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Lightning release: Eye of Ra

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Jutsu Name | Lightning release: Eye of Ra
Jutsu Type | Suplementary 
Ranking | B
Element(s) | Lightning
Specialty(s) | Ninjutsus
Energy Cost | 25 CP to activate 15 CP to maintain (PP) 25 Cp for shield form


Handsigns | Rat - Dragon -Dog
Range | -Hover around the user within 10 meters

-Blast range-25 Meters
Duration | Dispelled 
Description | After performing the necessary hand signs the user concentrates chakra into the palm of his hands. The user's palm begins to secrete chakra which manifest and forms into charged clouds(3ftx3ft) which hover around the user. These clouds act as an extension to the user and can fire black lightning blast at the users whim (2 blast per post for each cloud). The clouds also induce a paralyzing effect when at close proximity to a target (If within the AoE for more than a post the user will then become paralazyed) this last one post (When within 5 meters of the cloud) ((Endurance of level 6 or higher can effectively resist these effects)) . The electric currents beneath the clouds can solidify around the user and act as a shield against attacks. The clouds themselves move at a lvl 5 speed around the user and form together at the same speed.(lvl6 Endurance) ((Cloud size shields are each 3x3ft(LW) they form two halves of a whole))
Other Effects | The clouds are dark and thick with spiraling lightning currents ripping from within. When they form and become a shield of two halves  molded in black static energy. The user can then use the clouds as shields for both arms.
Requirements | Lightning village, Ninjutsu, must be taught
Status | Open  

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Heyo looks P cool to me. 


However I'd like you to put how many blasts you can send out Per turn, or in total before the jutsu is drained. Right now you can shoot infinite lighting for the low low price of only 15 cp per turn.


I'd also like to see an additional activation cost, and speed added onto the paralyzing aura, and the shield for the same reason. 


And I'd like to see you describe the shield a little bit more. Just telling us what it looks like and and the dimensions of it. 


You're getting a lot of value out of a pretty cheap low level tech. So i might ask for more edits after seeing what you come up with.



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