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Hello hello. Been a while, everyone. Glad I made my way back into this general group--I hope things go well, and that this site lives a much longer-lived life than Ingoo.


I went by many names, but the main many people knew me by (although that character died fairly fast) was Hayate Aburame. Though I also had the characters Masuno Kukarumo, and Kaito Ourouh. Perhaps most of you know of one of those--or their many other incarnations that I have implanted into many other Naruto RPs across the world.


Even though some of you might know me, know that I am probably way different than the guy that you do remember. For one, when I started RPing on my very first RP site, which was Ingoo, I was 12. I am now 20, much more mature, etc. So, I'm looking forward to getting to know the Ingoo people once again, and getting to know the people who are here but were never there as well.


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Welcome, Bro!  To the greatest RP, you'll ever discover.  Take your time and go through the rules/systems as it will help. 

Any problems just send a message to the admins or the C box. Everyone here is friendly. 

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Welcome to SG, you will probably find some familiar faces. 

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