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Suijin Umiken

Grand Tournament (Round 2)(Closed)

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Tournament Rules

  1. All traditional site rules apply, so there will naturally be nothing that would not be allowed IC, despite the tournament being OOC.
  2. Your characters will have no recollection of the tournament, as it is considered OOC. Nothing may be gained from it other than prizes.
  3. If you have a complaint, file it with staff, do not start arguments over how the battle goes.
  4. You only utilize what your character was capable of or possessed by the time of your first post.
  5. 120 hours (4 days) after both combatants have posted, if the battle has yet to be decided, the victor will be determined by staff decision.
  6. You have until tomorrow at 10 PM EST to post in the thread, otherwise you will be considered forfeit.


The following are the match-ups for the second round:


Those who will be sitting out until these matches have been decided: @Yoshinori 

Yoshinori will face the winner of Kabel vs Izumi.


The time in each thread, as the match begins, will be 12 PM.


Grand Prize

(1 Winner) The Grand Prize for winning every match is an additional 5,000 Ryo + 1 Permanent Property in Respective Territory (Neutral for Wanderers)

Ranking Prize

(4 Winners) The Prize for winning every ranking match is 5000 Ryo + 1 Free Shinobi Rank-Up


Consolation Prize

(0 Winners)  The Prize for participating is 250 ryo, with an additional 500 ryo for each match wo

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All current combatants have until midnight Est tomorrow (Friday) to finish their fight, at that time the fight will be considered complete and staff will judge a winner if the fight is not completed.


@Dimi @Saisaki @Fa Zheng @Xing Cia

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