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Early morning in the Water Village was a sight to be sure, the Sun rose and cast golden rays down on the village, suffusing the ever present mist that hung around the village with the appearance of golden silk. The people lazily rising and going about their days. The cool air carrying the smells of breakfast. The wind bringing the bustle of the city to one's ears.


All lost on Tsunagari Setsu. 


The ANBU elite stood under the main gate of the Water Village, leaning against a pole just inside the gate. He stood with hooded eyes, and a grumpy expression, not a morning person by any definition. In his left hand, a steaming cup of coffee, with far too much sugar and cream. In the other, a bag of assorted donuts, into which he peered with longing quite often. The aroma from the donuts was killing the poor man. He reflected on the circumstances which placed him here, earlier than should be allowed by law to go to work. He had received a missive from the Kage, it was simple, a mission. What had caught his eye, was the extra bit tagged on. Two genin were to accompany him. He had been given no details on them whatsoever. All he knew was their appearances, names and the fact they were Genin. One was Meiko Tokiyama, short stature, dark brown hair. The other was Kurai Uchiha, also short, but blonde. Since they were Genin, probably both quite young, which sucked. No sexual tension with a beautiful, experienced kunoichi, that eventually blossomed into a deep meaningful relationship. Nope, just teenage hormones to ignore and continued terrible luck in his love life. 


He sighed, this was probably another test by Zarek. Though since this one didn't involve any kind of pit, or near drowning, or brutal killing, he was fine with it. Though what might the kage be testing. Maybe leadership skills? Maybe if he was a creep? He was, but not that kind, ew. Maybe if he was ready to assume some kind of role as a teacher in the village? He sighed and shifted weight again. He kept his eyes moving, watching for the two's arrival, the cobwebs were starting to clear a little, but not by much. 

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It was early morning in the water village when Meiko rose from her slumber. Today she would be going on a mission, a mission that she was extremely excited to go on. She hadn't ever really been on that many missions and most of the missions that she took were of the lowest rank. This mission was different though, it was a B-rank mission. Meiko would ready herself for the mission by taking a shower and throwing on her clothes. She would then exit her house and would begin to wander through the Water Village.


Her destination would be the main gate of the Water Village, she'd be meeting up with a higher ranking shinobi and another Genin. It seemed that today she would be accompanying the higher ranking shinobi who went by the name, Tsunagari Setsu along with a Genin who went by the name Kurai Uchiha. When Meiko reached the main gate she would look around for a while before seeing the older man standing at the gates. She would approach him slowly before asking, "Hello, are you Tsunagari Setsu?" If he replied yes she would follow up his response with, "I'm Meiko Tokiyama, it's a pleasure to meet you, sir." Upon saying that she would be ready to make small talk with the man if he had decided that he wanted to talk to Meiko while they waited on Kurai. If he didn't want to talk she would stand next to him in silence and would keep an eye for Kurai, the next person who would join them. Meiko didn't know what Kurai looked like but she could at least keep her eye out for someone who looked like they were looking for something. 

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