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Name | Akane Higurashi
Nickname | "TBD"
Title Name |  "TBD"
Gender | Female
Age | 24
Birth Date | November 5





Hair Color | Natural Red
Eye Color | Medium-Brown
Height | 5'4''
Weight | 115 lb
Appearance | Akane is short and small in stature. She carries herself with air of confidence: head up, eyes focused, and straight backed in manner. She has chest length natural red hair, same as her father. She has wide medium brown eyes with long dark lashes, giving her an alluring gaze. Her features are generally soft in appearance and she spends no effort in accentuating any of her features: no make-up, no face paints, and no form fitting uncomfortable clothing. She views comfort as far more valuable than beauty, wearing plain and loose black cloth pants, wraps around her ankles, and fully closed-toe ankle high boots in a dull neutral shade. She prefers to loose wear cropped shirts, and usually halter topped, though still in muted natural colors. Often she can be seen wearing a white jacket as well, extending to her wrists, but habitually pushed up to her elbows and tied off there. Akane has a love for accessories, such as jewelry and hair pieces. Almost to a point of sheer vanity, she collects bracelets, armlets, necklaces, rings, and hair pins. Few know why, but it started when she was a little girl. Her mother was a loving woman who had always told her to "be confident" and yet had tricked her at a young age to believe that such trinkets were protective in nature. Of course, Akane no longer believes that an amulet will stave off evil, but as a child it worked well to provide her with a sense of hope and fearlessness and she never found herself bored with the variety of the little treasures. Despite her fondness, when on a mission, she is careful to not wear anything that will get in her way, as usual choosing practicality. On missions, she equips herself with a pouch around her waist and sometimes an extra around her thigh. One is for shuriken and such, while the other holds a supply of medical items like bandages, capped syringes, and various pills. On particularly dangerous missions, she wears a belt of kunai around her waist and disguises small sheathed kunai as hair pieces.




Village | Flame Village
Clan |  -----
Village Ranking: |  Chuunin
Shinobi Ranking | B-Rank
Element(s) | Fire (Primary), Wind (Secondary)
Specialties | Genjutsu (Novice), Medical Ninjutsu (Beginner)
Bloodline |  ----




Favorable | Painting, Windy weather, Long walks through nature, Accessories
Unfavorable | Bugs, Poor hygiene, Lazy people, Rules,  the color yellow
Personality | Akane is impatient and impulsive, disliking the monotony of coming up with a plan or taking a slow, cautious approach. In the medical field, bold and quick decisions save lives and she is both assertive and demonstrative of that style. She is determined and courageous, but fairly independent minded. Though she sees and values being part of a team, she rarely stops to ask permission or to run ideas by her team-members. Action is always preferred to non-action, regardless of the cost. Her biggest advantage with being unable to sit still, is that her hands really are always busy. She is very productive, a fast learner, and consistently alert to possible dangers or complications. Akane isn't often embarrassed, and doesn't enjoy playing games or being dramatic in the ways that women her age tend to be. She is blunt, even abrasive, and honest. Despite her proactive and zealous nature, Akane has great compassion for animals and for people. She might grumble at a patient for their stupidity, but she will tend to them with as much care as her own team. She won't take any guff, and tries not to give any out either, finding rudeness and bluntness to be a very thin and difficult line to manage. Akane tries to be respectful, but if she feels disrespected, will not shy away from responding with sarcastic comments or antagonistic behavior.
Philosophy & Beliefs | Akane believes that everyone has the right to equal medical attention, no matter what village, what ranking, or what financial level they are at. She strongly believes it is a medical shinobi's duty to move without fear and boldly leap into the line of fire in order to prevent serious injury to comrades or civilians, or to risk their life in order to provide such medical attention. Akane does not think that a medical shinobi should be a line of defense or that a medical shinobi need stay out of a fight on the basis of being a "support" to the mission. She thinks every person however should contribute to society in a helpful way and loathes uselessness or laziness in people. She views death as an obstacle for her to fight against in her line of work and enjoys aiding and healing in whatever way she can. She also believes that many members of society have become sloth-like and have generally fallen under a delusion that it is the job of a shinobi to secure and protect a village, or that if a village falls it is the failure of the shinobi alone. Disillusion is a major problem in society and she believes it is also her duty to help people to have a better grip of reality by using her genjutsu as "motivation" to participate or contribute to the village's ultimate goals. Lastly, she believes that rules are a general guideline that ought to be followed, but they should never get in the way of one's goals, if those goals are honorable.
History & Background | Akane grew up as an only child in her  small family in the Flame Village. Her parents were compassionate and thorough with child-rearing. Their occupations were as hard working vegetable farmers. Akane's fondness for animals and compassion towards life began at an early age with the family pony, Briza and a local stray white cat she named, Aka. Her parents directed her to the Academy, where she began shinobi training. Her parents told her it was important to give back to the community, to fight to protect innocents, and to always strive to be better. She became a Genin and continued her training until her mother became sick. Her mother was so sick she couldn't leave bed most days. Akane was needed to help out at home, caring for the vegetables and her mother. Six different medics, two from outside villages, had seen her mother and had judged her to be terminally ill and incurable. Akane was 12 when her father left home, packing his things and telling her he would find a medic somewhere to heal her mother. Akane was told to be the strong woman of the farm and to take care of her mother until her father returned. As her mother got sicker and sicker, Akane worked to provide whatever comfort she could: herbal salves, hot towels, and even genjutsu techniques to soothe her mother's weary mind. When Akane was 14, her mother was frail with translucent skin. She fell asleep and slept most days and one day, Akane returned from tending vegetables to find her mother asleep in death. Akane buried her mother alone and continued to run the farm. Without much hope and filled with intense grief and anger, she abandoned her home at the age of  16, unable to stand living in a house of death and abandonment any longer. Her father still had not returned and so she set off with few belongings into the village, becoming a thief. She found it was less work than managing a farm and a bit more profitable. Discovered by a man named Daichi at the age of 20, she was brought out of the life of petty crime and desolation and into the man's family compound for training. She worked hard in training, forming a close bond with Daichi as a mentor and friend, and viewing his siblings at first with wariness, and then with great respect. She earned her Chuunin rank after practicing her out of practice Genin skills and perfecting old talents. Today she strives still to improve and is much improved in state of mind and physical ability compared to who she was before meeting Daichi and his siblings.

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