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Name | Renya Asaemon
Nickname | Ren, Asa
Title Name | The Bastard
Gender | Male
Age | 18
Birth Date | 03/25





Hair Color | Dark Brown
Eye Color | Blue
Height | 6'2"
Weight | 175 lbs.
Appearance |

Standing at 6'2", Renya is a tall young man with a lean build. From a glance, he could appear weak due to the lack of muscle mass on his frame and his long limbs when clothed. One should not judge a book as underneath his garb is a well-trained body that is low on body fat and toned in muscle. He prefers his body to be capable of optimal strength without sacrificing speed, flexibility and his cardio for a bulkier build. Rather than look intimidating with a large bulky body, Renya lets his talents and his actions do the intimidation for him. He keeps good posture with his chest high, his neck straight, with his shoulders back. Posture is important to Renya as he sees it as a display of strength in having control and discipline over his body.


For his complexion, Renya's skin tone is that of an olive color from genetics and years of being constantly outdoors under the exposure of the sun. His dark brown hair, in addition to complimenting his olive skin, drapes over his ears and forehead in the form of an untamed mane. Under his bangs are his thin dark eyebrows that are eloquent in delivering the right expression in whatever mood his face needs to display at the time. His almond-shaped eyes are an icy cold blue that give a piercing gaze to those who are in his line of sight. Slightly lower down his face is his nose that is small with a straight bridge that goes well with his high cheekbones. Due to these features along with his smooth skin, Renya's face radiates beauty. While most would love to have such a face, Renya wishes to have more masculine facial traits and is poked fun at by other males for his youthful yet delicate looks.


Renya's choices of attire consists of simple and practical outfits. He prefers threads that bring him comfort and efficiency over threads that just look flashy or appealing. His main outfit, which he wears most of the day, acts as both his casual wear and shinobi uniform. The upper body portion of this outfit has its most outer layer in the form of a black wool cloak. The cloak, while appearing to be worn for only fashion purposes, is worn to protect him against the elements and as an emergency blanket when having camp out while on a mission. The next layer is of his upper body is his padded vest that he wears for utility and armor instead of a flak jacket. A midnight blue in color, Renya's vest is more form fitting and less bulky than the average flak jacket for the sake of comfort and movement. Underneath his vest is a white cotton collared shirt. While only the collar and sleeves of the shirt are visible when wearing his vest, Renya can be seen without the vest and cloak when relaxing at an inn or when casually about while not being on a mission.Around his neck and slightly above the collar of his shirt, Renya wears his forehead protector. However, due to it being around his neck and not his forehead, it would be more accurate to be referred to as a neck protector. For the lower body portion, Renya wears midnight cargo pants that match his vest as well as provide pockets for extra utility. For his footwear, he wears simple black leather boots as they are practical and useful for many terrains and situations.




Village | Lightning
Clan | N/A
Village Ranking: | Genin
Shinobi Ranking | C
Element(s) | Wind, Ice (Acquired from Bloodline)
Specialties | Bukijutsu (Beginner)
Bloodline |




Favorable | Cutting down foes/victims, Testing peoples nerves (Being a little shit), Beef and Pork Bowls, Herbal Tea, Plums, Pride/Confidence
Unfavorable | Cowards and the Weak-Willed, Self-Righteousness, Insects, Sweets, Politics, Alcohol
Personality |                                     

     *THE YIN*

Renya Asaemon on the surface is an antagonistic young man who radiates an aura of apathy and nihilism. Those who greet him for the first time will rarely have a positive first impression as will receive no sense of welcoming or warmth from him. His eyes are filled generally with a sense of indifference and disconnect with the world around him. Those who don't catch his interest or have a certain vibe he can connect with will be nothing more than a mere spec of sand on a beach to him. He downright ignores or even insults these specs in hopes of them just leaving him and his own little world alone. Renya doesn't just insult to drive people away, but also for pure entertainment value of getting a reaction just to instill some life to the individual in his view. It's also this apathy of his that makes him dangerous and efficient when it comes to combat and missions as a shinobi. With his apathy, Renya doesn't let morality get in the way of his decisions, making them instead based on logic, necessity , efficiency, and whatever would most benefit him and his interests. He has no qualms with killing if it benefits him and even enjoys it when it's against a worthy opponent or if its striking down scum. The killing of these two categories of victims reward him with a type of high that is mixture of an adrenaline rush and bloodlust. However he does have issues with striking down the defenseless like children, women and men who are unarmed and not a danger. It's not that it's morally wrong to do so, but that it proves no feeling of satisfaction for his bloodlust as they provide no danger to him or a sense of accomplishment. While Renya hates scum who abuse the weak, he can be seen as hypocritical, as he isn't fond of the weak themselves. What he dislikes about the weak isn't that they are weak, but the fact he believes they can be strong but choose to remain weak. He sees himself as the embodiment of someone weak becoming strong and that everyone else is capable of such a feat.



Underneath his apathetic and antagonistic surface is what can be considered Renya's true nature. Those who gain his respect or his interest are those capable of breaking the surface and seeing the deep ocean of who Renya is. The surface itself was molded by years of insecurities that involve the fragility of life, the acceptance of death, trust, relationships and more. He wants to avoid unnecessary attachments with people as he finds the pain they can inflict, both intentionally and unintentionally, cut much deeper than any wound a blade can conflict. Renya finds that having very few relationships and attachments makes his duty as a shinobi and swordsman easier when trying to achieve goals and making decisions. This way of thinking conflicts with those with the ideals of world peace and that all life is worth saving. To Renya, he finds that trying to save everyone is like trying catch every raindrop from hitting the ground with a cup. It's impossible, a waste of time, and there are much better uses for a cup. He finds it best to have a small group of those he is capable of forging a real bond and connection. This small group isn't called friends as Renya doesn't have friends, he has family. Once Renya sees something special in someone and forges a bond with them, that person becomes family. Family, besides himself and his duty, is the only thing he cares for and will be himself around. Around his family, Renya sheds his apathetic shell and reveals an eccentric, carefree and lively persona. Renya will sing randomly with lyrics that usually poke fun at someone or a situation they are in, commit random acts for the sake of committing them, and pull mischievous pranks. His family are also those he will actually go out of his own way to save and protect, although he will never do so in a reckless suicide rush to risk both of them getting killed. Along with his family, his goals and duty are what holds dear to him and will strive to achieve. He is a proud swordsman and shinobi, striving to perfect anything that will push him further in both occupation. Although he can seem very indifferent and bored when it comes to people, he is very open minded and gets child-like excitement when it comes to knowledge. When it comes to something new that can improve himself in his path to achieving a legacy that would make his name immortal, he will work hard to perfect it and make it his own. He is by no means a prodigy and genius, so he relies on a perfectionist attitude and a strict work ethic to gain proficiency in it. In summary, Renya Asaemon is a young man that aims for his goals in life, treasures what he values, and strikes down in whatever gets in his way.


Philosophy & Beliefs | See Personality
History & Background |



In the Land of Lightning, a Kunoichi by the name of Mika Asaemon was on a mission to assassinate a merchant dealing with dangerous herbs and poisoning the people of the land. She was popular in her village as not only was she a beauty that had many suitors but a master swordswoman whose sword style was renowned throughout the land. On her mission, she crossed paths with a shinobi from the Water Village. Although Mika originally thought he was an invader, she would find out he was after the same merchant, who had even poisoned those from the Land of Water. Figuring it'd be able to take out the merchants bodyguards together, they joined forces and tracked down the merchant and his crew. While facing the crew of skilled bodyguards would have been difficult alone, teaming with the Water Shinobi and his Ice Release techniques made the job almost effortless. After completing the mission and killing the merchant, they developed an intense chemistry and attraction for each other. This chemistry  resulted in the following night as a night of lust and passion. However, the next morning, Mika found herself alone and her lover had disappeared. Heartbroken after thinking she found the one man worthy of her that she couldn't find in her own village, she went back home to give her superiors the results of her mission.


A week after her night of passion with the Water Shinobi, she discovered she was pregnant. While she and her close friends were ecstatic with the news, many traditionalists and her many suitors disapproved that a Kunoichi of her status had been pregnant from a stranger that wasn't from the village. They also disapproved her for not having the child with a responsible father as they believed the child would be at a disadvantage in its growth with a Kunoichi raising it alone.


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