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Found 29 results

  1. Mission Name [Entity] | Babel: Trade Diplomacy [Water Village] Mission Type | Village Mission Ranking | A Repeatable? | Yes Mission Description | At least 2 shinobi are requested to each travel to a nearby minor land and secure trade deals with the ruling governments there. Aside from the protection which the Water Nation has always been able to provide, this will help cleave them to their motherland's breast and ensure that they remain obedient, should the need arise. Of course, the mutual benefits of trade will prove an almost irresistible benefit as well, especially with the nation's sudden increase in shipping, imports, and exports. These are some of the final pieces required to solidify the village as an international trade powerhouse, but those assigned must be of the highest caliber of diplomats, for the building of long lasting and fruitful relations are in the nation's greatest interests. Fighting with the foreign powers should be avoided at all costs, though there are many ways of obtaining the trust of these villages. Some may require gifts, others may ask you to compete in a tournament. The possibilities are endless. Mission NPCs | Ruler of the territory and his or her guards. Ruler has no powers, each has 2 guards which are both A ranked samurai with skills in bukijutsu. Word Count | 1800 per participant / 5 posts per participant Requirements | Must have at least 2 people. Please PM me with a link to your approved mission grading so that I can keep the tally on our way to the building of fancy village stuff! Assigned by Chaohuan/Duke. --- Players Kazuo Enomoto @Duke --- They were originally on a mission to secure valuable information. That why they were sailing to the island. But Chaohuan had brought the idea up. Kazuo wasn't too keen on the idea at first. Their current mission was pretty important and he didn't want to fail it simply because they were too ambitious for their own good. But as they continued to sail on, Kazuo warmed up to the idea. This other mission was a diplomacy mission, it shouldn't take long. It would also strengthen the Water Village by establishing a whole new trading route. And if they were successful in both missions then it would be a huge win for the Water Village. So Kazuo agreed to securing a trading route with the island before they would get the information needed for the mission they were already on. Kazuo's resolve strengthened by the time they reached the island. They were way ahead of schedule, by several hours, in fact. It was mid-afternoon and they had only expected to arrive by nightfall. It was a good sign. However, there was one sailors on board didn't agree on that. "They say that the ruler here can command the souls of the dead. She's been known to curse those who angered her. She doesn't think you complimented her enough. Boom! You're house catches fire the next day. Say no to a request she ordered. Aunt dies of a heart attack." "I don't believe that," Kazuo said, crossing his arms across his chest as he gave a sailor a skeptical look. "If she could do any of those things then why would she limit her to ruling only one island?" The sailor shrugged his shoulder. "I'm just telling you what I've heard. All I'm saying is that I wouldn't go anywhere near her." "Well you're not me, and I need to talk to her for a mission. Goodbye." And with that, Kazuo left the ship and walked off to meet with Chaohuan. Fortunately the capital was nearby and it should only take a half hour to reach it. "Okay, Chao, this was your mission. Lead the way." --- Word Count: 354/1800
  2. Characters Involved | Banshi (as Shiori) and Kazuo Enomoto Link to the Missions | Criminal Intentions Brief Overview | Thanks to the valuable intel of the Water Village and the overconfidence of the criminal ninjas, Shiori and Kazuo are quickly able to find a secret base of the local crime boss. But getting past their defenses is a little trickier, and that isn't even mentioning the criminal ninja residing in the base, who apparently has a knack to returning cherry bombs.
  3. Bloodline Name | Takoyakushi 鬼 蛸 Bloodline Possessors | Public, Water Village Restricted Appearance | Those with this bloodline have shiny, damp skin. The skin tends to be pale and sparsely adorned with variously sized fluorescent blue rings. Those in this bloodline have black hair or no hair at all. Abilities | 1) Those with this bloodline have a natural cephalopod (octopus) physiology which allows them access to unique octopus based jutsu which are not privy to those not in this bloodline. They may utilize jutsu which allows them to manipulate, enhance, or extend the natural physiological abilities of an octopus body. 2) Those with this bloodline are proficient with using ink based ninjutsu. Individuals in this bloodline may use ink based jutsu as one rank higher in power than they normally would. Weaknesses | 1) Those in the Takoyakushi bloodline are unable to access or use Fire and Lightning based ninjutsu. Lightning ninjutsu does 1.5 times the usual damage (or a jutsu will function as a half rank above it's normal attack levels in order to hit a member in this bloodline). If it manages to hit someone in this bloodline, it is additionally effective due to the consistent damp layer on the skin of those in the Takoyakushi. 2) Those with this bloodline are easily dehydrated and need to either submerge their skin and body every six hours, or drink 1.5 times the amount of water a usual person would need to survive per day. Their bodies struggle with the effort of maintaining water systems and regardless of the environment's temperature, tend to sweat. The sweat is not the same as a normal person's is, releasing no ions or body odor, just simple pure water. Because of this the Takoyakushi people have shiny damp skin. If they do not do this, their skin first becomes dry and itchy, and if they go more than two days without appropriate water submersion or drinking enough, they become unconscious. 3) The Takoyakushi are weaker in body endurance than typical shinobi of their rank. Non chakra based attacks, such as weapons or hand to hand combat will do one half rank more damage to a Takoyakushi person. Chakra Cost |
  4. Bloodline Name | Ice Release (氷遁, Hyōton) Possessors | Water territory residents hailing from tundra/sub-arctic regions Appearance | Ice Release takes on the appearance of ice crystals, which can form into many shapes. Though ice is typically translucent, ice created by an Ice Release appears slightly opaque due to the chakra embedded within it. Whenever Ice Release is used, the air of the surrounding area will become cold enough to evoke light snowfall (if outside). Abilities | Ice Release is an advanced nature transformation created by the Water and Wind elements. The user of Ice Release is capable of creating and manipulating ice by combining water and wind-based chakra. Ice Release is effective against Water Release and Fire Release. Whenever an Ice Release contacts a Water release of equal rank, it will remain entirely unaffected, while a Fire Release of equal rank will slightly melt the surface. As ice is made up of frozen water, users of Ice Release will have an easier time creating ice if they are near a source of water. The chakra cost of Ice Release lowers by 1 rank as long as the user creates a reasonable amount of ice according to the amount of water it sources from (meaning a user cannot create a giant wall of ice from a single cup of water). Weaknesses | Ice Release is elementally weak against Scorch and Blaze releases, and will both melt and evaporate upon contact. As both of their elemental weaknesses involve fire, Ice Release users cannot take up proficiencies in the Fire element. Chakra Cost | Depends on the rank of the jutsu.
  5. Mission Name [Entity] | Onyx Shoal Initiation [Water] Mission Type | Village Mission Ranking | B Rank Repeatable? | Yes Mission Description | Crime Boss Taro has decided it is time to initiate the teenagers from the recruitment. Several of them have been chosen for a special engagement: a match to see who can make the most money in a single day. The top six will be welcomed into the fold of the Onyx Shoal. The way to make money is unregulated: murder, theft, drug sales, or anything else the teenagers can come up with is acceptable. You have two choices in this mission. 1) Stop as many of the teenagers as possible, without killing them, and thwart Taro's initiation job. 2) Infiltrate and join the Onyx Shoal by obtaining the most money possible, knowing that deeper undercover positions will further expose the Onyx Shoal to destruction from the inside and further benefit the Water Village. The mission fails if you allow the initiation to succeed and six or more teenagers return to the Onyx Shoal as members of the gang. Alternatively, the mission fails if you are not one of the six initiates welcomed into the Onyx Shoal. Mission NPCs | Taro's underlings: 5 B Rank nin The recruits: 8 D Rank teenagers Word Count | 1000 WC per person Requirements | Success in A Gathering of Men Mission, not a solo mission
  6. A-Rank

    Mission Name [Entity] | Root of the Problem [Water Village] Mission Type | Village Mission Ranking | A Repeatable? | Yes Mission Description | The captain you brought back to us disclosed all of the information that we need to target the root of our pirate problem. One of our cartographers has drawn up a map to where you will find their hideout. Scout reports indicate there's a small settlement of pirates hidden in a cove along the shores of the Bad Lands, just north of the Lightning Village. Your mission is to perform the Transformation Technique before arriving to make yourself look exactly like the captain we detained. Anyone else in your squad must disguise themselves as the others who were on-board. You will dock at the settlement and unload cargo full of rocks. Pose as pirates and gather information on the possibility of other settlements. If it's confirmed that there are none, lay waste to the entire settlement and leave no survivors. If otherwise, remain undercover until you ascertain who leads that settlement. Once known, slaughter the rest of the settlement but bring their leader in alive. Mission NPCs | x1 [A-Rank] Pirate Leader | Bukijutsu & Fuuinjutsu / Water & Lightning Release x2 [B-Rank] Pirate Captains | Ninjutsu & Genjutsu / Fire Release x3 [B-Rank] Pirate Subordinates | Bukijutsu / Wind Release x5 [C-Rank] Pirate Recruits | Bukijutsu / No Release Word Count | 1800 Words Requirements | Transformation Technique Completion of Pirates in Noumu Harbor
  7. Mission Name [Entity] | A Gathering of Men [Water] Mission Type | Village Mission Ranking | C Rank Repeatable? | Yes Mission Description | Crime Boss Taro is gathering some of his men and some young teens in the local areas. Rumors suggest that this gathering is to act as recruitment tool for Taro and his group of drug dealing, people selling, murderous endeavors. During this gathering, it is likely Taro will show off some new weapons, equipment, or future plans to entice the young teens to join. The mission is to find out where this meeting will take place, stay undercover, to infiltrate the meeting. As much as hindering the process of recruitment is a benefit to the Water Village, it is the future plans of Taro's group, Onyx Shoal, which interest the Village. The Onyx Shoal have plagued the village in many ways for many years and this is a singular opportunity to gain access to future plans. The mission fails if you are caught or the meeting ends early and you do not leave with information of Onyx Shoal's future plans. There should be no combat. Mission NPCs | Taro's underlings: 5 B Rank nin The recruits: 12 D Rank teenagers Word Count | 700 WC per person Requirements | Cannot be done solo
  8. Mission Name | The Forgotten Tataru Legacy Mission Type | Clan Mission Ranking | C-rank Repeatable? | No. Reward | The knowledge? (& 10 Exp + 500 ryo) Mission NPCs | NA Mission Description | The Tataru lore tells of a bloody history. People who were gifted and were able to see spirits, they were hated for that and then they were hunted and killed. The current Tataru roaming about are the remnants that survived somehow. Before the witch hunt, they were peaceful people with a territory that they called their own. The witch hunt happened a decade ago so things may have changed now. The buildings and the village were destroyed and just left to rot. The original location of the village unknown to their current descendants. Recent expeditions into faraway lands has revealed information about a strange village with its own unique infrastructure. Rumors say that there are symbols resembling those of the Tataru clan. Not many Tataru clan experts are on about so they cannot say for sure. Only the Tataru can truly verify whether this is place where they came from. The news has traveled far enough to reach the ears of the current Tataru clan leader. All Tataru, even with their own individuality and personality, have an innate love for their own clan and history. The leader thus orders his the Tataru to pack their bags and find out this village. Upon reaching the village, the Tataru will find not only the village but also a secret underground passage. This passage would lead them to a huge and amazing village underneath the village on the surface. They will find structures that don't really define nature but rather compliment it. Like caves, perfect for living but also completely part of nature. Powerful and strong trees on the surface, with remnants of houses built on them. After roaming on about, they will learn of an ancient library hidden in the village. The library will become their next mission. Note: The Tataru are gone and dead but spirits don't die. If you're a Tataru, you know that being spiritual can really help solve this riddling thingy. (#winkwink) Word Count | 700 for each participant. Requirements | You have to be a Tataru. Note to staff: I intend to make follow up missions to this one in an attempt to make an interesting Tataru plot.
  9. Jutsu Name | Binding Coils Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | C Element(s) | Water Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 25 CP Handsigns | Snake > Rat > Dog Range | 10 meters from user Duration | 3 Posts Description | Water rises up from beneath the target in thick coils, wrapping around their legs and waist for a duration based on their rank. The victim cannot move their position until freed, but are still able to perform jutsu. These coils can only be dispelled by either completely evaporating the water at the victim's feet, or neutralized by an earth jutsu of equal or higher rank. Other Effects | When the jutsu retires, assuming it wasn't evaporated, it falls back to the ground to be used for other water jutsu. Requirements | Water Village Status | Open
  10. Jutsu Name | Hyōton: Excruciating Needles Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | C Element(s) | Ice Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu & Genjutsu Energy Cost | 25 CP Hand Signs | Snake > Dragon Range | 5 meter AOE within the snow (jutsu that makes snow here) Duration | 1 round (1 victim post and 1 user post) Description | Falling snow collects and sharpens into ice needles, raining down on anyone within the designated area of effect within the snowfall. The 3-inch long needles pierce through clothing and exposed skin into the victim's flesh. (There are about 5 needles per square meters within the AOE.) In the opponent's first post after being struck in the flesh with the needles, they will experience an excruciating pain in every muscle in their body, causing them to fall to their hands and knees. This pain forces them to stop their current actions, making them unable to perform/maintain jutsu. At the start of the opponent's next post, the genjutsu fades away, though the victim will still be left with puncture wounds. Other Effects | Note: Hyōton states that "Ice Release is effective against Water Release and Fire Release. Whenever an Ice Release contacts a Water release of equal rank, it will remain entirely unaffected, while a Fire Release of equal rank will slightly melt the surface." Requirements | Ice Release (Hyōton), Water Village Status | Personal, but can be learned from Izumi
  11. Jutsu Name | Vanish Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | D Element(s) | Water Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 10 CP, 5 CP upkeep Handsigns | Snake Range | Self Duration | Until cancelled by user Description | While underwater, the user coats themselves in a thin layer of chakra, bending light around them to appear invisible. This also affects any clothing, equipment, and so on. The user becomes visible again either when the jutsu is dispelled or once out of the water. If part of the user emerges from the water, whatever parts that are still in the water stay invisible. The user can still be touched, struck, or located via chakra sensing while in the water. Other Effects | This jutsu will not fully work in mist, fog, rain, or snow (there is a separate jutsu for that here). It will just cause small specks of the user to vanish, which might be kinda pretty. Requirements | Water Village Status | Open
  12. Jutsu Name | Aqua Jet Jutsu Type | Offensive/Supplementary Ranking | D / C / B Element(s) | Water Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 10 CP, 5 upkeep / 25 CP, 10 CP upkeep, / 50 CP, 25 CP upkeep Handsigns | D: Rabbit | C: > Tiger | B: > Bird Range | 5m / 10m / 15m Duration | Until cancelled by user Description | The user blasts a strong jet of water from each hand. The stream of water is about 3 inches wide, but isn't capable of hurting the enemy or dealing damage to them. The strength of the jutsu depends on the rank used; when used against an enemy, D-rank only pushes against them, C-rank destabilizes them and threatens their balance, and B-rank knocks them back. Other Effects | This jutsu can be used like a hose, clearing the ground of misc. small objects or particles such as dirt and sand. It can also be used to propel the user through water, though their speed will be lowered by 1 rank. They can also adjust their movement through the air while falling or being tossed. This jutsu can put out any fire jutsu equal to its rank or lower, and covers parts of the battlefield in water to be used for other jutsu. Users cannot perform other jutsu while water blasts from their hands, and cannot use this jutsu to "fly" as the jet is not strong enough. Requirements | Water Village Status | Open
  13. Jutsu Name | Hyōton: Blizzard Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | C Element(s) | Ice Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 20 CP, 10 CP upkeep Hand Signs | Ox > Dragon Range | Area of pre-existing snowfall Duration | Until ended by the user Description | The clouds in the sky darken and thicken, the previous snowfall becoming heavy. The air blows stronger, whipping snow around chaotically and freezing water on the field into ice (bodies of water remain unaffected). The ice is slippery and cannot be moved over normally, though surface walking will work. Field of vision becomes limited to a 10 meter radius for all ninja caught in the snowstorm. Snow on the ground/in the air can be used as a water supplement for future water/ice techniques. Other Effects | The ground becomes dense with snow, and thickens by 1 inch per post, including the beginning post. After 5 inches, the user and any ninja in the snow will take a -1 to movement speed (jutsu speed remains unaffected). After 10 inches, it becomes -2 to movement speed. Requirements | Ice Release (Hyōton), Water Village, must be performed in pre-existing snowfall Status | Open
  14. Jutsu Name | Hyōton: Snowfall Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | D Element(s) | Ice Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 10 CP, 5 CP upkeep Hand Signs | Bird Range | 10 meters AOE Duration | Until ended by the user Description | Clouds form in the sky, and snow begins to fall. The air becomes chilly, though not cold enough to freeze existing water on the field. The area becomes coated in snowfall, but doesn't inhibit walking or running. Water on the ground (which turns into slush), snow on the ground, and snow in the air can be used as a water supplement for future water/ice techniques. Other Effects | Shinobi not born in the tundra regions of Water village suffer -1 endurance due to their lower tolerance for frigid conditions. Requirements | Ice Release (Hyōton), Water Village Status | Open
  15. Jutsu Name | Hyōton: Isolating Spikes Jutsu Type | Defensive/Supplementary Ranking | D / C / B / A / S / SS / X Element(s) | Ice Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 10 / 25 / 50 / 75 / 100 / 150 / 200 CP Hand Signs | D-C: Bird > Tiger > Horse | B-A: > Ox | S-X: > Dragon Linear Range | 5m / 10m / 15m / 25m / 30m / 40m / 50m Radial Range | 1.5m / 2.5m / 5m / 7.5m / 10m / 12.5m / 15m Duration | Ice lasts until broken or melted (Reference Chart:) Description | Ice spikes rise up from ground in any direction or in a radius surrounding the user. Whether created in a direction or radius, the line of spikes will always be 1 meter wide. The spikes themselves can be angled, either in a single angle or in an assortment. The user can control the maximum height of the spikes, but they can only be as tall as the user, and will vary in size. Destroying the spikes: The spikes have an endurance depending on their rank (D=2 / C=3 / B=4 / A=5 / S=6 / SS=7 / X=8). They can only be broken by a corresponding strength level, but can also be melted and evaporated by a Scorch/Blaze jutsu (the amount of spikes melted depends on the jutsu’s physical dimensions). Moving through the spikes: Spikes cannot be moved through unless the trespasser is at least twice the maximum spike height. Ninja can safely move through them if the spikes point away from them, or point straight up. It takes 1 post to cross from the safe side to the other side of the spikes. Ninja can still move through the spikes if they point towards them, or in an assortment of angles. However this will take 2 posts, a start and end post. In the 1st post, the trespasser’s armor and clothing up to half of the maximum height of the spikes will be shredded. In the 2nd post, the spikes will slice deeply into their legs, lowering their endurance by 1. Purchasing this jutsu: A user purchases this technique as a C-rank scroll. They may use any rank of this jutsu below C, as well as those they unlock. Focused training of this jutsu unlocks the next available rank, but the user cannot train ranks past their own shinobi rank (word count: B-A=750 / S-SS=1000 / X=1500). Training with a ninja who possesses a higher rank of this jutsu reduces the required word count by half. Other Effects | Note: Hyōton states “the chakra cost of Ice Release lowers by 1 rank as long as the user creates a reasonable amount of ice according to the amount of water it sources from.” If the user creates ice spikes either above or close to water (within 5 meters) equal to its surface area, their chakra cost is lowered by 1 rank. Requirements | Ice Release (Hyōton) Status | Open
  16. Jutsu Name | Ice Style: Freezing Grasp (Hyoton: haaku wo touketsu 把握を凍結) Jutsu Type | Ninjutsu Ranking | A Element(s) | Hyoton Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 75 Chakra to initiate jutsu, 35 Chakra Maintained Cool Down | 3 Posts Handsigns | Inu - I - Hitsuji - Tori - Inu - I Range | Touch Duration | Maintained Cost for up to four turns Description | The user first commits to the jutsu by making the hand seals. At the moment the hand seals are completed, their hand begins to release frost from the surface of the palm and it takes a light blue hue. Should the user make contact with a bare skin surface, it'll apply frost bite at the immediate point of touch. Should the user manage to maintain contact, the effect spreads at approximately an inch per post. This can spread out to cover as much as the user wishes as long as contact is maintained and the chakra cost is continuously paid. Once initial contact is made, if it is broken, the jutsu is forced into cool down. Other Effects | Limbs affected by frost bite suffer a -2 tier in reaction speed that remains until the frost bite is healed or the limb is detached. Requirements | Ice Release (Hyoton) Status | Public
  17. Name | Sayuki Nickname | Sayu, Water Assassin Title Name | N/A Gender | Female Age | 18 Home Link | N/A Village | Water Clan | N/A Village Ranking: | Genin Shinobi Ranking | C Element(s) | Water Specialties | Ninjutsu (Beginner) Bloodline | N/A Strength | Speed | Reflexes | Endurance | Stamina | Jutsu | Equipment | Forms | Creatures/Summons | Mentors & Pupils | Juunosuke (Sensei) Friends & Family | Friends: TBA; Family: Mom & Dad (names TBA) Recent History | Click here
  18. Name | Fuyu / 冬. Nickname | Fū / フー. Title Name | Yuki-onna / 雪女. Gender | Female. Age | Eleven. Birth Date | December, Twenty-First. Hair Color | Snow White. Eye Color | Navy Blue. Height | 133cm / 4'4''. Weight | 34kg / 74lbs. Appearance | Possessor of a physique of a young child, bearing athletic qualities brought upon her activities in the academy to become a shinobi. Skin of a pale tone is marred by scars of both burns and lacerations developed by punishments or a means of giving her endurance in the past, none of which appear to be recent and be on the most visible portions of skin. While not personally seeing herself as a feminine individual, she has grown out her white hair to a long length in order to fit in with her peers while has taken a tendency to wear clothing which matches with her worn clothes. Otherwise, she’s not a fan of anything that may be seen as flashy to others, but did once think about developing and creating her own article of clothing herself. If anything she tends to be centred towards wearing dresses and what not but isn’t truly against wearing anything else if she has to fit a certain critera. Village | The Water Village. Clan | None. Village Ranking: | Academy Student. Shinobi Ranking | C. Element(s) | Suiton / 水遁, Hyōton / 氷遁. Specialties | Ninjutsu ( Beginner ). Bloodline | Hyōton / 氷遁. Favorable | Sculpting artworks from material / snow, Examining the quirks / kinks that other individuals have, Individualism - freedom of movement and thought, Unconventional matches of shōgi, The historical background on what cause an object / person to be what it is today. Unfavorable | Developing a runny nose from a cold, The sound of air being released from bone cracking, Leaving a canvas / page blank, Having an negative outlook even if a situation seems bleak, To be seen as a product. Personality | Once lacking in an independent mind, a contrast of being one that excels in individuality and holds a curiosity to what to explore the essence of that word. Unlike a child, Fuyu holds knowledge of the fact that everyone is different in some kind of way which results in them walking in a unique pathway throughout their life, this concept may seem mundane in other’s eyes but in her own she values the infinite possibilities that this can hold and seeks to understand more about it. This unconventional way of thinking for her age prompts her creativity with developing something from nothing and what can classify her as a genius in understanding the inner workings of people’s mind. When she’s not observing others or brandishing her artistic qualities, she’s shown to be a little talkative but slippery when it comes to pronouncing words. Sentences may slip out of her mouth that she didn’t mean to say, but ultimately she’s a relatively humble and polite person. Her solitude from the outside world for majority of her life has left her inexperienced with a number of things which would otherwise be commonplace knowledge, still bearing some childish naivety with her. While she can discern that each life has its own beauty, her past has brought her up to have no qualms with the act of killing. While she may necessary be seen as having no morals, this is essentially wrong as she understand that doing something that is seen as bad will generally make society look down upon a person, just that she isn’t against the fact of partaking in the actions knowing fully well of the consequences that come with it. This can result in her sometimes stating out truths that may emotionally hurt another with an ulterior motive of seeing whether that changes them in a way, which in a way is a warped side of her wanting to understand more about others. Philosophy & Beliefs | Ambitions had been something that she had once lacked, but once beginning to understand what was purpose in life she started to crave something else. Objects / people that lacked a future, objects / people that had a long history. She wants to discover both and learn about them, with an urge nurture those that wouldn’t amount to much and give them a purpose, similar to how she eventually came to develop one. This is what lulls her to exploring her creativity when it comes to sculpting and what makes her long to draw a picture onto an empty spot. History & Background | In the village of water, crime lurked amongst its shadows and all of its associates were well aware of that. Arguably the most notorious business was the smuggling trade, an option of bringing in and out illegal items or ultimately people. With the recent Mizukage’s influence causing the military to start cracking down on the criminal clans, within a raid there was a child that had been saved from what was possibly a harsh life. Her name was "Fuyu", a young female at the age of eight. The knowledge known about her parents was an enigma, as there were no records of her existence. This had likely meant that she one of one the many children that was born into the trade and as one could assume by the scars littered around her body and her temperament; it was quite likely she was being raised to be a child soldier. Silent, observant and lacking any remorse to death or a morality. Once taken out of the trade and thrown into an orphanage full of children in similar situations or merely just war orphans, Fuyu started to develop thoughts and a personality of her own that wasn’t forced. Her past hadn’t been etched away, still remaining an individual that was bred to kill, which was to why she had been enrolled within the academy. Her talents would likely to come useful to the village as she owed the lands a debt from saving her from her captors, within a short time of being taught one could see that she was a smart and skilled individual, only lacking knowledge about the world in general and a devotion to her village. It was within one of the many classes that she accidentally exhibited signs that showed others her unique bloodline heritage and what allowed the teachers to understand more about why exactly a girl like herself was prior within the trade.
  19. done

    Name | Kurai Uchiha Nickname | -- Title Name | -- Gender | Female Age | 15 Birth Date | 12th June Hair Color | Blonde Eye Color | Hazel Height | 5'4" Weight | 50kg Appearance | Being at 5'4" and 50kg Kurai is often seen as quite small for her age. Kurai has medium length blonde hair, that has two braids either side of her face. Her Hazel eyes contrasts with her hair colour making her stand out more so that she would already. Kurai's skin is that of a slighty tanned person making her not pale, but not Mediterranean tanned. Her main style of clothing is tight, high collar black t-shirt, however occasionally she will swap it with a navy blue version, showing her patriotism towards the water country. With her slender build she often has to wear tight black trousers, with high top black shoes. This was to make it look like her clothing is not swallowing her. She often carries a small black pouch that it strapped around her left thigh with two straps, giving her easy access to her ninja tools. Village | Water Clan | None Village Ranking: | Genin Shinobi Ranking | C Element(s) | Fire Specialties | Taijutsu Bloodline | Curse of Hatred Favorable | Fire, the Sky, Fighting, Training Unfavorable | Weakness, Being ordered around, the cold Personality | Kurai is normally a quiet person, whose very soft spoken, hough this by no means means she's not willing to be loud when she feels the need to be. Normally that tends to be when she's yelling at someone for being obnoxious or overly loud for no good reason. She's not afraid to tell someone her opinion either, if she feels that they need to hear it. However, when she does finally speak it she does so in a manner that tends to leave the other person with nothing else to say as she thinks over what she's going to say and makes sure it's perfect and flawless before doing so. She's a kind person for the most part, willing to help others if she can. That however doesn't mean she's a push over, there is a rather cruel side to her if someone has said or done something against someone she cares about. She's even been known to become violent, lashing out and attacking people if she feels it's needed. History & Background | Pride was something that Kurai seen and grew up around. Being a part of a linage that seemed to be a curse of hatred, she was exposed to different types of behaviour within her family. Lies, deceit, death, revenge. All of these was something that she was used too, and regardless of how hard she tried not to fall into their families so called curse, she would fall. Maybe not in the way she would expect, but eventually she would harbour extreme feelings towards someone or something. Despite this, looking at their daughter, Kurai’s parents believed she would actually be free from their families curse. Hate was a strong word and it looked like it was not even in the happy, bubbly child’s dictionary. In order for them to maintain their childs happiness which was watching people fight they often took her out to the Chuunin or Jounin exams. It was here that something clicked inside Kurai, as their families curse had been activated, like a ticking time bomb counting down the moments before it would explode. The childs love for fighting turned itself into a passion much so that she took upon herself to look for a mentor to teach her taijutsu. The love turned into passion and from there it was believed to turn into talent, however much to Kurai’s distaste she was not the only student. Being compared to someone else was something that really irritated the child and eventually drove her to stop going to those lessons. She hated it. It infuriated her much to the point that she took it upon herself to prove to the teacher and this student that there was no comparison between them.
  20. Jutsu Name | Water Clone Jutsu Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | C-Rank , A-Rank, S-Rank Element(s) | Water Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | C-Rank: 25 CP, 10 CP for next clone (maximum of 2); A-Rank: 75 CP, 30 CP for next clone (maximum of 2); S-Rank: 100 CP, 40 CP for next clone (maximum of 3) With a water source around: C-Rank: 10 CP, 5 CP for next clone (maximum of 2); A-Rank: 30 CP, 15 CP for next clone (maxium of 2); S-Rank: 40 CP, 20 CP for next clone (maximum of 3) Handsigns | Tiger Range | 1-15 meters Duration | Until destroyed or until user dispels them theirself Description | The Water Clone Technique uses water as a medium to create clones of the user. These clones have the ability to perform techniques of the user (at least A-Rank), but at a D-Rank strength. A C-Rank and A-Rank level clone can be dispelled in one hit. However a skilled Water Clone user (S-Rank+), has the ability to make stronger Water Clones, which can take 2 hits before being dispelled regardless of rank. Other Effects | Requirements | Water Release, Water Village Status | Open
  21. Jutsu Name | Hyōton: Freezing Isolation Jutsu Type | Hybrid/Supplementary Ranking | D / C / B / A / S / SS / X Element(s) | Ice Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 10 / 20 / 30 / 50 / 60 / 80 / 100 CP Hand Signs | Boar > Hare > Monkey > Ox > Dragon | D-C = 3 signs, B-A = 4 signs, S-X = all 5 signs Range | Directional blast: 5m / 10m / 15m / 25m / 30m / 40m / 50m distance | Surrounding user: 1.5m / 2.5m / 5m / 7.5m / 10m / 12.5m / 15m radius Duration | 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / unlimited rounds (1 post from user and 1 post from opponent) (Organized reference:) Description | Freezing Isolation creates icy cold blasts of air that freezes water on contact. Users can either blast a column of cold air in a particular direction, or have it gush forth from their bodies to surround them in a sphere shape. This jutsu affects any water it touches as long as the water has a constant temperature (continually heated water cannot be frozen, such as the water in a human body). It has two main applications: freezing water jutsu, and freezing the surface of a body of water. The jutsu will also affect any other sources of water in its wake, such as containers. Water in the way of or within Freezing Isolation will freeze solid. A user purchases this technique as a C-rank scroll. They may use any rank of this jutsu below C, as well as ranks they have unlocked. 1000 words of focused jutsu training unlocks the next rank, but caps at the user's own shinobi rank. NOTE: The original Hyōton page states “the chakra cost of Ice Release lowers by 1 rank as long as the user creates a reasonable amount of ice according to the amount of water it sources from.” This means that chakra used to cast this jutsu drops 1 rank lower than its original cost. Original costs are left on this page for future reference, in the case of special circumstances. Other Effects | N/A Requirements | Ice Release (Hyōton) Status | Open
  22. Jutsu Name | Hyoton: Heart's Sense of Distance Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | D Element(s) | Hyoton Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 10 CP Handsigns | Technique-specific seal Range | 15 meters Duration | Instantaneous Description | Breathes a gust of frigid wind at the opponent. Deals no damage, but lowers the opponent's speed by 1 level for two turns. Other Effects | None Requirements | Hyoton Advanced Release Status | Public
  23. Jutsu Name | 水遁・曲光霞の術 || Suiton: Kyokkougasumi no jutsu || Bent Light Mist Technique Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | B Element(s) | 水 || Water Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 50 Chakra Handsigns | Rat Range | Self Duration | 5 Posts Description | The user concentrates their chakra, forming a fine vapour mist around their body, extending no more than 1-3 inches away. By flowing one's chakra into the mist, the user is able to cause the water particles to bend the light around them, erasing their presence. For the duration of the jutsu, the user is rendered invisible to the naked eye. Those with advanced Dōjutsu may be able to see through the technique in some fashion, but to those with a 'normal' level of vision the user is virtually undetectable. Sounds or other forms of deduction may give away the user's position, but only indirectly. If surrounded by a substantial source of water, liquid or vapor, the user may extend the range of the jutsu up to 10 meters, enveloping additional humanoids within its area of effect. Other Effects | Useable both defensively and offensively, this technique has been employed to great effect by Mizumura's hunter-nin, allowing them to strike unseen before vanishing without a trace. Requirements | Water Affinity, Water Village Status | Open
  24. Name | Yumi Tetsueki Nickname | - Title Name | - Gender | Female Age | 18 Birth Date | February 14 Hair Color | Dark Gray Eye Color | Ice blue Height | 167 cm (5'55") Weight | 48 kg (105 lbs) Appearance | With short hair, ice blue and very deep eyes, fair skin and a very curvaceous figure (her three measures are 92 - 56 - 84), Yumi is an extremely beautiful girl: truly, a flower that blossoms in the "snowy spring", as the kanji of her name implies. She dresses very elegantly all the time, wearing kimonos and other such traditional clothes: she remarks that the word "shinobi" is written with the kanji for both "death" and "beauty", so she thinks it is her duty to live up to the name. From her mannerism to her fighting style, she's a lady through and through. Village | Water Clan | None Village Ranking: | Genin Shinobi Ranking | C Element(s) | Suiton, Hyoton Specialties | Ninjutsu (Beginner) Bloodline | Hyoton Favorable | Calligraphy, poetry, kabuki, shaved ice, family Unfavorable | Uncouth men, perverts, rude people, people who would threaten her family. Personality | As mentioned in the Appearance section, Yumi is a true lady: polite and soft-spoken, she will speak with a respectful tone and downcast eyes. However, there is more to her than meets the eye: she may look submissive and ingenue, perhaps even purposefully, but this rose has thorns. Others may think she is remissive and powerless, but she knows how to be subtle and operate within the means her "role" grants her. She may not ever show it publicly, but Yumi has a cunning mind with sharp intelligence and a strong will that won't bow for anyone. A word here, a look there, add a little subterfuge when necessary, and often no one ever finds out they were manipulated. She knows what she has, she knows what she wants, she knows how to use the former to obtain the latter, and she never loses her cool all the way, being capable of taking anything life throws at her. And should the time come to fight, she won't hesitate. She fights bravely, courageously, and without holding back. She won't turn away from danger or pain. She'll deliver the final blow herself, with violence if necessary, but she'll always mix the violence with class. After all, as she never tires to remind others, "shinobi" is written with the kanjis of both "death" and "beauty", and that is what she is: beautiful and deadly. Philosophy & Beliefs | Did I mention that "shinobi" is written with the kanjis of both "death" and "beauty"? Because in case you haven't noticed, "shinobi" is written with the kanjis of both "death" and "beauty". And since "shinobi" is written with the kanjis of both "death" and "beauty", Yumi's personal code of conduct revolves all around this fact, that "shinobi" is written with the kanjis of both "death" and "beauty". Throughout an average conversation, she's going to bring it up as often as I have done throughout this app. History & Background | Imagine having your family shattered. A ninja daughter of ninjas, Yumi never had much of a choice in her life. Her personal interests, like literature and kabuki, were always secondary, little more than afterthoughts, compared to the main goal that was laid down in front of her: become a ninja and follow in your parents' footsteps. Still, ever since her academy days, Yumi tried her hardest to give it her own spin, to bring her literacy and elegance to the world of ninjas (don't make me repeat the "shinobi" kanji thing). Besides, it wasn't like she disliked the idea of making her parents proud: she had always valued a lot the concept of family, and those that were included in this concept, parents and other relatives alike, were all very dear to her heart. This included Kaijin, her cousin (their fathers were brothers): he was a shy kid, kind of a loner really, but Yumi knew the icy exterior hid a golden heart, and loved him very much, seeing him as a surrogate younger brother, as she had been born an only child. Not that the bond between the two had no obstacles: apparently, their fathers did not get along, because Yumi's father had a bloodline ability and Kaijin's father seemed to have a problem with that. Such a situation grew more problematic as Yumi's parents died in a mission, something that is always in the realm of possibility in that line of work: initially, Yumi felt compelled to cling even more to her relatives, but shortly after she started demonstrating the same bloodline ability her father had, and his uncle's open hostility towards that pushed her away, forcing her to distance herself from what was left of her family. And then one day she came back from a mission to find that her uncle was dead and her cousin had a cut so deep in his throat he had lost the ability to speak, and was being considered for the death penalty on top of that. Thankfully, the Mizukage ultimately decided to show him mercy and entrust him to one of his personal guards, one Suijin Umiken. Immensely relieved that at least one of her relatives was still alive, Yumi couldn't help but cling to him even more: she now has something to fight for, as she ventures in the dangerous world of shinobis...
  25. Jutsu Name | 嵐遁・秘剣嵐剣 || Hiken: Arashigatana || Secret Sword: Stormblade Jutsu Type | Hybrid Ranking | B Element(s) | 嵐 || Storm Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu + Bukijutsu Energy Cost | 50 Chakra Handsigns | None Range | Melee Range - 3 Meters Duration | 3 posts Description | The user focuses storm elemental chakra through their weapon, sheathing it in a self contained field of burning plasma energy, radiating a harsh neon glow. While the weapon at the core of the heated plasma field remains unaffected by the heat of the technique, anything coming in contact with the outer surface of the plasma field sustains extreme burns, allowing the blade to cleave through almost all natural substances, melting rock and steel with ease. Due to the increased cutting potential of the weapon surrounded by the technique, the user gains +2 sub-levels of strength when striking with the weapon. Additionally, when striking, the wielder may extend the plasma up to 3 meters in total length, gaining additional reach to their attack and allowing it to catch opponents off guard, striking them before they are able to enter their own striking distance. Other Effects | Requirements | Storm release, Water Village Status | Restricted