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Found 10 results

  1. "There are nine beasts in total... All with immense power." Obtaining Bijuu In order to possess a bijuu you must first defeat a tailed beast and have it sealed within you by an S-rank or higher sealing technique. However, Bijuu will only appear in special events started and maintained by staff, in which the tailed beast must be defeated and subsequently sealed within a C-Rank Character. Any character that is above this ranking may not have one sealed within them. Unique Traits Each bijuu passively grants certain perks and increases your chakra pool to varying degrees. Although each bijuu has certain characteristics that are set in stone, how you choose to go about the creation of your cloaks and transformations are entirely up to you; as you may want to merge them with your character's attributes and characteristics. The unique characteristics granted by your bijuu are dependent on which one is sealed within you, being different from beast to beast. Bijuu Forms In total, there are four different forms in which the ordinary bijuu may manifest. In the order that you will receive them, they are the First Cloak, Second Cloak, Partial Transformation and Bijuu Transformation. The Nine-Tailed Fox grants a unique form known as the 'Nine-Tails Chakra Mode' in which Kurama's chakra surrounds the user and emanates from every part of their body. The form's design and effects differs between users and can even change over time. If you start with a bijuu, or have first acquired one, you will start with none of the forms. In order to achieve subsequent forms, you must role-play in a certain number of topics in order to gain experience with your bijuu and then train the cloak. In these topics, you must either be involved in a battle with another role-player or in an inner battle with your bijuu. The topic must be a minimum of 10 posts or more. Although the over-all topic may be about anything, there must be a moment somehow relevant to your tailed beast and must include at least one other role-player. Below you will find how many topics each form requires before being unlocked. First Cloak | 5 Topics + 500 Word Training Topic (Must be C-Rank Shinobi or Higher) Second Cloak | 10 Topics + 1000 Word Training Topic (Must be B-Rank Shinobi or Higher) Partial Transformation | 20 Topics + 1500 Word Training Topic (Must be A-Rank Shinobi or Higher) Bijuu Transformation | 30 Topics + 2000 Word Training Topic (Must be S-Rank Shinobi or Higher) Nine-Tails Chakra Mode | 35 Topics + 3000 Word Training Topic (Must be X-Rank Shinobi or Higher) Jinchuriki & Bijuu Rules There are certain rules concerning the bijuu, obtaining them and so on. Please keep in mind, we require a certain level of activity from all jinchuriki. You may only become a jinchuriki by defeating or subduing a bijuu through an IC event, then having it sealed by a Fuuinjutsu technique of no lower rank than S. You may not be in direct control or possession of more than one tailed beast at a time. The power granted to you by your tailed beast is expected to be relative to your shinobi ranking. If you are a C-rank shinobi, you may achieve up to B-rank power as it pertains to your tailed beast forms. Or A-rank power as a B-rank shinobi. You may not possess a Bijuu if you have a bloodline, even if you defeat a tailed beast in combat. If you have the intention of ever being in possession of a tailed beast, you must start without a bloodline. If staff believes a member is unfit of bearing a bijuu due to inactivity, they will have it taken from them. Bijuu, when outside of a host, are regarded generally as S-Rank beasts, outside of the 7, 8 and 9 tails which are X-Rank beasts. The Bijuu Available
  2. Jutsu Name | Wisdom Wolf Decay Gas Liquid Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | SS Element(s) | Water (Acidic) Specialty(s) | Bijuu Energy Cost | 150 Handsigns | Monkey, Boar, Dragon, Rooster, Horse, Dog, Bird Range | 30 Meter Aoe gas/ 35 meters liquid Duration | 3 Description | Saiken can breath out a gnarly cloud of acidic gas out before him which extends out in a 30 meter long/wide/tall cloud! The cloud is salmon in coloration, and hella heavy. It takes an S-Rank wind jutsu or greater to move this big boy. The Gas itself is crazy acidic, boasting a Ranking of SS it begins to melt everything and anything of equal or lesser rank. It does not melt the ground, but will happily eat through earth jutsu A-rank and below. It's weird that way. Other Effects | Rather than spew the jutsu out as an acidic cloud the user can spit it out as a concentrated stream of pure acidic goodness. The stream is about 1/4 of a meter thick, and 35 meters long. The User can move their head while casting this jutsu to have the stream of acid move allowing the acid to slash through multiple targets. The Stream is 35 meters long, and limited to that length when used in a slashing motion. -The User, The Six-Tailed Slug, The Jinchuriki for The Six Tailed Slug are all immune to this jutsu. They will not die, nor will they end up in a puddle of their own clothes should they enter the cloud. Requirements | Must be the jinchuriki of the Six Tailed Slug, and know Tongue Tooth Sticky Acid, at any rank. Status | Open
  3. Jutsu Name | Soap Bubble Rasenshuriken Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | S-Rank Element(s) | Water Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 100 cp Handsigns | N/A But it takes a turn to charge up Range | Touch Duration | 1 Description | Those who Possess the Six-Tailed Bijuu are able secrete alkaline substances from their skin, or introduce it into their jutsu. The user of this jutsu combines the properties of lye and water with a rasengan, to create a large Wind-Mill Shuriken like attack. The the high speed and rotation of the Rasengan mixed with lye creates a vigorous frothing formation of chakra around the blades. This frothing crates bubbles that cling to the blades of the rasengan, like soapy little Remoras. Tragically the energy of the rasenshuriken itself it entirely eaten up and used up in maintain it's form, and to keep the process of the bubbles forming around the shuriken going. So This the center rasengan and it's blades do no actual damage to a target. Other Effects | However! Just because the jutsu's primary Rasengan does no damage, that doesn't mean that this puppy is entirely without teeth. For the bubbles which this Rasengan produces, which as stated are all miniature Rasengan do, do damage! The Rasenshuriken is covered with 40 Runt Ball Rasengan, which will pop upon contact with an opponent and detonate, performing B-Ranked Damage! Finally Lye is a commonly used in soaps. Which means that any opponent hit by this jutsu has the area of contact completely cleaned by the jutsu. With the caustic nature of lye, and the intense rotation of the Rasengan, dirt and germs don't stand a chance! So while the clothes of an enemy and their body might be torn to shreds, those shreds will be as clean as newly washed sheets. Requirements | Runt Ball Rasengan Six-Tailed Slug Jinjuriki, or be The Six-Tailed Slug Status | Open
  4. Jutsu Name | Core Venting Jutsu Type | Offensive, Defensive Ranking | SS-Rank Element(s) | N/A Specialty(s) | Bijuu/ Puppetry Energy Cost | 150cp Handsigns | 7 hand seals Range | 30 meter aoe Duration | 1 Round Description | The Bijuu Core vents a fraction of it's energy. The power of a Bijuu being completely unrestricted by physical form or restraints is kind of a scary thing. The user unleashes a spherical wave of energy from their body, extending out into a 30 meter aoe, destroying everything in it's wake leaving nothing but the user standing in a 15 meter deep crater created by the pulse. Of course that's hyperbole anything with a greater rank can survive the wave of energy. Other Effects | Requirements | Bijuu Core Status | Private
  5. Form Name | Six-Tails 1st Cloak Ranking | S Source | Six Tailed Slug Appearance | The User is surrounding by a sticky red aura which takes the form of Saiken himself/herself/ itself. The Aura extends out a meter from the user, ands seems to be dripping with sticky red slime. Abilities | -Daring Frog Mega Converstion! For 50cp While the user is in this form, they can transform a single water jutsu with an enhanced version of Daring Frog conversion. Not only does it turn a single Water jutsu acidic, but it makes it sticky as well, and increases it's speed and power by a single rank, up to but not exceeding S-Rank. Characteristics | -The Potent Chakra of the Six-Tailed Slugs surrounds and shrouds the user invigorating their body with it's energy. The User's attributes are all considered to be at the top of their rankings. -The Naturally Sticky nature of the Six-Tailed Slug's chakra means that the user can adhere themselves to any surface or object for free. Basically allowing them a constant form of the Surface walking jutsu. This Adhesion does have a strength of S and can be broken by equal or greater force. -While the User can move freely while shrouded by the cloak, the chakra itself is thick, and sticky making it very difficult for others to move properly while shrouded within it. Anyone other than the user who's ninja rank is below S-Rank has their speed reduce by 1 rank while within the aura. Techniques | Bijuu Roar Bijuu Chakra Arms Vermillion Rasengan
  6. Jutsu Name | Vermilion Rasengan Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | A-Rank Element(s) | N/A Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 75cp Handsigns | N/A Range | Touch Duration | 1 Description | With the Assistance of their Bijuu the user is able to form a Rasengan out of Bijuu Chakra. The Rasengan takes the form of a sphere and when it makes contact with a target the energy of the sphere will release into the target causing a great amount of damage! At discharge the energy released from the Rasengan is powerful enough to send the target spinning, and flying backwards 10meters. Other Effects | Due to the energy provided by by the user's bijuu The Rasengan can be performed without the usual charge-up a normal Rasengan Requires. Requirements | Rasengan, The User Must at least be in Their First Bijuu Cloak Form. Status | Open
  7. Jutsu Name | Bijuu Roar Jutsu Type | Offensive/ Defensive Ranking | A-Rank Element(s) | N/A Specialty(s) | Bijuu Energy Cost | 75sp Handsigns | N/A Range | 10 Meter Aoe Duration | 1 Round Description | While under the influence of a Bijuu cloak and Individual can let out a powerful and dangerous roar which blasts the surrounding area with the sheer force and ferocity of the yell. The Force produced by the shout radiates out from the user in a 10 meter Diameter sphere. The Yell does no damage to those hit by it, it only pushes them back to the edge of the sphere +5 meters, which means individuals hit by this technique will end up 15 meters away from the user. Other Effects | The Shout obliterates any Jutsu of equal or less Rank to this jutsu, dispersing them into nothing. Requirements | At The Very Least The First Cloak of a Bijuu must be active to use this ability. Status | Open
  8. Bijuu

    Fat flakes of snow drifted from a lazy white sky. The noonday breeze was blowing softly, creating a soft whistling between buildings and pine trees that was haunting to listen to. A few scattered flakes caught a ride on the wind, blowing across the field. Cherche stood sentinel at the top of a slim pole with only her balance and Surface Walking there to save her in the event of an emergency. She was meditating. In… two… three… Out… two… three… In… two… threE HOLY SHIT. A large presence of chakra was at the farthest edge of her senses. Even from this distance, the thick cloud seemed to choke her where she stood and she nearly fell off her pole. Could this presence be dangerous to the village? Probably. But even more importantly… Could it be friendly? She hopped down, landing on snowy ground with bent knees on the balls of her feet. She grabbed a bag of food that she had packed herself and some well worn playing cards. Who knows? Maybe they were fun. She sent out a series of flares in chakra, and those who could sense it would pick it up as morse code. It translated loosely as: “Hey, I found a cool thing. Anyone wanna take a look with me?” Except somehow cooler, because it was in morse code. Everything was cooler in morse code. And as such it could only really be truly understood by the Mizukage, an equally cool ninja. She strolled leisurely towards it, with an aura of confidence even though she felt like she might crap her pants. But she couldn’t do it, or else she’d forevermore be known as the ninja who crapped her pants. No, she wanted to go down in history as that one cool ninja who befriended this giant chakra thing. She put on sunglasses which increased her Coolness Ranking by seven and continued walking. She passed some pine trees, some frozen scrubs, some starving animals, but eventually she came to a lake that was frozen over thick with ice. In the distance, she could see eight tail-like membranes wiggling in the air like… like tentacles? “Hello!” Cherche called out in a friendly manner. She waved her hand with a genuine smile on her face. “Wanna have lunch together? I packed bacon. We could play cards. I could sing you a song. You know, good times~”
  9. Bijuu

    The night was late and cold, a thin chill was slowly settling over Mizumura, the largest village in the water territories. With the sun setting hours ago the cold mist that the north was known so well for began to creep back in, covering the village in a soft blanket of smooth white fog. Zarek, The Third Mizukage, had taken a soft gentle stroll through the village, accompanied by a rather interesting partner. A man in a black cloak walked beside the young kage, the man being none other than the assistant to the Denkikage, a powerful man who lead the Village hidden in the Mountains. Hours before a meeting had taken place between the two men, a conversation to discuss peace between their villages. All of the politics were over, and the real fun was about to begin. Kiyoshi, a young genin in the water village was told to meet the kage at the village gates, and since he decided to take his time the genin should have already arrived. Their trip was going to take them deep into the icy north, and was going to be the hardest test the young genin would ever experience. Zarek advised the young man to come prepared, making sure all of his affairs were in order. Once reaching the gate he would make introductions, allowing Kabel and Kiyoshi to meet each other. After a brief check of their supplies the men would head off. Several hours later the trio would find themselves deep in the heart of the frozen north. It had taken them six hours already to make the trip, and it was already starting to show. They had veered off from the path about three hours ago and were now ankle deep in snow, nothing but pine trees to either side of the men. To many this would seem like a very futile and senseless trek through dangerous terrain, and honestly it was. Very few survived out here in the chilling temperatures and howling wind, it was considered suicide to come out here ill prepared. These men however, were nothing but prepared, and what was to come next would prove to much more dangerous than the cold. Zarek had been working with the best intel squads in the village for the past couple of weeks, tracking a beast that had ventured into water territory. It was a massive creature with enough power to completely level a village if it so desired. It was one of the legendary tailed beast, creatures so powerful that many who attempted to bring one down often lost their lives, getting a first hand show to its true power. He would know, after all he had battled one of the beast, Kokuro, the five tails, only a few years ago. The one they were hunting however was rumored to be the most fearsome of all nine, the fabled Nine Tailed Fox. Only a day ago it was sighted once again, this time roaming through the tundra. It was still unknown what had brought the beast this far north, as there was nothing up here but ice and snow. It did not matter though, it was in his land and would surely cause trouble if left unchecked. He was going to be honest with him, fighting a demon beast in the middle of the night was not his first idea of a good night out, but as the leader and protector of the village, it was his duty to make sure nothing happened to his home. He only hoped the two men who joined him this evening were just as ready as he was. The walk was quiet, whether it was nerves or just the need to mentally prepare, all three of the shinobi kept completely silent the whole trip, only stopping for food and rest breaks. The night sky was dark, with only the stars lightning their way. Trees all around them wore layers of snow, showing just how intense this part of the world was. The silence was bliss though, it allowed him to fully collect himself. That was until the nights stillness was shattered, a roar echoing out through the night sky, followed by the sound of several trees breaking. Something massive was ahead of them, about five hundred meters away. Zarek stopped instantly, putting his hand up to pause the group. There was no doubt in his mind what they had found, the roars only confirming their target. The nine tails was here.
  10. Plot

    Unknown to many, the Sage of Creation had a son that he passed on his teachings to. His son trained from a young age and was skilled in Yin and Yang Release due to his father absorbing the power of the brother. Shortly after his father vanished from the world, the son realized that the existence of shinobi, and more specifically the shinobi system, only seemed to produce more widespread and large-scale violence of the likes the world had never seen before. Seeing the violent world that the shinobi began to create, he became furious with the belligerence of the villages. The fury of the son grew by the day until, finally, it led to meaningful action. He used his mastery of Yin and Yang Release, alongside his massive chakra supply inherited from his father, to create nine, tailed, sentient creatures with each of them differing in strength based on the number of their tails. At the time of their creation, he thought only of exacting punishment on the world. However, he did not believe this would be sufficient in rectifying matters. Perhaps, the son of the sage considered, it would only serve to worsen the matter. Thus, he allowed each major village (and some minor villages) to host a bijuu (with the stronger bijuu going to the major villages as an aid in maintaining peace). The bijuu were quickly abused and used as tools to spread more war and devastation. With each day, the bijuu grew darker and more like beasts. Their sentience diminished slightly, with their aggression reflecting more than ever before. The Sage of the Beasts, as the son later to be known as, was filled with both regret, as well as sympathy for his beasts. The tailed beasts were originally very kind and sociable creatures, but because of the violent and cruel nature of shinobi at that time, they also became cruel and violent. Many finally resorted to rebellion and would attack their own host village, wreaking destruction before their leave. The villages requested help from the Beast Sage, however he came to side with his creations. Not long after, the concept of a jinchuriki was created, which was a method to forcefully control the tailed beasts. When the villages begged the Beast Sage to side with them over the bijuu and to command them to return to their host village's control, the Beast Sage lost his temper before proceeding to assault the worst offender among the village leaders, the second Mizukage, before disappearing. Rumors circulate that he left in search of his father, realizing that he was the only man who could bring order to the chaos, but only if he could convince him to do so. Since then, various events have happened where tailed beasts have been constantly switched between villages or being set free.