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The Shinobi Way began decades before the founding of the Lightning Village, the world's oldest shinobi village, in the year 0 A.S. Legends say that it all began with the Great Sages, each wielding vast and unimaginable power. Although all people possessed chakra, they were the only two at the time capable of utilizing it in any capacity. Their father, the original Grand Sage, did not live long enough to carry out his goals for the world. However, his abilities were passed onto his two sons in halves. One brother was known as the Sage of Life, due to his mastery of Yang Release, whereas his brother was regarded as the Sage of Creation, due to his mastery of Yin Release. The Sage of Creation wished to share their power with one another so that they could each master both Yin and Yang Release, and even spread it to as many as possible. The Sage of Life, however, was adamantly opposed to the proposal when it was presented to him by his younger brother. The Sage of Life thought it best that such great power was kept divided between two beings, as it would allow them to act as a check and balance on one another. He also did not believe that it would be used wisely by the common man and thus wanted to share their gift discriminately and only towards the betterment of all.


The Sage of Creation insisted for some time but eventually surrendered to his brother's refusal, or so it seemed. With Yin Release alone, he could not undermine his brother as he needed him if he intended to carry out his goals. For decades, he went along with the Sage of Life, granting the first Kages their abilities and instructing them to establish villages in order to safeguard their people and prosper. In this time, the Sage of Creation developed Fuuinjutsu, particularly a technique that would allow him to absorb the power his brother inherited from their father and make it his own. And one fateful day, he carried out his subterfuge. As his brother slept, the Sage of Creation placed the seal on his forehead, absorbing the Yang Release and those elements that he did not already command through it. Even as he woke, there was nothing he could do; the seal suppressed his chakra and body, keeping him perfectly still until death.


The Sage of Creation sealed his brother's body away and granted large portion of the world the ability to utilize chakra, from the weakest and least adept to the strongest and most powerful. Eventually, he vanished without a trace. Leaving behind the Legend of the Grand Sage, as well as a world founded on shinobi and violence. Those who were neither apart of a village nor a shinobi quickly died off, slaughtered by rogue shinobi and the sudden eruption of war in the neutral lands. For nearly an entire century, the villages fought to expand their territory and protect their people. However, sentiments of peace are budding among the once war-mongering lands.


Years in the shinobi world, since the time of the sages, has been determined by the passage of time since shinobi were first introduced. In the year 0 A.S., the great sages granted the ability to combine the physical and spiritual energies inherent in all living things in order to produce jutsu of astounding might and power. With this introduction of ability came the establishment of the first shinobi village, the Lightning Village, in 25 A.S. It came to attract scores of shinobi from across the world who were seeking to expand their power and engage in a community of similar shinobi. Those villages that had yet to adopt the shinobi system quickly came to either succumb or perish to the might of the Lightning Village. The Water Village, which for decades had poured its resources into the arming and training of civilians, came to recognize the benefits of adopting the shinobi system, and thus followed suit in 32 A.S. Finally, in 54 A.S., the Flame Village came to be born, attracting some of the most talented and capable shinobi from throughout the world.


In 80 A.S., tensions had finally risen to an unsustainable degree. There were more shinobi villages in the world than one could count on both hands. Disputes over territory and influence led to the Great Shinobi War, where the villages vied for conquest of the world around them. Within 6 years, this war came to an end, at the cost of thousands of shinobi lives. A truce was formed by the three major villages: Flame, Water and Lightning. They used their combined military might to crush any resistance to the peace, enforcing it upon the smaller villages which still longed to expand their territory. Although it created a deep resentment among those villages that either lost the shinobi war or did not have the chance to acquire as much land or influence as the major villages. The current year is 105 A.S., and shady organizations are plotting to overturn this peace established by the major villages, with the assistance of the minor villages.

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