The Flood Rats

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Name | The Flood Rats
Nickname | Boom Boom Squeakers
Rank | S-Rank (the plague rat’s act as D-Rank Summons)
Species | Plague Rat
Contract | The Plague Pact - Signed by Ghik Ashmane Elder of the Plagued Ones

Appearance | The Flood Rats are small rodents, the largest being no longer than a foot, and vary in fur color. They run on all fours and are resemble overgrown city rats.

Personality | These rats are just some of the hundreds of thousands who’ve yet to gain the intelligence of the fully grown Rat-kin. Having such limited intelligence means they can only follow simple instruction and don’t have identities of their own.
Background | The Flood Rats are the lowest of low amongst the plague rat clans, and yet have played an important role for as long as the elders have spoken the words of Frezzk the Plague God. The Flood Rats do as their name implies, flood an area and spread diseases, devour the small and weak, and in times of war are sacrificed to destroy the enemies of the Elder ones. For this purpose they are bred in masses, they live short lives but can be turned on the enemies of the Plague Rats in a flood of vermin.

Number of Flood Rats Summoned At One Time | 100 Rats

Special Abilities |

Boom Boom Squeakers: The Flood Rats are fed a special blend particularly volatile feed involving gunpowder and metal shards and then coated in petroleum, once lit they explode and send small pieces of metal flying over a 3 Meter radius.
Known Jutsu | N/A
Weapon(s) | N/A
Specialty | None

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This needs to be updated to fit the current system

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