Tensōgu 3rd eye(Shinseina)

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Jutsu Name | Shinseina(Sacred Eye)
Jutsu Type | Purchased
Ranking | D Rank | C Rank | B Rank | A Rank
Element(s) | N/A
Specialty(s) | N/A
Energy Cost | D-Rank (5/5) | C-Rank (15/5) | B-Rank (25/10) | A-Rank (30/15)


Handsigns | Snake, Tiger
Range | 5m | 10M(aoe) | 15(aoe) | 20(aoe)
Duration | 2P | 3P | 3P | 4P
Description | The Shinseina is called the Sacred Eye, more commonly called the third eye. The Shinseina is the spiritual eye in the middle of the forehead of those with the Tensōgu bloodline. Invisible to the naked eye, only those with the Shinseina and another doujutsu which can see chakra such as the Byakugan may see the Shinseina. With the Shinseina activated, the user may see spirits of other player characters. As a spirit sensory type, the Shinseina allows the Tataru clansmen see the soul. Naturally those things without a soul will not show a soul. The Shinseina has limited range and ability: opening of the spirit eye only allows the Tataru to see a glimpse of the spirit world around them. The range of the Shinseina may never exceed 20M(aoe) but can see spirits through solid structure such as walls. The Shinseina may not be used to obtain metagame information about other player characters. All player characters souls are white when interacting with the Tataru, their souls lightening or darkening based on the actions they choose around the tataru. Tensogu bloodline(link)
Other Effects | The Shinseina only needs activated for player characters. Without activation, the Spirit Communion of the Shinseina still allows the Tataru to see non-player character spirits and talk to them. In no way do the spirits assist or offer metagame information about player characters.
Requirements | Tataru bloodline & forehead tenketsu
Status | Open- Tataru Clan

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Alright now I read the clan so I feel pretty good you are not intending to use the spirit communication to metagame soe I am good with this. 




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