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The Dragons Of Mizumura

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Name | The Dragon-y Contract
Species | Dragons
Appearance | The contract is a simple red tome with a metal dragon melded to the front

Common Characteristics |  red_dragon_v2_by_sandara-d9kytw1.jpg

The Dragons Of Mizumura are very diverse in size, some being as small as a house cat, while some can reach up to the size of castles. With the highest tier of dragons being said to cast shadows over small towns. The dragons most commonly have red scales, though some exception may occur, with some dragons having green scales. All dragons have razor-sharp teeth and weirdly long tongues.
Natural Abilities |

Using their wings, dragons have the ability to fly.

Elemental Breath

Armoured Scales

Their wings are capable of causing huge gusts of wind due to their strength (Will be apped as a technique)
Availability | Five contract holders at a time.
Requirements | Be part of the water village 

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So you know that flight is a no right? Before I approve this I just want us to be on the same page. 

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