The Blackpuss Rat Company

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Name | The Blackpuss Rat Company
Nickname | Ghirk, Shirk, Rett, Gokk
Rank | A-Rank Summoning - Each summon is C-Rank
Species | Plagued Rats
Contract | Plagued Rat Summoning Contract

Appearance |

Ghirk: Is a shorter plagued rat, only about four feet tall. However what he lacks in height he more than makes up for in a pudgy round body. He is one of the older of the ratkin in his company having survived the mushroom disaster. Ghiriks dirty fur, if not stained black with grime, is a natural gray color now with some patches of pure white around his rotund belly. His snout is somewhat shorter than the other rats and his smalling is not so good, his left ear is completely shaven off at the tip.


Shirk: Shirk is a lithe, four foot eight rat with long appendages and a snakelike tail he keeps wrapped around his waist. His fur is naturally black, he is a bit of an odd one and keeps himself on the cleaner side so of the ratkin he usually smells the least. His right eye has a straight scar running right through it making him nearly completely blind in the eye. He is missing his last finger on his right hand, but otherwise is in pretty good shape.


Rett: Rett looks dumb, he is four foot six, has the squarest head a ratkin has ever had, and big, bulging eyes that even unsettle the most disgusting of ratkin. His fur is patchy black, gray and some strange brown spots, no one is quite sure if that is a natural hair color or if he laid somewhere that he shouldn’t have. His nose, while having a distinctive square shape, has a cut in the right side. Down his right side is a long scar curving off his shoulder, down his side, and finally ending at his tail. It’s not a battle scar, he just had the right idea to have a drunk friend try to shave him once and it didn’t turn out so well.


Gokk: Gokk is the youngest of the company and looks it. He is fit for a ratkin and stands at an unassuming four foot five. His coat is a mangy black color, however he is unlikely to stand out in a crowd of his ratkin brothers and sisters. Having not yet seen many battles he is completely unmarked, however his tail is half the size of everyone else's. He likes to say that it’s a birth defect but Shirk keeps telling everyone that he got caught by one of the weird furry dogs when he was younger.  
Personality |

Ghirk: Ghirk is the most typical ratkin there could have ever been. He is not wildly intelligent but believes he is, he thinks there is something hiding in every shadow ready to kill him, and worst of all he is the leader of the Blackpuss Rat Company. As the leader he has a completely unearned sense of pride, or at least as far as a ratkin's pride might actually exist. He is a harsh leader, but in the end he is more than happy to steal a good idea from someone and claim it as his own, there's something to be said for that.

Shirk: Shirk is obsessed with killing Ghirk, no one is quite sure why but the lithe ratkin is utterly obsessed with the company's leader. There isn’t much else to the odd behaving rat, he doesn’t speak much except to threaten his leader, he doesn’t make friends with the others, and doesn’t much have a backstory. His simple, straightforward goal is to find the right time to drive a blade deep into Ghirk’s heart.  

Rett: Rett was dropped on his head once or twice while he was still young, then as he aged he thought bashing things with his head was a good idea. There isn’t much left of poor Rett, he follows orders in a clumsy way, but hey if you tell him to go stick someone with his pointy stick he will give it all he’s got.

Gokk: Gokk, having been the most recent addition of the Blackpuss Rat Company, hasn’t quite been tainted by all of the others. He is tactically sound, intelligent for his species, and he follows orders. The problem is that Gokk works with a bunch of eccentric morons and he knows it, so he tends to mock them whenever he gets the chance. Aside from that he is probably the only ratkin in the whole company that is worth actually speaking to.

Background | The Blackpuss Rat Company once had nearly fifty skilled rats under their banner. They gained a name for themselves as the most cutthroat, the most brutal, the dirtiest group of gutter running mercenaries in the whole clan, unfortunately most of them died. It was a real shame honestly, they had camped under a giant mushroom and a particularly dense and rotund rat decided to start eating it, starting at the base. As one might expect the mushroom came tumbling down, killing almost all of the ratkin.


After that the company fell on hard times, Ghirk took command and his small band was forced to take on the dirtiest of jobs the Plagued Rats had to offer. In their own way they did right by the memory of the company, however when it came time for the Elder to make a deal with a human they still got stuck serving some tall smooth skinned, such disrespect. If it hadn’t been ordered by the Elder Ghirk would have cut the smoothskins belly wide open in his sleep, but order were orders.


So thats how the Blackpuss Rat Company found themselves in the service of shinobi. At least they didn’t end up fed to the ogres.

Special Abilities | Rat Physique: the Plagued rats are known for living in filth, as such most poisons and other toxins have absolutely no effect on them.
Known Jutsu |

Rat Fever

Plagued Rat Bile

Clone Technique

Transformation Technique

Surface Walking Technique
Weapon(s) |


Plagued Rat Sword


Plagued Rat Wrist Blade


Plagued Rat Polearm


Plagued Rat Wrist Blade
Specialty | Taijutsu

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