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Found 16 results

  1. Jutsu Name | Storm Cloud Generation Jutsu Type | Ninjutsu Ranking | C Rank Element(s) | Storm Release Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 25 Handsigns | Rat - Bird - Rat Range | 10m AoE Duration | 3 Posts Description | After performing the proper hand seals, a jutsu user can cause chakra based clouds in the surrounding area of effect to condense and form storm clouds, centering around the user instead of in the sky. The clouds formed around the user are dark and black in color, creating a 50% increase in cover for the user, protecting them by making it harder for opponents to see them. This also creates a challenge for the user to observe the area outside of the area of effect. Within the 10m the user can see with clarity, but outside of the 10m is obscured by the clouds. In addition, these storm clouds produce natural rain in the first post. And later, natural rain and lightning on the second post, continuing to stay for a third post. The rain and lightning produced are able to be used with other jutsu but do not on their own cause damage or harm through this jutsu. Other Effects | ------ Requirements | Kaminari Bloodline, Storm Release Status | Public
  2. Jutsu Name | Natural Cloud Condensation Jutsu Type | Ninjutsu Ranking | C Rank Element(s) | Storm Release Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 15 initial, 5 upkeep Handsigns | Dragon - Bird - Rat Range | 10m AoE Duration | 3 Posts Description | After performing the proper hand seals, a jutsu user can cause moisture and natural clouds in the surrounding area of effect to condense and form storm clouds. The natural clouds in the area will darken significantly, creating a decrease in light in the area of effect by 50%. In addition, these storm clouds produce natural rain in the first post. And later, natural rain and lightning on the second post, continuing to stay for a third post. The rain and lightning produced are able to be used with other jutsu but do not on their own cause damage or harm through this jutsu. Other Effects | ------ Requirements | Kaminari Bloodline, Storm Release Status | Public
  3. Characters Involved | Banshi (as Shiori) and Kazuo Enomoto Link to the Missions | Criminal Intentions Brief Overview | Thanks to the valuable intel of the Water Village and the overconfidence of the criminal ninjas, Shiori and Kazuo are quickly able to find a secret base of the local crime boss. But getting past their defenses is a little trickier, and that isn't even mentioning the criminal ninja residing in the base, who apparently has a knack to returning cherry bombs.
  4. Jutsu Name | Olfactory Demise Jutsu Type | Genjutsu Ranking | C Rank Element(s) | ---- Specialty(s) | Genjutsu Energy Cost | 15 initial, 5 upkeep Handsigns | Bird - Monkey - Bird Range | 10 meter distance (5 meter aoe) Duration | 3 Posts Description | This genjutsu is triggered through the smell of something distasteful such as body odor, bad breath, or sweat. Once the target has smelled the odor, the user may enact the genjutsu. It is best used during close or midrange combat, as the user can use their own sweat during the fight, for example. The genjutsu resulting from this unique and specific trigger causes the target to feel more strongly susceptible to the bad smell. They experience nausea, gagging, and may choose to hold their breath. Still, it will seem as if the smell is lingering, and the target cannot escape the terrible scent until the jutsu has ended or is broken. The symptoms of the jutsu are minor, just the nausea and the gagging, though against an Inuzuka this genjutsu would become more powerful due to their strong sense of smell, causing dizziness and even burning sensations in the nose and throat. All symptoms vanish when the genjutsu is over, because it is an illusion and is not actually real. Other Effects | ------------ Requirements | Genjutsu Status | Public
  5. Mission Name [Entity] | Why Couldn't It Be Follow the Butterflies? [Flame] Mission Type | Village Mission Ranking | C Rank Repeatable? | Yes Mission Description | In the tropical eastern region, in the dense forests, there have been reports of increased spider activity. More infestations in small outposts and increased nests in the surrounding area. The forests seem to even sound like bugs crawling around. The unnerving report has the village sending you on a mission to investigate the houses and the infestations in them. Additionally, you are to examine the local nests in the outposts surrounding area and try to figure out the cause of so many nests. Local environmental advocates and Aburame clan members likely will try to stop or convince you to end your mission without thoroughly exterminating the local nests in the outpost and homes, using any means they can find possible. There are three main homes and two nests in the local area of the out post that need to be disposed of, but you are told to not do more damage to the homes than completely necessary (if you do you will need to help fix the damage). Additionally, the report includes that the spiders seem small (size of a quarter or smaller) and are likely non-poisonous, though being bitten by more than five will cause numbness and swelling and possible infection. The mission fails if you do not cleanse the area of the spider nests and exterminate the homes, or if you do not repair any damage you do to the homes. You are allowed to disarm the Aburame, but not allowed to kill them. Mission NPCs | 2 D Rank Aburame members with 6 kunai each, various home owners in the small outpost Word Count | 700 Words per person Requirements | This is a required mission for another higher ranked Flame mission.
  6. Jutsu Name | Enhanced Haze: Vital Signs Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | C Element(s) | Lightning Specialty(s) | Medical Energy Cost | 15 Initial - 5 Upkeep Handsigns | Snake - Hare - Ox Range | 5 to 25 Meters - (AoE) Duration | 3 Posts Description | The user can read certain vital signs and other info about a target identified by the use of Lightning Release: Haze while it is active and they remain inside the area of effect by use of electrical impulses sent into the body by the static mist then relayed back through the network of electricity and chakra connected to the caster. Information that is taken in this method include increased heart rate, pulse, breathing, accumulating moisture on the skin (sweat), and minor muscles twitches, some of which may be involuntary. This is typically used by medics to monitor the status of allies in a fight. Other Effects | The information gathered by this technique allows an experienced medical ninja to tell if a person is lying in the same fashion a polygraph test works; taijutsu and medical techniques designed specifically to still the body and control these signs negate the accuracy of this. Medical must be at Advanced for this to work and it must be the primary or secondary specialty. Because it cannot be used without another jutsu active, its range is dependent upon the range of the aforementioned technique rather than its own rank. However, because it is a low ranking jutsu, only up to three people can be monitored at a time and it requires an additional 5 CP per extra person in upkeep cost. Requirements | Lightning Release: Haze must be active and have been used by the caster of this jutsu. [link] Status | Open - Lightning Village
  7. Name | Jomyaku Ame Nickname | - Title Name | - Gender | Male Age | 21 Birth Date | October 18th Hair Color | Black Eye Color | Black Height | 5’ 8” Weight | 140lb Appearance | A boy of average height and weight who carries himself with a stature that seems both relaxed and composed, moving as a man who wishes to be unnoticed but cannot convince himself to be unnoticed. His eyes constantly move, watching his surroundings vigilantly, even in times of rest, and taking in information with unrestrained greed. A mess of short black hair drapes and frames his face, falling just below his ears and fitting neatly with his usual wear of a high collar so that both overlap minimally. His choice of attire is usually completed with the rest of a long robe-like garment which cuts before the wrists and ankles, as to not inhibit movement of either limb, marked with the emblem of a skull and wing-like markings to either side of it. Seemingly ashamed of his village association his headband is hid beneath his collar, protecting his neck and being visible only when the collar is pulled down to show off the band of the Hidden Mist. Village | Mizumura [Water Village] Clan | - Village Ranking: | Genin Shinobi Ranking | C Element(s) | Suiton [Water] Specialties | Summoning [Beginner] Bloodline | Meikiri Favorable | Cold Tea, Birds, Research and Training, Samurai History Unfavorable | Hot Tea, Lizards, Samurai, Honorless Shinobi Personality | Not quite young but not quite old, straddling the line between understanding the world around him and placing himself in account for it, Jomyaku pursues knowledge of the Shinobi as a ravenous hound and will devour all information set before him. Perfection of the self, and thus perfection of purpose, are found only once every option is known and until then only imperfect decisions may be made (as necessary as they may be) so the imperfection of youth is a sore in his side that is unappreciated; often eavesdropping on the conversations of older shinobi in order to determine how best to not appear like other Genin. Jomyaku is a deliberate combatant and has turned much of his doubt in his place in life into a fine edge to cut away his imperfections, intending to do the same to any around him and offering a helping hand to those who also seek perfection. Philosophy & Beliefs | Bushido (practiced poorly) History & Background | Born into the Iron Country to a family of samurai, the young Ame was the offspring of an affair between an envoy to the Water Village and a Water shinobi. This relationship produced a handful of children, taken into the care of the samurai whose wife had failed to inform him of their true fathers. Unfortunately, as these things go, the mother’s deception was discovered and before the sound of her head hitting the earth, severed from the lips begging for forgiveness, her children were cast out by the father begging for the same. The tradition of honor held no place for those sired in such unsavory circumstances and they were left for three weeks to fend for themselves in the wilds before the patter of shinobi’s feet came to the only two children who had not perished. The Water Village had come to reclaim what it felt it was owed and so the two remainders were taken into the fog, to be raised as shinobi and to forget their past. Children, even in a land of water, hold firm to their blood and so the growing Jomyaku watched the samurai whenever they came near, saw their faces across the bright screens, filled his life with their written pearls of wisdom, and became engrossed in a culture that was held in his blood but not in his hands. The study of chakra did not come easily but it was pursued voraciously as the boy aspired to learn everything about the shinobi and to discover what had made them so wretched as to create a half breed like himself. These answers were not forthcoming and his growth was much slower than his companions, not advancing through the ranks at such young ages as many shinobi and only achieving the rank of Genin at 18 years old. The shinobi world, at such a low rank, was still as clouded in the mist as the lands beyond his door. In desperation Jomyaku steeled himself and arranged for departure from the village to his homeland for a month’s time, arranging a meeting with his father that he anticipated would set his life on a straighter path. Each day on the wagon to the Land of Iron was another pound of stone in his gut and when he finally arrived at his destination the sunken face of an elder, armor as bright as the day it had been given purpose, met his gaze. Between their eyes came no words as the elder pressed his hand against the metal seal between the armor’s breasts, concealing it as Jomyaku’s throat coiled. “Whose crest adorns your breast?” slipped from his crushed teeth as water through stone. The boy was not answered. “Whose crest adorns your breast?...” came whispered from the jaw set open now. The boy was not answered. “Whose crest adorns your breast!” roared out the youth as the storm would howl. And the boy was answered. A move of the hand, subtle yet drenched in intention, revealed the identity of Jomyaku’s doubts and confirmed their place. The crest of his father sat against the pitying heart of a man who was not his father and the silence between a boy and a man was settled only when the steel was pulled from the elder’s shoulders. The armor was much heavier on the boy but the weight of this answer pushed further until his knees touched the earth and his gaze shortly followed. The elder samurai turned from him. “His last words were to forsake our tradition and to offer to you, the unclean, the weight of his armor that it might mold you into a stronger man. You have no purpose here and no place behind our walls, return and never let my eyes see such a foul mark as that crest again.” In the mud between Jomyaku’s fingers the filth of the earth became tainted with the filth in his veins as stained nails dug into the soft palm flesh. It spread, a net of symbols cast about that he did not recall and as he raised a hand to feel what was within one crushed palm the gentle push of a creature was followed with its speech. “You don’t belong anywhere, do you? But you can belong to us.” Reports regarding the boy’s death were greatly exaggerated when the caravan returned home and spoke of the seal and his disappearance, civilians understanding little where shinobi understood much more. When Jomyaku returned to the village gates in three month’s time he was a changed man, dragging the armor he was not fit to wear with him as that which suited his impure blood was affixed to his shoulders. Two enormous leeches, covered in strange markings, barked in clear language at the gates guards to open and Jomyaku remained silent. Once his feet had crossed the threshold the blood loss kicked in and the last thing he remembered thinking was that he’d rather his veins had dirt in them than blood; at least it would be honest. When the Genin recovered he offered a report of absence, explaining that he had struck a contract and been instructed in the Land of Leeches to become in touch not only with them but with the true power of his blood. A Kekkei Genkai, manifested anew, came from within him despite his father being a shinobi of no noteworthy lineage and the abilities it held were also completely unfamiliar to the doctors attending him. Ultimately it was chalked up to a freak result of over exposure to Senchakra in a summoning’s realm and whether or not this lineage can continue is, as of yet, unknown. Filled with new purpose under the guidance of these inhuman minds, Jomyaku seeks to set the world of humans right and to become a man worthy of the gift passed on to him. The skull crest stitched into his clothes until it is fit to be held against his chest in the metal it was born to be etched within.
  8. Jutsu Name | Water Release: Water Prison Technique Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | C Rank Element(s) | Water Specialty(s) | NInjutsu Energy Cost | 15CP Initial | 5CP Upkeep Handsigns | Snake → Ram → Horse Range | 10M(AOE) Duration | 3 Posts Description | This technique is used to capture a target within a nearly-inescapable prison. After performing the handseals or using a another water jutsu as a substitute for handseals, the user expands a large mass of water around the target in an aoe-type orb that encompasses the foe's location. Once trapped within the water prison, the target is unable to move or breathe due to the crushing pressure of the water. The downside to this technique is that the user's hand must be always connected to the water prison to keep it in effect. The size limit of targets capable of being captured with this technique is 10M(AOE). B Rank shinobi may break free after one post, while A Rank+ Shinobi may break free with little effort. Other Effects | Can be used on oneself defensively. Can be stored in scrolls as traps(Requires Fuinjutsu). Substituted handseals for water jutsu still must pay CP for both the prior water jutsu & water prison. Requirements | Water Release, Ninjutsu, Mizumura-nin Status | Restricted Mizumura
  9. Mission Name | Wherefore art thou Takeo? Mission Village | Water Village Mission Type | Village Mission Ranking | C Rank Repeatable? | No Mission Description | A teary blue eyed woman, a local upper class merchant's daughter came to the shinobi for aid and posted a mission for assistance. The woman, Ayame, insists that her betrothed lover has been kidnapped or injured somehow because he has not returned home since the night before. Her father, a rich merchant, and her cousin, a local esteemed shinobi went out with her betrothed for drinks and none of the three have returned. The truth of the matter is that Takeo, her lover, is the son of a well known rival merchant and was kidnapped by Ayame's father and cousin in an attempt to dissuade him of his proposal to Ayame. Your mission is to find the father and cousin, find Takeo, and reunite the lovers by settling this ridiculous family quarrel. You might need to use physical force to rescue Takeo, but words work just as well. The mission fails if you do not return Takeo to be reunited with Ayame. Mission NPCs | 1 D Rank (Ayame's father), and 1 C rank (Ayame's Cousin) Word Count | 700 WC per person Requirements | ------
  10. Mission Name | Criminal Intentions Mission Village | Water Village Mission Type | Village Mission Ranking | C Rank Repeatable? | Yes Mission Description | There is news that one of the crime bosses of the Water Village has secret hide outs and headquarters outside of the center village squares through which he conducts a network of black market sales. The Crime Boss, Taro, is highly protected and unlikely to be personally at the hideouts. The best way to thwart his black market trade and diminish his in city power, is to destroy these nests of criminals. The mission is to first find a hideout in the far tundra, local caves, rocky beaches, or wild forests, or even underground. Then develop a plan for sneaking into the hideout or luring the criminals out of the hideout. Finally, attacking and killing or apprehending all of the shinobi in the hideout. Giving information to the higher ups in order to have others collect the stolen goods is part of the mission, and showing some sort of proof of the death or capture of the criminals is required. The mission fails if do not locate the hideout, or if you do not apprehend or kill the criminals inside. Mission NPCs | 1 D Rank criminal nin, 1 C Rank criminal nin with bukijutsu Word Count | 700 WC per person Requirements | May not be a solo mission
  11. Mission Name | Custody Battle Mission Village | Water Village Mission Type | Village Mission Ranking | C Rank Repeatable? | No Mission Description | A divorced couple comprised of one merchant parent and one retired shinobi have a 7 year old child. They share him equally, but recently after an argument over encouraging the young child to become a shinobi, both the child and the retired shinobi parent have gone missing. The merchant parent insists that the retired shinobi kidnapped their child and went on the run. They also believe it is possible that the runaway parent was likely to meet up with an old shinobi partner. You are enlisted to find the child and the runaway parent before they leave the region. It is likely that they are hiding out, but exactly where is unknown. It is also likely that the runaway parent and their friend would put up a fight in order to keep the child and not return. Either arresting or verbally convincing the retired shinobi to return with the child are options which lead the mission to success. The mission is failed if either parent or the child is killed in action. Mission NPCs | 2 - C Rank adult shinobi with genjutsu Word Count | 700 WC per person Requirements | Cannot be a solo mission
  12. Mission Name | Escort the Merchant Mission Type | Service; Flame Village exclusive Ranking | C-Rank Repeatable? | Yes Reward | 500 ryo Mission NPCs | Merchant; special abilities include heightened chance of robbery because he is rich 2 D-Rank shinobi; attributes are all at level 1; both ninja are each equipped with a katana and 5 shuriken. Mission Description | Recently, there has been news that merchants are becoming the target of bandit attacks. In light of the news, a merchant has inquired the Hikage for an escort whilst he makes his way back to the Flaming Gulf. Your job is to ensure that the attackers are dealt with and that the merchant safely arrives to the Flaming Gulf. Word Count | 600 words Requirements | Flame Village shinobi, C-Rank or higher ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Akane Higurashi stood at the ready, arms crossed, right toe tapping the ground. She wore plain brown ankle high boots, ankles to mid shins wrapped in pale off-white cotton fabric, and tucked under them were the loose flowing grey pants she wore for comfort and ease on missions. On top, she wore her usual cropped halter top in dark red, her white coat unzipped and her coat sleeves pushed up to her elbows and buttoned in place. As she waited, scroll in one hand for the chuunin she had reluctantly been ordered to partner with, she bit the inside of her cheek. She wore no make up, not needing to accentuate her feminine features, and she wouldn't want to anyway. Akane's long natural red hair was pulled into two voluminous low hanging pony tails beside her ears in a somewhat childish fashion, though her bangs hung loose over her brown eyes. She fiddled for a moment with the scroll, then moved to pulling at her bracelets. She wore a set of three gold bracelets around her right wrist, a small gold ring on her left pinky finger, and a pair of teardrop earrings as well. Accessories restrained and modified so that she would be fit for mission, though most shinobi would disagree. The 24 year old chuunin hated waiting, she preferred action and had prepared swiftly for meeting with this partner of her's. She had a kunai holster around her leg, a small pack on her waist, both filled with supplies: shuriken, kunai, senbon, and a medical kit. She also had her senbon launcher in the pack, preferring not to wear it in public, for fear of drawing attention. Keeping it in her pack was akin to keeping a sword sheathed. She had pre-loaded the senbon she needed, but had not set the trigger yet, for safe travel. Akane sighed. This partner of her's was a minute late.
  13. Link to Involved Characters | Rei & Jin Link to the Missions | Dagger in the dark Brief Overview | @Jin & Rei ambush two murderous thugs in the slums.
  14. Mission Name | Dagger in the dark Mission Type | Water Village Ranking | C Repeatable? | Yes Reward | 500 Ryo, per Participant Mission NPCs | 2 C Rank bandits Mission Description | The slums have always been a place of lawlessness. Reports have come in that there are a couple of bandits who snatch unsuspecting visitors to the vllage and murder them in the back alleys of the slums after taking all of their belongings. Lure these two bandits into a trap and dispense justice. 1 bandit is C Rank skilled in Genjutsu. The 2nd bandit has C Rank skill in Fuinjutsu. Word Count | 600 Words Requirements | C+ Rei bent down to inspect the street ground, it was a narrow alleyway in the back part of the slums. A patch of blood was smeared into the dirt, but there were also stray belongings littered around the ground. As someone who had grown up and survived in the slums of Mizumura himself, he knew a robbery when he saw one. This however, went above and beyond simple mugging. Not only were the victims robbed, but they were also killed. Whether it was to silence the witness or possibly out of a sense of satisfaction to the murderers: they had crossed a line, a line that had gotten the village's attention. Thus here he was today, on the trail of these two cut throat bandits. A gentle breeze rushed through the narrow alleyway, giving off a low moaning sound as it rounded the corner of a building. The boy's jade green hair rustled in the wind as he looked up and about, his yellow serpent-like eyes trying to pick up any important information about this crime scene that they could. Finally after several long silent moments, he looked over his cloaked shoulder and spoke to the person behind him. "What do you think happened here? Think we're on the right tracks?" he asked the other shinobi, mostly just asking to gauge how skilled they were in tracking. He had been assigned this mission with another shinobi of his rank. He knew very little about the person, having only met them recently. WC250 Thin Wire Explosive Tags Wireless Radio Flak Jacket
  15. Jutsu Name | Trussed Tresses Jutsu Type | Ninjutsu Ranking | C Rank Element(s) | ------ Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 25 CP Handsigns | Hare - Tiger - Hare Range | 15 m Duration | 3 Posts Description | This jutsu allows the lengthened, hardened by chakra hair of the user to move and strike out. In this jutsu, the hair strikes out at an increased distance to latch onto the limbs of a target. Up to four thick strands of hair can be used and each have C Rank Strength. The hair is strong, each hair acting as steel wire. If successful at latching onto a limb of a target, moving at C Rank speeds, each thick strand of hair will tighten and work to further grapple and restrain the opponent. Moving from grabbing a target's risk, for example, to moving up the target's arm. This jutsu will dissipate at the end of three posts. Other Effects | ------ Requirements | Medical ninjutsu, Mane of Steel jutsu must be active during the first two posts of this jutsu Status | Public
  16. Jutsu Name | Mane of Steel Jutsu Type | Medical Ranking | C Rank Element(s) | ----- Specialty(s) | Medical Energy Cost | 25 CP Handsigns | Hare - Tiger - Dog Range | Self Duration | 3 Posts Description | This medical jutsu uses chakra to stimulate hair growth and hair strength. The hair grows to no more then 10m, at the user's choice. Additionally, the individual hairs of the user becomes as strong as steel wires. They cannot be moved or manipulated once grown without additional supplemental jutsu. The user if careful can allow the hair to grow down their back, over their sides, and over their face. In this case, this jutsu can function as a shield would in protecting the user in an all surrounding layer of steel-strong hair. Users may choose to target any hair on their head with this jutsu, including facial hair. If a jutsu, weapon, or other attack manages to do damage to the hair rendering it shorter than originally starting with, the user's hair will become shorter at the end of this jutsu. For example, if the user's starting hair length was waist length and an attack rendered the steel-strong hair cut to shoulder length, then at the end of this jutsu the user's hair would stay shoulder length. If the attack made only damaged at a length longer than the user's starting hair length, the user's hair length would be unaffected. Other Effects | This jutsu is a required foundation in use with other supplemental jutsu relating to hair. Requirements | Medical (Novice) Status | Public