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Q: Where do I start in order to be able to roleplay here? And what are the steps I should complete before starting a roleplay?


A: The most important thing you should do first, after registering of course, is take a look at our Rules and Guidlines section, it will help set you on the right path for your SG journey. After a glance at the rules make sure you check out the RP Systems section. It's important to know the terminology and systems that you will encounter when creating a character. From there it's all about the Character Creation guide, in there you will find all you need to get you started.


Q: How many Specialties and Elements am I allowed per rank?


A: Specialties and Elements are determined by your Shinobi Rank, that is the E, D, C, B, A, S, SS, X-Ranking that you have. For elements you can find all the info at the bottom of the Elemental Systems guide. To find out how many specialties you start with and what rank they are check out the bottom of our Specialty Systems guide. 


Q: How do I get my rank?


A: The first way to get your rank is to apply for a character of a certain rank, that information is covered elsewhere in the FAQ, the other way is to rank up through EXP gain. You can find a detailed explanation of our ranking system in the Ranking System guide. Keep in mind that it is up to you to keep track of your EXP gain either in the character sheet or in the character information section of the profile page. 


Q: How does the exam work?


A: There are two parts to the exam that are really important, the first is making sure that the Rank you are aiming for is open! You can check the Starter Availability to decide if the exam is worth taking for you. Keep in mind you don't need to take an exam at all to start as a C-Rank. If you are trying out for a B-Rank it is a simple scenario post, done by you in one post reaching a word count. If you are trying for anything higher than B-Rank you will be tested in a combat scenario by one of our trusty Staff Members. A few posts will be exchanged and then they will award you the rank they feel you've earned. 


Q: What is a specialty and how many can I have?


A: Specialties are a bit like classes here, we currently have eight different specialties that you can read more in detail on in our Specialty System guide. A characters specialties will dictate what rank of jutsu they are allowed to learn as well as offering small bonuses to their combat traits. Your rank will determine how many specialties you can have as well as how high you can train those specialties, that is also included in the Specialty System guide. To learn more about the bonuses specialties offer in combat you can read the Attribute System guide. 


Q: How does my rank play into my specialties (ie: what can I do with my specialties based on my rank)?


A: You are limited in how high you can train your specialties depending on your Shinobi Ranking. For a more detailed explanation of when you can train your specialties refer to our Specialty System guide. Your specialties are what allow you to unlock higher level jutsu and skills. 


Q: If I don’t have a specialty, what is the highest ranking techniques I can get that use that specialty?


A: Currently all characters are allowed to learn any E-Rank - D-Rank Jutsu/Techniques regardless of specialty. Keep in mind that if that technique scales like the Body Flicker you will only be able to use it up to D-Rank without the required specialty. All of this info can be found in the Specialty System.


Q: Can I improve my specialties without changing my rank?


A: Yes you can! You are allowed to train your specialties up to allow you to use jutsu one rank over your Shinobi Rank after C-Rank, so a B-Rank, with the appropriate specialty level, could learn A-Rank Jutsu. This is detailed further in the Specialty Systems guide. 


Q: What is the difference between the Character Application and the Character Sheet?


A: The Character Application is the first form you need to fill out, on it is all the personal information about your character. The application will have history, a personality, and an appearance as well as some of the Shinobi particulars such as rank and village. The Character application goes in the Character Creation board. The Character Sheet is actually where you store all the combat information and training's your character does. This includes what Jutsu you own, items, pets, and other important things to note. This is also where you will do all your purchasing by simply posting an update in your own character sheet thread and waiting for a staff member to come and approve it. That can all be found in the Character Management section of the board. 


Q: Where do I find my starting Ryo?


A: Depending on the rank that you start at, you receive a certain amount of Ryo that you can use to buy gear and jutsu to get you jump started on your new character. This information can be found at the bottom of the Currency System.


Q: Can I have personal Jutsu? How many per Rank?


A: The answer is yes, all C-Rank Shinobi and up can apply for personal Jutsu. Step one is getting them approved in the Jutsu Creation section, then you simply buy or train for them and add them to the Character Sheet. So how many Jutsu do you get at your rank personal or public? That is easily found in our Creation Rules section. 


Q: What rank weapon can I have?


A: If you are a Bukijutsu main you can have weapons and items of equal rank to yourself, this is to represent your specialization in the use of weapons. If you do not take Bukijutsu as a specialty you can have weapons and items 1 Rank lower than your Shinobi Rank. 


Q: What are styles? How do they work?


A: Styles are the way Taijutsu and Bukijutsu specialists choose to fight, essentially they are what they sound like. They are scaling skills built around your character fighting a certain way, a bit like jutsu but built around simple concepts like striking, movement, or how you handle your chosen weapon. You can find more details in the Style Template, we also recommend looking at some of the approved styles to give you an idea how they are built.  


Q: How fast are Jutsu?


A: This is a common question and one that has a pretty simple answer, after all we determine everything by rank. Jutsu will move at the speed of their Rank, so a C-Rank Jutsu would move at C-Rank speed. What does that mean? Well it means that a C-Rank Shinobi couldn't outrun it in a foot race but a B-Rank Shinobi might. How does that play in the thread? Well a B-Rank Shinobi would have a much easier time reacting to a C-Rank fireball coming at them than a C-Rank Shinobi. That doesn't mean a B-Rank always just dodges a C-Rank Jutsu, what really matters is the set-up and then the execution!


Q: How fast are our characters?


A: Much like with the Jutsu question we determine character speed by Rank. So to compare, if you are C-Rank you probably won't catch a B-Rank in a foot race. But again how does this play when trying to close a distance? Well a B-Rank Shinobi would be able to react to a C-Rank's charge pretty reasonably, but if an S-Rank were charging the same distance it would be very difficult for the B-Rank to react before they reached them. Speed is relative and based on rank, what we want to avoid is people speed blitzing because that is lazy role-playing.


Q: For Multi-Rank Jutsu, how much Ryo do I pay?

A: Multi-Rank Jutsu are payed for at the rank of your character, what does that mean? That means if my Jutsu scales from C-Rank to S-Rank and my Shinobi is B-Rank I only have to pay the B-Rank price for it. 

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