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The Equalist

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Name | Unknown
Nickname | The Equalist
Title Name | -
Gender | Unknown
Age | Unknown
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Village | None
Clan | The Equalist
Village Ranking: | Missing Ninja
Shinobi Ranking | C
Element(s) | None
Primary: Bukijutsu
Secondary: Taijutsu
Bloodline | None


Hair Color | Unknown
Eye Color | Unknown
Height | Unknown
Weight | Unknown
Appearance |  The Equalist are a group of unknown individuals, there is an untold amount of them, and they all dress the same. Their identities remain hidden beneath the black ninja cloaks they wear. They all wear unified outfits to mask their true identities. Their outfit consist of one all black ninja gi, outfitted with grey wrappings to hold their weapons. They wear black mask to cover their faces and hide every single feature of who they are.

Personality |  The Equalist are cruel unforgiving individuals who show no mercy and care not for others outside of their clan. They have a deep seated hatred for the large shinobi villages and believe that the governments that rule have been oppressing the lower class civilians. After years of hiding in the dark the Equalist have decided to make their voices heard. They are a group of trained warriors who excel in hand to hand combat and weapon usage. While there is nothing special about one, their true power comes in the fact that they never fight alone, and seem to have an endless supply of people doing their dirty work.



Chakra | 100
Stamina | 200











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