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New Stat System

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A new Attribute system has been implemented and can be found in the Attribute tab where it has always been. Now we know this is a huge change that has happened several times now. We have listened to what you the members have been saying, and have discussed this extensively as staff, and have decided that this attribute system is the closest thing we could get to make as much of the site as we can happy. Now like every system this one may come with its own problems, and we will spend the next few weeks watching how everything plays out. This is not up for negotiation and although we want to hear your opinions this system is what we will be sticking with for the time being.


We understand that most of you have spent alot of time with the old systems, including making training topics and using the system to build your stuff. We ask that you all have patience with us over the next few weeks, we are going to work on compensating you all for the training topics with bonus ryo. We are also going to begin the process of updating all jutsu, weapons, bloodlines, etc to match the current system. Role playing will continue normally but we do ask that you try to form yourself to the new system as best as possible. There is a whole lot to get done a only a little bit of staff to do it, so the more patient and cooperative you are, the faster things will go.


The staff will also begin the process of creating cannon bloodlines and jutsu that will be readily available to the site. This may cause us to go back and look at older things that have already been approved. We only ask that you work with the members of staff and understand we are making strides to better the site for all of our current members and future members.


-SG Staff

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