized by the string wet strands of dark locks clinging to his face, he was not only wet, but he was also hot... and sticky. Despite the water itself being quite refreshing, the humid weather definitely hadn't won the child over as he scoffed aloud to himself. Satomi had been forced to abandon his coat in favor of shedding the heavy fabric to allow his skin to breath better, something that he was beginning to regret as he could swear that the air was physically sticking to his sweaty flesh. The boy's expression shifted as he combed the fingers of his left hand back through his hair, the right hand following suit as he desperately preened himself in an attempt to not look like a wet dog—only smell like one. A frustrated sigh said it all as his arms fell to his side with a slightly wet slap against his soaked clothes. “I should reeeally think these things through...” Truth be told, the shinobi has been out since the early morning. Right out the door following breakfast he made the special trip to Maiden's Falls with the intent to practice his ninjutsu arts, he may have not have graduated from the Academy not too long ago but he was already determined to show that he could make a great ninja. Only that unfortunately meant he couldn't be as lazy as he had hoped, a thought that only brought out a groan from the boy as he stood as still as he could in the middle of the very river threatening to sweep him right to a rocky death. Perhaps in wasn't the right word to, but he was rather standing on the river the best he could. A few wobbles however would suggest the violent current of the river wasn't keen on having the shinobi use his jutsu to defy the natural laws of the universe, forcing the child to rapidly adjust his chakra on the fly to keep himself planted and not carried off to a ten mile reflection of where he went wrong before becoming a yakatori on the sharp rocks at the bottom of the falls. Word Count: Post: 397 Total: 397
  5. "Not yet... Not enough..." Sadame glared up at the tall tree, breathing heavily. She was drenched thoroughly in sweat, and her hands hung at her sides as she stood, bent over. With a little effort, she pulled up her tired arms and rested them on her knees, as she tried to catch her breath. The weather had been good to her so far; it was mildly cloudy, but the sun, for the most part, chose to often hide itself behind the few clouds that were in the sky. That was indeed advantageous, because she would lose less stamina due to excess heat. She looked up at the towering tree which stood before her, its thick trunk marked by many weapons, a testament to the trainings of various shinobi who had frequented this place. Far up on the trunk, about seven kunai were embedded, very recent activity that had been carried out by Sadame. She straightened up and prepared herself. Running up a vertical surface was something most Genin could do, but it offered some good training, as one had to work against gravity, while using one's chakra to stay on track. But that was only part of her training. What was harder was what happened on the way down. Taking a deep breath, Sadame ran at the tree again, repeating the steps she had carried out before with precision. As she reached the tree, she focused her chakra and ran straight up it, counting her steps silently as she did so. And at every point she got to any of the kunai stuck in the trunk, she snatched it out of the wood and continued upwards, not stopping for an instant. Reaching close to the top of the tree, she prepared to kick off it. And she slipped. She wasn't sure what exactly it was, but it was slick enough to cause her to lose her footing instantly. Her best guess was that she had stepped on some rotten part of the trunk (which was less likely, as such rots did not often occur towards the top of the tree), or moss. Wet moss. That must be it. The loss of balance caused her to flail, sending her off to the left, and to that very left were many branches on the way down. A shinobi could do many things, but one of the few things most of them were incapable of was flight. In the split second she turned her head and looked down, she realized that it was indeed a rather long way down, and unless she did something about it, she was likely to break her head or back on one of those boughs. The realization of such a silly and irelevant means of demise caused her adrenaline to instantly kick in. As she got to the first branch, she quickly flipped once and landed gracefully on it. CRACK! Or not. The branch, which had looked deceptively firm, snapped beneath her weight, throwing her into a more haphazard tumble that was sure to wreck her if she didn't act fast. As she tried to right herself, she noticed almost too late another branch, and it was her face that was going to interact with it first. In panic, she thrust out her arms (the basic reaction to an impromptu danger) and still ended up striking the branch rather awkwardly... and very painfully. But there was no time to consider her hurt. For beyond that branch that had gotten the better of her, there was another one very close, after which was absolutely nothing for the next 15 meters. If she could just manage to stop, she might save herself, but her current velocity and disposition in space spelled doom for her. Panic turned to dread, and a pent up scream escaped her lips. She wasn't going to be fast enough to grab the last branch which was already passing her by. As is said, however, "a drowning soul will grasp at a straw..." She still tried to make a grasp for the branch, and at that moment, it was like time slowed down a little. It seemed like even gravity waited just a little bit, and not one to pass up good opportunity, Sadame acted. A hand whipped into her carrying case and produced a kunai, which, with a grunt of exertion, she drove into the branch. There was another jolt of pain as the sudden change of momentum to her body jarred her arm, but it worked. The kunai stayed embedded in the branch, and she hung from it with one hand. "What's going on?" she wondered to herself, as she watched the falling leaves move slower than they were expected to. This could only mean that she was viewing the world from a different perspective, a sight that seemed to confer superior reflexes. She frowned. Holding on to the kunai with both hands, she swung her body and flipped forward like a trapeze artist, managing to get her feet back on the trunk of the tree, and jump down to safety. What had just happened could only mean that some secret potential had been unlocked within her, and had come to light due to the duress she had undergone. And from the books she'd read, it sounded like... Sadame laughed hard. True, she was adopted, and knew nothing of her original parents, but, come on! The Sharingan was a doujutsu that belonged to the Water Territory, and that was the only likely bloodline that conferred such reflexes. No, she wasn't Uchiha. Couldn't be. With the accidental self inflicted near death experience she had undergone, Sadame decided to call it a day,waving off the Uchiha idea as preposterous. She would return to the libraries and look up other factors that could speed up reaction time and such stuff. Unknown to her, as she turned away from the tree and faced the direction of her home, her irises, which were currently crimson, with the characteristic single tomoe, faded into their usual onyx color... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WC: 994/500
  6. And just like that, the sound of the double doors unlocking announced Setōshi's arrival into the library. With a heavy sigh a single foot was put through the door and as soon as he did he immediately regretted it. The rustling of pages and low chatter from group projects carried out by students and shinobi alike came to a dead silence, all gazes were averted to the young boys entrance. Setōshi paused at the halfway point of being both in and out of the doorway, half of his body visible and the other half seemingly peeking into the library. His body tensed up as the early warning signs of possible interaction triggered his disorder. Look at them... They know the truth... You're a mistake... A death sentence... Who you are and what you'll become have been set in stone since birth... They'll see right through it... "But... I have to try... " — Setōshi mumbled to himself whilst pushing his way through the door and slamming it shut behind him. "!uoy em ot eciN !ssilB m'I“ A jumbled mess of words woven backwards made him look like the fool that he tried to be for the public's eye, few snickers here and there, but for the most part people brandished a nuisance to their studies and brushed his arrival off by beckoning him to keep the noise down. Setōshi beamed a smile, gauging the situation to have worked well for himself, something which he was clearly wrong and misguided by from the promotion of himself as "Bliss", but what more could be expected of an individual who neglected his own emotional attachment to the world... "OK then! Carry on with your stu—“ *SHHHHHHH...* — Bliss was interrupted mid speech and shushed to a silence by a girl in the corner who had grown quite annoyed by his antics. *Cough* *Cough* It was a library afterall, as minimal noise as possible was key to the learning environment of others. Much to no surprise Setōshi did not care for such a rule, and at the times he chose to speak he did. Walking through the small group project area the young boy gazed over the shoulders of those sitting with their books open, a plethora of subjects by different authors were being discussed on the hush. It wasn't until he got to the third group closest to the rows of books did he come stop, the title of the book "Anatomical Composition of the Human Body" stuck out to him like a sore thumb. Between him and valuable information in his field of study was the interaction with the group, specifically the female who it was closest to. Shit... Humans... At a distance things were fine, but this... Up close and personal... Setōshi's breathing became staggered as his mind went blank and both palms and neck increased with sweat, his entire body began to tremble so much so that it caught the groups attention. To the studied scholar these were telltale signs of an anxiety attack, but in this case it was much worse due to the lineage from which he hailed. "Hey kid... What's your problem?.. You alright, or what?.." — One of the two males of the four students sitting at the table spoke in a hushed tone as he stood to his full height. A moment past with no reply from Bliss furthering the confusion from the students who all exchanged a look before those sitting began ushering the standing boy to check him out. The book that caught Setōshi's eye was one among many that lay sprawled across the table between the four students, each with a running theme of corresponding with the medical field, thus by check him out they were only intending to check out his vital signs. A dire mistake, and one foreseen prior by the student after having witnessed a flicker of what appeared to be Setōshi's breath, but instead chalked he it up to his pure imagination and reached out grabbing ahold of his shoulder and wrist. The trembling stopped. All realization of the outside world can't flooding back, yet he was too late... "Aggghhhhh" — Screamed the student as he retracted his hands and fell backwards into his friends. The student's cry became the focal point of attention, heads peeking over books and around shelves to view the commotion. Setōshi stood wide eyed with the reassuring smile of one who knew he was caught, the negativite perceptions of him could seemingly be felt, prompting rash decision makings on his part. "Yikes! Talk about giving you the cold shoulder!.. He he he..." "That'll heal right up with the right technique, ya know!? Unfortunately I need to borrow a few things—" — Setōshi said while everything swiping into his arms several books, plenty were left for the students, but the selected few were untouched at the time and ripe for a picking. "—In order to figure it out!.. You guys look like fine scholars, so beat me to it! Ok?!. Thanks bye! " The words he spoke trailed after him, before they knew it he was gone and the students were left dumbfounded at what exactly just happened. Rows after rows of shelves filled with books created the library into a labyrinth of sorts, chestnuts m passages leading to clearings hear and there gave birth to prime locations for an independent student to work, thus he sat. Fueled by the pursuit of knowledge, the young man coming to be known simply as "Bliss" began reading the first of four books: "Guide to the field Medical Shinobi: Evasive Healing Standards Vol. 1". With finger under word retreated inward absorbing the information as he read, the persona of "Bliss" was flipped off like a switch and in his isolation Setōshi was allowed to be himself without the pressure placed upon him by his subconscious mind. And just like that, from street smarts to book smarts, Setōshi increased his knowledge in the medical field page after page, but what he'd soon come to find out was that knowing was only half the battle. Application and practice was its counterpart. Lurking in the shadows was a presence whose sights were set on the Setōshi, having caught wind of the incident from earlier the figure felt a duty to protect the students and books alike from any further harm... "Annex..." 1,033/750 WC
  7. It was true the Village Center offered a broad range of buildings to be explored, from newly-established, small shops and stores which sold a wholesome variety of goods for the multitudes of denizens who entered the places daily, to government-based buildings of the highest status. Out of the grand array of options however, Yoshinori wasn't attempting to search for snacks or meaningless knick-knacks, but instead, the best source to go to for the most invaluable resource in the world.... The library! From the point of entrance alone, one could tell that the building was severely aged, yet still managing retain it's beauty... This being seen in the form of a ramshackle door inset within an ornate archway. Making his way into the library, Yoshinori first became aware of the slight scent of paper, though this wasn't too surprising considering where he was. Heavy quantities of dust filled the air, only noticeable through the bright beams of sunlight which cascaded down from the building's many windows; this in turn, contributing to a thin film of dust which covered everything imaginable. As he would take his first few steps around the place, he quickly found how quiet it was -- well more so than under normal circumstances, before afterwards, coming to the realization that the library was completely empty. It seemed almost to be a separate world of its own considering that outside the large, wooden door which lay towering behind him, crowds of villagers were joyfully mingling with one another. With nothing but his thoughts alone, Yoshinori was left to himself. Just then however, he quickly remembered why he had come here... To think he had forgotten in the first place! Searching through an almost fathomless row of shelves, he quickly got to work, acquiring as many books of information on fūinjutsu as possible. Contemplating to himself, Yoshinori would think, How else will I accomplish what I need to get done, if I haven't even come close to mastering the skills I've worked so hard to forge? A countless number of scrolls and books in-hand, Yoshinori dropped them in front of him, sighing as he looked at the mess which had been scattered across a nearby table. It would take hours of laborious reading, though if his mind willed it, the long process would be well worth it. Mumbling underneath his breath, an anxious Yoshinori said, "Well... Let's get started." His initial strategy was to start with the more easier bits before eventually progressing into the more advanced portions, though as he flipped through pages, this seemed unlikely. The books had to have been centuries old, yet contained incalculable amounts of information he hadn't even heard about and to top it all off, he was already suffering from a student's worst enemy... Sleep. Somehow managing to push ahead regardless, Yoshinori felt himself emerging deep within his studies as he searched through every instructional diagram and every inch of text. Reflecting on a few of the pages he had read previously, he began reiterating through each step in his mind.. So after performing this technique, I just have to do this... Or maybe, I could combine that one technique with the other two..? After hours of going about this method, Yoshinori began to grasp some of the concepts which were previously difficult. Progressing through the fundamentals and into the more proficient aspects of fūinjutsu, he started experimenting as he weaved handseals in great succession, preparing for whatever his next technique would entail. Though in the midst of reaching new heights as far as fuinjutsu went, it was beginning to get later by the minute. With a reluctant yawn, Yoshinori looked up at the windows, no longer seeing the radiance of the sun rays which had now been replaced by an empty sky of pitch-black darkness. Though the chambers of the library were initially quiet, they were still accompanied by the ambient sounds of everyday street sounds; now missing as the usual time of night began to set in. Aching from several hours of remaining motionless apart from the occasional flipping of pages, Yoshinori was unaware of the changes which took place while he was training himself in the various studies of fūinjutsu. Getting up from the chair he sat in, he collected the tools of his training; namely that of the decrepitly-aged scrolls and books which would then be placed back onto the shelves of which he found them. As he looked out across the rows of book-laden shelves, he imagined the great abundance of information he hadn't even come close to read -- techniques he had yet to even discover. There was plenty of work to be done and Yoshinori had barely scratched the surface of it all, though nonetheless, he would still attempt to take this one step at a time rather than blindly rushing into it. As if to confirm these thoughts, Yoshinori calmly said to himself, "I'm almost close to reaching my goals.. Just some slight obstacles ahead, but I'll accomplish them in no time." Gradually closing the old door of the library entrance, a creaking sound could be heard, followed by a loud thud. Yoshinori was well aware of the fact that he may have been overthinking it more than he should have, though he couldn't help but reflect on how far he had come and the possibilities which awaited only his guidance. It nearly felt strange jumping back into the cool, night breeze of the village center after having been in surrounded by nothing but his thoughts and a few books, albeit some good did come of it. The break was well-deserved and even more appreciated after the past few hours of strenuous studying and it was a nice change from the hot afternoons familiar to that of the summer season. The grass of the nearby public park could be heard as the gentle breeze of the night compelled the blades of grass to sway, creating a surprisingly-soothing rustling sound as Yoshinori would prepare for the arriving day ahead. (WC: 1,002 Words) ( 1,002/1,000 Words Towards: Fuinjutsu Adept → Advanced)
  8. training

    Specialty Training Bukijustu: Novice → Adept The sight of his kunai digging into the wooden construction of the target, splintering the wood and forging a noticeable dent on the property, was something Kao greatly enjoyed about training. While it was boring in its repetitiveness and exhausting from the effort it took, the pride and exhilaration that flushes through your body at a job well-done was a feeling that Kao himself craved. It gave him motivation; it gave a reason as to why he was worth living. He was improving and being useful and, at that thought, a wide grin sported itself on his face as he quickly took a handful of shuriken from the weapons rack and, with a practiced toss, watched as they all landed on the target. Unfortunately, it only pierced two vital organs but he counted himself satisfied that they were accurate enough to injure a potential enemy. He could work on refining it later but, for now, he had to focus on a different aspect of his work. He had recently craft Kuroi Kasa, a parasol that stays true to its name and has a blackened color scheme and the appearance of a regular umbrella you could buy for a hundred Ryo at a peddler's price. He did, however, adjust it with various materials to make it more durable and its ability to extend the point made it a weapon capable of concealing itself and slashing through items. He clicked a button and the outer rungs of the parasol flew out, forming a shield from the sun. While the material wouldn't stop a jutsu, it did protect him from the sun's rays. The Summer heats were not so pleasant and having added protection against it was what made Kuroi Kasa his preferred weapon. Regardless, he had only crafted it recently and had little to no skill in utilizing it, thus bringing the reason for this exercise. He quickly retracted the parasol's tent and, charging straight away, he quickly slashed downward at the target. As soon as the attack went through, he rotated his wrist and brought it upward like someone preparing to cheer or do a proper salute. And, with his last move, he looked straight at the target's neck as he brought the parasol, which was up high, down diagonally, forming a giant slit on the target's throat. He grinned at the mutilated sight of the public target. It wasn't the sturdiest and had been meant for ranged practice involving throwing weapons such as shuriken and kunai instead of a pseudo-blade, leading it to having a fragile composition. He found himself happy with the accomplishment, however, and opted to ignore that fact. On his next breath, he flipped the parasol over so its handle was uptop and, examining his murderous instrument, grinned. "Would you look at that," he murmured to himself. "My first crafted weapon!" he gave it a playful swipe, testing its weight. Sturdy and light. He liked that. There was, however, more to the art of bukijutsu that he had to learn. His skills in using various types of weaponry were fine but they weren't extraordinary and, when he's up against ninjas who graduated academy in less than a year or ninjas who learned the forbidden techniques of their village, he'd need all the advantage and refined skills that he could get. Anything less than being a master in this practice would result in certain death. He stretched his shoulder back, feeling a pleasant crack ripple through his body, easing the ache he had from tense shoulders and hours of training. He titled his head, lolling it in a circular motion, and felt somewhat content at the reprise from the persistent levels of pain that he had grown accustomed to. And, with a few more minutes of stretching, he readied himself yet again. This time he distanced himself a bit farther from the target, beyond Kuroi Kasa's physical reach. Sending a bit of chakra into the weapon, he raised it up high and loosened his control on his arm, gripping the tool in his hand, gravity pulled his limb down and there was a newly-formed scar on the target's chest that had not been there before. Kuroi Kasa's tip had not reached it and Kao grinned. "Mission success!" he cheered, sending a bit more chakra into the parasol to expand the tip. It was visible by a green color and the elongated part had not been of Kuroi Kasa's own construction, but of its ability to filter through wind chakra and use it to form a sharpened edge, extending the range of the weapon. Kao laughed. Today was going marvelously! From a not-too-bad target practice to his creations actually working. What's next? He'd win the lottery and get a frying pan? He practiced slashing a couple of more times before he was ready to move onto his final training session of the day. He took a pair of trench knives from the weapons rack and, placing them on to a snug fit through his fingers, he lifted his hand up to see the sunlight giving the weapon a fine glow. It'd been awhile since he'd used the knives, having been preoccupied with jutsu, his more compact weapons, and puppetry. And, after all of that, Kuroi Kasa had taken the forefront as a new and novel item to Kao. He still did, however, cherish his trench knives no matter what he replaced them with. And, with that thought on his mind, he raced forward and stabbed the target with a flurry of swipes and jabs. His knives were tearing the stuffing out and leaving many marks along the target's body but, despite its lightweightedness and ease of use, the knives dug thinly to give deep cuts but no fatal ones. It was easier to hit fatal organs with Kuroi Kasa and, with his trench knives, the blade didn't go in deep enough to puncture organs and it requires even closer combat than Kuroi Kasa. Using the trench knives was something that was highly risky with little reward unless you managed to slash through a guarded neck. Still, though, he knew that his trench knives were useful on occasion and the nostalgic factor of it kept him drawn towards using it as a weapon. He grinned. The more, the merrier! WC: 1049 / 1000
  9. Today was the day that those in the academy would be given a chance to learn the 2 most basic jutsu's required to be come a fully fledged ninja of Konohagakure. Kurai, being the exited person that he usually is turned up to the class half an hour earlier than what was intended. Class started at 9am and yet here he was sitting inside the classroom waiting for her sensei to come with the scrolls that contained the techniques information. It did not take long for her sensei to enter the room with a bunch of scrolls, to the point that even a few of them were falling out of his hands as he made his was towards his desk. Setting them down he noticed a figure in the corner of her eye. Like any normal person would he diverted his attention momentarily so investigate what he had perceived in his peripheral vision. "Kurai. What are you doing here so early?" To be frank Kurai's sensei did not really need to answer this question considering that it was quite obvious of what she was here for. "Actually I already no what you are here for." Looking at her sensei Kurai could only smile and try to contain his excitement as she watch the man, pick up a scroll of the floor and toss it over to her. "Looks like you get an early start, get practicing kiddo." Catching the scroll mid flight Kurai, bolted from the classroom outside, not before saying "Thank you!" on her way out without even turning around. One could say that her eagerness showed no bounds. Reaching the villages training field Kurai posted himself underneath a tree with the scroll she had only just received. Opening it up Kurai's eyes lit up with more excitement that before. There in his hands contain the information the she needed to prepare himself for becoming a great shinobi It was one step in being able to make her mother proud. The first technique on the scroll was the Clone technique, heck the person who wrote the scroll even threw in a little summary of what the jutsu is; Clone Technique : Ram → Snake → Tiger A simple type of ninjutsu that creates and intangible copy of ones self. Perfect. Setting down the scroll Kurai went through the hand signs that the scroll had indicated for her to do. Ram, Snake and then Tiger. Kurai went through this a few times just to get the hang of it in addition to so that she does not fumble when the time comes for her to actually perform the jutsu. Testing the waters Kurai went through the hand signs imbuing each one with very minimal chakra. Finishing the hand signs a small cloud of smoke appeared next to her revealing the clone that he had just created, and this thing definitely did not represent Kurai. The clone was extremely skinny, with no muscle or fat on the body, only skin and bone was present. She had succeeded in making a clone of himself but it was definitely not an exact copy of him. Dispelling the 'clone' he ran through the hand signs again. Ram → Snake → Tiger This time putting more chakra into is another cloud appeared next to Kurai, revealing a more direct copy of himself. Wearing the exact same clothes; simply blue t-shirt with white shorts. Kurai had succeeded in creating a clone of himself. Putting her hand up in celebration Kurai looked on proud as the clone copied exactly what she did. Seeing this only made her laugh and causing a large smile to appear on her face. Dispelling the clone Kurai, sat under the tree giving herself a small rest before continuing onto the next technique. After taking a small break Kurai stood up, once again giving herself a small pat on the back for successfully completing the clone transformation. Taking a deep breath, it was time for Kurai to once again attempt the transformation jutsu. This was definitely not the first time she had attempted this jutsu, as she was one of the few out of the academy class to receive the opportunity to attempt it to show that it was fairly difficult to pull off. However this did not faze her one bit in this instance. Taking a quick peek at the scroll again, she doubled check that the hand signs were; dog, boar, and ram. Just like the with the clone technique jutsu, Kurai quickly ran through the signs to make sure that her felt comfortable in doing so. Performing the jutsu, Kurai did the necessary hand signs whilst adding chakra. A large cloud of smoke appeared around Kurai however nothing happened. Looking at her hands to check whether his transformation jutsu had worked was something that she did instinctively, however after doing so, Kurai recalled a piece of vital information that was given to the entire academy class about performing the jutsu, imagination or another way to put it was visualise the object or person that you wish to transform into. Now to begin with this was a fairly difficult concept for her to grasp however as time went on, Kurai stopped trying to transform into complex objects like shuriken and instead decided to transform into a copy of her academy teacher. With the image of his academy teacher in her head Kurai went through the hand signs at a decent rate, allowing him more time to concentrate on the minor details of his tutor. In a large puff of cloudy smoke, Kurai had completed the transformation jutsu, actually creating a decent copy of her academy teacher. There were a few minor imperfections like the weapons pouch being on the right side instead of the left, however minute details come in time with practice of the technique. Looking at his hands, what Kurai saw definitely were not her own. Seeing this she shouted as loud as possible with joy, causing a few nested birds around the area to fly away in annoyance at their peaceful environment had just been rudely disturbed. Transforming back to himself, Kurai went and pick up the scroll that contained the information about both of the techniques and ran back to her academy teacher with what one would call good news. WC - 1058
  10. TENRI TERUMI "WHAT GOOD IS BEAUTY IF YOU DON'T EVEN USE IT?" ➟ CURRENT MISSION: ➟ Currently Training: Beginner>Novice ➟ wordcount: 1124 / 750 | The Morning Sun had recently risen from his slumber his glow radiating slowly across The Land of Water, a reflective gleam glittering upon her oceans, lakes, and streams that comprise the damp country, a picture of harmony and grace. Assuming the reins from his Twin-Sister the Moon, her time of luminous brilliance stored for twilights eventual return, the sun sailed it's warmth leisurely across the countryside his desire insatiable, his influence erasing the ignorance of dusk. With the arrival of dawn, the dreaming residents of Mizumura Village-Located in the countries central province and known as the more populated and successful region-would shortly arise from their dormant slumbers eager to commence their recurrent cycles of monotonous habits, lives of repetitive routine. A dame of golden blonde hair would rouse from fantasies of dominance and strength, her anticipation for the day's events calling her from her rest before dawnings early arrival. With eye's of crimson scarlet the young female would ascend from her mattress of silk and cotton a groan of defiance would escape her full rounded lips ❝As much as I find satisfaction in refining my skills, Six in the Morning for training is laughable.❞ the woman would explain to herself. Thirty minutes would pass before Tenri would vacate her residence within the Residential District. Making the necessary arrangements had taken longer than anticipated especially with the delay made by the woman's Mother; a woman well past her expiry date hitting her late fifties. Even at her age the mistress still looked in her forties and with her astonishing sense of style and calculative eyes, the lady seemed more modern than ancient. ❝My Little-Cub, I need you to purchase more of my Yougan Tochi smoking Tobacco from my buyer Today. I'm running low and you know how Mother gets when she doesn't get her necessities.❞ with a begrudged irritation the young blonde would indeed obtain her Mother's order or she'd never catch the end of it in the weeks to come. ❝Of course Mother ~ I'll get it done once I complete my tasks for the day.❞ the snideness within the young girl's statement hidden by a honeyed tone and an expression of appeasement. ❝Tenri Terumi! Do not use those honeyed words on me, child, you forget who taught you how to manipulate a situation in the first place. Just get it done.❞ With the conversation concluded in Tenri's defeat, the young blonde had left her Mother to her own devices, enthusiastic to begin the trek to the Training Fields located within Mizumura's Private District. Situated upon the blonde woman's spine a large bag weighed heavily upon her, it's dense mass just another form of exercise and discipline for the woman. For the day's proceedings, Tenri had prepared with a long day ahead in intent, leaving no room for defeat, being unprepared would not anchor her back. Due to her early appearance, the Training Fields stood abandoned of human presence granting the blonde her pick of where to establish her settings ❝The field to the southeast already has Wooden dummies prepared so that'd be the likely choice. Though I wouldn't mind trying my fate on the obstacle course in the northern field.❞ the woman would recall to herself. After reaching a definite decision, the Kunoichi in training approached the southeast field, after all, she had come to exercise her Bukijutsu skills for they currently required the utmost commitment and attention. After time spent hunting through her pack, Tenri produced a wooden short sword, a weapon smaller in size to that of a longsword possessing a generally double-edged blade, a cross guard grip, and pommel, measuring at 30 to 50 cm long with a sharpened point of wood at its point. The blade appeared simple and to some, it would resemble nothing more than a chunk of wood but in the hands of a Kunoichi, even a wooden sword can be deadly. Inhaling and exhaling in even breathes Tenri would approach one of the many wooden dummies with the focused into to harm ❝Okay, steady breaths and an even posture and then strikes.❞ the blonde would tell herself. In quick graceful flourishes, Tenri would strike the wooden representation of a human at concentrated points, the head, shoulder, chest, and groin repeatedly and consistently until the reverberations caused an uncomfortable ache to lace her muscles. Observing the results of her blows tiny indents were evident within the wood where she had struck, their lines barely noticeable. With an exasperated sigh, the adolescent girl would continue her strikes, distributing further power following each stroke of her sword seeking the added striking power. After continuing these motions for extended periods of time the Dame would find herself immersed in perspiration, soon she would stop for a meal in order to regain her energy. A brief lunch break would rejuvenate the young Kunoichi before she continued, she would have to train her body and further refine her stamina and muscles if she were to improve. Unfortunately training solo one could only learn so much. For now, Tenri would settle with honing her skills in an independent manner, enabling her body to become attuned to the fluid yet robust movements; muscle memory would eventually take effect and the movements with a blade would appear like second nature. Returning to her original position before the wooden dummy Tenri would enter again into her post, blade in hand. With the swing of her arm, Tenri would focus on increasing the strength of her attacks further this time using less energy to do. After reviewing her previous session Tenri had come to the realization that sacrificing her energy for power would be useless in a real battle, tiring herself out early in a fight would only lead to her getting killed. Tenri had spent the remainder of the day striking the wooden dummies with her wooden sword pausing only momentarily to rehydrate her body by downing water and to review her strikes upon her targets. The first few hours Tenri had become accustomed to the movements with her blade, in time she would have to replace the wooden blade for something heavier and more refined. After another three hours, Tenri has discovered her strikes were indeed deepening with each stroke and in one instance she had almost shattered her blade into a spray of splinters. In the last few remaining hours till dawn made its presence evident Tenri had started integrating more mobility into her attacks, remaining in one spot with each strike had become tedious. With Twilights arrival Tenri had finally felt satisfied with her day of training and left the training field battered and bruised ready for a hot bath to relax her muscles. Unfortunately, she had forgotten her Mothers Tobacco...
  11. training

    Kao moaned into his pillow, rolling around and wrapping his blanket around his body like a burrito. The morning sun's rays penetrated through the thin curtains of his window and decided to settle straight on his bed, torturing him with this hideous light for what seemed to be an eternity of suffering. Sometimes he wished he wasn't in a communal living area so he could move his bed around into a nice, dim corner or something. Preferably a spot with quiet neighbors that won't keep you up all night from their grunts and shouts from sparring and training. These were the times that Kao deeply regretted ever becoming a shinobi in the first place, never having enough ambition as the rest to train day and night. He was simply content with his life the way it is and he was perfectly fine with remaining the same guy for as long as the universe exists if he were, to be honest. The insufferable bangs and clatters, however, would make him reconsider the prospect of immortality if he were to listen to the bloodcurdling noises for the rest of his life. A bitterness made his way through him and had festered and grew throughout his time here, eventually growing into an innate hatred of Shigaraki Aoi and Koichi Koi next door. The combination of the irritation of light on his eyes, the never ceasing sounds that kept him awake at night, and his current predicament of being tightly wrapped and restrained by a blanket burrito had made Kao decide to do something that, in normal circumstances, he would never ever consider even with a ten-inch pole. "I hate my life," he muttered under his breath before unwrapping himself from his soft, comfy prison. He extended his arm, feeling around at the drawer beside him before he felt the familiar plastic feel of Kit-Kat. He promptly picked up the mask and, tipping his head up out of the pillow, placed it on his face with a plop. He quickly connected the velcro at the back with practiced expertise and, grabbing his comb, set about to his daily routine. He brushed his hair, sweeping the messy locks to a single side before, after getting the comb caught in a particularly nasty knot, the comb broke. He looked at it with blank eyes before tossing it in the trash where about a few dozen of its fellow comb brethren laid. After that, he took a dry toothbrush and toothpaste and, after brushing his teeth thoroughly without a hint of water, opened the window in his room and spat the concoction of saliva and mint paste out the door and onto the bush which had been stained with years' worth of his daily gift. He wiped the messy slime off his face with the sleeve of his pajama before opening the drawer once again and pulling out his usual choice of attire: an itchy white sweater with a pink heart on it and a pair of plain black pants. He slipped the attire on just as he heard a loud bang erupt from the wall he was leaning on. Startled, he let out a yelp as he fell bottom first to the floor. He gritted his teeth and, upon recollecting himself, he lightly punched the wall. The construction of the barracks wasn't top quality and the rule was: if you break it, you pay it. "One night?! Can I have one night of sleep?!" he groaned miserably. While he managed to get through the day spectacularly after he got a cup of extra sweet tea (with ten sugar packets added for good measure) the mornings were always brutal on him and he was a teeny bit cranky during these times. As he mused on this, the nasty idea that he had been plotting about popped into his mind yet again, a wicked and devious smile forming on his face. His hair shadowed the top of his mask in a sinister way which looked downright goofy on him and, without another word, opened the drawer loudly and withdrew a small puppet. "How'd you like them apples, meow!" he laughed maniacally, proud of himself for finally taking an assertive stand on this entire mess. After a bit of droopy fumbling, he attached his chakra strings to the limbs of the small doll and, with a haunting snicker, watched as it floated in the air under his ministrations. "Time for Kao to train, how's that, huh?" He quickly drew his hand back as the puppet did the same and, right then, he pushed his arm forward at a breakneck pace and the motion made a gust of the wind and a loud, annoying noise. The sound grated on Kao's ears but he decided to ignore it. He had a greater plan in motion, after all, and the pair named Shigaraki Aoi and Koichi Koi must face his just retribution for the years of sleeplessness they had caused him. As he continued the exercise, his limbs feeling as if they'd fall off, he felt the deep-seated grudge inside of him lessen and he could feel the weight pile off his shoulders and the boiling rage inside of him begin to burn out. The stress that had built up over the years began to dissipate at a rapid rate and, after a handful of minutes, Kao sighed. He really wasn't made for all this resentment stuff and all, never really finding the point or purpose in all this hate in the first place. With that excess wrath flaking off, he plopped down, cross-legged, with his little puppet on his lap. He took a deep breath and, upon looking down at the puppet, found himself smiling. The little thing was made of folded origami paper and had no use in or out of battle other than as a memento. It had been one of the presents his childhood friend (whose name he couldn't recall) had given him before she had moved away and he had never seen her again. Despite age rendering her name forgotten in the depths of time, he still felt an emotional connection to this little figurine which stuck with him for a better part of his life. Without all the ichor that plagued him, Kao regained a gusto for some exercise that wasn't there before. Whether it was a side-effect from actually starting the exercise (since starting something was the hardest part of a journey) or letting go of some of his anger that he had carried on for awhile, he did not know. Regardless, he flicked his fingers back and forth and watched as the puppet matched his actions and intentions, doing a little side-step dance and, after a bit of playing and fiddling around, he had it give a mock bow. As he continued his childish time of play, an idea struck his mind and, grabbing a spool of black thread that he uses for his sewing hobby, he spun it around the puppet's head to make a bed of hair. "My name is Yukie Fujikaze!" he spoke in an overly high-pitched and exaggerated voice as he manipulated the puppet to do one of Fujikaze's more popular and staple poses. "I'm the sta—" he couldn't continue, falling over with guffaws and uncontrollable laughter. Kao had to admit that his sense of humor wasn't exactly refined in any way, but it made him laugh and, without another complaint, he spent the entire day in his room playing with his puppet. He had forgotten that he had been assigned a C-Rank mission and, upon his failure to show up, he had been assigned D-Rank missions for a week thereafter. It was, in his own words, totally worth it. WC: 1290 / 1000
  12. training

    Kao wasn't the biggest fan of training exercises nor was particularly excited about the hike to Maiden's Falls for the sole purpose of improving his bukijutsu technique instead of the more relaxed activity of sight-seeing and, possibly, skinny dipping in the pools of water. As he continued his nonstop, consecutive strikes against empty air and roaring waters, he couldn't help but be endeared to the prospect of a cool bath to rinse off the sweat and grime and a sip of cool, spring water. Kao was the sort who lazed around idly all day without a single productive thought in mind unless you considered musings on whether to eat a pizza or a plate of sushi for supper to be a worthwhile time spent. He drifted off into his own world as his physical body tirelessly continued its repetitive exercise, his muscles growing accustomed to the basic movement of slashing, stabbing, and twisting. The simple trench knives he purchased at some nameless shop had proven itself an effective tool with its weightless strikes and swipes. It sliced through the air and, with his wind chakra flowing through the handles and blades, had made a slight dent in the pouring water, giving it a surreal, unnatural appearance. He breathed heavily, shoulders aching and dying for a break before, after another half-hour of tiring work, collapsed head-first into the crystal clear puddles beneath him. He had experience in holding his breath and, thus, was content with simply staying put in his prone position for a while longer. He didn't pay heed to his ever-vigilant, paranoid mind warning him of potential predators lurking nearby. There were times that even his bad luck couldn't touch and, he was sure, karma or fate or whatever it is up there that had it in for him, would spare him at least a moment's peace. He buried himself in the sweet embrace around him and took a thirsty gulp of water. Almost immediately, he spat it out, disgusted by the taste of salted water. The reservoir was forever to be stained by his saliva, he reminisced before his thoughts flowed away from him once again and he thought about the sea creatures swimming through the waters, barely touching his skin as they headed off to their own set destinations. A rumble of his stomach scared a school of tiny saltwater sardines or whatnot away. It was then that he noticed his own gnawing hunger and, finally lifting his head out of the pool, took a deep, raspy breath as he shook his head and body. Now that he actually thought about it, he didn't think that he had taken a bite of breakfast today as he usually did, having been distracted by the blatantly showcased weapons at the stand where he had obtained his trench knives from. He dearly regretted that poorly-made decision now as his stomach began to whine and growl. "I hate my life," he drawled, rubbing his temples. Yamagakure was a long way ahead and he wasn't sure if he could make it that far without a nibble of anything other than the repulsive taste of this water (which was ironic considering how beautiful and lovely the waterfall looked) and the tasteless, hollow air. Even the thought of eating tomato soup seemed the tiniest bit enticing to him right now but, after pondering at the suggestion for the merest three seconds, he had quashed the idea down with a strong boot and seemed horrified that he would ever even contemplate that devil's food as a potential option. Ideas bounced back and forth in his head for quite awhile before, with a burst of serendipity, he finally decided on his course of action. He was hesitant about it at first, not knowing if his chakra and stamina reserves were enough after the treacherous and everlasting journey to get to Maiden's Falls in the first place, but had no choice to try in desperation. He looked over to the stream of minnows, staring at the spot as if he were waiting for something. His face stood stone cold and unchanging for quite awhile before, finally, he saw the tail of an awfully fat fish and, with that, he sprung into action. He positioned his trench knife and went for the kill, dashing through the waters and, without much complication, stabbed the fish with his two trench knives in unison. The fish went limp, floating above with its blood sinking into the bed of water like a foggy cloud. Kao grinned. "Looks like training isn't that bad after all," he examined his blood-coated blades. Then, with his brows furrowed, he stared at his prey. "Now how am I gonna cook a fish?" he pondered out loud. Bukijutsu (Beginner) -> (Novice) WC: 789 / 750
  13. A marred face rose from the abyss of the Water Territory's Shinobi Village, we all know him as Shi, the Leader of the Tataru. But others know him as the Crimson Lightning, Mizumura's Bloody Beast. "Damn, I don't want to get out of this bed"[/b] sighed Shi as he forced himself up and numbly got himself ready for his training. It was already noon and Shi hadn't done anything yet. He walked out of his abode, totting his training supplies on his back. Sights of the misty, forested outskirts of the village gates could be seen on Shi's solemn walk to a near-by one-tree hill that only he goes to. The dark man laid his heavy pack of training equipment down, on the ground, next to a tree and starts to think of what he'll do today. "It's a drag that I have to do all this work after doing that mission, just last night, but I have to do so in order to rise my clan to its former glory.", said Shi solemnly to himself as he came up with a great idea. He decided to work on his agility and strength until he was stronger and quicker than all his peers and then begin to work on his jutsu after that. Agility is needed to defeat ninja and swordsmen alike. Shi was ready to achieve even greater power so that he could one day surpass the status of the Legendary Kage. Surprisingly, he initially sits down and pulls out his family ninjutsu scroll, that he got from his elders as a gift for his pursuit to bring the clan back together . He begins to read about a family technique class called Step Methods. Step methods are used by warriors to move in quick flashes while using the spirit, versus hand seals. Shi reads the training information elaborated on in the text. He closes the scroll and stands up and reaches in his pack again and pulls out two 200 pound leg weights. He begins to run. He runs three laps around the misty outskirts of the Mizumura. He ends up back at his training hill. He ,then, takes off his leg weights and sits them to the side and reaches in his pack again. This time he pulls out a 150 pound round weight and holds it vertically over his head. He, in this position, begin so do squats. After an hour, Shi has done just about 200 squats and his legs are already stinging. Only one more exercise. He lays on his back and puts the round weight on his feet. "Now, I have to for 200 of these leg expansions and then I can I go home to go back to sleep", said the lazy shinobi as if he was working extremely hard. He begins to push the weights up with his legs, his back pressed against the ground. "30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 26, 37, 38, ...39, .....40!!!!!!!, .... 41!!!!!!!!!!!! BOOM!! Shi dropped his legs, unable to move. The weights still weighting his extremities down. He couldn't believe he couldn't finish that simple task. Shi laid there for an hour, thinking, looking at the sky. It was an oddly sunny day in the misty outskirts. Shi was tired. The mission really did a number on him. The shinobi called it a day to come back the next morning. [Next morning] "Back to business!" Shi has been came back oh to 'his training tree' and would every day. He has seen growth in his time. As he cracked his neck, molding a serious look about his face. Shi was up and energetically moving. He rested well the night before and thus the shinobi wasn't being so lazy today. He'd already prepared 4 rocks and a large boulder to weigh himself down as he ran and trained. He tied 2 of the rocks to each wrist, the other two on his ankles finally placing the boulder on his back and tying it around his torso. This is crazy. Shi could hardly stand. His back swooped over and his legs shakingly bent, trying to stay on foot. The man began to walk. He continued to train himself, deciding to run 10 miles with these rocks attached. Shi's shifted his body slowing, attempting to move forward. His walk turned into a slow, terribly shaky, wide footed waddle. His feet rising slowly, not a whole inch off the ground, treading about 3 feet forward before plummeting back to the ground, the next leg doing the same thing in the same, struggling manner. Somehow Shinhad to become strong enough to run with these stones attached to his body. This method wasn't a nice one but it's the only way Shi could think of to get faster & stronger at the same time. Weighing down his body in such a manner would put his body in an never ending work out. Sweat rolling and muscles cringing, Shi continued to try to walk. Thud, Thud, Thud, waddled Shi's feet, ever step falling faster. He wasn't going to last much longer at this rate. His muscles already hurt and it's only been 40 minutes. He wasn't going down that easily. He continued his fatally slow, failing effort. Falling to his knees, his back buckled, slouching over his head planting right into the ground. He was down for the count. He couldn't move his arms or legs. He might as well been sleep. Shi's usual nonchalant attitude was foiled through his frustration. A vein revealed itself on the right corner of his forehead as Shi's rushing anger appeared reached a boiling point. He wasn't about to be defeated by some damn rocks. He had ninja to overcome. Screaming in frustration, the man pushed himself up quickly with his arms, rolling onto his feet, standing once again. [2 days later] After two days of waddling, struggling and falling, Shi had got the hang of his weighted apparel. At sunrise of the third day, he was already out doing push ups and squats with the stones attached. "495, 496". . . He was reaching the end of his squats, slowing at the end. "497". . . "498." Shi had already ran his 10 miles as well as did 500 push-ups and this was the last thing he thought he needed to do to prove that he could move normally with these weights on. "499". . . His legs felt like they was about the buckle, as the sweat rolled from every inch of his body. Shi had at least one more in him. He could be lazy any other time but he was going to make his slacking body do this one. One for his village. One for his family. And mostly definitely, one for himself. Shi could pull it off. Afer this, he could go and enjoy sake all he wanted to. Legs bending, building up momentum for his final blast of motion, thrusting back with all the throwing power capable. "5 0 0 !!", Shi shouted as he finally plummeted to the ground, finally able to lay down but not exactly the way he wanted to. He untied the stones and boulder one by one, finally able to move freely. He swarmed and wiggled, around on the ground for a second before returning to his feet. For the last three days, Shi had not taken off the stone and thus his body was still compensating for the weight that he no longer bared. He began to jump around. I'm light as a feather. He jumped up exceedingly high, coming back down to the ground with a light thud, breathing out lightly. And flexing his muscles in celebration. "Excellent." [WC : 1302]
  14. Training

    The young woman stood in a an open field, amethyst eyes staring hard at the broken sword on the ground. She had left the small mountain village a week ago, with weapons she'd been told were hers, and a another sword, of which laid beside the broken one, that the fisherman had bequeathed to her upon her departure. She had been walking too much, a desperate attempt, a pathetic hope, that she would suddenly remember who she was or why she had a broken sword anyway. But as she stared at the metal objects, she came to realise that she may never remember. She bent down and her hands circled around the well aged sword the fisherman had given her. The piece wasn't outrageously heavy, but it certainly wasn't light, and yet it was extremely easy for her to hold in one hand. She was right handed, but the hilt of the sword felt wrong in her right hand. She switched it to her left, and while it felt like a better fit there, something that told her her sword hand might be the left, her right hand now felt horribly alone. It'd be nice to have two swords, she thought. She looked around at the clearing, there was nothing for her to cut, but she figured she could try swinging the sword. She'd had one, hadn't she? Perhaps she remembered how to use it. Standing with her feet apart, both hands on the hilt, she would swing the sword from her left shoulder to her right like a baseball bat. She was surprised at how fast she swung the weapon, and stumbled on her feet in response a bit. Her actions still felt wrong, but she didn't know how. So she tried swinging again and again, changing her grip and her stance each time, but still none of her actions felt quite right. After about an hour of attempted swings, she dropped the sword to the ground and crouched on her haunches. Her hands slipped into her hair and she released a frustrated noise. Why couldn't she get it right?She dropped further to her knees as a white, hot, cloud misted over her senses. The air felt hot as she inhaled, her sight fogged over as sweaty fingers dipped deep into damp earth. She ripped handfuls of dirt from its earthen abode, grains of soil and grass flung into the air. She did it again and again, as if possessed to disturb the dirt, and ignored the slight grit in her mouth. She didn't stop until a hole was bared. At the sight of it, she came back to herself, a single tear streaking down her cheek. How ridiculous she felt. Here the ground was, now it was missing something, the pieces of which were scattered about to who knows where. Just like her, but the dirt didn't go around lashing out at stupid things. She quietly smoothed what dirt she could back into place, and rose to her feet. She knew the damaged part was never going to be the same as it was; the best she could do was smooth things over and move forward. She picked both of the swords up, the broken in her left and the full one in her right. She was left handed, but the broken one fit there better. Her strong hand should hold the weaker, smaller, weapon, and the weaker hand the stronger. It was odd, but she was odd. If she was unbalanced, perhaps she should relearn by being unbalanced. She spread her feet apart and breathed in slowly as she raised her arms out, the swords angled inwards in front of her. She exhaled and closed her eyes, allowing herself to listen to the echo of the fisherman's flute in her mind. She flowed into a stance where she raised the whole sword over her head before bringing it down in a vertical cut. Just like with the Tai Chi, she flowed into the next form, twisting her body one hundred and eighty degrees and angling the sword over her right shoulder like a bat and sliced it through the air with a horizontal cut, the broken sword held behind her back. From there she swung the long sword over the opposite shoulder just as she did the first time, and brought it down diagonally to be parallel with her right leg, and slashed the broken sword outwards behind her. Then she raised the sword up straight, her hands against her right shoulder, spun one hundred and eighty degrees, and swung the sword to the left in another horizontal cut. She raised the sword over her left shoulder and brought it down diagonally so that it was parallel to her right leg, then raised it over her right shoulder and brought it down diagonally to a parallel with her left leg, from there she twirled the two swords and flipped them to the opposite hand. From there she flowed into the next position, raised the sword back over her left shoulder and sliced it to the right in a horizontal cut. She repeated this pattern twenty times, until her arms ached and, more importantly, the swords felt comfortable in her hands. It occurred to her, an idea, to have some fun with what she was doing. It wasn’t necessary to remaind so structured in her practice, in fact, she figured it was likely better for it to be fun. She was a decent brawler, so she knew that fights were never ever structured. No, one could never quite predict what a fight would be like, and neither should her form be predictable. Her amethyst gaze ook in her surroundings, trees everywhere, an open opportunity fulls of potential for her training. She screamed into the empty forest, a cry of ferocity, as she sprang into a run. Her feet carried her up the side of a tree, and to one of its uppermost branches, where in which once she reached it and twirled off of it, upside down, to land feet first on the ground with her knees bent against the impact. She grinned to no one, and didn’t let herself stop. She jolted across towards another tree, ran up its side, leapt upwards so that her hand firmly grasped a flexible branch, and used the branch to swing herself around and out. She descended towards an invisible foe with her body angled downwards, left shoulder first, and slashed the long sword in her right hand down where an enemy would have been. Her elbows bent and connected with the ground first, and she used her momentum to continue and roll forward to her feet. Laughter bubbled forth from her, absolute exhilaration, as the girl continued to run around performing her own sort of practice, a rather gymnastic version of the tai chi she had done earlier. Not at all a standard form, but to her this way of moving, as if the winds of a storm were blowing her like flame into a conflagration across an ever flowing sea of waves, felt right. Her heart raced as she skidded to a stop on the ground. The frustration from before towards herself has dissipated, exchanged by a childlike glee that something, at least one aspect of herself, had clicked into place. The day was looking up, and she slid the two swords, one old and one broken, into sheaths. Head held high, she made her way through the trees, a skip to her step. She may not know who she was, but she could figure it out. There was hope. wc: 1255
  15. Meiko would arrive at the training grounds early in the morning. Today she intended to build upon her Medical Jutsu so that she was able to learn techniques that would actually prove useful in helping others. She would be carrying a scroll that detailed novice Medical Jutsu that she intended to practice just so that she could get the gist of things. Medical Jutsu takes a lot of Chakra Control to perform, something that Meiko was amazing at. Although she had not really advanced in the past year or so there was no doubt that she had amazing Chakra Control. If she didn't have Chakra Control she wouldn't even bother attempting to learn Medical Jutsu in the first place but since she was good at controlling her chakra she decided that she'd put it to good use and save lives with her ability. Meiko would walk over to a pond within the training grounds and would kneel before it leaving some space between her and the pond. She would then place the scroll next to her and would open it before reading its contents. She'd then grab a fish from out of the water and would lay it on the ground and allow it to faint before she began to practice her Medical Jutsu. Meiko was going to attempt to resuscitate the fish purely through Medical Jutsu. She had to do it fast too if she wanted to avoid actually killing the fish. Of course, she'd throw the fish back in the water before it actually died and grab another one but the challenge to resuscitate it before it actually died added extra pressure. Once the fish fainted she would hover her hands over the fish and would begin using her Chakra in an attempt to get the fish's heart to start pumping again. As a Genin with a small chakra reserve, this was a hard feat to carry out and it would take Meiko a while. Her first attempt ended in her sweating and her having to throw the fish back into the water. The amount of concentration the techniques needed were astonishing. Meiko had thought that it'd be way easier than this considering that she had learned beginner Medical Jutsu so easily. What she didn't know was that beginner Medical Jutsu was just the tip of the iceberg and some of the easiest techniques to learn. She didn't have any idea what was coming for her in the future of her life as a Shinobi, Meiko could only imagine how hard it would be to learn Master ranked Medical Jutsu. After throwing the fish back into the water she would pull out another one and would repeat the same process, this time she would clear her head and really focus on it. She had failed once more but this time she wasn't sweating as much as before and she felt that she had done just as well before. Although that wasn't good enough, she had to be able to resuscitate the fish without breaking a sweat and much concentration so once more she would throw the fish back into the water and would pull out another one. Meiko would then hover her hands over the fish and would focus her chakra into the fish attempting to get it's heart beating once more. This time it would begin to flop around and she would only be sweating a bit. It was time for her to attempt it one more time but this time she didn't want to break a sweat at all. Meiko wanted to be able to do it with no effort whatsoever. She would place her resuscitated fish back into the pond and would grab another one, roughly the same size. She would then repeat the same process that she had before and she wouldn't break a sweat. Meiko would then place the fish back into the pond and would begin looking for a larger one to train on as she wasn't going to be healing fish, she was going to be healing people. Meiko would find a bigger fish after a couple of minutes of searching and would wait for it to pass out before attempting to resuscitate it. This time she needed a slightly larger amount of chakra to do anything. Luckily she had the concentration part down she just needed to learn how to control a larger amount of Chakra. She would begin by releasing chakra at the same rate she had before and would begin to slightly increase the amount that she was using. This time it came quite easily to her. The fish would begin flopping around and she would put it back into the water. Meiko would then roll up her scroll and take off to her house to retire for the day as that kind of training was quite exhausting and she had been out there for a couple hours.
  16. Akane gathered her medical books and went to the hospital. She had been reading and studying for weeks, wondering if she could practically speak latin herself now. She could identify nearly every muscle, almost every vein, but it was hard to identify what you couldn't really see. Some muscles for example, she had read were overlapped or hidden under other outer muscles. To get a better idea of body structure she had to see the real thing. To see the real thing, she had to get into the hospital. The old woman who ran the place was a real stubborn mule of a lady. You had to have specific credentials, meet specific criteria, and Akane was known already for trying to sneak in without a license or without training, or even as a pretend intern. Today, she intended to sneak her way in another way. This time Akane decided to sneak in as a patient herself. She slid her bag over one shoulder and walked into the village proper. Not far from the hospital, she crept into an alleyway and drew out a kunai. Akane made a face. This was going to be the worst part. She bit her lip, inhaled deeply, and then slashed the kunai over her thigh, avoiding going to deep and injuring muscle. She also avoided the big artery she knew was in her upper leg. The cut had the desired effect though, blood swiftly coursing down her leg and soaking her pants. She stifled the urge to cry out and put her kunai away. Then she limped out into the village, making her way to the hospital across the street. She left a trail, about halfway across the street, making sure nobody would be able to designate where she came from exactly. She cried out, "Someone, medic, help!" The blood dripped out of her and she started to wonder if maybe she had given herself something more than a superficial wound. About 3 meters from the door a group of medical shinobi came out. Seeing all the blood, and having no idea what caused it, the tallest of the three swept her body up into his arms like she were just a small child. Akane milked it, mewling, "Oh god please it hurts!" The man holding her rushed towards the door, the others holding it open. "Get her into a room, stat!" The man shouted. A nearby nurse wearing pale pink scrubs pointed, "23 on the first floor is open, I'll get the doctor!" And then Akane started to zone out, going quiet, whimpering when necessary. The staff fumbled about her, pulling her pants off carefully, cleaning her wound with isopropyl alcohol and then assessing it carefully. The doctor,a woman, rolled her eyes at the nurses and medical nin around her. "Interns," She muttered, thinking nobody would hear. But Akane did hear. "Just give her some stitches, and wrap it up. I'll return with a shot of naproxen. And someone get her to lie down, look how pale she is!" The medical staff flurried around like a group of preening birds, all "yes ma'am"s and "right away". The doctor shook her head, mumbled a platitude and touched Akane on the arm before walking out of the room. Akane stifled the urge to bite back a reply about her pale skin. She was pale because she had light skin not because she was frightened or bloodless. Within the next hour, Akane had her leg cleaned again, stitched up, and wrapped. She felt no pain, the shot the doctor gave her had made her feel better than fine. In fact, she felt a bit energized. She lay back on the bed, legs stretched out before her. When a few minutes had passed, leaving her alone to rest, Akane grinned. "Well that worked like a charm," Akane said to herself. She propped herself up, making a face as she oriented her legs over the side of the bed. Her thigh was sore, but not so much that it would hinder her real goal. Akane got out of bed, grabbed her bag off the nearby chair and made her way to the door. She peeked outside and saw an empty hall. She had heard that the morgue was just downstairs and likely worked more seriously at night than during the day. So, she moved down the hall until she got to the stairs. Then the red head went down, following the signs until she found the room she was looking for: an examination room, meant for looking over recently dead bodies. She entered the room and to her delight, nobody was in there. It was completely empty, except for a sheet covered form on a metallic table. Akane made her way to the sink, putting her bag on the table. She pulled out her medical book, opening to pages she needed better physical understanding of. Then she took off her jacket, resting the white attire on the bag and making her way to wash her hands. She shivered, noting once again how unhelpful it was to wear cropped halter tops in cold places. The morgue's examination room was chillier than she expected it to be. Akane slid on a pair of gloves and removed the sheet. To her mutual surprise and disgust, the sight of the cadaver didn't bother her. It was an old man and handily enough, pre-cut. She just had to move the skin flaps around. Akane dragged the sheet to the feet of the table and then settled near the legs first. They were uncut, so she did the honors, finding a nearby scalpel and slicing through the skin, avoiding the muscle just below. She spent an hour separating the connective tissues to process the skin away from the muscle and that was when she found what she was looking for. Akane dashed to the book and then back to the leg. "Anterior muscles, for flexion, quadriceps femoris, iliopsoas, and this must be the sartorius." The red head reasoned, pointing out each muscle in turn with the butt end of the teasing needle. And so it went, Akane rushing from the book to the body, examining various parts of the leg and then the arms. She tapped on a muscle and then pinched it between her fingers, excitedly grinning when she saw the forearm lift upwards. Another hour passed and she finally approached the main cavity. She took a deep breath and then coughed, the smell starting to unnerve her. She wasn't used to the smell of preserved, or any other kind of dead flesh. Her nose wrinkled, but her hands moved steadily, as if they had practiced such a motion, and opened up the cavity of the body. "Huh, the lungs are just, layered flaps... its all grey in here." Akane continued to prod around, using the teasing needle to push away more connective tissue, trying to examine the muscles over the ribs. The way the body had been cut, making it difficult. But then she found the muscles she was looking for. She grinned happily, as if she had won a prize. "Pectoralis major, and pectoralis minor, and that means I need to--" Akane started to lift the large arm of the man, working hard to lift the dead weight. The Latissimus dorsi was near the back side then, lower back, but she knew dorsi referred to the back. She propped the body up on its side before a sudden voice cleared behind her. "What are you doing in my room? What are you doing with HIM?" The voice demanded loudly, confused, surprised, and angry. Akane dropped the body with a solid thump to the table and jumped, startled. She turned, sliding the gloves off her hands and tossing them into the trash. "Well, I was, uh--" Akane started but the man in the lab coat interrupted her, "WHERE ARE YOUR PANTS?!" To that Akane blushed a bright red, forgetting that she had left her pants upstairs. Akane bolted out of the room without another word, snatching her bag and book on the way out.
  17. There was something about a summer morning which made Yoshinori treasure the park somewhat more than if he were to arrive at a later time. Wearing his usual attire of linen robes, with each baring colors ranging from saffron to orange, the light breeze caused temporary ripples in his clothing as it blew past him... A refreshing transition from the humidity of the air which would occupy the area once the wind had left once more. With this not being the only aspect of the season which made for a perfect day, the sun seemingly radiated it's nurturing rays in long streams of sunlight that washed all which it touched in abundant and blissful warmth. Reflecting on the day which could have been interpreted as a divine gift, Yoshinori calmly said to himself, "If only summer lasted forever". Albeit, as soon as he made that statement, he quickly began considering general time itself rather than the seasons alone. He would only have so long to accomplish all of his aspirations and though he was sure he would be able to, he would rather have gotten it out of the way now. It had been some time since he'd trained in the art of fuinjutsu and as such, he figured this would be a fine time to cease the opportunity while the day was still ripe. Sauntering through the fresh grass, Yoshinori smelled the fragrance of earthiness generally associated with it... He loved it as it was opposite to the gradual modernization which was reminiscent to that of the Wind Territory, his previous home. Taking care to situate his long robes, Yoshinori sat down before cautiously placing a scroll on the ground. As of current, he was without any means of practicing fuinjutsu and due to this, resorted to borrowing one for the time being. Unrolling the rough paper from it's previous state, Yoshinori took care to look through the heavily-aged texts which were inscribed on it. While his mind gradually absorbed the influx of information, he could somehow sense the method of training working with satisfactory results. Centuries' worth of the Flame's sealing techniques were welcomed; each portion becoming more important than the next as he fixed each puzzle piece of information into the desired technique he was tasked with recreating. Searching through the words applied in a distinctive, calligraphic-like text, Yoshinori was guided into a world of techniques completely differing from that which was to be expected of standard ninjutsu. He was aware of the novice Sealing Technique, however who knew that there was so much more? Each introduction spurred him deeper into a fascination with the style, unique from not only a perspective of combat practicality, but a more conventional one as well. Questions lurked within the recesses of his mind: How could this be beneficial to those around me? Are there any genuine concerns with this method, not only for myself, but for the wellbeing of others?... And with each question came answers along with the knowledge that this was exactly what he needed if he were ever to propel those around him into a oasis of sanctuary... A unique place of eternal bliss in which everyone would be safe. Fully assured in his inquiries, the entrance from the fundamentals into the previously unreached spectrums of the sealing arts elevated his interest. It had been several hours since first searching through the scroll and though this was the case, his ceaseless thoughts never wavered into something other than fuinjutsu or sealing. With each new door reached, another hidden one seemed to lay not too far ahead in the never-ending quest for the broad range of techniques offered by this specialty. Straightening up his posture as deemed fit at his current age, Yoshinori reached for the scroll before cautiously rolling the gradually deteriorating paper up into it's initial form. Though somewhat derelict, the wealth of knowledge within it made it all the more enticing to his eyes which saw the beauty in such an easily-neglected art. The sun, fully awakened as an ever-glowing jewel, began causing Yoshinori to perspire as sweat drenched his robes in a previously unnoticed state of disgusting disarray. Summer was probably one of the more yearned for times of the year, albeit this wasn't to say it was without it's flaws. Glancing through the now harsh beams of sunlight, Yoshinori stared at the plentiful fountain displays which formed grandiose masterpieces in the form of water which jetted out from the many apertures of the stone structures. As the surrounding sweating villagers took both pride and envy in seeing the large amounts of cold water trickle down into the exquisite pools of their respective fountains, Yoshinori himself took pride in knowing he had a chance at improving himself for their betterment. Feeling that a day's amount of training warranted a short break, Yoshinori began a stroll through the park, once again accompanied by a wind which aided him in defense against the summer heat earlier ago. The vegetation and growth enjoying the light more so than their human counterparts, greedily soaked in the rays which would blossom them into a more beautiful state at a sooner date. Looking at the plants as the waxy surface of their leaves shined with the every ounce of light reflected, Yoshinori contemplated on the status of the Flame in comparison. During his many brief encounters with the denizens of Hikaen Village, he had heard minor rumors of an evil presence awaiting a chance to leave screams and horror in it's wake. Maybe if the village received some sort of aid however, like the sunlight to the surrounding verdure, there could be a chance of opposing it and blossoming too... Hopefully his attempts at training could help accomplish this, even if playing an exceedingly minuscule role. With the breeze once again retreating elsewhere and an onslaught of heat taking up unwanted residence within the park, Yoshinori prepared to leave in preparation for a time when he could return and continue forging his skill. Walking through the damp yet neatly kept grass, he abruptly snuck in a quick glance at his surroundings before exiting through the entrance of the park. (WC: 1,024) (1,024/1,000 Words Towards: Novice to Adept Fuinjutsu)
  18. The young woman stood in a an open field, amethyst eyes staring hard at the broken sword on the ground. She had left the small mountain village a week ago, with weapons she'd been told were hers, and a another sword, of which laid beside the broken one, that the fisherman had bequeathed to her upon her departure. She had been walking too much, a desperate attempt, a pathetic hope, that she would suddenly remember who she was or why she had a broken sword anyway. But as she stared at the metal objects, she came to realise that she may never remember. She bent down and her hands circled around the well aged sword the fisherman had given her. The piece wasn't outrageously heavy, but it certainly wasn't light, and yet it was extremely easy for her to hold in one hand. She was right handed, but the hilt of the sword felt wrong in her right hand. She switched it to her left, and while it felt like a better fit there, something that told her her sword hand might be the left, her right hand now felt horribly alone. It'd be nice to have two swords, she thought. She looked around at the clearing, there was nothing for her to cut, but she figured she could try swinging the sword. She'd had one, hadn't she? Perhaps she remembered how to use it. Standing with her feet apart, both hands on the hilt, she would swing the sword from her left shoulder to her right like a baseball bat. She was surprised at how fast she swung the weapon, and stumbled on her feet in response a bit. Her actions still felt wrong, but she didn't know how. So she tried swinging again and again, changing her grip and her stance each time, but still none of her actions felt quite right. After about an hour of attempted swings, she dropped the sword to the ground and crouched on her haunches. Her hands slipped into her hair and she released a frustrated noise. Why couldn't she get it right? wc: 351 @Shinrai
  19. Zeda stood in the massive center of the Odotai organization compound dojo. A massive room with a variety of equipment and items for training that Dimi had made accessible as though one could say a being of more then mortal standings stood in almost perfect calamity as they graced normal beings with their greatness, in complete silence, sweat dripping off his body as he stood completely shirtless with just some all black Hakama pants on. Having been in intense training since the moment he woke from his slumber. Zeda was doing the best to push his body to his limits. Knowing that the Odotai organization was soon to go against the great nations Zeda felt that he needed to have himself in the best of shape and at the top of his abilities. Knowing that the military force of the great nations was not going to be something to take lightly, Zeda knew that he was going to have to go hard and train everyday to make sure he was ready. Unlike the other Zodiacs or members of the Odotai Zeda was a Samurai and one who took pride in his skills and followed the ways of Bushido heavily. Meaning that he was never going to be caught slacking on his game and was going to take everything that came with the war that was coming. Taking losses was something Zeda was just use to, but then again it wasn’t like he was really close to any of the other Zodiac in Odotai anyways. Spending most of his time at the compound either in the dojo or by himself in his room. Though occasionally Zeda did tend to run into one or more of the members in the dojo training. In one swift motion Zeda would take a quick step forward, proceeding to swing the wooden katana that he had in his hand. Swinging it in a left downward diagonal slash as he proceeded to bring his body around proceeding to do a complete backwards one eighty from his original point of slashing. This being a sleight evasive method that Zeda found himself working on. Wanting to make sure that he sword fighting methods were on point with anyone that dared challenge the lost samurai in the ways of the sword. His art of Kenjutsu being something that Zeda took pride very much so in, and was something that he would almost kill about if he felt that his skills and way of a Samurai were being disrespected, and thus he made sure he was on the top of his game. Finishing the motion Zeda proceeded to go on to produce a fury of stabs, and slashes with his wooden sword. Trying to increase the speed and ferocity of every next move wanting to try and push his muscles and body to its limits. Hoping that this would help him train quite well. After about the tenth stab Zeda would proceed to calm to a halt. Once halted Zeda would proceed to take a wade stance and hold the wooden Katana on his side as though it was holstered. While in this stance Zeda would proceed to start to focus his mind and body meditating and allowing for them to become one. This was a way for Zeda to focus allow his force and might into the sword that was his hand. This being stated do to the fact that when Zeda held a sword he did not see it as a weapon or a item that he was holding, but as an extension and a actual part of himself being one with him and moving the way he caused it to move. Feeling that he had found the perfect sense of balance, Zeda would soon then start again at his fury of rapid thrust and slashes. Starting to spin around working on his foot work and evasive movements as he had always been taught to by his late sensei. That being Oda Hotaru one of the old clan leaders of the Hotaru clan who was sadly killed by a gruesome man that Zeda vowed to kill if he ever managed to run into him. This being because not only did he take his Sensei and clan leader, but a man who Zeda was very close to and looked up to like a father figure. Finishing his second rotation of his excursive, Zeda felt that it was time for him to now take a break from his current drill. Figuring that he might as well get to work on some other form of exercise wanting to make sure that he good on all grounds of sword fight and not just one. This being an error that Zeda seemed to find in a lot of sword users theses days as they tended to spend most of their time only training in one attack and or defense method to the fact that they tend to end up lacing in other areas. This being something that Zeda had not intention of doing, as he vowed to do whatever it took to never get took slipping making sure to be aware of his enemies at all times. Dripping with sweat to the point that his paints were almost soaking, Zeda would proceed to start to dart across the room sprinting from side to side. This being a method of not only stretching out his leg muscles but as well as working them out to allow for him to run faster and longer if he kept at it working them out, These being one of Zeda’s main goals as to many times weaponry users focused on strength. But to Zeda, all that strength did not matter if you could not hit your target due to their speed. Which was why he now found himself locked in the dojo trying to push his body to the limits in the whole intention that he would now be capable at moving at greater speeds so that he may better deal with those that try and step in his way. Something that Oda told Zeda would be something that could always help him get the upper hand over his opponents. With the wooden katana still held at his waist as though it was holstered, Zeda would proceed to draw the blade in one quick motion that would have been easily capable of cutting of a foes head if they stood in front of him the moment that Zeda chose to do this same method with live steel. This being a basic Samurai method that Zeda had picked up from Oda back In their days of roaming the Oasis in the Secrete Hotaru Aburame perfect specimen training that Zeda was forced to endure as a child. Oda being the one who taught Zeda the ways of Bushido, was also a Samurai like Zeda and was the one who gave Zeda his name the Lost Samurai when he felt that he had finally grasped the knowledge and training of the ways of Bushido. Oda being one the greatest Hotaru that Zeda had probably every met, he himself having a personal grudge against his Hotaru side and tending to lean more towards his Aburame cousins who he spent most of his time with growing up when he was not in the massive oasis wandering around training with Oda. This being something hat Zeda did for most of his child hood as his clan council felt that it was best to throw him out against the wild to see how he could survive for himself. Something that you could say possibly warped the mind of Zeda, giving him more of a solder mentality. This being the main cause for Zeda’s anti social behavior for the most part, having been trained to be a weapon growing up, Zeda didn’t get to spend as much time with other children growing up, never getting to really grow up like a normal child. Though none of this really bothered Zeda, he just felt that it all added to the story and the legend of the lost samurai. Still In the dojo training hard Zeda felt that it was not time for him to take a break and let his body relax, Zeda knowing that allowing the body time to relax and heal was very important and one of the bigger parts of getting stronger and better. But one had to give the body time as it was a delicate thing. Figuring that his training for the day was now coming to an end, Zeda felt that it be best if he go ahead and start the cleaning process of the dojo having no intention of leaving it dirty and with the equipment that had he had been using everywhere, something that was a slight pet peeve of his. Since to many times had Zeda been to a dojo and just seen people leave stuff all over it never taking the time or having the pride to keep their dojo clean. This being a major pet peeve of Zeda’s. Making sure the wooden swords and other items he used were all put up Zeda would then proceed to make his exit of the dojo. Only after making sure to put all things back in their right full place. Zeda would then proceed to dart out to the secret tunnels that he had found a few nights earlier when it was raining and he managed to run into another one of the Odotai members training in dojo as you could say. Since in the eyes of Zeda he was really just more or less playing around in the dojo. But none less Zeda made his way back to his room In the organization compound. Reaching his room in the compound Zeda would proceed to run himself a nice hot bath, knowing that the hot water would help in the relaxation of the muscles as well as helping keep Zeda from cramping up as he now tried to wine down from his intense training of the day. Knowing that the warm water would probably be one of the more relaxing things that he could do for his body right now. Once Zeda was in his room with his bath water ready he would proceed to strip from the hakama pants that he had on dipping himself into the water. Once in the water a soothing feeling would start to come across the body of Zeda. This being a calm feeling of his muscles starting to relax and not be on edge so much from the intense training that had just taken place. Speed Training lv 5 : 500 lv 6 : 500 lv 7 : 750 1,750 words Word count: 1,772 // 1,750
  20. By this point it was safe to say that Fa Zheng was probably the greatest summoner in the entire world. This is of course do to the fact that he was the only summoner in the world, and thus competitive in a tier all his own. Now in a former life as a lazy old man he might have been content to sit on the title then die at some point, he was not the man he was last week. He was a new creature all together and he had to be sharp. He had too look out for young pups who wished to knock him off of his pedestal. He needed to become the greatest summoner in the history of mankind! And it wasn't even going to be that hard. Check it! Here's what we got. A fly ass kingdom of some dope bugs, just ready to help him make the world a better place. Better known as the slug queendom. Yo yo yo. Some cute, chunky, spineless, ooze secreting, eye stalk having, acid spitting, hermaphrodite being, dope, stanky, swagtastic, bad ass bugs! But wait, wait wait. We ain't done yet, Cool cats, and kitten. Because this boy. This man. This old, old decrepit, drunk, over weight, balding man... wait where was I going with that? Oh yeah! This man has a contract with not one, but T-T-T-T-Two animal races. Oh no he didn't! Oh yes. Oh yes he did. Check it! In this corner weighing in at anywhere from the smallest species of toad, to the largest species of toad, is the Toad Clan! Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Now you might be asking yourself. Are those tadpoles that when through metamorphosis to become land walking, water swimming amphibians? Yes, you are correct in that description. They jump high, they got them big ol' sticky tongues, their eyes are weird. Fa Zheng really didn't know much else. He'd been summoning slugs since the rocks were soft, but he didn't know nothing, about no frogs, so this whole thing was kind of like an experiment for him! Sure they weren't as cool as lions, but what were you going to do? I mean really! He needed a second race that was combat focused, and SLUGS CAN'T WIELD SWORDS! Frogs could.... Somehow. How they managed them with their dumb, undexerous fingers was a mystery to the old man, but whatever. How slugs split up into a million copies of themselves was also a mystery, but he still made use of it! Now I hear the idiots in the audience saying. "Mighty Fa Zheng's writer, how is he going to become the best? Isn't he already the best. How does he go about doing that, man?" Well let me inform you. Obviously there is a temple hidden deep within the forest that offers summoners untold power if they can get through it. And obviously that power is hidden behind a series of traps and challanges, that only a summoner could get through. and OBVIOUSLY Fa zheng is there right F-ing now to unlock the power. Because like I've already said a million times. Fa "The Old Man" Zheng is back in this F-ing Game. And he's going whole metaphorical hog on this business. Okay? So he's not going to be okay with laying around as an old man any more. He's not even content with being the mediocre man he was forty years ago, back in his prime. He's gonna be better! Older! Smarter! Stronger! Okay? Okay? So why don't you stop asking such stupid questions and let the glory of a living legend fill you vision, because you're about to see this old man do some crazy shit. The camera opens up on a stoney entrance to an ancient structure. It's grey and cracked. Crumbly and worn. This is a place of ancient power. Where humans first learned to summon animals. Or at least the legends say. It is here where Fa would find his power. The power to summon... what the scholars would call an S-Rank. Fa didn't think in such was because that was highly degrading to think of animals as letters. They were people to him. A ranking system for people didn't do anything but minimalism the human element. So The Jounin ventured forth into the ruin, his spine feeling the icy cold sting of the unknown. As he entered into the crumbling expanse of the entrance. Half buried by rubble and ruin he found himself having to slide deep into the waiting chasm. His old bones ached as he slid down. Ruin crawling was a young man's game. But that didn't mean that he didn't know the rules. He took a torch out from his backpack, and lit it up. Revealing the room he was in, in splendid, but dull red light. Then unexpectedly! A Voice! (Not Saiken) "Haha! A visitor come to challenge the temple of summons for a chance at our power. Well contestant.... What is your name?" "Fa Zheng!" "Well Fa Zheng can you and your... What are your summons?" "Slugs, and Frogs." "Gross. Can your frogs and slugs help you complete challange number one." There was a drum roll. "The Leap of faith!" At this point the camera serves to show a door on the other side of the room. Simple enough, but wait! There's a giant casm between that door and where Fa was. That means that to get to the other side he had to jump that distance. Which would give clue to whey the challange was callled leap of faith. It all made sense now! Luckily he had an ace up his sleeve. Or... a Frog rather! No pun intended, and I have no doubt there was no pun to begin with moving on. "Oh! There's Fa looking over his options. Oh yes he's getting a good look at that chasm. Getting a measure of it's distance. His's depth. He's really thinking about how he's going to get across it. Oh! He's biting his finger! He's drawing blood! He's Making hand signs, He's putting his hand on the floor. Oh good god it doesn't get any more exciting than this. The smoke is clearing, and it's, could it be, oh good god it is! He's summoned a frog ladies and gentlemen, a frog has been summoned up on the field. Oh look, he's mounting the round. He's on it's back. And now... Oh no he's not. He's not going to. He is! He's doing it! Fa Zheng is going to jump across that chasm on the back of a frog! Here he goes. He jumps aaaaaaaand.... Oh my word he makes it, no problem. This is surely the greatest display of jumping prowess we've seen in this temple in the last century. Fa Zheng ladies and gentlemen, he's going to go far!" Fa wasn't sure he cared to much for the announcer, but this is what he was working with. "Our next Challenge is "The room where darts fly out from the walls in an attempt to hit, and impale you!" That name was much less clever, but none the less Fa had an answer. He summoned up two slugs that were the size of him and had them leach on to the left and right side of his body. Then he made a run for it. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" Was all he could shout as he beat feet across the room. All the while the slugs were getting pelted with darts, but they were cute little gushy, flesh monsters and puncture would hardly scratched the paint. "Ow, ow ow ow ow ow." Alright but they still felt pain. Regardless how how much of a dick move that was, he was across and before him stood a bowl full of golden coins. "Congratulations Fa Zheng summoner of frogs, and gross slugs. You have completed the advanced course. Take your coin as your prize. This will denote you as a advanced summoner." On the other side of the room a previously close door slid open. "Now if you dare enter the master course, and attain even greater prizes. "Master course eh?" "Indeed. But it is fraught with perils, and woe." "What awaits me in there?" "Death." "That's every day life for me." "Moto of a ninja?" "Just an old man. No thanks I think I'll pass. Practice up a little. I mainly did this to prove that I'm still worth something. And you know what? I'm sort of kind of feeling like maybe I am." "so why not do the master round." "Dude chill. I'm not jumping into your death course. Give me a break." Fa flipped his coin and sauntered out the service entrance to the summoning temple. There was a whole new world of animals out there for him to play with. He was sure that he had some cool and interesting creatures to shake hands with. And he was going to summon them all! (TWC 1503) Exit 1500 Words towards Advanced Summoning
  21. OOC: I figured that, for the sake of not wasting forum space by starting lots and lots of different training topics, I would just start one topic and use it for all of Yumi's training sessions. The way rules currently are in regards to training, there should be no problems, right? Yumi was standing alone in the training grounds. That was usually a very busy place, and precisely for that reason, Yumi had chosen that time: 4:30 AM, when the people of the night had already gone to sleep and the people of the day had not yet woken up. This way, she was certain that nobody was going to disturb her. The focus of her training this time was speed, but of course, she wasn't going to work on that by running or doing dashes or other such uncouth, boorish activities. After all, having her face flushed red from physical exertion would have ruined her image as a proper, classy lady. Instead, she was going to make good use of the other thing in which a shinobi's speed was usually put to the test: the ability to quickly make hand seals for jutsus. The idea was to rapidly make a very high amount of hand seals: of course, she wasn't actually performing an actual jutsu, she was just performing various strings of hand seals in different combinations, first while standing, then in more difficult position, like mid-jump or while hanging upside-down from a tree branch (courtesy of the Surface Walking Technique). She found herself fumbling more than a few seals at first, which embarrassed her to no end (good thing there was nobody around to witness her failures! Her image would have been ruined!), but with some perseverance she started getting the hang of it. After a hour of such activities, she felt satisfied: that was definitely going to prove a useful training regime going forward. ((This was, as stated, for training Speed to level 2. WC: 263/250)) SPEED SUCCESSFULLY INCREASED!
  22. "Begone from this place you ancient dinosaur, you have no place amongst the mighty, young, and virile lion clan any longer!" Barked the largest cat in the whole flame country. This big black cat was the leader of the lion clan, and incidently the person you had to talk to when it came to being able to summon lions in the first place. The stupid little upstark sure seemed to forget that Fa Zheng had a contract with the lion clan dating back decades, and that he'd saved this ungrateful lion's father when this cub was still drinking milk! It'd been a long time since Fa had summoned any lions, and had been written out of the agreement. Fa wasn't entirely sure that any of these animals understood the purpose of a contract, but maybe he was found under a performance clause and the entire thing was terminated. However unlike the slugs who legit thought Fa had died, because he was an ancient old dinosaur, the lion clan knew good and well that he was alive, and kicked him out anyway. Said that only the most mighty of summoners could call upon them, and that Fa no longer fit the bill. Those furry little upstarts. Whatever. Okay? Like, whatever. Fa Zheng was kicking butt before half of these cool cats were even alive, he didn't need them! He had slugs! He was a strong and capable ninja! He didn't need them. "If you set me free I could kill them all for you." Saiken... that was twice as tempting as it should have been. No. No, no no. "I'm not even upset about it don't bother. It takes more than a few dumb lions to get me down." Smash cut to Fa Zheng lying on the forest floor, crying his heart out into the dirt. "Bwaaahahaha! I'm just an old man that no one wants anymore. I should just drown in my own tears and save the world the trouble of having to erase me out." Saiken had only good things to say about this particular line of thought. "Hey what's up old man." Croaked a high pitched voice from up in a tree. "Not much." Fa Zheng muttered into the dirt. "Just being a useless old man who no one wants." "That's a shame." Fa felt a weight come down on his back. "Why do you say that." "The lion clan voided the summoning contract I had with them for over forty years because I'm too old to summon them now." "Feh! Those blowhearts get out of here." "No really I'm not good enough apparently." " So you're in the market for a summon eh?" "I guess, but who would take me at this age? The slugs only let me in because they had respect for the service I once gave them. Who would want a brittle old man?" "Well I would!" "Wha?" "That's right bud. I'm the contract carrier for the Toads. what's your name?" "Fa." "Well Fa I'll go ahead and sign you up if you're up for it." No response. "Fa?" No response. "Fa?" It was at this point that Fa had blacked out from not breathing in a very long time. The frog on his shoulder shrugged and pushed him over onto his back so he could breath then took out a tanto and cut Fa's hand. "I feel like he was going to say yes. so I think this is legal." Then the little toad went ahead and sighed "Fa" onto the contract scroll, and gave Fa's bloody hand print for good measure. If it was good enough for the contract holder it was good enough for Fa! look out world! The old man had his summons again! (623) Exit 500 words for contract -1500 ryo 3000 ryo left
  23. Hiroshi found a secluded part of the training grounds, and simply sat on the ground with his legs crossed. He closed his eyes, palms facing upwards, and focused his mind on reaching out to his newfound companion. ~~~ In the Mind of Hiroshi ~~~ "Hello?" he called out. "Are you there, Sanbi?" he asked. In his mind, he was standing in an illuminated cove of blue and purple hues. He could feed the rocky and unsteady ground beneath him, with pebbles trembling in fear from the waves crashing across the terrain. The water was crystal clear, and Hiro could clearly make out the large gray entity swimming around near the bottom of the pool. Occasionally a small fish would try to dart from one side of the cave to the other, only to be gulped up by the Three-Tails. The liquid surface seemed to stretch for miles, until it faded into the darkness of his imagination. The young shinobi leaned down near the surface of the water, calling again to his Bijuu. "Sanbi, lend me your strength. I want to see the full extent of what we're capable of," he said confidently. The massive turtle like creature simply swam away from the shore, acting aloof. It seemed like the beast preferred distance as a coping mechanism to deal with being sealed inside Hiroshi. He pleaded again, "Sanbi, if we're going to survive for the rest of my lifetime, we're going need to learn to work together. I know that I am not a good Jinchuriki to you, but I am trying to be better. I wish I knew how I could help you." The Three-Tails once again went about his own business, swimming around the edges of the cove as best he could. Just as Hiroshi was about to step away, a voice replied. It was deep and rich, but it had a sense of youthfulness to it. "You know what you must do. I'll show you what we're capable of, but you must let me take control." There conversations always ended up this way; the idea that Sanbi could unleash his true powers in rage against his oppressors, but it was different this time. Instead of his usual tone, there was one of innocence and good intentions. Hiroshi turned around, extending his arms outward, and leaned back. The air rushed past him as he fell without fear, crashing into the cool water below. Without panic or caution, he finally let go of his apprehensions, as Sanbi swam around him. ~~~ Back at the Training Grounds ~~~ Opening his eyes, Hiroshi felt a swirling sensation within his stomach, as if he was going to vomit. He faced down ward, mouth opened, preparing for the unpleasant and sickly feeling. A spray of water came gushing out, pure and crystal blue, eroding a part of the earth beneath him. The stream followed every twitch and turn of his head, before finally coming to a stop. As he placed a hand over his chest, trying to calm himself down, that same voice returned in his head. "You can figure out the rest, Hiro." Standing upright, and now soaking wet, he tried to shake himself off, hoping no one would notice. 2nd Element Training (Suiton): 523/500