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After spending hours traversing the open ocean, the HST Kame was visible a few miles off of the shore. Hannah overlooked the land from atop Kame's head, his size giving her almost a birds-eye view of the land and any secrets it held. "Well all I can see for now is just trees. Will have to investigate more on foot for an in-depth look." The girl wasn't speaking to anyone moreso just thinking aloud. She quickly made her way down the turtles shell and across his fin which he lovingly extended for easy access to the beach.

The beach seemed to stretch out for miles in either direction and proceeded inland quite the distance as well before it broke into a mixture of sand and dirt. Beyond that was the gathering of trees that Hannah spotted earlier in her observation. This spot was nice and all, but the main type of land she was looking for was a clearing. It stood that if one could not be found that she would resort to chopping down the trees, but she had high hopes for finding what she was seeking. "Perhaps this can be an area for ships. It is nice and open."

Hannah's hand grasped on the hilt of her katana that was affixed on her left hip before unsheathing it and slightly holding it to her side. She walked through the woods with a moderate fascination and light apprehension. There was no telling what kind of beasts or peoples called this place home, if any. Slowly as she made her way further and further into the grouping did those emotions fade into nothing.

"Maybe I was wrong about there being an opening after all. Just might have to chop down those trees. Wood help with the needed materials..." (xP) She wasn't so easily swayed and stayed her course. A determined look upon her face as her trek continued for the next few hours. "Finally." The girl stated following a heavy sigh as she brought her hands to her knees and eventually sat on the ground to recover some stamina. In front of her was a large clearing. "This is just what I was looking for. Only took triple the amount of time I assumed."

After taking a short rest Hannah stood to her feet and moved to jump on top of a tree and see if gave an overview of the area. The next landmark she wanted to examine was a mountain range. They excited her and opened up so man opportunities for her to expand on. It was always a dream to harness the power of a volcano! How cool would that be? They housed caves and dangerous beasts among many other things. One should easily see why her regard towards them was such as it was. "That will have to wait until another day. I have to return for now before we start the process of building the outpost. I'm sure the others will be happy."


7/7/17 | Final

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