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Name | Akahana Uzumaki
Nickname | Hannah
Title Name | Lady 
Gender | Female
Age | 25
Birth Date | June 1st





Hair Color | Red
Eye Color | Red
Height | 5'5" [167 cm]
Weight | 120 Lbs [54 Kg]
Appearance | Hannah boasts a slender build of modest height accompanied by fair skin and vivid pink eyes. Her red hair reaches down well pass her lower back and ends slightly above above her knees. She usually sports short brown shorts, and long black thigh high stockings with black sandals. As well as cloth mesh that extends over her naval and ends just above her chest. Her left arm and chest are bound tightly by black cloth. In order to cover most of the black material upon her chest Hannah wears a makeshift part-shirt that she can adjust at will with the belt, she casually drapes the right side on her shoulder.



Village | Flame
Clan | -
Village Ranking: |  Jonin
Shinobi Ranking | A-Rank (S-Rank)
Element(s) | Doton, Crystal Release
Specialties | Summoning(Adept), Taijutsu(Novice)
Bloodline | -




Favorable | Power, lack of care, ambition, chocolate ice cream, loyalty, fire
Unfavorable |  Weakness, most people, spiders, most things, spiders x2
Personality | Hannah shows an inherent lack of care towards most things, living and non. Only showing interest for something if it stays in her life long enough. Whether it be an item or an actual living creature. The longer it sticks around the more likely she is to develop a deep care for it. Hannah despises short lived acquaintances and often comes off as vain and cold hearted to most, especially those she doesn't plan on seeing again. The only thing that matters to her is loyalty and longevity of the relationship(s) she forms.


On the reverse side she is an extremely loyal companion to those who stick around enough to befriend her. Going to extreme lengths if need be to ensure their happiness and well being over her own. If her best friend turned into the devil and was set to rule hell she would stand by their side as they burned the innocent alive.
Philosophy & Beliefs | Passionate about building long lasting relations and believes heavily in self freedom. Even though she doesn't care about those she doesn't know she has an odd inclination to try and bestow freedom onto those who lack it. A paradox she's always fighting within her mind.
History & Background | Hannah grew up in an Orphanage that has since burned down, nearly 20 years ago. Just like her parents (in the next sentence) no one knows exactly how the orphanage burnt down or why only three children that got out were the redheads. As said no one knows what happened to her parents and to this day it is a mystery though most speculate it was due to fighting between rival clans or villages. While in the orphanage she found friendship in two others whom she now calls her brothers. She always speculated it was due to their uncanny resemblance to each other despite being unrelated that first made them come together. Since that fateful meeting the three have been nearly inseparable. Her and her brothers had hard times after the orphanage burnt down and had resorted to creating their own gang they deemed The Lollipop Gang. This group while light in naming was no less than a stealth criminal organization that was rumored to have stolen thousands worth of goods from various stores across the land. Soon however their reign of childhood terror would come to an end once they heard the world of shinobi in a village closely. Instead of using their skills for ill gotten gains they put them to use in a lawful manner. Taking various jobs and chores they were assigned. Still, their ambitions and sights are aimed high. Their current chapter ends here, but as for what their future holds only time will tell.

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