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Rise of the Legion!

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"Rise of the Legion"


It is time for Shinobi Generations first ever plot event! This is going to be a site wide event that is open to all to participate in, regardless of rank, skill level or village affiliation. Now while taking part in the plot event is optional, the events that take place will directly affect both the world and the site, so make sure to get involved and help shape our world. This event will be the first in a series of plot based activities that will take place over the next few months, with each chapter leading into the next. The goal is to tell a complex and interactive story while giving the members something bigger to be apart of. Things can continue to go the way they have been, with you making creations, doing missions and interacting with each other, while the over arching plot will always remain ever present in the back ground. This is your moment to be apart of SG history, being apart of what shapes and forms our world. This event will work like any other story, being broken down into chapters, with the events of the first carrying over into the next. Every part of the plot will be guided with staff working behind the scenes to give you a deep and immersive story. This is meant to be a fun exciting opportunity for all members of SG to live out a more defined story line, so we ask that you keep the story in mind while participating. Now lets get on with the story!



Chapter One: You Can't Kill an Idea!

Over the past couple of weeks mysterious posters have been popping up through out each of the villages. It started small, with a poster here and there through out lesser known parts of the world, however it has begun to catch like wildfire, with every street corner in every major village now playing host to one of these posters. They are simple sheets of paper, all with different images or different slogans, but they all have the same message: Revolution. Normally the rantings and ravings of mad men get tossed aside, however the public has taken to these, and now groups of protesters are beginning to spring up across the villages, wearing symbols of revolt and chanting words of protest. And yet none of them really know what they are protesting against. There is some force at work here, someone behind the scenes who is working very hard to entice distrust among the populace, and they are succeeding. Who ever is behind these actions has yet to show themselves, and yet the effects are already starting to show. Tension is building, people are demanding change, but can change come when a problem has yet to surface?


The leaders are beginning to grow unsettled, they are being asked to fix things that are not broken. With the uncertainty of what will happen next rising there has been a call to take action, all active shinobi being put on alert and are being asked to assist in the situation. The kage's and elders of each village have created task for their Shinobi, to patrol the village, investigate the area around these posters and to even remove the propaganda. The longer these adverts remain open to the public, the harder it becomes to control the growing tension. All Shinobi are being assigned to missions to help rid the village of these posters. It is important that as much information as possible can be obtained, if there is any hope of unveiling the mysterious person behind these actions, more information must be gathered.


Mission Name | Investigate Propaganda Posters

Mission Type | Plot (Open to all Villages)

Ranking | C

Repeatable? | Yes, Mission must be completed by two man cells, can not be done solo

Reward | 500 Ryo and 20 EXP to each participant.

Mission NPCs | None

Mission Description | Each Shinobi is being tasked with investigating the area around the location of one of the posters. They are to scope the area looking for any clues for who might have placed the poster. They should also remove any poster they may find and quell any unruly civilians in the vicinity. If the shinobi manage to locate a suspicious individual they are to take as much detail as they can, but are not advised to engage in open combat. With the growing tension of the civilians rising a dangerous riot is the last thing the leaders need on their hands. This mission must be completed by two man cells and can not be done solo.

Word Count | The mission is considered complete when the area has been properly investigated. The mission is not considered complete until a total of ten post have been made, five from each participant.

Requirements | The title must contain a (Plot) tag in the title line. Once completed you may turn in on your character sheets. These missions do not count towards the mission limit and can be done regardless of how many other missions you have going on.


Unrest is growing, the villages are losing control of their population, and it is up to you to get to the bottom of this. What sinister plot lies behind these cries for revolution, what unknown force pulls the strings from the shadows. Will peace return to the villages or will this mysterious entity prevail at starting an uprising!

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Chapter Two: The Rally

Tension has continued to grow through out the villages, with the general population getting uneasy with each passing day. Posters have continued to go up, littering much of the modern world in hate speech and propaganda against the Shinobi Villages. The villages have been busy patrolling the streets and removing these posters, spending much of their resources on investigating the locations. With the combined effort of the ninja inspecting these posters, rumors of a secret underground rally have begun to pop up. Each village has learned of an underground meeting being held in secret some where in the village. The details of this meeting are unknown, however it has been said that the leader of this revolution will be there in person, delivering a speech. The leaders are interested in this mans motives and are eager to get eyes and ears into the meeting. What purpose does this mysterious man have for holding rallies? Why is he doing it hidden deep within the village? It is up to you to get to the bottom of these mysterious events.


The first round of our plot activities have come to an end! As of now the Investigate Propaganda Posters missions are closed. You may continue any currently open topics and finish the mission, however no new ones may be created. All of the hard work from our members have opened up the next phase, a secret rally being held by an unknown figure! The leaders are assigning their shinobi with a special covert mission, a mission to infiltrate the rally undetected and under a disguise. The elders are curious as to what this mans intentions are, and instead of making a mess, they want you to sneak in and see what message this man has. This comes with a new mission, unlike the first mission this one will be three separate topics, one for each village. Once the topic goes up, all members of that village will receive a secret message detailing where this meeting will be held. Once the topic is up you will have until Wednesday, July 19th to make your first post. This post should be you detailing how you got to the rally, how you hid yourself and what you are doing in the crowd. On the 19th the topic will be closed to anyone who has not already posted in it. The topic will continue with staff controlling the pace of the topic. This one is time sensitive, so make sure you reply if you are interested. Once you make your first entrance topic, you do not need to post again until the story teller has posted. These topics will explain the plot and lay out the floor plan for the upcoming chapters.


Mission Name | Infiltrate the Rally

Mission Type | Plot (Open to all Villages)

Ranking | B

Repeatable? | No, You must make your first post before July 19th

Reward | 30 Exp will be rewarded to everyone who participated after the topic

Mission NPCs | None

Mission Description | A secret rally has been discovered, one being held somewhere within the village. You are charged with infiltrating this rally while under disguise. The elders want you to gather as much information as you can without giving away who you are. This rally is bound to be filled with dangerous people and many criminals. While you may get the desire to attack or apprehend the enemies, starting something may only cause the situation to escalate, putting you and any one else in danger. Your job is to remain under cover and obtain as much information as you can. You must not reveal who you are or why you are there. This is a very delicate mission, for if the enemy is engaged or the rally is ended early, the mission is considered failed for every one involved.

Word Count | Each person who wishes to participate must make one post before the 19th. Once the topic is closed the rally will begin. The mission is not considered complete until the rally is over and the speaker has given his speech.

Requirements |  Once completed you may turn in on your character sheets. These missions do not count towards the mission limit and can be done regardless of how many other missions you have going on.

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