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Old Theme vs New Theme

Akai Kunai vs Kuroi Ninja   16 members have voted

  1. 1. Should the default theme be set to Akai Kunai (new theme) or Kuroi Ninja (old theme)?

    • Akai Kunai (New Theme)
    • Kuroi Ninja (Old Theme)

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I am going to be gradually improving both the Kuroi Ninja and Akai Kunai themes for the site over the next few weeks, but the question is... Which theme should be the default theme? I personally prefer the old theme and kind of miss it, though I will likely be adding a light-weight slider to the Kuroi Ninja theme so do not let the slider affect your vote. Which theme do you genuinely prefer?


Kuroi Ninja


Akai Kunai


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The old template will always feel nostalgic, but the sliding announcements are really nice. Plus it's more functional, imo. ^_^

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