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Hola, just decided to post this to formally state that I need to take a break, I suppose.




I know I haven't been active since I joined the site which was partly (or mostly?) due to bad timing on my side with school and stuff which affected me pretty badly, I dunno; I shall spare you the sob story. Anyway, I'm gonna take a break, get my life together, make decisions, bla bla bla. I'm not saying that I am leaving the site—you guys are not that lucky—just saying that I will be absent for a while (lmao like that is new, who am I kidding) to sort out my existential crisis and figure life out. I might (or am planning to) be back by the end of the month. I know this is a lot to ask considering my streak of inactivity, but I'd really appreciate if you'd leave my character alone in her seat in the office until I came to a decision (which is hopefully by the end of the month?). Send me wholesome memes plz kthxbai.


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Sorry to hear about needing a break, but sometimes it is essential! Have a safe refreshing break & come back when you feel you are able to. In the meantime, don't do too much perverted stuff, or at least don't get caught :3


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