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Conquest Rules

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Conquest Rules


Here on Shinobi Generations we allow member to form together and conquer land in our world. While this is an exciting thing to do, it is not an easy process, and will come with a large amount of requirements to do. Taking over land should not be considered if you do not plan to maintain it or have the resources to do so. By claiming land you may make enemies, so keep in mind this is not a simple process. The process involved in taking and claiming land is detailed below.


Claiming land

The first step in taking land is to claim the region you plan on taking over. To claim Neutral territory you must first make a post in the region you plan on claiming. It must be a topic with the characters involved investigating and claiming the land. A 500 word count post must be made before you claim the region. The claim will sit for 48 hours before the region is considered yours. During this time any person may intervene to contest the claim. Whoever enters the topic now creates a claim war between the two entities involved. If the defenders are defeated, the entity who defeated them may now claim the region for their own, starting the process over again. Once the 48 hours have ended and the region is not contested it is now considered claimed. You may not put claim on a territory that is already owned by another village. However you can contest land that is owned by a organization or clan.


To claim owned land, as long as it does not belong to a village, you must first inform the current owners that you are claiming the rights to that land. Once the owners have been made aware, you may create a topic at any point afterwards, detailing you attempt to conquer the land. Anyone in the region may attempt to defend against you. The region has been considered taken when the attackers have managed to instill themselves as the new leaders. This can take several different paths and must be role played out. Once you have become the new leader of the region you get the land and whatever comes with it.



Creating a Region

Once you have successfully claimed land, you may now turn it into a region. In order to turn land into a defined region, an outpost must be built on the land. An outpost must be a complex built by the owning entity (either a Village, clan or organization). The complex can be something like a factory, a town hall or a small house. The complex can not be a village. Once the complex is approved it will take 48 hours before it is established. A 1000 word count topic must be created in the region detailing the building of the out post. During this time any person may intervene to slow the process of the region. This will follow the same rules as claiming land, with the attacking entity able to remove the people and structure from the land. If they so desire they may then begin the claiming process. If a structure is left uninterrupted after 48 hours, the land is considered owned and is now a region of the entity that has claimed it. Once the region is created you may not create a settlement out of the region. Must have three participants to create a region.


Creating a Settlement

Once a region has been created, you may now create a settlement on that land. In order to create a settlement the first complex must be added on to. A second complex must be purchased and built, now creating a small town or village. This will act as the foundation for creating your own shinobi village. The settlement will act as a mini village, and in order to stop this process one must follow the process in taking a village or territory owned by one. Once the second the complex has been approved and purchased, you may begin a 1500 word count topic detailing the creation of the settlement. The settlement will take 48 hours before it is considered complete. Once a region has a complete settlement attached to it, it can be gin the process of creating its own village. Must have 6 participants to create a settlement.


Creating a Village

In order to create your own village you must first have built a settlement on a region owned by you. In order to create a village you must purchase one final complex, creating a bigger and more sturdy settlement. This will follow the same process as the settlement process, and can not be interrupted by another entity. Instead of creating your complex ion the building section, you will fill out a village template. Once the village template has been approved and purchased, you may begin turning your settlement into its own village. This will take 48 hours before the village is created and now its own entity. In order to create a village you must fill out the template and meet the requirements. You will need 7 people to begin this process.




Conquering a Village

There is a unique process in taking over a settlement or a village. Once a region has a settlement or a village built upon it, the process becomes even harder to take. Any entity wishing to take land from a village must first complete 5 1000 word count missions where they begin the process of investigating the land, or removing specific people from power. These missions can be interrupted by staff controlled NPC's or by anyone who lives in that settlement or village. After the five completed missions the entity may now lay claim to the land. The leader of the attacking entity must declare war on the land they plan to take over. This can be done in several different ways and must be role played out. The attacking entity can not claim the land or village as their own unless the previous leader has been removed and a new one has been established.

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