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"Stop! Thief!" sounded out deep from within the large diaphragm of a heavy set middle aged man.


Reimei swore and called over her shoulder as she sped into a run, "I paid for this, you ass!"


The man she knew as the most pompous dick of the village shouted back at her, "I'll have your hands for a trophy, Street Rat!"


"I didn't steal anything, you dumb boar!" Reimei knew he didn't care what she said, and neither did the village police running a few meters behind her. To this small village she was nothing more than what she looked like; a waif of a boy living on the streets. Which meant the dumb boar hated her. She dashed up a case of winding stairs built into the side of a building, climbed atop the roof, the police tight on her heels, and didn't think twice as she leapt off the side. The closest officer lunged towards her, but he was too late to stop her from landing atop a cloth awning and slipping down to the ground.


"You won't get away that easily!" was shouted down at her as she rose to her feet.


"Fuck! You think that was easy?" She clicked her tongue against the back of her teeth as two nearby women giggled at her from an open window, and turned to her right to see more officers start to come around the corner just as the first group were descending the stairs. She muttered under her breath, "All this for bread?" Seeing she was about to be trapped, she approached the two women. In her friendliest voice she addressed them," Hello ladies." 


Nue, the oldest one, crinkled her eyes at her, " A little early to be getting into trouble isn't it, Boy?"


She smiled back at the woman, her teeth flashing for a short charming moment, "Trouble? Nah," She leaned in close to Nue's ear, "you're only in trouble if you get caught." Just as she said it the men chasing her ran past and she stopped breathing. As soon as the men were out of sight, she sighed and gave Nue and her friend smooches on their wrinkly cheeks. "See you beautiful ladies later!"


As she hurried off she heard Nue remark, "That cheeky brat." She was flattered.


Reimei slipped through a thick crowd of men and entered into a dingy hole-in-the-wall bar. Suddenly assaulted by the smell of smoke, alcohol, and something much muskier, she felt at home. She let her eyes adjust before taking a seat at the bar. The fact that the chair came up to her chest was only a minor detail as she swung herself up. The young bartender behind the bar, whom at this point knew her off and on like the back of his hand in more than enough ways as well as the only one wise to the fact she wasn't actually a boy, already had a large tokkuri in front of her as she unwrapped the paper from the bread in her hand.


She would pour herself a shot before taking a bite out of her bread. No one immediately spoke to her, a nice relief from the hectic day so far. She needed a little quiet time.

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