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Suijin Umiken

Monthly Voting (June OTMs)

Member and Character of the Month (June)   13 members have voted

This poll is closed for new votes
  1. 1. Who do you find most deserving of Character of the Month?

    • Kabel Waltendon
    • Hitomaro Ito
    • Zarek Kanda
    • Cherche Grantaire
  2. 2. Who do you find most deserving of Member of the Month?

    • Drak
    • Soul
    • Momiji

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The polls are finally up for everyone to vote on who should receive Character of the Month and who should receive Member of the Month. Simply cast your vote above for whoever you feel should win. The only rules are that you may only vote with one account (no alts) and you may not vote for yourself. Any votes that violate either rule will be ignored when tallied. Below, you will find the names of the contenders along with links to their Character Sheet (for COTMs) and links to their profiles (for MOTMs). The polls close soon but be sure to vote swiftly.


Character of the Month Contenders

Kabel Waltendon
Hitomaro Ito
Zarek Kanda
Cherche Grantaire

Member of the Month Contenders



Rewards for Winners

1000 Ryo

Placement on Widget & Slider

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