Shadow Imitation Technique

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Jutsu Name | Shadow Imitation Technique
Jutsu Type | Supplementary
Ranking | C-Rank - S-Rank
Element(s) | N/A
Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu
Energy Cost |
C-Rank: 15 CP Activation, 5 CP Per Post

B-Rank: 25 CP Activation, 10 CP Per Post

A-Rank: 30 CP Activation, 15 CP Per Post

S-Rank: 50 CP Activation, 20 CP Per Post
Handsigns | Ram -> Dog -> Serpent -> Hare -> Monkey -> Horse
Range |

C-Rank: 15 Meters

B-Rank: 20 Meters

A-Rank: 25 Meters

S-Rank: 30 Meters
Duration |

C-Rank: 3

B-Rank: 3

A-Rank: 4

S-Rank: 4
Description | The Shadow Imitation Technique allows the user to send their shadow across surfaces, connecting to other shadows, to a target. Once it reaches the target it will connect to their shadow and heavily restrict their movement. The victim will then be forced to mirror all the users movements until either the user runs out of chakra, the technique is interrupted, or the duration expires. The victim can resist this effect, being able to slow the process of mimicry slightly if their strength is of the same rank as the jutsu. If their strength is of higher rank, they'll also be able to perform movements of their own, albeit very slowly, provided those limbs are not already being the subject of mimicry. If their strength is two ranks higher, the duration of the jutsu is cut in half, rounded down. 
Other Effects |

- The user's shadow can only be stretched to about double their actual height, after that they will need other shadows to link to. That means this technique isn’t very effective on wide open, sunlit plains.
Requirements | N/A
Status | Open - Nara Clan

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