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Found 1 result

  1. "There are many different paths before you, but you can not choose them all." Specialty Caps & Starting Levels Everyone has certain areas in which they specifically specialize. This ranges from the combat-oriented Ninjutsu and Taijutsu to the more trade-oriented Weaponsmithing and Tailoring. Unlike Shinobi, Civilians are all considered D-rank and are limited to Trade Specialties only. Shinobi, however, may learn either combat or trade specialties. Specialty Caps & Starting Levels D-C Rank | 1 Specialty (Starts with 1 Beginner) B Rank | 2 Specialties (Starts with 1 Novice) A Rank | 2 Specialties (Starts with 1 Adept, 1 Beginner) S Rank | 3 Specialties (Starts with 1 Advanced, 1 Novice) X Rank | 4 Specialties (No Starting) Civilians | 3 Specialties (Starts with 1 Beginner) Restricted to Trade Specialties. All E-D Rank Weapons and Techniques are available to anyone without the required specialty. Specialty Proficiency Choose which specialty you list first wisely, as it will be your 'Primary' specialty. Although all of your specialties will essentially work the same way, only your primary will grant you a perk. And only your primary and secondary may be mastered. So be conscientious of your list order and read section two if you'd like to know more about each specialty's perk. Your proficiency in each specialty is determined by your tier of skill with it. There are ordinarily four tiers in total: Beginner, Novice, Adept and Advanced. However, you are allowed to 'Master' your primary specialty once you reach S-rank (and your secondary at X-rank), granting a unique perk and the ability to use high-level techniques. Below, we will go over each tier of proficiency, as well as what they grant. Beginner | Those who are a Beginner with a specialty are just learning how to use it, and may use it with C-Rank proficiency. Novice | Those who are a Novice with a specialty are starting to get accustomed to it, and may use it with B-Rank proficiency. Adept | Those who are Adept with a specialty have developed a talent with it, and may use it with A-Rank proficiency. Advanced | Those who are Advanced with a specialty are extremely capable with it, and may use it with S-Rank proficiency. Mastery | Those who have become a Master of a specialty have perfected their talent, and may use it with X-Rank proficiency. Specialty Training When you increase your shinobi ranking, you are able to sometimes learn new specialties, once your limit changes. In order to learn a new specialty and fill that slot, you must type a minimum of 1000 words training that specialty. At the end of this training, you will be a Beginner with that specialty. Please keep in mind, you may only train your primary to the maximum proficiency for your ranking. All other specialties are capped one tier below. Therefore, a B-Rank Shinobi could train his primary to Adept but his second specialty will be capped at Novice. Beginner → Novice | (Must be C Rank or Higher) 1500 words. Novice → Adept | (Must be B Rank or Higher) 2500 words. Adept → Advanced | (Must be A Rank or Higher) 3000 words. Advanced → Mastery | (Must be S Rank or Higher) 4000 words. If someone who has the desired proficiency, or higher, in a specialty helps you train it, the word count will be split in halves between the two of you. For example, a Novice Ninjutsu user could help a Beginner Ninjutsu user hone his skill. Specialty Masteries (Combat Only) The Specialties Available Combat Specialties Trade Specialties