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Found 1 result

  1. The first site tournament will begin Friday, May 12th, at 6 PM EST (5 PM CST). The tournament will function by taking everyone who registered that is equal in rank and splitting them into groups of two. Those who defeat their opponent will move on to fight the other winners until one remains. Once there is a winner for every ranking, those at the top will be split into matches against those closest to them in ranking, until only one remains. There is a prize for winning your ranking class, a grand prize for winning out of the top contenders. There is also a small consolation prize for those who won any matches but did not come out on top. Grand Prize (1 Winner) The Grand Prize for winning every match is an additional 5,000 Ryo + 1 Permanent Property in Respective Territory (Neutral for Wanderers) Ranking Prize (4 Winners) The Prize for winning every ranking match is 5000 Ryo + 1 Free Shinobi Rank-Up Consolation Prize (0 Winners) The Prize for participating is 250 ryo, with an additional 500 ryo for each match won. You may not claim the consolation prize if you won the Grand and/or Ranking prize. In order to register for the tournament, simply reply below with the following template filled out: [color=#ff3d3d][b]Character Name[/b][/color] | [color=#ff3d3d][b]Character Ranking[/b][/color] | [color=#ff3d3d][b]Character Sheet[/b][/color] | Multiple characters are allowed, if you think you can handle them. Each character must be registered separately on their respective accounts, however. Tournament Roster Kabel Waltenden [A-Rank] Ravana [C-Rank] Saisaki Naisho [B-Rank] Fa Zheng [S-Rank] Zarek Kanda [S-Rank] Kaji [C-Rank] Zeda Hotaru [A-Rank] Saikechi [A-Rank] Kaijin [C-Rank] Dimi Zataru [S-Rank] Setsu Tsunagari [A-Rank] Xing Cia [B-Rank] Oodenta Mitsuye [B-Rank] Yoshinori [A-Rank] Ryouji [C-Rank] Izumi [A-Rank] Tournament Rules All traditional site rules apply, so there will naturally be nothing that would not be allowed IC, despite the tournament being OOC. Your characters will have no recollection of the tournament, as it is considered OOC. If you have a complaint, file it with staff, do not start arguments over how the battle goes. You must have an approved character and Character Sheet posted in order to enter. You only possess what your character sheet contained upon beginning the tournament. Anything added after match-ups is not usable. After 120 hours (4 days), if there are still matches that have yet to be decided, the victor will be determined by staff decision.