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A hooded figure weaves themselves through the crowded streets, features hidden beneath the large cloak, intentions unknown. The sun rises over head, signaling the afternoon rush, causing crowds of people to pour into the streets. Workers hurry home, ready to end a busy day on the job, children play and run around, enjoying the gift of youth. Shinobi patrol the streets, making sure the village is protected and safe. All fail to notice the small frame of an unknown revolutionary, quickly sliding a rolled up piece of paper from beneath the cloak. Using the busy afternoon air and the frantic crowds as cover, the individual quickly unrolls the paper to reveal a colorful and large poster. With one swift motion the poster is placed upon the wall of a local shop, in prime space for all to witness. Like a distant shadow the stranger is gone, with no one aware that they ever existed. All that remains is a poster, a symbol of revolution, a spark that will soon unleash an uprising. People start to notice this poster, and in a matter of minutes crowds form around the building. No one knows what it means, but as more and more begin to pop up, many begin to think change is on the wind. Although each poster is different, the message is the same, and beneath each of them is written a single phrase.



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