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A trip in the storm: Tripping down memory lane

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Darkness had befallen the day as the stormy winds turned over the restless trees in the dark as lightning struck from afar. Rain clouds embraced the skies, the thick building of pressure all around the mountainous terrain could be felt in the air. The early dark blue sea called at a distance, its waves crashing against the unwelcoming jagged edges of the rocks. The cold breeze 

One flash...The icy dark poorly lit room reeked of death and carnage as organs painted the sandy white square walls the large yet compact storage room. Four heads hung on the four caged spikes impaled against the ground around lightning nin, he held another head from its long knotted hair in his right hand a clean cut, a ragged short blade in his left. His chest was bare and blood dressed him in a gown across his body, his black pants now tinted. A trail of red made its way down his right cheek as he stood there, his body appeared lifeless his eyes drained and distant. A man sat strapped against a chair at the center an arms reach away, behind him outside of the spikes another man arms held up by chains against the wall, a choker around his mouth impeding the man from making out any clear words. Twirling the knife around in his hand he walked over to the man, taking a closer look the man seemed to have several carving across his body, fresh wounds, and fresh stitchings across his torso. Ken stopped in front of the man before slowly driving the jagged blade into the right side of the mans stomach, making sure to tug at the flesh as he carved through. Leaving the blade sticking from the mans flesh he paced back around facing the seated man, looking around at the heads around him, his expression seemed disappointed at what he was observing.


Kensei turned his gaze to the man and smiled, his eyes were wicked and animal like as he leaned over him. Bringing his right arm across his body he wiped his cheek with the back of his right hand, blood squirted from the neck of the severed head splashing across the sitting mans face and upper body. 
"I find no pleasure in this, Having bested you in the field of battle a honorable death would of been the merciful approach to this ordeal. There is no war amongst animals, but man is a tricky creature of complex thoughts and dominating impulses. Allow me to further explain this further would you sir..."

The Shinobi erupted into a stream of tears and muffled words that sounded of supplication and desperation. Ken shook his head as he stood upright, circling around the man before stopping once more in front of him.


"Fear not, I too will carry your cries to the underworld if such is where our lives thus go when ash and rot has taken its tow. Alas you have information I require, and although I will not play games of deceit and tell you said information will result in your spared life, no friend your fate has been rewritten and destiny is all! But the manner in which you pass can be yours for the choosing. I can give you a warriors death with blade in hand a noble right, or one quick cut to drain you of your core, or if poison is more to your taste a touch could be arranged sir. I am not of such horrid taste to dishonor a man as to bury him with his intestines hanging and his reproductive parts inside their eye sockets but I am bound by word and blood. You can join the men around you, heads on spiked after we dispose of that in which we cannot use. You will find no rest as your body will never be honored if that is what you truly desire. Ponder sir even getting to such point would not prove a pleasant time, our medic outside will keep you breathing and respondent under the most critical conditions. She is a savant in her craft. I believe you are a man of civility and reason, one that knows of honor and what is right. What say you then sir... will you tell me about your leader and his plan or should your eye be the first of the burdens I'll remove and carry from this day forth..."


A second flash,followed by the blow of thunder interrupted the walking memory as rain poured down from above. Kensei laid shirtless against the cold hard rocky floor as the rain poured over him, drenching his grey fitted cargo pants. His eyes gazed up to the dark clouds above as small ripples of light zipped across the night sky. He seemed short of breath now as if being disturbed had ripped him from his vivid dream state, from where he laid the sky was a screen, a portal to a distant time. He wondered about the organic substances he had consumed earlier in the woods below, and whether the sky and the stars were for show, and aliens were in fact watching live and had seen him in this life. Would they judge him for what he has done? 



A third flash struck once more..

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