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Name | Katakezenmi
Nickname | Katau
Rank | C
Species | Octopus
Contract | The Sages of Shin'enanshou


Appearance | Katau is a strange one, he moves about on land by using four of his legs as land walking legs, and the other four he uses as arms. He is dressed in a strange martial arts uniform that ends just above the middle of his legs. He is blue with octogon patterns in his skin. He is eight feet long, with six of those feet being his tentacles. 
Personality | Katau loves fighting, loves testing his powers against the surface dwellers. He is also exceedingly loyal, to whomever he is fighting with or for. He is stern, and takes little nonsense from anyone. He tends to really get into battle, shredding his foes apart with gruesome displays. 
Background | Katakezenmi was born alongside his twin brother Katakeihimi, and his brother was raised to be a sage, while Katau was noticed for his size and strength, and taken to be trained as a warrior. He was raised combating sharks and other underwater creatures. He was added to the summoning contract a few months after his brother, and was excited to test himself against the overworld. 

  • STR | 7 (Bukijutsu Specialty)
  • SPD | 1
  • REF | 5
  • END | 1

Special Abilities |

  • Weaving Movements: Katau fights with strange movements and patterns unfamiliar to all creatures besides himself, and thus gains a +2 to reflex.

Known Jutsu

Weapon(s) | Wakizashi C Rank
Specialty | Bukijutsu Novice

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