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Found 2 results

  1. "There are many different types of progress, different ways in which one may grow." The Ranking System The Ranking System is divided into two integral parts. The first part is generally referred to as one's "Shinobi Ranking", whereas the second one is usually known as one's "Village Ranking". We will go further into detail on both types below: Shinobi Ranking Your Shinobi Ranking is categorized by a set of letters; D, C, B, A, S and X, in order from lowest to highest. Your Shinobi Ranking will control the limitations that your character has, such as how large their chakra pool is, the maximum proficiency they may reach with a specialty and how capable they are with their elemental natures. Shinobi Rankings represent one's power and skill, but ordinarily do not impact one's status in their village. It is entirely possible to find Genin who are A or S in shinobi ranking. Only Students are D in rank. So long as you are a recognized shinobi, you will always be at least C-Ranked. How Ranking Influences Elements How Ranking Influences Specialties Village Ranking Your Village Ranking is your status in the territory you reside within and can also limit the ranking of missions you may undertake, despite your Shinobi Ranking. When it comes to the core rankings, listed below, there are set requirements on how each one may be achieved. These requirements may be found towards the bottom of this system. Some shinobi may have a dual village ranking, which includes their core ranking as well as a village title (which is something determined by the leader of your village). An example would be someone who is a Jounin but may also be the Head Medical Ninja of their village. Increasing Shinobi Ranking Whether you're a village shinobi or a wandering shinobi, the process of increasing your Shinobi Ranking is generally the same regardless. You may increase your shinobi ranking by gaining experience, which is done by completing missions and defeating opponents. Experience Needed Increasing your Shinobi Ranking requires you to first reach a certain amount of experience, which does not reset. C-Rank | - (Simply Graduate from Academy) B-Rank | 500 EXP A-Rank | 1000 EXP S-Rank | 1500 EXP X-Rank | 2000 EXP Gaining Experience Increasing Village Ranking As far as increasing your village ranking is concerned, you must ordinarily complete a set of requirements laid out by your village leader. For the core ranks, this usually subsists of an 'exam' of sorts, pitting those of equal village ranking against one another. Village Squads Here on SG, squads are not ordinarily assigned by village leaders unless it's for specific missions or purposes. As far as standard missions and training are concerned, villagers are expected to assemble their own squads based on which characters they'd like to role-play with. Squads must consist, at a minimum, of 2 or more people but have limit of no more than 4 people. In order to take on a mission of a higher ranking, you must have a minimum of 2 other shinobi on your squad of equal village ranking, or 1 other shinobi of greater village ranking. If you've established a 'long-term' squad of people, and anyone on that squad goes inactive, the remaining members may opt to replace them at their own discretion.
  2. I have gone ahead and revamped the Tier and Ranking systems to make some necessary changes. The most important of which are the fact that tiers are now numbered 1-10 for each attribute and are no longer separated by ranking; however, your total level cap is determined by ranking. I have also bulked up and re-stated a few of the attributes, along with specifying the implications of strength on Taijutsu and Bukijutsu. I have also fleshed out Endurance so that it makes more sense and serves a better purpose. Click Here for the Tier System and Click Here for the Ranking System. You may be wondering what has been changed with regards to the Ranking System. Instead of meeting certain requirements, you now have a set amount of experience that is gained by completing missions, defeating other characters with a variety of other methods. If any of your bloodlines, techniques or weapons need to be moved back for modifications, please let a member of staff through PM and they will be moved back for you to make your changes to how the tiers are handled. If you have any questions or concerns, reply to this topic or PM a member of staff. If you're curious about what this means for your current attributes, please read over the new Tier System. Everything starts at Level 1, but you are granted a certain number of levels to start with; higher ranking shinobi receiving more. Any specialty or bijuu boosts have been changed to +2 levels, while any bloodline boosts need to be adjusted to the same. All jutsu boosts may also need to be modified. If your techniques or weapons made reference to the previous tier system, they will need to be re-approved. Until Next Time, SG Staff