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Found 31 results

  1. Mission Name | Retrieval Mission Type | Service; Flame Village exclusive Ranking | A Mission NPCs | 2 B-Rank 1 C-Rank Mission Description | A group of higher ranked shinobi has left the village and are now on the run. According to reports, the three have stolen important scrolls pertaining village defenses and the like. They were last seen near Kegawa Enclave. Bring the info back safely, if possible eliminate the Shinobi offenders. Word Count | 1800 words _________________________________________________________________ Akane Higurashi was well prepared for her mission with her mentor and former sensei, Daichi. The ruins that they were heading to were known to be dangerous, filled with exotic animals, and she had only found the need to visit the area once. The ruins, jutting crumbling works of stone, half collapsed stairs overtaken by the vegetation around, had seemed too good a place for bandits and missing nin to spend significant time in the area. She was not an idiot and didn't see the extra risk as necessary so far in her life. The red head walked, keeping a decent pace with Daichi. The afternoon was still early, but the encroaching tree canopy was thick enough to make it appear duskan up ahead. It was a good thing, she thought, because the day had so far been painfully hot and the shade of the trees were likely to bring a temperature drop of about ten degrees. She chose not to wear her white coat, for obvious reasons, sticking with the cropped red halter top. It flowed loosely over her skin as she moved, and she could feel the sheathed breast dagger hidden beneath it. On her right wrist was a perfectly prepared senbon launcher, ready to fire at need, the trigger already set. Akane carried her medical kit on her waist, on her left hip. And besides it she had also brought with her extra senbon. Akane had her hair completely up, though her bangs still brushed the sides of her face, and in the messy bun she had hidden several shuriken for emergency. Akane was not one to be surprised in a place like this. Akane had no concerns over Daichi, he was always on target, and she was processing in her mind exactly how they would find and apprehend the thieves. She didn't know what they were capable of, not really. She considered her extensive genjutsu techniques and licked her lips, knowing they would be useful to her, but only if she had the time to make handsigns. "You know I don't plan a thing, and I know you aren't big on plans either. But do you have any ideas how to go about and find them? I mean look at this place." And Akane was right, as they entered the enclave the thickness of forestation and the dangers of animals and hidden shinobi were not limited to the mission's original details. Like this
  2. Lately the village had seemed to be on a mission to assign the Jounin with a full squad and that had went twice for Daichi, seeing his first group had failed and this was the second time. He had already met one of the members of his group, a girl by the name of Sadame and today he'd meet the second. The boy, named Shisui, seemed to require a peculiar taste, according to the man who had been telling Daichi about his new situation. Of course he didn't delve any further than that and while it was suspicious, the Uzumaki would find out soon enough when he met the person himself. The only real piece of information that Daichi had cared to learn about the boy was his age, upon learning that he was a boy of eighteen, the man felt less inclined to give a damn about the state of his lungs. As Daichi rested with his back against the bark of a great oak, he pulled a pack of smokes out of his pocket and popped one out, slipping it between his lips and letting out a breath,"This shouldn't be too hard, regardless of how he acts." Daichi reconfirmed himself on the situation as he produced a lighter and lit the cancer stick, taking a long pull to fill his lungs. Daichi stood at six feet and two inches tall, with his guild cloak draped over his shoulders and extending down the length of his body. He wore a pair of black pants and a sleeveless shirt to match under his cloak, having opted not to wear his Jounin Flak for this mission but one could still see his Flame Headband wrapped around his upper right bicep. Also hidden beneath his cloak, on the small of his back, were his gauntlets position so that equipping them would be as easy as reaching back and sliding his hands into them. Daichi would pull on his smoke as he waited for Shisui to show up, with an annoyed look on his face. This wasn't because he disliked waiting, although he did, but quite frankly just his face. WC: 354 @Peridot
  3. Jutsu Name | Hokage's Fury or Punchomancer's Peacock Parade Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | S-Rank Element(s) | None Specialty(s) | Taijutsu Energy Cost | 100 SP Handsigns | None Range | Striking Range Duration | None Description | This is a technique that was designed by Daichi Uzumaki, that focuses on pushing the body past the normal boundaries and achieving a speed and strength that could baffle most. It is a striking technique that gains speed and strength with every blow that is increased, meaning by the end of the attack the person is doing a considerable more amount of damage than when it started. The speed at which Daichi forces his body to move is enough to fire to spark and erupt around each of his strikes, though there is no chakra involved. This happens from the friction caused by how fast he is forcing himself to move, showing just how much his body is pushed. But because of the strain that this move puts on a person's body, it causes a whole rank decrease in strength while the body readjusts after the strain it was under. It is rumored that the excess flames given off by his hands during these strikes form the Kanji for Hokage(火影) but only those that have seen the more can truly attest for that. - The Target can also be kicked into the air to initiate this move, if that is done then the user immediately follows behind to try and use this move. - When an A-Rank uses this on an A-Rank, it ends with the target unable to move or fight for the rest of the topic, with severe injury. When this move is used on someone two ranks below the user, such as an A-Rank using this on a C-Rank, it results in death for the target. It needs to be a direct strike for the previously stated to happen. - Due to the amount of strength that is used to push the body to create such fast strikes, the user suffers a strength debuff of a whole rank for two turns after. Meaning that after an A-Rank used this move, they would be at a base strength of B-Rank for two turns. Other Effects | Creates faint burns upon where contact has been made, most of which will heal by the next day. The same type of wounds appear along the user's arms. Requirements |Taijutsu Primary, Taijutsu Advanced Status | Private
  4. These are the current clans within the Flame Village. (Subject to change at any time) _ Kaguya Clan ____________________________________________________ The Kaguya Clan is a clan known for their savage battle tactics and have the ability to manipulate one's bone structures. Inuzuka Clan ____________________________________________________ The Inuzuka Clan is a family of shinobi in Flame Territory known for their use of ninken as fighting companions and are easily identified by the distinctive red fang markings on their cheeks. Aburame Clan ____________________________________________________ The Aburame Clan is one of the noble clans of Flame Territory. At birth, members of this clan are offered to several special breed of insects as a nest, residing just under their host's skin. These insects will then live in symbiosis with their host from that point on. Because of this, its members are characterized by their use of insects as weapons. Hyūga Clan ____________________________________________________ The Hyūga Clan is one of the noble clans of Flame Territory. All members born into this clan possess the Byakugan, a kekkei genkai that gives them extended fields of vision and the ability to see through solid objects and even the chakra circulatory system, among other things. Members of this clan also possess the unique ability to expel chakra from any of the tenketsu in their body.
  5. These are the current ranks within the hierarchy of the Flame Village. (Subject to change at any time) _____________________________________________________________________________ Academy Student Academy Students make up the student body of the Academy, where they are trained and prepared for life as a shinobi. They are not an actual part of the shinobi force, as they are still in the process of mastering the very basics of the ninja lifestyle. However, they can be conscripted as part of the war potential in times of emergency. Genin Genin are the lowest level of ninja and also the ones that display the most difference in power. When they become genin, ninja start to do their bit for their village's economy – being sent on missions that the village gets paid for. They are typically sent either on D-rank missions, which are almost entirely risk-free jobs of manual labour, or, rarely, on C-rank missions, which are a cut above that and begin to verge on real "ninja" work that have a very low possibility of risk to the ninja involved. Chūnin Chūnin are ninja who are qualified to guide other ninja and lead missions. Chūnin have reached a level of maturity and ability that primarily consists of leadership skills and tactical prowess. Genin who do not have the skills to become chūnin are weeded out in the Chūnin Exams. Chūnin are typically sent on C-rank or B-rank missions. Tokubetsu Jōnin Tokubetsu Jōnin are ninja who, rather than all-around jōnin training, have jōnin-level ability in a specific area or skill, much like warrant officers in real-world militaries. They are elite specialists in their areas and are often assigned as subordinates to regular jōnin when their services are needed. Jōnin Jōnin are generally highly experienced and highly skilled shinobi who serve as military captains. Jōnin are generally able to use at least two types of elemental chakra. It is not unusual for jōnin to go on missions alone. They are often sent on A-rank missions, and if experienced enough, S-rank missions as well. Jōnin Commander Jōnin Commander is a position in the shinobi system. As a representative of the regular shinobi forces, they are a member of the council, giving them a say in important matters such as choosing a new Hokage. They are the highest-ranking normal shinobi in the village, but still officially a Jōnin themselves. Anbu Anbu are covert operatives dispatched by the Kage. Anbu protect the village from exceptional threats, conduct high-risk missions into enemy territory, and deal with extremely strong ninja. They are also responsible for carrying out assassinations, tracking, surveillance, and missions requiring specially trained ninja Sannin Sannin are renowned ninja, hailed as the greatest shinobi of their generation. They are usually prodigies and train under the current Kage at the time. Anbu Commander The Anbu Commander is a high ranking position within the shinobi system. This individual acts as a representative of the village's ANBU Corps. The ANBU Commander answers directly to the reigning Kage and acts as his or her eyes and ears; constantly and diligently seeking out any and all signs of internal weakness, corruption, or insubordination. Shōgun The Shōgun is a unique rank only given out to a shinobi with outstanding battle prowess during a time of war. (Usually the Anbu Commander) During this period they have absolute authority over all Shinobi ranks and facilitate all Shinobi activities. Kage Kage is a title reserved for the leader of one of the village. A Kage oversees the activities of their village, from sending ninja on missions to making the hard decisions regarding the safety of their people. A village's Kage is generally acknowledged as its most powerful ninja.
  6. Mission Name [Entity] | Sacrificial Child Mission Type | Village Mission Ranking | A-Rank Repeatable? | Yes Mission Description | A small tribe named Ka-Ino in the vast volcanic region of Yougan Tochi is known for its prayers and strange rituals to animal-based deities. They have been accused of kidnapping a missing 5 year old girl as a sacrifice. Locals in Kasai settlement insist it was the tribe, and want you to find them, find the girl, and kill the kidnappers. Of course, arresting them is always allowed instead. - Obviously you fail the mission if the girl loses her life. - Defeating all of the Leader's Warriors causes him to surrender. Mission NPCs | 1 A-Ranked Tribal Leader: Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, equipped with a staff(just to look fancy, does nothing, though can be used to whack people). {Violent} 1 B-Ranked Tribal Warrior: Taijutsu, Bukijutsu, equipped with a stick that has a large rock at the end. {Lethal} 3 C-Ranked Tribal Grunts: Bukijutsu, each equipped with a simple, C-Ranked dagger. {Lethal} Word Count | 1800 WC or 5 Posts per Person Requirements | Flame. Requires on other person.
  7. Mission Name [Entity] | Swollen Man Mission Type | Village Mission Ranking | C-Rank Repeatable? | Yes Mission Description | A report has come in of various groups of Academy Students believing in an evil and all powerful entity named SwollenMan. Disguised as a globular and obese man wearing a suit and lacking a face, this entity is said to kill Academy Students by the dozens all over the village and around the world. Some groups of Academy students have taken to teaming up and exploring the Midori Forest and Yougan Tochi to find SwollenMan. Other pairs have teamed up and begin to enact devious plots to kill their own peers. Even more Academy Students have become so frightened that they refuse to leave their homes and go to the Academy. The mission is to find some of the Academy Students and put an end to the SwollenMan rumors through encouraging weepy-eyed students to go back to school, locating students in various dangerous regions of the Fire Village and escorting (by force if needed) the students back to their homes or school, or finally to gather intelligence on the students to find the ones plotting to murder in the name of SwollenMan and teach them a severe lesson in the shinobi way (put them on the straight and narrow and then give the names to the jounin in charge for further observations). - You fail this mission if any children end up dead or the ones pretending to be the Swollen Man escape. Mission NPCs | Multiple D-Ranked Academy Students. {Non-Violent} Word Count | 700 WC per person Requirements | Flame.
  8. Mission Name [Entity] | Covered in Bees Mission Type | Village Mission Ranking | C-Rank Repeatable? | Yes Mission Description | A beekeeper living on the edge of Midori forest was forced to abandon his home and bee keeping supplies after a small fire enraged the swarm of bees. After sending a rushed message via a message bird, the beekeeper went missing and is presumed dead. Recover his body or rescue the beekeeper and take him to the hospital to attend to his injuries. It is unlikely the bees stayed around, but they and other dangerous wildlife live near the beekeeper’s home. - The mission fails if you do not find the beekeeper or his body. Mission NPCs | 2 C-Ranked Panthers (Claws and teeth, strong and fast, no special abilities) {Violent} Word Count | 700 WC per person Requirements | Flame.
  9. Mission Name [Entity] | Escaped and Deranged! [Flame] Mission Type | Village Mission Ranking | B-Rank Repeatable? | Yes Mission Description | An unstable old man with dementia was hospitalized after his wife passed away, being deemed a possible harm to others or himself if left alone. Reports have come in of an urgent situation in the hospital whereupon this old man, who barely knows who he is, has taken a young nurse hostage and demands to be reunited with his wife, given 10,000 ryo, and several casks of the best sake in the village. He is armed with a scalpel, and though old, has maintained muscle and strength. While it is not advised to kill this poor man, the hostage's life takes priority over all. - You fail this mission if the hostage dies. Mission NPCs | 1 B-Ranked Deranged Man: Taijutsu, Bukijutsu {Violent} Word Count | 1000 WC Requirements | Flame.
  10. Mission Name [Entity] | Missing Newly Weds [Flame] Mission Type | Village Mission Ranking | C-Rank Repeatable? | Yes Mission Description | A recently wed couple decided to spend a honeymoon week in the Midori forest, being adventurous, going camping and hiking, looking for waterfalls, and examining the Wind Ruins. Friends have recently reported them missing for two days past that one week period. With violent wildlife predators like hornets, snakes, panthers and poisonous plants, anything could have happened. -Mission fails if you don't find out what happened to the newlyweds, or dying in combat. Mission NPCs | 6 D-Ranked Rabid Dogs: No Abilities {Lethal} Word Count | 700 WC Requirements | Flame.
  11. Mission Name [Entity] | Not my Diary! [Flame] Mission Type | Village Mission Ranking | C-Rank Repeatable? | Yes Mission Description | A young female kunoichi has listed most of her training skills and practices as well as jutsus within her diary. She writes in it every single night. It was discovered missing the next morning and with critical information at risk, you must locate and see that the diary is taken care of. -Failure happens if they get away with the diary. Mission NPCs | 2 C-Ranked Genin Bullies: One Taijutsu, One Ninjutsu. {Non-Lethal} Word Count | 700 WC Requirements | Flame. Village Rank must be Chuunin or lower.
  12. Mission Name [Entity] | Substitute Nurse [Flame] Mission Type | Village Mission Ranking | C-Rank Repeatable? | Yes Mission Description | Function as a substitute medic, lending a hand as a temp nurse, escorting people to rooms, tending to basic first aid, sorting the storage closet, sorting and organizing the medical files room, doing basic laundry and housekeeping, and assisting grieving families with funeral arrangements. - The only way to fail this mission is to do so poorly you get fired from the job. Mission NPCs | N/A Word Count | 700 WC Per Person Requirements | Flame.
  13. Mission Name [Entity] | Proposed Assistance! [Flame] Mission Type | Village Mission Ranking | C-Rank Repeatable? | Yes Mission Description | In the coast, at low tide, a love-stricken man buried his engagement ring on the beach to propose to his female lover. It’s his grandmother’s ring and a treasured heirloom. When he went to bring his lady to the beach, to make sandcastles and be romantic, she was supposed to find it in the sand. But he forgot where it was, so now you have to find it for him so that he can try to propose. Mission NPCs | N/A Word Count | 700 WC Per Person Requirements | Flame.
  14. Mission Name [Entity] | Beast Slaying! [Flame] Mission Type | Village Mission Ranking | B-Rank Repeatable? | Yes Mission Description | An abnormally large lizard in the Midori forest is causing destruction of wildlife and throwing the population of local mammals off balance. A wealthy family has hired you to kill the large lizard and bring peace to the forest. - The only way to fail this mission is to let the lizards escape or to be eaten by them. Mission NPCs | 1 B-Ranked, not even close to normal Lizard: Taijutsu {Lethal} - Stands at six feet tall and four feet from shoulder to shoulder. Or 3 C-Ranked Still Oversize Lizards: No Abilities {Lethal} - Each Lizard is three feet tall and seven feet long. Word Count | 1000 WC Requirements | Flame.
  15. Mission Name [Entity] | Cave of Hitodama [Flame] Mission Type | Village Mission Ranking | A-Rank Repeatable? | Yes Mission Description | Explore the highly dangerous cave, figure out what caused the death of so many people inside, bring back uncontaminated portions of the poisonous moss or plants growing inside. The moss is deadly, do not use your bare hands and do not inhale. - Leaving the area without retrieving the moss samples also constitutes a mission failure. - Missions fails if you inhale too many fumes and either must leave, or you die. Mission NPCs | 2 A-Ranked Winter Wild Boars: No Abilities {Violent} Or 1 A-Ranked Winter Wild Boar: No Abilities {Violent} 3 B-Ranked Winter Squirrels: No Abilities {Violent} Or 6 B-Ranked Winter Squirrels: No Abilities {Violent} Word Count | 1800 WC or 5 posts each Requirements | Must Travel to Area 3 to perform this mission.
  16. Mission Name [Entity] | Rent-A-Sensei Mission Type | Village Mission Ranking | B-Rank Repeatable? | Yes Mission Description | Function as a sensei for a day, taking a group of 3 genin npc and teaching them a basic skill or jutsu, including learning about the hand signs, the chakra, the risks, and applications in the field. - The students learn nothing. Or you somehow manage to kill a children. You'd then fail but also have a lot of IC explaining to do. Mission NPCs | 3 C-Ranked Genin: Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Bukijutsu, each has a specialty. {Non-Lethal} Word Count | 1000 WC Requirements | Village Rank must be Chuunin or Above.
  17. Mission Name [Entity] | Flaming Fight Club [Flame] Mission Type | Village Mission Ranking | B-Ranked Repeatable? | Yes Mission Description | Locals have a hidden no weapons fight club. Find the fight club and win against three opponents, proving that fighting is best left to the professional shinobi. Plus earn some local reputation in the neighborhood. Fights are done in a one on one style, though those feeling exceptionally gutsy can take on all three opponents at once. Telling other shinobi about this mission, or informing others, will constitute a loss of title. - Mission fails if you lose a fight. - Killing any opponents not only fails the mission but it also causes the villagers to have a negative opinion of you. - The fights are meant to be harder as you go along, especially as your character experiences fatigue. -Openly using any techniques that require using SP or CP results in an immediate loss, fight club is about brawling. Mission NPCs | First Fight: 1 C-Ranked Brawler: Taijutsu {Non-Lethal} Second Fight: 1 B-Ranked Brawler: Taijutsu {Non-Lethal} Third Fight: 1 B-Ranked Brawler: Taijutsu {Non-Lethal} Word Count | 1000 WC Requirements | Flame
  18. Mission Name [Entity] | Explosive Fight Club! [Flame] Mission Type | Village Mission Ranking | A-Rank Repeatable? | Yes Mission Description | The local, no weapons fight club that the villagers hold currently opened a mysterious duo category! Instead of taking on one opponent at a time, the people that take this mission have no idea who their partners are until moments before the fight, adding an edge to the fight from the get-go. Whether friend, foe, or stranger the two will have to work together to make it through the gauntlet of Fight Club! Talking about Fight Club outside this mission, or talking about this mission, will cause you to lose all credibility with the Club. - Mission fails if anyone is killed, or if you lose a fight. - You cannot use moves that openly use CP or SP, such as jutsu or techniques, because Fight Club is about brawling. Mission NPCs | First Fight: 2 C-Ranked Brawlers: Taijutsu {Non-Lethal} Second Fight: 1 C-Ranked Brawler: Taijutsu {Non-Lethal} 1 B-Ranked Brawler: Taijutsu {Non-Lethal} Third Fight: 1 B-Ranked Brawler: Taijutsu {Non-Lethal} 1 A-Ranked Brawler: Taijutsu {Non-Lethal} Word Count | 1800 WC or 5 posts each Requirements | Must complete 'Flaming Fight Club' at least twice, must have a partner.
  19. Mission Name [Entity] | Silk Farming! [Flame] Mission Type | Village Mission Ranking | B-Rank Repeatable? | Yes Mission Description | A man in Midori forest has a small hut where he tends to and regulates his silk farm for profit. He collects spider silk while caring for three large underground pens of Wood Spiders. Help him collect the silk and do not get bitten so many times you need hospitalization. -The mission is failed if more than 10 spiders are killed, anyone is bitten too many times, or if a nest is destroyed. Mission NPCs | 1 B-Ranked Large Spider's Nest {Non-Lethal} 3 C-Ranked Small Spider's Nests {Non-Lethal} Nest Details: The large nests above are equal to 3 small nests and contain larger more dangerous species of aggressive spiders which are poisonous. Being bitten by 2 spiders can cause inflammation and infection, while 4 can cause nausea and dizziness. More than 6 can cause paralysis or death. A large nest contains 15 spiders. The small nests contain small bunches of nonlethal though aggressive biting spiders, though being bitten more than 5 times results in numbness, inflammation, and possible infection. A small nest contains 10 spiders. Word Count | 1000 WC per person Requirements | Must be done with at least one other person. Flame.
  20. Mission Name [Entity] | Werewolf Hunting[Flame] Mission Type | Village Mission Ranking | B-Rank Repeatable? | Yes Mission Description | They say an ordinary shinobi from Kasai settlement has turned into a monster, a wolf, and disappeared into the volcanic region without a trace. They say the person goes on killing raids at night. Find the Inuzuka murderer and put an end to his midnight bloodlust. How you do that is up to you. - The only ways to fail this mission are by being killed by the crazed Inuzuka, or letting them escape. Mission NPCs | 1 B-Ranked Crazed Inuzuka: Taijutsu and Bukijutsu {Violent} 1 C-Ranked Crazed Ninken: No Abilities {Violent} Word Count | 1000 Words per person Requirements | Flame.
  21. Name | Yutaka Hōno Nickname | N/A Title Name | N/A Gender | Male Age | 19 Birth Date | Aug 25 Hair Color | Blonde Eye Color | Orange Height | 5'11 Weight | 160 lbs Appearance | Yutaka is quite a composed looking young man. He has soft, pure blonde hair that is roughly ear length and prefers to leave it as it is as it wastes time to do his hair in the morning. Although, he will sometimes style his hair on important occasions such as weddings, festivals and such. Yutaka has orange eyes that perfectly compliment his blonde hair, quite a small nose, and average sized lips. He has no scars on any part of his body nor does he have piercings as he feels they can be used to somebodies advantage in certain scenarios. Yutaka is often seen wearing a green jacket with a white t-shirt, black jeans and a pair of black tennis shoes and wears these articles of clothing all of the time except for on special occasions. While his clothing makes him look thin he is actually quite muscular looking when seen without his jacket on. Village | Flame Clan | - Village Ranking: | C-Rank Shinobi Ranking | Genin Element(s) | Katon, Yoton Specialties | Ninjutsu [Beginner] Bloodline | Lava Release Favorable | Lava, Hikage, Fire, Loyalty, Sweets Unfavorable | Coup d'etats, Uzumaki, Insubordination, Sour Foods, Rain Personality | Yutaka is quite loyal to his village and the Hikage, he dislikes those who complain that he Hikage does not do enough and will defend her in almost any situation. He feels that the Hikage has the potential to be quite a good kage and has faith that she will lead the village in the right direction. If anyone were to attempt to overthrow the Hikage because they felt that she wasn't good enough to lead the village he would defend her with his life and would prevent them from doing so. He feels that overthrowing the chosen Hikage would be a betrayal of the village and feels strongly that anyone involved should be executed immediately. While he is loyal and passionate he is also quite a calm young man and prefers to keep his emotions to himself as revealing them makes him feel vulnerable and sees it as a weakness. Due to his composure in almost any situation, he is able to analyze the situation at hand and deal with it appropriately. He is also able to kill those who he feels should die with no remorse and will do so if he feels that it is the right thing to do in the situation. Philosophy & Beliefs | Loyalty isn't grey. It's black and white. You're either loyal completely, or not loyal at all. History & Background | Yutaka was born in a small town just outside of the flame village. His father was a mere farmer and his mother was a stay at home wife who tended the house and gave Yutaka the best education that she could. His family struggled a lot during the winter because his father could not grow his crops in the winter and the only source of income for their family were those crops. So, after hearing that you could make Ryo by becoming a ninja from other children that he would play with he began training himself until he became of age to join the Academy. He would typically train by punching and kicking trees, running and helping his father do farm work. When Yutaka came of age he would enroll in the Academy with his parent's approval and would begin training by throwing shuriken and kunai at targets that his mother had made for him and would also begin to study the Academy Techniques alongside Ninjutsu which interested him quite a bit. He excelled in the art of Ninjutsu and would have a little trouble with hand to hand combat and doing things such as throw Kunai and Shuriken accurately. Although, through hard work and practice he picked up on it and did fairly well during his time in the academy. He would eventually go on to graduate at the age of 11. After graduating from the Academy Yutaka would begin taking on missions while he studied Ninjutsu. He soon learned that his natural chakra affinity was the Fire Nature and would begin learning Fire Ninjutsu and would one day stumble across a book in the library that contained Lava Ninjutsu. It had said that it was rare for anyone to possess the bloodline but Yutaka felt that there was a possibility he possessed the bloodline and would begin to attempt using Lava natured Ninjutsu and sure enough it turned out that he indeed was capable of performing Lava natured Ninjutsu. He has since then begun to train in the Lava and Fire natures and is looking forward to participating in the next Chuunin exams.
  22. Mission Name [Entity] | The Spiders Want Me To Tap Dance Mission Type | Village Mission Ranking | B Rank Repeatable? | Yes Mission Description | After exterminating local nests in the forests by the outposts, and removing infestations from three different homes, you hear tell of the problem's cause being deeper in the forest. In this mission, you must head into the thick forest. At first, its a tropical forest, all the exotic nature and wildlife as expected, with a few small spider nests. Then you will reach thicker forest where the trees seem to be filled with spider nests, unmoving grey clouds of webbing that streaks in the canopy above. The small nests contain small bunches of nonlethal though aggressive biting spiders, though being bitten more than 5 times results in numbness, inflammation, and possible infection. The large nests above are equal to 3 nests and contain larger more dangerous species of aggresive spiders which are poisonous. Being bitten by 2 spiders can cause inflammation and infection, while 4 can cause nausea and dizziness. More than 6 can cause paralysis or death. As you continue onward, Aburame members again try to stop you using genjutsu and weapons to send you from your task. Defeat but do not kill the Aburame to find the source of the spider infestations and troubles. The mission succeeds if you destroy 3 small spider nests or 1 large spider nest along the way and if you defeat the Aburame standing in your path. The mission fails if you do not eliminate some of the nests or if you kill the Aburame in your path. Mission NPCs | 1 B Rank Aburame with genjutsu (no elemental genjutsu) and bukijutsu, 1 C Rank Aburame per every member after the first Word Count | 1000 WC per person Requirements | Successful completion of Why Couldn't It Be Follow the Butterflies? mission
  23. Mission Name [Entity] | Why Couldn't It Be Follow the Butterflies? [Flame] Mission Type | Village Mission Ranking | C Rank Repeatable? | Yes Mission Description | In the tropical eastern region, in the dense forests, there have been reports of increased spider activity. More infestations in small outposts and increased nests in the surrounding area. The forests seem to even sound like bugs crawling around. The unnerving report has the village sending you on a mission to investigate the houses and the infestations in them. Additionally, you are to examine the local nests in the outposts surrounding area and try to figure out the cause of so many nests. Local environmental advocates and Aburame clan members likely will try to stop or convince you to end your mission without thoroughly exterminating the local nests in the outpost and homes, using any means they can find possible. There are three main homes and two nests in the local area of the out post that need to be disposed of, but you are told to not do more damage to the homes than completely necessary (if you do you will need to help fix the damage). Additionally, the report includes that the spiders seem small (size of a quarter or smaller) and are likely non-poisonous, though being bitten by more than five will cause numbness and swelling and possible infection. The mission fails if you do not cleanse the area of the spider nests and exterminate the homes, or if you do not repair any damage you do to the homes. You are allowed to disarm the Aburame, but not allowed to kill them. Mission NPCs | 2 D Rank Aburame members with 6 kunai each, various home owners in the small outpost Word Count | 700 Words per person Requirements | This is a required mission for another higher ranked Flame mission.
  24. Mission Name [Entity] | It Takes a Village [Flame] Mission Type | Village Ranking | A Rank Repeatable? | Yes Mission Description | A report has come in of a mission gone horribly wrong. A simple mission involving the escort of a well known merchant family, given to a group of genin, has failed. The goal was for the genin to take the two parents and their 12 year old child across the Fire Village lands to make it to a family reunion, and then escort them back. Some where along the lines, the group was attacked by a group of missing nin. Of the three genin, one has been killed, one has been captured, and the third has made it back to report the demands of the missing nin. The family has been taken hostage, somewhere in the far volcanic region, and they demand a sum of 10,000 ryo for their safe return. The genin informs the village that there were two high ranked shinobi and that the time limit is two days before they drop the hostages into a volcano. The genin passed out after giving the information and has not reawakened. The mission is to find the missing nin, save the hostages, and kill or apprehend the criminals. The mission fails if any of the four hostages are killed. Mission NPCs | 2 A Rank shinobi - one with ninjutsu and taijutsu, the other with bukijutsu and fuinjutsu Word Count | 1800 WC Requirements | ---------
  25. Mission Name [Entity] | Gather the Loot [Flame] Mission Type | Village Mission Ranking | D Rank Repeatable? | Yes Mission Description | Local shinobi have been seeking out and obliterating local crime boss, Megu's hideouts. The Bone Torches have been discovered in various locations and have been removed from the hideout. The mission is to first find an abandoned hideout in the far volcanic region, local slums, rocky beaches, wild forests, on the small island, or even underground. The village needs shinobi to go to these cleaned out hideouts and collect the loot in its entirety so that the higher ups can redistribute the belongings to the rightful owners. These items can range from weapons, medicines, various home items, and scrolls. Be cautious of any traps not undone by prior shinobi, but there will be no criminals in the abandoned hideouts. The mission fails if you do not locate the hideout and bring back the loot. Mission NPCs | None Word Count | 400 WC Requirements | None