Shape Change: Color

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Jutsu Name | Shape Change: Color
Jutsu Type | Supplementary
Ranking | D
Element(s) | None
Specialty(s) | Medical
Energy Cost | None


Handsigns | None
Range | Personal
Duration | Until altered
Description | A basic jutsu used by those with the Body Changers mutation. The user can instantly change the color and hue of various aspects of their body. This can include hair color, eye color, skin color and the color of minor details like birthmarks. This can only change the color of the natural body.They can change the color to normal colors that would be seen on other people, or even wild or abnormal colors such as reds and blues.  Due to the mutation of the Karada no Henka bloodline, it takes no chakra to upkeep and can be worn for as long as they desire. Those with this jutsu must post a spoiler at the beginning of each topic with a description of their current appearance. 
Other Effects | The effects of this jutsu are permanent until used again and can carry over topics. (user must create a spoiler in each topic with their current appearance.)
Requirements | Must have Karada no Henka Mutation
Status | Open

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