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Found 22 results

  1. The blue glow of twilight seeped in through the windows of the ship, casting a soft light within the space as she dressed herself. Her mind lingered on the events of the previous day. How she'd unwittingly almost gotten herself killed in a potato box full of people. The fact there was this dangerous man in charge of a dangerous ...militia, whom were out to kill shinobi. Mayhap if she had a village to call home, she might feel safer, but as fate were to have it, she lived on her own with no memory of where she came from. Nothing but a broken sword remained from her forgotten life, and that she kept hidden away beneath the innards of the ship. Four years had passed, and by now she was strongly suspicious the secrets of her identity would never return to her. As far as it mattered anymore, her name was Reimei and she was born from the sea at twilight, her namesake. Her thoughts grew unspeakable, dark inside her heart, as she went about wrapping her chest flat and putting her shirts on. The masked men inside, had any of them survived, had likely noticed a red haired woman bring the building down. It was now more pertinent than ever for her to not forgo her disguise. Reimei rose from the depths of her small sailing ship docked by the beach. She had spent a preposterously long amount of time deciding on her clothes that morning. It was now nightfall. After that one fiasco with the masked men, she'd realized that she'd entirely blown her disguise. Not only had she been caught seen as a girl with purple eyes, she'd shown even more of her skin to the slums of the capitol. Everyone and their brothers had seen a redheaded woman in booty shorts and her bra. Not that she was usually shy about such, but it's not like she wanted to be seen either. In fact, when it was all said and done, she'd returned to her ship to be rightly mortified at herself. She slapped her cheeks and looked into the mirror to be sure her green eye contacts were in place. They were, the left contact made the thin scar through her eye appear slightly pinker against her snowy skin. She then stepped back to check that her chest was wrapped well enough to flatten her curvy figure. It hurt and made it a little hard to breathe, but it did its job. She wore a pair of jeans that fit close to her legs, and a loose black tank underneath a brown leather coat. A thick black scarf wrapped around her neck and helped to conceal from her mouth down. Reimei turned away and pulled on ankle high black combat boots, then rose back up and twisted and tied her hair back into a pony tail that made her hair appear to be short. She checked the mirror once more, and felt like she was satisfied it'd be hard for anyone from the day before to recognize her without having somehow remembered the shape of her body on a very up close level. A thought that drifted her mind towards a certain golden moose she had encountered...She shook some sense into herself and put her checkered hat onto her head before leaping off the side of her ship and onto the beach. When her feet hit the rocky surface, she paused a moment to stare at the city before she began making her way towards it again. She needed to gather some things before she left back to find Aorie and Osaka. The crimson haired woman, disguised as a boy, walked down the streets of the city. She had no idea where she was walking to, but hoped she'd find it eventually. Most people ignored her, perk to looking like a boy, except for the occasional glances she received due to her height. She was a rather short boy, could even perceived as a young one for the way she looked. Being by herself, she only managed to stand out a smudge further. She walked until she spotted a large gathering of people in an even larger grassy area. Laughter and talking drifted across a breeze towards her ears. She got closer and found herself sucked into the mass of bodies like a black hole of human, and it didn't spit her back out until she was on the inside of a wide circle of grass. Here there were a large amount of stalls and stands set up with games and food. People mingled about in animal masks and occasionally one person would pass her in a kimono and geta. She was taken aback by this turn of events, suddenly surrounded by people. A woman without a real place to call home, she wasn't used to this many people being in her vicinity at once. It didn't help that she was naturally directionally challenged from the start, and now she wasn't quite sure where she'd been spit out at. Instead of freaking out though, she moved on and acquired food from a stall. A vendor pleasantly sold her four sticks of yakitori, and she drifted through the park carnival without paying any attention to where she was going. Instead, her attention was riveted upon the meat in her hands.
  2. Jutsu Name | Sacred Sword Jutsu Type | Offensive, Supplementary Ranking | D Element(s) | N/A Specialty(s) | Bukijutsu Energy Cost | 5 CP initial, 5 CP upkeep Handsigns | Bird Ox Range | Touch | 1 meter Duration | 2 posts Description | Affixing the soul of a weapon the user holds with a magnificent prayer, the user funnels chakra and the spirit of the weapon into a different shape. This can be as simple as extending the cutting edge and thus increasing the range of the weapon, to creating a hammer-like attachment at the end of a blade, causing it to do blunt damage. The shape alterations can be a maximum of one meter beyond the dimensions of the weapon already present, but do not add any weight and produce no resistance, so the weapon can be swung about just as swiftly as if it did not have this augmentation cast upon it. Other Effects | N/A Requirements | Chaohuan Status | Tataru
  3. Jutsu Name | Smart Strike Jutsu Type | Bukijutsu Ranking | B Element(s) | N/A Specialty(s) | Bukijutsu Energy Cost | 25 SP + 25 CP Handsigns | N/A Range | Touch Duration | Instant Description | The user manually stimulates the spirit of a held weapon or object, enlivening it for a brief moment. Then, with an astounding display of dexterity and strength, the user launches the item with immense power. The trick to this is that it arises from a resting pose or otherwise seemingly impossible to execute hold on the weapon due to the added help of the weapon spirit doing much of the lifting, resulting in no tells prior to the attack. For instance, the user could launch a kunai that he held in his fingers as powerfully as if he had wound up with an entire arm, making this technique very tricky as one would not expect such force from such a compact position. Weapons used with this gain one rank in speed/range and are considered to have power equivalent to that of a B rank jutsu. Other Effects | For certain weapons and situations, the user can re-catch the weapon before it flies fully away instead of flinging it as a projectile. For example, a spear, which has a very long shaft, could be launched forward with the hand near the tip and caught near the end of the hilt, meaning the user would not need to lose control of the weapon. This can be done for projectiles which have handles (not shuriken or anything like that), so long as they do not exceed one meter of the user. Requirements | Tataru bloodline Status | Clan Restricted
  4. Jutsu Name | Quickening Jutsu Type | Bukijutsu Ranking | C Element(s) | N/A Specialty(s) | Bukijutsu Energy Cost | 15 CP, 5 per post after Handsigns | N/A Range | Touch Duration | 3 Description | Using the Tataru bloodline and a belief in the spirit of all things, the practitioner quickens any singular item he grasps, conceptualizing it as a "weapon" and enlivening the spirit therein to behave as such. Emboldened by this new purpose, the spirit - and by extension the object in question - becomes reinforced and empowered, gaining characteristics equivalent to the user's rank. Thus, a simple pole could become a powerful bludgeoning weapon capable of deflecting sword blows. This skill is particularly useful in foreign environments in which one may not have access to an entire slew of weaponry and must instead rely upon random items in his surroundings. While versatile, this does have a number of limitation, namely that it cannot fundamentally change the nature of the thing in question. A user could not pick up a handful of sand and suddenly will it to take a particular shape, nor could he force something without an edge to suddenly begin slicing as well as a sword. This may not be used on intangible objects either, such as the air pure lightning or anything of that sort. Other Effects | If the item is thrown, it shall retain these powers for that single post before the spirit settles down and returns to its former state. Requirements | Bukijutsu specialty, Tataru born Status | Tataru clansmen, taught by Chaohuan
  5. Name | Jin Tataru Nickname | The Humming Puppeteer. Title Name | N/A Gender | Male Age | 16 Home Link | Character App Village | Mizumura Clan | Tataru Village Ranking: | C Shinobi Ranking | Genin/C Element(s) | Wind Specialties | Primary: Puppetry (Novice) Secondary: Bloodline | Tensōgu Chakra | 100 Stamina | 100 Jutsu | Equipment | Forms | Creatures/Summons | Styles | Mentors & Pupils | Friends & Family | Recent History |
  6. Between the large fingers of his huge hands rested a small slice of paper, upon which the words of a rather routine mission had been penned. The current ruler of the village had a particular vendetta against the lawless insanity of the slums which plagued the village an marred its appearance in the eyes of surrounding nations and Chao could understand why; while he found himself in the slums on a rather frequent basis he did not particularly enjoy them as a whole and could appreciate that their removal or, at a minimum, their downsizing could serve to strengthen the power and stature of the nation as a whole. And so, in this odd little coffee shop he sat, reading over this simple set of instructions which essentially detailed a pair of people he was to locate and kill. Simple and to the point. He was to wait on a partner for the mission, someone dispensed from the office of the kage who he had not previously met, or at least not that he could recall. He sipped, periodically, from a cup of something; he did not know very much about coffee and so he just asked the baristas to make whatever they liked best. However, he never asked them what they had made and so never had a name for what he was drinking. This particular concoction was a touch bitter and had a small bit of white foam swimming on the top which had been shaped into a delicate swirling pattern. His bow hung from the back of the chair, too cumbersome to sit down with properly, but his quiver remained at his thigh and the twin kodachi at his back. Typical restaurants and cafes may find this distasteful or outright terrifying, but this particular shop seemed frequented by ninja and, as such, no one even blinked when the hulking, black-haired man strode in decked out in small collection of implements of death. However, they did unanimously perform a collection of double takes when taking in his choice of clothing, though he paid them no mind. He had a pair of simple gray joggers on, loose pants which gave him a free range of movement, but he wore upon his chest and arms a short-sleeved button up shirt, navy with an array of yellow pineapple decorating it. He had popped his collar and left the buttons open down to the middle of his chest, risking the occasional nip slip. Additionally, on his face rested a set of large, mirrored aviator style sunglasses, even though he sat inside and even outside the village was almost always provided with ample cloud cover. @Rei
  7. The mission Jin was handed over this time was a tricky one. He had to sneak into some place but couldn't bring along his precious weapons, items or puppets. Not even the scroll he sealed Hikari in. This was almost equivalent to committing suicide, at least from a puppeteer's perspective. He was completely naked, even with the clothes on his body. What could a puppeteer do without his puppets or weapons? This was also a mission that was not Jin's style. He was told to infiltrate a place and then inform the military police to take the people into custody. Why couldn't they just tell him to kill them? That would have been easier for Jin. Plant some explosive here and there and then use his puppet to launch explosives until everyone was dead. Simple enough right? But apparently, justice demanded that these people be captured and trialed. Thus, Jin was instructed not to get violent but instead pave way for.. "justice". The good part was that he had a Tataru with him, no not Rei, Duke had tagged along for this mission. Before they would depart on the mission, Jin would invite Duke to a coffee shop where the two would sit down and devise a plan. Jin would arrive first at the coffee shop. The same coffee shop where he and Rei had performed once and now Jin and Rei had free coffee for life. It was a fond memory, the two Tataru enjoyed that performance as much as the crowd did. He would wait until Duke would arrive and then greet the Tataru with a smile. Jin would be wearing a long coat, that had the feathery texture. His facial makeup would be there as well, as usual. "Hey Duke" he would say greeting the Tataru and gesturing him to the chair in front of him. Jin would already be having his coffee so the waiter would come to take Duke's order. Jin would wait for Duke to give the order and then he would begin to speak. "I have a way to sneak in a communication device with me. I'll use that to inform those annoying military police fellows. As for the diversion, I can cover that too. I have explosive tags, as long as we plant them; I can make them explode at the right moment. I say for the diversion, we use the explosions and cover some exits that way. After that, I'll rely on you to cover the one entrance that we have to leave intact while the military police comes in for the raid" Jin would continue explaining his strategy to Duke, while also sipping through his coffee from time to time. "I will sneak in as a gambler because I really can't fight without my puppets. So if things go bad, I'll be relying on you to keep me safe", he would conclude his side of the conversation with that statement. Obviously Jin had no trouble trusting @Duke, he was a Tataru after all. Once the two would end their strategy meeting, they would depart to the place that the battle royale was supposed to happen. Before departing, Jin would also give Duke 3 of his explosive tags for him to plant them at the entrances that Jin would explode later as a diversion. Word Count: 521
  8. Mission Name | Mother Gaia's Will: The Tataru Mission [Tataru Only] Mission Type | Clan mission. Ranking | C-rank. Repeatable? | No. Reward | The honor of meeting Mother Gaia. (Plus whatever rewards the staff seems it worthy of, along with the standard rewards of course) Mission NPCs | Mother Gaia. Mission Description | The ancient library reveals of the most ancient spirit of the world. The spirit of the world herself: Mother Gaia. The Tataru find several books dedicated to the ancient spirit. The books describe the ancient spirit as a beautiful yet powerful spirit with two faces. As the sun and earth shine on the earth, so does the earth's spirit has two forms: The sun and the moon. A blunt,outspoken, elegant and radiant spirit and the other more subtle, quiet and well mannered one. The Tataru learn of the ritual to communicate with the grandest spirit of them all. And then, they practice the ritual and prepare themselves mentally and physically before meeting the wise spirit. Finally the day comes when the find themselves in the location within the underground cave where the spirit would bless the Tataru with her presence. They would perform the jutsu, the ritual and follow the instructions and then the spirit will appear before them. Depending on the time they summoned the spirit, they would either be welcomed with a tight hug or a gentle bow. Then, the spirit would let the surviving Tataru introduce themselves. She would see through the souls of her tools: the Tataru. She would learn and know of them, more than they would know themselves. Then, she would reveal the history of the Tataru and the story of the first. Finally bestowing upon the survivors of the Tataru, the will of Gaia. The Tataru would learn of their true purpose and they would then on, strive to fulfill the wish of Mother Gaia. Word Count | 700 per participant. Requirements | Tataru. This mission is a sequel to A chapter in Tataru history: The ancient library. To do this mission, one must do the prequel first. Credits to Rei Tataru for helping with the plot and the direction of the plot. Also, for making the personality of the moon form of Gaia.
  9. Mission Name | A chapter in Tataru history: The Ancient Library [Tataru only] Mission Type | Clan Mission Ranking | C-rank Repeatable? | No Reward | Subject to grading. (Standard rewards apply) Mission NPCs | None Mission Description | After discovering the Tataru ruins, the Tataru will find clues and hints about an ancient library. The spirits in the village will tell them the tale of the Tataru and will tell of a library that holds the treasures of the Tataru. The origin, the history and the story of the Tataru before they were massacred; along with the information about some sacred jutsus of the Tataru. Only a Tataru can find the library because spirits know of it and only the spirits can show the way. Once the Tataru tune in with their village, the spirits will guide them and lead them into the depths of a cave which will be guarded by powerful spirits. The spirits will verify that the ones approaching the library are in fact Tataru. After verifying their identity, they will open the stone door that guards the library. Inside the library, you will find bookshelves stacked with books with books. Books about herbs, nature, jutsus, history, culture; it'll be a gold mine for those who thirst for knowledge. Specifically, knowledge that the clan in-tune with nature had. The books will tell of giant powerful chakra beasts and their devastating power. They will tell the story of the ones who created them and how they came to be. They will tell the story of the first Tataru and their ways. This discovery will lead the Tataru to an even greater discovery. They will learn of the spirit of the earth: Gaia. The spirit of the planet itself. An eternal being that has existed ever since the earth came to be and will remain while all around it perish. As long as the planet remains, Gaia remains. It is an old and wise spirit. The Tataru, being the only ones to see spirit, were able to communicate with her. It has been a decade now, since a Tataru spoke to her. Meeting Gaia shall be the next plot mission. Word Count | 700 per participant. Requirements | Tataru. The mission: The forgotten Tataru legacy is a prequel to this one. In order to do this mission, you have to do that one first.
  10. Jutsu Name | Dancer Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | E Element(s) | N/A Specialty(s) | Taijutsu Energy Cost | 3 SP 2 CP Handsigns | N/A Range | Self Duration | 2 posts Description | Applying principles similar to the Surface Walking Technique and slightly altering it with the quickening powers of the Tataru, the user awakens small bits of their own body's soul with this ability. This soul fragment coats the body parts in question and proceeds them ever so slightly in their movement. This results in motion of the user's body without any particular visible impetus as the coating causes them to slide or skate along the ground with the spirit's actions serving to essentially pull them about. Thus, the user can coast along the ground of surface he is standing upon, but can also direct his body to do so without having to push off. Other Effects | While most commonly applied to the feet, this technique can affect any body part(s), so if one were in a hand stand he could still use this on his hands to coast or glide about. Requirements | Tataru Bloodline Status | Clan Restricted
  11. Name | Ion Deluge Type | Chemical - Sub-Type | Supplementary | Miscellaneous Ranking | S Material(s) | Liquid Super-conductor Dimensions | 1 use Nature | N/A Appearance | A shiny, bluish silver, pressurized fluid which readily aerosolizes into a thick mist of the same color. One use creates a cloud of five square meters. It attaches easily to bodily fluids and skin oils, returning to its liquid state and sticking to the target. Abilities | Amazingly conductive, this substance mixes with and clings powerfully to bodily oils and fluids. In its mist form it hardly obscures vision, making it a poor distraction but an excellent trap. Naturally hydrophobic, it requires a water technique of one rank higher to wash it off, but oil based abilities and the like can wash it away rather easily, requiring one rank lower. The chemical will begin to harden and crystallize after four posts, thus crumbling easily off of a body. While crystallized it retains its high conductivity. It cannot explode or cause damage of any sort on its own. However, its exceedingly conductive nature causes electricity and lightning based jutsu, upon contact, to flow all over the body of whatever it has adhered to. The chemical overrides any inherent protection a jutsu might have, disallowing it to discriminate friend from foe, user from stranger. Thus, were someone to find himself covered in this and attempt a lightning technique, that technique will backfire, causing damage equivalent to the technique to that person. However, the technique will not fail, as this does not in any way inhibit its performance. Description | This substance is said to have come to the Tataru through the arcane whispers of the murky spirits of deep lakes and seas. It is rather unknown in foreign lands, and even within the water nation most do no know of it after the destruction of the Tataru. It can be difficult to handle, though rarely dangerous to do so, and is commonly sold in large canisters which can spray the stuff out or in hermetically sealed glass containers, each containing one use each. Availability | Purchase from Tataru Requirements | N/A Ryo Cost | 900
  12. Jutsu Name | Stall Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | D Element(s) | N/A Specialty(s) | Bukijutsu Energy Cost | 5 CP + 5 SP Handsigns | N/A Range | 5 m Duration | 1-2 posts Description | The user takes a projectile weapon and, prior to throwing or firing it, stuns the soul of it, causing it to take a varying degree of pause. Thus, when thrown, the item will hang in the air, frozen, before moving once more when the spirit catches up with it. To an observer, this would appear as if the thrown item suddenly halted a few meters away to remain utterly stationary, only to resume its path at a later time. The item affected by this can hang in the air for either one or two posts, resuming trajectory at the beginning of the following post, or the post after that, respectively. Aside from the pause, this jutsu has no other effect, does not in any way alter the course of projectile, does not confer any bonuses, and does nothing to any augments already in place beyond stalling them for the duration of this technique. Items hanging in the air can be knocked aside by anything which would normally do so. Other Effects | While the user can select how long the projectile stalls for, he must select upon throwing and it cannot be altered. Requirements | Tataru Status | Clan Restricted
  13. The Tataru have been an active bunch for a little while now. They have been going on about doing tons of C-rank missions and they were acknowledged for that. So now they got to do a B-rank mission. Even though, the three were still genin. To be fair, the mission didn't involve fighting super strong shinbo. It was more of a research oriented, resource collection mission. If they weren't too bad on their feet, this one would be an easy one for the trio. And in this mission, their barbaric ways wouldn't harm anyone. They were becoming notorious for crossing the line even for the simplest of tasks. So now, they had to go to a secluded location, cave dive into the earth and collect some steam. Try your barbaric ways now, Ha! Tataru. Someone sitting on a comfortable chair somewhere would be giggling their behinds off for this one. Regardless, it was the Tataru; you never know what they were truly capable of until they did it. So, the long coat wearing humming puppeteer was awaiting the arrival of his fellow Tataru. It was snowy and pretty cold but the feathery long coat helped keep him warm. Waking up early was awful though, it was bright and the birds were chirping; just awful awful stuff to endure. But he had to, they needed to make up some time by departing early. So even though he didn't want to, he had to. But that didn't keep him from being cranky, he was awfully cranky this morning. He was still however, humming a favorite tune. He couldn't help it, he was the humming puppeteer after all. He had already provided the necessary documentation to the shinobi guarding the gates. The orders of the kage that allowed him and his two brethren to depart from the village. They would still be within the territory but it was a bit away.The authenticity of the documents were verified and Jin and his fellow Tataru were good to go. All they had to do was get there, Jin had taken care of the rest. It was snowing today. The cold air being brutal as it was. He felt like getting some coffee so he decided why not drink it while he waited. He left the front gate, walked into a coffee shop and ordered a cofee. He would have ordered three but he did not know the taste preference of the other two. They can get their own coffee when they got their. A few moments of wait and the hot coffee was presented to him. He paid the bill and headed back to the village gates, sipping through the warm and excessively sweet coffee. Jin had quiet the sweet tooth so he made sure to add tons of sugar. "Hmmm hmm.. chandelierrrrrrrrr..." he let out a little lyric as he hummed. The sweet coffee was helping his mood. Word Count: 483
  14. Jutsu Name | Sticky Hold Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | D Element(s) | N/A Specialty(s) | Bukijutsu Energy Cost | 5 CP + 5 per turn Handsigns | N/A Range | Touch Duration | 2 posts Description | The Tataru clansman takes a weapon or item he currently holds and partially transmutes its spirit, giving it adhesive properties. When striking another weapon, person, or object, the user can will the spirit to latch onto that of whatever is touched, fusing the two together. The strength of this adhesion is at the same power level as the user's rank, as if the user himself were simply gripping onto the thing in question. Other Effects | N/A Requirements | Tataru Status | Clan Restricted
  15. Name | Powder Type | Chemical - Sub-Type | Supplementary | Miscellaneous Ranking | B Material(s) | Powdered plant material (?) Dimensions | 3 uses Nature | N/A Appearance | A white, chalky powder that easily disperses into a large, five square meter cloud of dark-gray smog. The powder clumps rather easily, becoming viscous, sticky globs. Abilities | The substance is extremely flammable and will easily explode when lit or hit by small sparks. Additionally, it clings quite stubbornly when whetted by oils, namely those on the flesh of most living creatures. While non-toxic save in absurd amounts and poor at serving as a smoke bomb or notable distraction, those exposed to it shall find themselves covered in globs of the stuff. Its composition is fairly hydrophobic, meaning that it requires a water jutsu of one rank higher to wash away, though oil-based and similar techniques can remove it quite easily. If nothing is done, the chemical will dry up and begin to fall off in crumbles after 4 posts. The dried chemical is still flammable but will no longer explode. The invidious power of this chemical is not so much its flammability, though that is the most notable feature, but instead that it will cause fire-based jutsu to go wild as they rapidly consume the powder as fuel. Thus, a fire technique used by someone covered in this can backfire easily and hurt them beyond the simple explosion the powder causes as they will no longer be protected from their own flames where applicable. Description | A curious compound not terribly difficult to make, some Tataru have claimed that woodland spirits told them of it in times long passed. It is not particularly common, due in part to the destruction of the clan, and is a rarity in other countries. It can be difficult to handle at times, as it so readily disperses into the air, but can generally be purchased in a large canister or, more commonly, packed into small cloth or glass bombs for easy dispersal or traps. (Buyers should track how they store it and when/if they pour it into some other container.) When ignited, the powder explodes, doing B rank damage, causing second degree burns, and catching clothing and fabrics ablaze. Blast radius is 5 meters. The damage caused by backfiring of jutsu depends, obviously, on the jutsu itself and can vary depending on how the jutsu is used and where it originates from. That said, if someone covered in this lights themselves on fire with their own fire jutsu, that damage will just be whatever that jutsu would originally have done. Availability | Purchase from Tataru Requirements | N/A Ryo Cost | 500
  16. [Insert Image] Name | Shayu Jingeshen Elements | N/A Specialties | Taijutsu Abilities | E Rank At this rank the spirits remain calm and close to the user's strikes, requiring full touch for the damage. Strikes at this level cause small, surface level lacerations and abrasions. Attacks of this nature gain no increase to speed and cause no numbness or stunning effect. A grapple or lock will reduce the parameters of the limb affected by one half rank for half a post. D Rank Attacks at this rank channel larger, more violent spirits which extend the strike by one and a half inches in all directions. Strikes at this level cause deeper cuts, up to an inch and a half, and abrasions are now like being rubbed with sandpaper. Attacks of this nature are not swifter but can lower the parameters of a struck limb or region by one rank for one post and grapples do the same. C Rank This rank conjures ever larger spirits which swirl around the user's attacks, increasing their range by four inches in all directions. These strikes can cut deeply, rending flesh to the bone and abrasions can take off skin enough to cause collections of small lacerations. This rank increases striking speed by one half rank and attacks that strike deeply enough can disable the limb for one half post. Grapples now tear up flesh and reduce the parameters of the limb/region by two ranks for one post. B Rank Large, dangerous spirits now writhe upon the user's limbs, extending their range by one foot in all directions. These spirits are much like a swirling vortex of blades and can cause serious damage. Strikes or this rank can slice right to the bone and damage bones slightly, requiring three hits to cut through the bones. Abrasions now shred flesh at the outer edges of the spirit and can cause heavy bleeding while grapples do the same. In addition, strikes are still increased in speed by one half rank, can disable limbs for one post, and grapples can disable limbs for two. At this rank, the spirits are solidified enough to clash with equally ranked weaponry, allowing users to grip the blades of weapons with the spirits 'teeth.' Additionally, armors are now in danger from these attacks and as the user can damage equal ranking items with three consecutive attacks, reducing by one attack per level lower than the striking power (2 for C rank items, etc). A Rank At this rank the spirits remain one foot in size but are far more potent. Strikes can utterly rend flesh from bone and two consecutive strikes can slice cleanly through it. Extreme bleeding is now very likely and muscles/tendons cut will disable limbs until healed or otherwise returned to functionality. Speed of striking is increased by one full rank and the abrasions caused by the edges of attacks can now mutilate flesh. Grapples of this level can snap bones and, again, mutilate flesh. Items and armors can be damaged in the same way as the previous rank. S Rank Similar to the previous rank, these spirits are highly powerful and extend the striking range of the user by one and a half feet in all directions. Attacks can shred flesh, revealing large tracts of bone, and bones can be cleanly slice through in two consecutive hits or shredded through by the surrounding spirits in three. Grapples can snap and shatter bone, and either assault can easily disable limbs until medical treatment or other workarounds are found or implemented. Strikes are increased by two ranks in speed. The user's hands can clash with weapons of equal rank, and damage items of equal rank in two consecutive attacks and destroy items two or fewer ranks lower in a single strike. He can essentially drill or chew through armor in the same manner. SS Rank At this rank, the range of attacks remains at one and a half feet, though the spirits are far more powerful and dense. Attacks pulp flesh and can sever bone with direct strikes, removing entire limbs and blowing wide holes in the bodies of enemies. Grapples remove flesh, shatter bones, and can tear limbs clean off. Hemorrhaging and dismemberment are the hallmarks of this form of the style and the user is frequently surrounded in a bloody halo. Striking speed is increased by a single rank and armors/weapons of equal rank can be destroyed and reduced to bits of twisted metal in one clean strike. X Rank At its most powerful, the spirits balloon and increase the range of strikes by a full meter. Attacks aerisolize flesh flesh and bone alike, resulting in debilitating damage to living creatures of all sorts. Grappling will remove all flesh of the afflicted region, tear the limb apart, and can tear entire people or creatures in half. Weapons and armors can be destroyed with a single strike and will appear as if some unearthly beast had chewed them into tiny bits. Strike speed is increased to the upper echelons of the tier and the user become a veritable swirling mass of carnage. Equipment | N/A Description | A technique which takes advantage of a Tataru's ability to conjure spirits to aid them in combat, this style summons a host of fanged fishes and other terrors of the deep around the striking limbs of the practitioner, causing their attacks to have lacerating properties capable of drawing blood and doing deep tissue damage. Stylistically, this form appears wild and savage as if untempered by discipline, though in reality it focuses these viscous attacks on tendons to rend them or on bite-like grapples which tear flesh and hamper motor functions. When in use, those engaging will hold their fingers out like teeth, the spirits encasing and strengthening their digits for the attacks. Outside of this, it becomes quite unorthodox, freely drawing from multiple forms of martial arts and combat to achieve the single goal of feeding upon the enemy and reducing them to a pile of flesh. Additionally, the style focuses most heavily upon rapid attacks, often arising from resting forms, and is highly aggressive and uses all available body regions to attack with, from fingers and feet to knees and the head. For those of the Tataru who's Tensugo have attuned to an offensive form of taijutsu, they receive the usual benefits of the bloodline and are capable of inflicting an increased rank of damage for every rank lower than them their opponent is, beginning at a two rank deficit. Thus, an A rank warrior fighting a C rank opponent would gain an extra rank of damage in his strikes. Cost by Stage | E - 2 SP per strike D - 3 SP per strike C - 4 SP per strike B - 8 SP + 8 CP per strike A - 10 SP + 10 CP per strike S - 15 SP + 15 SP per strike SS - 20 SP + 20 SP per strike X - 25 SP + 25 SP per strike Origin | Born of mad whisperings of the deformed spirits of deep oceans and alternatives planes, this style has passed along to the most battle hardened and animalistically savage among the Tataru, though rarely through direct tutelage. Instead, the host of souls which aid in its use frequently come to their favorites and slowly instruct them in the ways of this combat.
  17. Mission Name | The Forgotten Tataru Legacy Mission Type | Clan Mission Ranking | C-rank Repeatable? | No. Reward | The knowledge? (& 10 Exp + 500 ryo) Mission NPCs | NA Mission Description | The Tataru lore tells of a bloody history. People who were gifted and were able to see spirits, they were hated for that and then they were hunted and killed. The current Tataru roaming about are the remnants that survived somehow. Before the witch hunt, they were peaceful people with a territory that they called their own. The witch hunt happened a decade ago so things may have changed now. The buildings and the village were destroyed and just left to rot. The original location of the village unknown to their current descendants. Recent expeditions into faraway lands has revealed information about a strange village with its own unique infrastructure. Rumors say that there are symbols resembling those of the Tataru clan. Not many Tataru clan experts are on about so they cannot say for sure. Only the Tataru can truly verify whether this is place where they came from. The news has traveled far enough to reach the ears of the current Tataru clan leader. All Tataru, even with their own individuality and personality, have an innate love for their own clan and history. The leader thus orders his the Tataru to pack their bags and find out this village. Upon reaching the village, the Tataru will find not only the village but also a secret underground passage. This passage would lead them to a huge and amazing village underneath the village on the surface. They will find structures that don't really define nature but rather compliment it. Like caves, perfect for living but also completely part of nature. Powerful and strong trees on the surface, with remnants of houses built on them. After roaming on about, they will learn of an ancient library hidden in the village. The library will become their next mission. Note: The Tataru are gone and dead but spirits don't die. If you're a Tataru, you know that being spiritual can really help solve this riddling thingy. (#winkwink) Word Count | 700 for each participant. Requirements | You have to be a Tataru. Note to staff: I intend to make follow up missions to this one in an attempt to make an interesting Tataru plot.
  18. A marred face rose from the abyss of the Water Territory's Shinobi Village, we all know him as Shi, the Leader of the Tataru. But others know him as the Crimson Lightning, Mizumura's Bloody Beast. "Damn, I don't want to get out of this bed"[/b] sighed Shi as he forced himself up and numbly got himself ready for his training. It was already noon and Shi hadn't done anything yet. He walked out of his abode, totting his training supplies on his back. Sights of the misty, forested outskirts of the village gates could be seen on Shi's solemn walk to a near-by one-tree hill that only he goes to. The dark man laid his heavy pack of training equipment down, on the ground, next to a tree and starts to think of what he'll do today. "It's a drag that I have to do all this work after doing that mission, just last night, but I have to do so in order to rise my clan to its former glory.", said Shi solemnly to himself as he came up with a great idea. He decided to work on his agility and strength until he was stronger and quicker than all his peers and then begin to work on his jutsu after that. Agility is needed to defeat ninja and swordsmen alike. Shi was ready to achieve even greater power so that he could one day surpass the status of the Legendary Kage. Surprisingly, he initially sits down and pulls out his family ninjutsu scroll, that he got from his elders as a gift for his pursuit to bring the clan back together . He begins to read about a family technique class called Step Methods. Step methods are used by warriors to move in quick flashes while using the spirit, versus hand seals. Shi reads the training information elaborated on in the text. He closes the scroll and stands up and reaches in his pack again and pulls out two 200 pound leg weights. He begins to run. He runs three laps around the misty outskirts of the Mizumura. He ends up back at his training hill. He ,then, takes off his leg weights and sits them to the side and reaches in his pack again. This time he pulls out a 150 pound round weight and holds it vertically over his head. He, in this position, begin so do squats. After an hour, Shi has done just about 200 squats and his legs are already stinging. Only one more exercise. He lays on his back and puts the round weight on his feet. "Now, I have to for 200 of these leg expansions and then I can I go home to go back to sleep", said the lazy shinobi as if he was working extremely hard. He begins to push the weights up with his legs, his back pressed against the ground. "30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 26, 37, 38, ...39, .....40!!!!!!!, .... 41!!!!!!!!!!!! BOOM!! Shi dropped his legs, unable to move. The weights still weighting his extremities down. He couldn't believe he couldn't finish that simple task. Shi laid there for an hour, thinking, looking at the sky. It was an oddly sunny day in the misty outskirts. Shi was tired. The mission really did a number on him. The shinobi called it a day to come back the next morning. [Next morning] "Back to business!" Shi has been came back oh to 'his training tree' and would every day. He has seen growth in his time. As he cracked his neck, molding a serious look about his face. Shi was up and energetically moving. He rested well the night before and thus the shinobi wasn't being so lazy today. He'd already prepared 4 rocks and a large boulder to weigh himself down as he ran and trained. He tied 2 of the rocks to each wrist, the other two on his ankles finally placing the boulder on his back and tying it around his torso. This is crazy. Shi could hardly stand. His back swooped over and his legs shakingly bent, trying to stay on foot. The man began to walk. He continued to train himself, deciding to run 10 miles with these rocks attached. Shi's shifted his body slowing, attempting to move forward. His walk turned into a slow, terribly shaky, wide footed waddle. His feet rising slowly, not a whole inch off the ground, treading about 3 feet forward before plummeting back to the ground, the next leg doing the same thing in the same, struggling manner. Somehow Shinhad to become strong enough to run with these stones attached to his body. This method wasn't a nice one but it's the only way Shi could think of to get faster & stronger at the same time. Weighing down his body in such a manner would put his body in an never ending work out. Sweat rolling and muscles cringing, Shi continued to try to walk. Thud, Thud, Thud, waddled Shi's feet, ever step falling faster. He wasn't going to last much longer at this rate. His muscles already hurt and it's only been 40 minutes. He wasn't going down that easily. He continued his fatally slow, failing effort. Falling to his knees, his back buckled, slouching over his head planting right into the ground. He was down for the count. He couldn't move his arms or legs. He might as well been sleep. Shi's usual nonchalant attitude was foiled through his frustration. A vein revealed itself on the right corner of his forehead as Shi's rushing anger appeared reached a boiling point. He wasn't about to be defeated by some damn rocks. He had ninja to overcome. Screaming in frustration, the man pushed himself up quickly with his arms, rolling onto his feet, standing once again. [2 days later] After two days of waddling, struggling and falling, Shi had got the hang of his weighted apparel. At sunrise of the third day, he was already out doing push ups and squats with the stones attached. "495, 496". . . He was reaching the end of his squats, slowing at the end. "497". . . "498." Shi had already ran his 10 miles as well as did 500 push-ups and this was the last thing he thought he needed to do to prove that he could move normally with these weights on. "499". . . His legs felt like they was about the buckle, as the sweat rolled from every inch of his body. Shi had at least one more in him. He could be lazy any other time but he was going to make his slacking body do this one. One for his village. One for his family. And mostly definitely, one for himself. Shi could pull it off. Afer this, he could go and enjoy sake all he wanted to. Legs bending, building up momentum for his final blast of motion, thrusting back with all the throwing power capable. "5 0 0 !!", Shi shouted as he finally plummeted to the ground, finally able to lay down but not exactly the way he wanted to. He untied the stones and boulder one by one, finally able to move freely. He swarmed and wiggled, around on the ground for a second before returning to his feet. For the last three days, Shi had not taken off the stone and thus his body was still compensating for the weight that he no longer bared. He began to jump around. I'm light as a feather. He jumped up exceedingly high, coming back down to the ground with a light thud, breathing out lightly. And flexing his muscles in celebration. "Excellent." [WC : 1302]
  19. Jutsu Name | Spirit Possession. Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | D rank Element(s) | N/A Specialty(s) | Puppetry Energy Cost | C-rank & Lower Puppets: 10 CP (Activation), 5 CP (Upkeep) B-rank & Higher Puppets: 15 CP (Activation), 10 CP (Upkeep) Handsigns | N/A Range | 35 meters Duration | Continues until deactivated. Description | The Tataru clan is capable of manipulating and using spirits. This is the very literal embodiment of that concept. A spirit possesses the body of a puppet and manipulates it according to the will of the Tataru using the jutsu. The spirit and the jutsu user communicate mentally so they know the will of one another. The spirit simply performs the actions as the puppet user dictates. Basically, the puppeteer manipulates the puppet without strings thanks to the spirit. Even with that being the case, the puppet (unless it's a human puppet) is not capable of using jutsus. It may have a spirit within it but it does not possess a working chakra network. Therefore, the one casting the jutsus is only the puppet user. The puppet is capable of using the mechanisms/gadgets and weapons stored within it. In addition to this, the puppet can also not be used to propagate jutsus from it . Simplified version: If your character can throw a fireball, it won't come out of the puppet. It'll be the character generating it. This jutsu follows the Tensogu bloodline limitations. With this jutsu, the puppeteer is able to control half the puppets in comparison to normal puppet users. Meaning: At Beginner level: One puppet At Novice Level: Two puppets At Adept Level: Three puppets At Advanced Level: Four puppets At Master Level: Five Puppets Note: Chakra strings can only be generated from puppet fingers if the puppet is being manipulated via Chakra strings or invisible chakra strings. If the puppet is being controlled via this jutsu, it will not be able to generate chakra strings because it does not have a working chakra network. Other Effects | The real difference between the chakra strings and Spirit possession is that Chakra strings are more versatile. You can use a chakra string to lift a rock and hurl it at someone. You cannot possess a rock though. For the possession to work, it has to be an actual puppet. Size doesn't matter, it can be a miniature chibi gaara puppet but it has to be a puppet. It cannot be a kunai, a shuriken or katana. Requirements | Tataru , Tensōgu Status | Open
  20. Jutsu Name | Quelling Jutsu Type | Bukijutsu Ranking | C Element(s) | N//A Specialty(s) | Bukijutsu Energy Cost | 15 CP; 5 per post Handsigns | N/A Range | Touch Duration | 3 posts Description | With the Tataru bloodline, the user quickens the spirit dormant within a weapon or item he holds. The user then downplays this spirit, enticing it to become very still and silent, causing it to vanish from the vision of even other users of the bloodline. By extension, the spirit shields the weapon in question from prying eyes, encasing it in a field which renders it invisible. This confers no special properties to the weapon other than it becoming invisible, making it incredibly difficult to those who fight with weaponry to gauge the reach of the weapon held. Those without specific knowledge of weapons and who rarely pay extremely close attention their length and such find this technique merely annoying to face, but those who pride themselves as close combat experts can quickly find it difficult to engage in the extremely delicate art of clashing blades. Other Effects | This cannot be used on projectiles in any way or for any reason. If the user drops or abandons his weapon this effect ends immediately. The user can, if he so chooses, do very quick maneuvers, such as toss a weapon from one hand to the next, without losing the effect. Requirements | Tataru bloodline Status | Taught by Chaohuan
  21. Mizumura was a bloody village or so it was thought to be. The district that Jin was standing in was the exact opposite of this theme. It was bright, it was shiny, it was buzzing with people; not the usual kind of people though. It was just too pleasant to be in a village that was infamous for its thirst for blood. This was probably all thanks to the Mizukage. He was hell bent on changing the image of the village. He was focusing on promoting tourism and strengthening inter village relationship. Jin could care less though, as long as he didn't have to be an ambassador of peace or something; all was good. Besides the troublesome Mizukage, trouble was brewing in the village. It was the very oddest of sorts. A call for a revolution. What sort of genius was cooking this mess up? Revolution? Really? For what? Against who? Nothing was clear, there was no agenda. There was no sign of the people responsible for all of the noise. Wearing his signature long coat with the feathery texture, and his flak jacket on the inside; Jin stood next to a wall with tons of those annoying revolutionary flyers displayed on it. "Something like this is effective enough to get people protesting and demanding a revolution?" , he said out loud so the Tataru beside him could hear him well enough. It was baffling how the masses absorbed this sort of stuff. If they were so easy to manipulate, what fun was it to manipulate them? Even as a puppeteer, he couldn't fathom the reason behind it. Regardless of the reason, his task, was to take off these flyers and attempt to find some information. As weird and scary as he was, he would probably leave the interrogation bit to the older fellow with him. The mission required two man cells to operate together and Jin had tagged along with an older Tataru. He knew little of him, hadn't worked with him before or did any missions with him before. His only credibility for Jin was that he was a Tataru and that was good enough for him. He trusted those of his clan, it was a built in homing feature that pulled Jin towards him. The streets were bustling with people but the unrest was visible. People who weren't involved were simply confused. While those who agreed with the demand for revolution were already planning protests and probably riots too; violent ones. Who knew what would happen in the next moment? Things were getting sensitive, it was a volatile situation. Awaiting the smallest spark to result in a forest fire. The wall filled with revolutionary posters were a blot on the face of this district. Even though he didn't care, it was his mission to take care of them. So he began, humming to himself, as he ripped one flyer after the other from the wall. It was a tedious, sticky and annoying thing to do but unless he did it, it wasn't going to end. He would first deal with this wall and then move on. Probably let the other Tataru get a feel of things and establish his bearings too before setting off to the more serious nature of this mission. Word Count: 550 Mission: Equipment:
  22. Name | Tataru, Jin (Last name, First name). Nickname | The Humming Puppeteer. Title Name | N/A Gender | Male Age | 16 Birth Date | Dec 18 Hair Color | Black Eye Color | Red Height | 5' 10" Weight | 90 kgs | 198 lbs Appearance | A tall but athletically built young man with usually a bit of makeup on his face. Jin prefers black colored makeup on his lips and slight touches of the same color around his eyes. His hair is black in color and long enough to cover his neck from the back. He keeps his hair rather rough and pointy, most of it just sways around with the wind. There's no excessive fat on his body. His body is swollen with muscles either. It comprises of just the right amount of muscle. May be not six abs but definitely at least four. His choice in clothing is unconventional, from 'normal' perspective. He wears this beady hair accessory on a collection of tied up white hair. On his body, he wears a multicolored (mostly has black, white and red in it) long coat, with a feathery design. Not all of his hairs are black though. There's this one collection of long hairs that emerges from the front sides of his head and go straight down to his chin (talk about grey hairs at a young age). He keeps them tied up in a long pony kind of style. The secret of this little collection of white hairs is, they're not natural. He actually dyes them white when everyone's asleep and not paying attention to him. Other than the coat, he also wears long white colored gloves on his hands, that stretch through his entire arms. The long coat that he wears doesn't have full sleeves, it's a half sleeve long coat. Village | Mizumura Clan | Tataru Village Ranking: | C-rank Shinobi Ranking | C-rank (Genin) Element(s) | Wind Specialties | Puppetry Bloodline | Tensōgu Favorable | Music, Puppets, Sweet things, darkness. Unfavorable | Foul odors, 'touchy' individuals (Individuals who don't understand the concept of personal space), tone deafness, bright light and early mornings. Personality | An introvert to the core, Jin prefers the company of his friends, family and clan members and tries to avoid others. He's always edgy when not with familiar company. A sadist by nature, he has a tendency to attempt to inflict pain on others. Whether it be emotional or physical in nature. He revels in the screams of others and prefers to see people in sorrow and grief than seeing them all jolly and happy. He has the typical villainous persona too. He can be as evil as he wants but he wouldn't usually tolerate any other evil than himself. If there's going to be a bad guy or bad guys, then it has to be him or his clan or group or family but no one else. In battle, he has a habit of going all out. It matters not who he faces and the difference in their strength. If he can one-shot someone, he's still going all out. If someone can one-shot him, he's still going all out. He gives his all and feels pleasure in doing so. Philosophy & Beliefs | Self righteous by nature. Those who are not him and those who are not with him, deserve to be in pain. They do not deserve happiness or even life itself because simply, they do not understand how to cherish it. He feels justification in everything he does, therefore he cannot be wrong but those who oppose him or contradict him are. History & Background | The history of the Tataru is dictated by the witch hunt. Shunned by the shinobi world for their ability to see and communicate with spirits, Jin was no exception. He learned the way of the clan at a young age and could see spirits and communicate with them just like any other of his clan. He was only four when the massacre began. His family was killed in front of him. They simply weren't capable of defending themselves against the mighty that attacked them. He was a child but a Tataru child. They attacked him too, mercilessly. They didn't aim to kill him though. Apparently, when it came his turn, everyone worth killing was dead. The attackers weren't satisfied so they decided to have fun. They didn't use weapons, they used their fists and legs and boots. He was punched, kicked, thrown around and slammed on the ground. He stopped moving but they didn't stop hitting him. It appeared they knew he wasn't dead, even after sustaining internal injuries. For some reason, even though he wanted to, he did not die. His body kept holding on to the life that was not worth living. They liked him, he was sturdy than the rest. So they continued to beat him for hours. Then they let him heal and then they did it again. He was so interesting, they took Jin with them. They locked him in a dark place and he lived there. He ate what they gave him, he endured their beatings daily until he could not move and then he lived on in the dark. Jin did not know where he was and how long he stayed there but it was long enough to leave an ever lasting impression. It was exactly one year. The time that he spent in that hell. Until finally, the shinobi of Mizumura found the criminals holding the young boy. They attacked and took down the killers and rescued Jin. He spent a while in rehabilitation. For two years, he did not utter a single word. After that, one day, he just began speaking normally. It was the day he first met other Tataru survivors. And it was also the day he joined the Academy. As a young lad with trauma, he was taken in by a kind family. They gave him food, they gave him clothes and they allowed him to live the way he wanted to. With their kindness pushing him all the way through, Jin went through the academy and found more of his clan. The day he graduated from the academy was also the day he left his kind guardians. He knew they were not his own, even though they had been kind enough to take care of him. He had found his true family and he intended to be a part of them. He had his own vision, a goal; and so began his journey.