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Found 3 results

  1. Jutsu Name | Tempest Ray Jutsu Type | Ninjutsu Ranking | C Rank, B Rank, A Rank Element(s) | Storm Release Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | C-Rank | 25 B-Rank | 50 A-Rank | 75 Handsigns | C-Rank | Dragon - Bird - Ram B-Rank | Dragon - Bird - Ram - Bird A-Rank | Dragon - Bird - Ram - Bird - Ram Range | C-Rank | 15 meter distance B-Rank | 20 meter distance A-Rank | 25 meter distance Duration | Instant Description | After performing the proper hand seals, a jutsu user can mold and form their chakra into a beam of storm intensified energy. Spat through the mouth, the ray of energy is able to be 0-2m in width and has the strength to break through wood, rock and metal (which must be less than the jutsu rank; ie C Rank beam can punch a hole through D and E Rank weapons). The beam always travels in a straight line and cannot be manipulated to bend with the use of chakra. The ray of energy does not last very long but based on rank can be used multiple times. C Rank jutsu will create a single beam of energy, B Rank will create two beams, and A rank can create 3 beams. Other Effects | ------ Requirements | Kaminari Bloodline, Storm Release Status | Public
  2. Jutsu Name | Ghost Sounds Jutsu Type | Genjutsu Ranking | D - C Element(s) | ------- Specialty(s) | Genjutsu Energy Cost | D Rank = 5 initial, 5 upkeep C Rank = 15 initial, 5 upkeep Handsigns | D Rank = Snake - Bird C Rank = Snake - Bird - Dog Range | D Rank = 5m, 10 aoe C Rank = 15m, 10 aoe Duration | D Rank = 2 posts C Rank = 3 posts Description | This genjutsu causes the target(s) to believe that they can hear a sound which is not really there. Any number of targets from this jutsu can be acquired provided that the trigger for one is also the trigger for the others and happens concurrently. The targets must be in the area of effect to enact the jutsu and stay in that area, which means that the user must move with the targets or risk them breaking the genjutsu simply by leaving the area of effect (which is centered on the user). The trigger for jutsu follows the genjutsu rules. In this genjutsu, the user an manipulate a sound in the distance, or up close. For example, the user can make it sound like there are a group of people whispering a certain distance away, or a pack of wolves is growling softly in the area. It could also be more personal and more up close, like the sound of an injured person crying out for help, or the sound of a person in pain screaming. The sound can be any sound, but it must be one that the user is familiar with already through experience. So, if the user has no personal experience of being in the woods and hearing the sounds of wolves approaching, they could not create or replicate the sound. Depending on the sound, the targets might be induced with panic, terror, or curiosity. It all depends on the sound, the user, and the targets. The sound stays and can be adapted during the posting duration but may not change entirely. This means yes you can make it seem like the sound of heavy footfall is leading away from or towards a specific area, but you cannot change the sound from footfall to the sound of animals in the area. This jutsu is fully immersive and the sound captivates the targets who fall under its illusion, meaning the targets cannot simply ignore the sound they hear but respond to it adequately and appropriately given the current situation (no meta gaming!) Other Effects | --------- Requirements | Genjutsu (Novice) Status | Public
  3. Jutsu Name | Anesthesia Jutsu Type | Medical Ninjutsu Ranking | C - B - A Element(s) | ----- Specialty(s) | Medical Ninjutsu Energy Cost | C-Rank= 15 initial, 5 upkeep B-Rank= 25 initial, 10 upkeep A-Rank= 30 initial, 15 upkeep Handsigns | C Rank = Bird - Tiger - Dragon B Rank = Bird - Tiger - Dragon - Bird A Rank = Bird - Tiger - Dragon - Bird - Dog Range | C rank / B rank = Touch A rank= Touch or up to 10 meter distance Duration | C rank= 4 post B rank= 4 post A rank= 4 post Description | This medical ninjutsu is used to help relieve the pain of a companion, or one's self, or otherwise block the pain receptors in a specific place in the body. The user must choose the arms/hands, legs/feet, chest/torso/pelvis, or the neck/head to localize the jutsu. They must touch the body unless they are A Rank, in which cause they must simply be able to see and maintain visual contact with the body. At a C Rank effect, the user may only choose one of those fractions of the body to anesthetize. At B Rank, the user can choose two fractions, and at A Rank the user can choose 3 fractions. This jutsu functions the same no matter what rank as far as extensiveness of pain reduction in local anesthesia goes: it completely blocks the nerve receptors in that localized area in order to prevent the target from feeling pain. This can be done on any living subject, enemy, friend or self. However at the A Rank level, in the third and fourth post, the user may intensify the nerve blocking to override very serious pain. They have the ability to block specifically the sympathetic nerves which control some of the involuntary functions of the body, such as opening and narrowing blood vessels. This is to indirectly work to help stabilize patients who might be bleeding out, or suffocating, forcing the very cells of the lungs for example to open and stay open or to close blood vessels. This can be both offensive or defensive as a jutsu. Other Effects | It can be combined with other jutsu as long as before and after casting other jutsu, the user keeps physical contact with the body in question (unless they are A rank). For example, a user may use this jutsu, touch the body, and then quickly use another jutsu, as long as his/her hands return to the body within one post of them leaving the body. Requirements | Medical Ninjutsu (Novice) Status | Public, Open