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Well guys, some pretty bad stuff has just happened in my life and I really don't feel like rping is really a great thing to be doing right now. I senserely apologise for how bratty I probably was during applications, I have no excuses. I had a great time here all in all, I loved writing with you all and I hope that we one day get to meet again. Feel free to complete or archive any of my current applications, I probably won't be needing them anymore. Also, you can npc my characters (Freya and Shinrai) to leave any threads were in at the moment. Also, I relinquish my space in Odotai so I'm not just hogging the space when I'm not even using it.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this pleasant experience you have all given me. My time here was short, but I really felt like I made a lot of progress with my horrible writing skills.


So long, good luck with the rest of the site!

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Well that sucks, hope everything works out for you. We will still be here if you ever get the urge to come back. 

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