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So as the title says it all I shall be giving a farewell to the site, however, I would like to say it has nothing to do with the member base but my other activities within the world that are causing my departure. 


Thus this site has a great staff for the most part, wonderful systems that are always being worked on for the Benefit of the members, and a great community with people always attempting to plot or pull others into the mix. 


So in conclusion, this place is great for new or veteran rp's alike but it just isn't the time for me to be active and truly enjoy what all is here that is offered so for everyone else enjoy and have fun with all the plot and different ideas the staff has going on and those to come. 




the site instigator Brink/Lotus 

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It sucks to see you go man, but hey when you free up you are welcome back anytime. 

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