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The sounds of mumbling and whispers slowly began to fill the small dark room, a tight cramped location hidden somewhere deep in the village. It was a square room, most likely an old abandoned building being repurposed for whatever was about to take place. Rumors had been spreading all week of this meeting, with most people believing it to be nothing more than a myth. However those who paid enough attention managed to learn the secret location. With the start time quickly approaching, people began to flood in, cramming as many people as they could into the room. The smell of dust and sweat filled the air, a low rumble of voices setting the mood.


The front of the room held a stage, illuminated by several spotlights shining down on the wooden platform. There were a few microphones located near the front, with a massive banner hanging from the wall behind the stage, a banner that oddly resembled many of the posters that had been plastered around the village. The stage was empty at the moment, no one in sight for now, however voices could be heard coming from behind a wall, signs that things were about to begin. The opposite side of the room bore a small door, located at the base of a stone stair way that lead up into the streets of the village. Two dark figures stood positioned at the door, obviously body guards who were inspecting people as they entered. For a meeting that was meant to be a secret, many people seemed to know about it. The room was quickly filling up as all kinds of individuals could be seen finding their spots on the floor.


Apart from the random whispers, the room was actually pretty quiet, everyone on edge, tension filling the room. The walls of the room were littered with posters, with most of the people holding signs or wearing articles of clothing to symbolize they stood for this cause. That cause was still unknown though. Everyone here was anxious and ready to meet the man they had so blindly been following for the past few weeks. This meeting was promised to enlighten those who were tired of the unjust treatment by the shinobi world. An era of revolution was on the horizon, one which promised freedom from oppression. The truth would coming eventually, for now the meeting place continued to fill up, many eager ears ready to hear the truth and be enlightened.



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Shiratori Kiyoko had never acknowledged the posters as a real threat, considering them to be no more than a weak political move that would never hold any chances of success. Since everyone she knew was content with the way the Village as a whole was improving, removing those adverts was pretty much doing a service to the community. However, now that she was here, standing outside the location of a secret meeting meant to discuss revolutionary ideas, the Kunoichi's expression hardened, signal that she didn't quite much like what she was seeing. The problem was not that a gathering like this was taking place within the slums, as that was already a common habit between bandit gangs, but rather the amount of people present. To gather criminals under the same banner was a difficult thing to achieve, to draw in other kinds of people was exceptional on its own right.


"These bastards..."


Shiratori Kiyoko muttered under her own breath, disgusted with the situation as a whole. The look on her face hidden under the shadow of her hood, which was part of a mediocre attire that consisted of little more than dirty, patched cloth that could only belong to someone who lived on the slums, or rather, someone who didn't even have a place to sleep within the slums. She wore no sandals, preferring to move barefooted. Since she already possessed prior experience with moving like this given her past, her motions were as natural as they came. Shiratori was aware she was certain she would not be the only Ninja to arrive at the same conclusion and place than her, but she would not spare more than a brief moment of eye contact to acknowledge their presence if she happened to recognize some. It was not wise to form a group and draw attention to herself. It was easier to blend with the crowd and cover a bigger area by spreading their forces across the precarious buildings.




The guards did not feel it was necessary to make Kiyoko identify herself, for it was clear that her name did not matter, nor did her 'occupation'. That did not mean they did not search her for any particularly dangerous items and what not. Soon enough, the guards were able to find a rusty knife, which they proceeded to confiscate. Shiratori stared at them blankly when she said it was meant for self-defense, and they believed her. They told her she wouldn't be needing it here, though.


Not a moment after they allowed her to pass through, she put on her hood again.


Once inside, the Kunoichi confirmed she still had the piece of thin wire she had cleverly hidden between her clothes in a way that touch alone would not be able to detect. Using the knife as a distraction, she had managed to keep the guards from finding it. Ultimately, it was no more than a makeshift weapon, but the girl was more than capable of using it to defend herself if the situation ever escalated that far.


Seemingly unbothered by the foul smell of sweat that was present within the room, the Kunoichi simply stood there and patiently waited for the act to begin. There was no need to further conceal her presence with Chakra. Sometimes being in plain sight was the best way to hide.




WC: 550

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Earlier this morning:


It was around 3 am when the orders arrived. A time when the barracks were quiet and still, even Aoi himself had not been disturbed from his slumber. A testament to both the deliverer's skill and his own ineptitude. As usual, the white-haired boy rose at the crack of dawn, his bunk positioned in such a way that the rising sun would shine upon his face. Upon awaking, his hand slid under his pillow and that was how he noticed the small, masterfully folded paper underneath. As soon as his fingers brushed the paper, Aoi knew exactly what had happened. "Strange" He thought to himself. "This must be urgent" the last time he had met with a contact from The Facility, he had been informed that any future contact would cease until he had purchased an apartment for his personal use. 


The boy took a moment to quickly scan the room. The Genin who were still here were all fast asleep. Most not waking until at least 7 am from his previous observations. Some would awaken and leave earlier for various reasons, most commonly being missions. Quietly, he unfolded the pill-sized paper, revealing it to be a sheet about half that of standard paper in the village. It read as follows;


New Assignment:


At approximately 8 pm tonight, a secret rally shall be held in a discreet location of the village. Our intelligence agents have uncovered the location and the village officials are also aware of the event. This rally is in relation to recent propaganda posters that have disturbed the order of Mizumura. Your mission is to infiltrate the rally and gather information on the group behind this event. You are not to engage the organizers or participants. If your cover is revealed before you are able to gather sufficient information, you shall be dismissed. After completion, report to the officials of the village and give a full and detailed report. We shall acquire the information later.


Dismissed Agent 87.


Below his orders was information regarding the time and location of the rally and a note that civilians would be involved. Stating that those participating would have unraveled the secrets from the posters distributed beforehand.


Once he had finished reading, Aoi refolded the paper and swallowed it. A standard method of destroying evidence of The Facility's work. Thankfully, this time there was no one around to question him about it. Going over his orders again in his mind, he recalled the incidents involving propaganda posters around the village. He had paid them little heed at the time as he had not been given orders to investigate them at the time. Now however, it appears the actions of those people were beginning to disturb the order of the village and that was something They could not allow. 


The fact that the village officials had taken notice as well meant there would undoubtedly be other shinobi at the rally. If the organizers were no fools, they would be well prepared and attempts at a stealthy infiltration would be difficult. Instead, Aoi had another idea. He'd enter the rally through the point where they were most vulnerable, the front door. With the rally open to the public, assuming they had uncovered the time and location, infiltration would be quite simple. He simply had to avoid drawing attention on himself. 


With a small sigh, the boy stood up from his bed and began to dress. He had about nine hours to prepare, and he intended to use them.




A short, dark haired boy stood in line outside a secret location in the village. His clothes were plain and slightly worn, a dark teal t-shirt over a long-sleeved white shirt covered his torso and his legs were covered by simple beige pants that were common among the populace. A mere four hours ago, this boy appeared completely different. It would be almost impossible for someone to identify him at a glance at this point. Aoi had used the day to completely change his appearance. Dying his hair black and slicking it back was the most important aspect. His white hair was a major focal point and made him easily identifiable. The rest of the day had been spent finding the right set of clothes and applying make-up to change his complexion. The end result was a boy who appeared to have been through some rough times. Finally, he added a scarf around his neck with the same colours that had appeared on the poster. While out shopping, he had overheard some gossip and rumours involving people wanting to show their support for the organizers. Doing so himself might grant him some additional clout to aid his infiltration, at least with the crowd.


Two figures were the only guards watching the entrance, like bouncers at a club. From a glance, Aoi could tell they were strong, at least physically. The figures were heavy built and even in the dark Aoi could see the muscles of their silhouettes. Whether they were capable of fighting against trained shinobi was unknown but their presence would be enough to cow the average person. As his turn came to pass through the doors, Aoi was instructed to raise his hands for a pat down, not that they would find anything. All the boy had on him were his clothes. Even his knives were left behind for just such a reason. His disguise was that of a civilian, there was no reason to carry a knife to an event like this. Not to mention these guys were very thorough in their search. It was unlikely, no matter how hard he attempted to hide the weapons, they he'd have snuck them past the guards. During the search, he scrunched his face to indicate discomfort with being touched but said nothing. After a few seconds, the guards waved him through and he made his way inside.


The room inside was quite small, a few lights illuminated the stage where several microphones stood. The people who had already entered had formed into several group and were talking among one another. While there was still some room to move about, from the line outside this place would soon become quite cramped. It would be best for the boy to find a position near the stage for now. He wouldn't stand in the front row, instead remain a few rows back and attempt to blend in with the people as they arrived. In addition, he placed himself closer to the side of the stage he believed the organizers would emerge from. Even through the crowd's murmur he could hear voices coming from behind the stage. Still, it was too difficult to make out their words. The important part would be presented on stage. He'd learn the organizations stated goals and from there, he'd have to see how the rally goes.

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A small sigh escaped the Jounin's lips as she closed the front door to her parent's house, using her other hand to pinch the bridge of her nose. She had been called out on yet another darn mission, they said it was important, they said it was urgent. She locked the door, hiding the keys behind a loose brick in the wall. You see, Taidana was certainly one of the laziest people in the Water Village, perhaps the whole world. But the message she had been sent had been no joke, there was something dangerous happening in this village. And Taidana intended to get to the bottom of it, even at the expense of having to disregard her laziness for the good of the village and all that rubbish. 


Taidana current clothes were simple, well, all of her clothes were simple and boring. It was just that today, she had gone for even more boring clothes than usual. A dirty green vest with plenty of holes and rips in it, but the rips were not in any inappropriate places so Taidana was relatively fine with wearing it. She wore a black jacket with its hood up, and her jeans were baggy and ripped. On her feet, she wore some brown civilian sandals. Anyone looking at her might mistake her for some kind of slave or something, thankfully Taidana was not the kind of person to get angry about that. As long as no one approached her and made her life troublesome, she couldn't care less about others.


Walking through the streets, the genius' brain was at work trying to wonder what could possibly be so urgent about a few posters being hung up. She had seen a few a couple days back but had thought nothing of them. They were just posters, were they really dangerous enough to make the authorities interrupt her day to sleep? She sighed, digging her hands deep into her jacket pockets. Whoever sent that notice was going to get it... Or not, it really depended on how much motivation she had on that day. Which was always zero, the only time she was motivated to even think was when she wanted to prove someone wrong. Unfortunately, that quirk was used against her quite a lot. 


Entering the slums, Taidana rose her head and eyed the streets like a hawk. Looking for any sign of a group of people. She noticed that there was a huge concentration of posters here. There was obviously some correlation to the current location and the number of posters, perhaps the slum-dwellers felt the most oppressed. Maybe the people who were putting up the posters were specifically targeting all the poor people? Quite a huge percentage of the Water Village's population was poor. If they all had a riot at the same time... Even the Mizukage would have a difficult time stopping them, all the ninjas would have to work together to even stand a chance of preventing the ensuing village destruction.


She soon found it, the opening was rather discreet, but the two guards on the outside basically screamed 'Secret Lair'. She walked up to them lazily, stopping when there was roughly a foot between them. "May I come in?" She drawled, trying her utmost to make her voice sound less monotone, but failing miserably, speaking with emphasis on words was too much effort. The guards didn't say anything, but one of them signaled for her to raise her arms above her head. She sighed as if this was the most boring thing in the world, slowly raising her arms for the guards to pat her down. Taidana felt a little discomforted about being felt up but didn't show it. After all, the guard could have easily copped a feel, but he didn't, he kept it strictly professional. So she remained neutral.


After being given the all-clear, Taidana stepped through the doors. The smell of sweat, dirt and whatever that was filling her nostrils, it was quite grim. Had she been any other person, she would have likely crinkled her nose in disgust and walked out, Taidana though, kept a neutral expression and shouldered past everyone, pushing her way to one of the back corners. There, she leaned against the wall, fighting the urge to fall asleep right there. She opted instead, to play with her nails to keep her attention on something, she would 100% fall asleep if she didn't do that.


Life was such a drag, why couldn't she be sleeping right now?

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Takara knew she had to get inside and she knew she had to blend in. It was a great challenge for her for several reasons. She worked in a popular sake house, her face was well known by the people in the area. Even in the more slumm-y parts of the village, the men and women came to meet in the sake-house for fresh Hoto soup, hastily made sushi rolls, and dregs upon dregs of coarse and casual sake. Some came for the expensive stuff, but it was mostly low key alcohol for low key customers on the weekends. Showing her face was not a good option. The situation was made more difficult by her hair color too, a vivid though dark shade of green, Takara rarely blended in anywhere. Sticking out was dangerous for the security and success of the mission at large. Lastly, she had to find a way to deal with her extensive sense of honor and nationalism. Her older brother had died as a shinobi and it was her dream to work with the Mizukage, an ANBU by his side someday. Hiding her indiscreet nationalism, or her outrage at the likely negative comments on the people she regarded so highly, would be hard, nigh impossible. Everyone knew how she felt, and many recalled her older brother.


A mission was a mission however, and so she gave significant thought and care to deciding how to infiltrate the rally. Nearby, the woman sat upon a rooftop, hidden by the shadow of a chimney, watching the people go into the abandoned building. It was dumpy, to say the least, with a big open front door, two small side doors, and a couple windows. The windows were dark, greasy and dust covered, except for one window which was actually just broken. She sighed as she considered henge after henge, worrying that it would not be enough. She needed to be in a place where she could slip in and out undetected by the guards, in the case that she needed to lose her temper or blow of some steam.


A few minutes passed, and a small black cat approached her, mewling and begging for food. It's bright green eyes caught her attention, and she drew out the small piece of jerky she had in her pocket and gave it to the cat. It was perfect. Cats didn't have human expressions, cats didn't have green hair, cats could come and go unnoticed by the slum population and... cats could fit in through the hole in that broken window. A smirk stretched over her face, the idea so silly and yet so fitting. She rubbed the cat between his ears and then formed the handsigns, Dog, Boar, Ram. Her body twisted and morphed, changing with the aid of chakra until she had perfectly matched the cat before her in all details, except her eyes were blue and her coat of fur was grey. She  looked through her cat eyes, getting used to the feeling, and trying not to chuckle as the black cat before her sat up with wide confused eyes.


The key was not to speak. Cats did not speak after all. She inhaled deeply, moving her cat lips as she uttered, "Let's do this." Takara bounded from rooftop to rooftop, her fur bristling in the night air. She tried not to shiver as she approached the broken window from an encroaching building's rooftop. She peered in, checking to be sure it was the right place. The enormous banner and spot light suggested that it was in fact the place. Takara slid through the window's opening carefully, getting a bit of grime and dust on her fur. She didn't mind much, thinking it only made her further look like a stray. And there she sat in the dark nook by the window, sure to stay in the corner where her silhouette would not be seen with the moon shining behind her.


Takara batted a nearby spider with her paw, absently clearing the small space of cobwebs and bugs, making it neat and cozy for her to hunker down and observe with keen glowing blue eyes and attentively curved cat ears.


Chakra: 200-5= 195

Henge technique

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Mission details arrived early, Jin too was informed of the task; along with several others. This was not something the elders ups decided to confer to one or two shinobi. Apparently, they assigned the task to a whole bunch of them. Not all would conspire with others but for missions as sensitive as this, devising a strategy would be considered wise; at least by some. The elders briefed Jin on the mission and he was told to devise his own strategy. However, he was instructed to not interrupt the whole thing and to be stealthy. So even though this could be a chance to get close to the revolutionary leader, he was instructed simply to get in; get information and get out.


In light of this received information, Jin and some shinobi arranged a meeting; right after the brief. They discussed their strategies, which varied from person to person but agreed on mutual cooperation. Each shinobi would take their own approach and would have their way of getting by this mission. However, if things went awry, they could join together and oppose any threat that presented itself. Hence, it was a pact of mutual cooperation between few of the participants of this mission. After agreeing on the idea, they departed and went their separate ways and so did Jin.


Jin's way of going about the mission would be together with his Tataru brethren. Specifically, he would heavily rely on Rei. Jin was a puppeteer and being a puppeteer, he was almost nothing without his puppet and weapons. Bringing them was out of the question and attempting to bring them, via concealed methods or transformation jutsu presented the risk of exposure. Even if he did use transformation, he couldn't rule out the possibility that the opposition had some way of sensing chakra. In which case, the constant use of transformation and hence chakra, would expose him and threaten to jeapordize the whole mission. Thus Jin's approach: he would stay outside. Armed to the teeth with his beloved weapons and along with his beloved puppet. And Rei would be the one who would infiltrate the building. If trouble did present itself, at least Rei would be able to do things without weapons and puppets. All he needed to do was use a summoning jutsu.


With his way of infiltration settled, Jin had decided he would case the abandoned building. He monitored the area after arriving at the location at noon. He had taken the time from morning to noon, to prepare himself. What was a puppeteer if not prepared? He had moved around the building, found himself a spot and then settled there. It was a spot above a building, he could see the front of the building from there. He could keep an eye on the guards protecting the door and an eye on anyone who entered the building. What happened inside the building, was not within his line of sight. To pass the time, he had brought along a bunch of sweets. He had to do something while he sat there, maintaining radio silence and stealth. His presence was concealed because of his location. If anyone was scouting around the roof tops, he would have met Jin or Jin would have known about them.


Finally, the time for the meeting arrived and people began arriving. Jin had his radio ready, he was within communication range. Everything was quiet and people were walking in. The guards were using physical means of detecting anything concealed. If anyone did attempt to sneak in something big, they would probably end up getting caught. Things were sensitive and Jin was slightly on edge. A single mistake could mean trouble. For now, he waited. One of the people he was familiar with had already entered the building. He didn't think they had a radio on them. The only person Jin could rely on to take a radio and maintain communication would be Rei. And Rei, had yet to arrive.


For the sake of this mission, Jin couldn't really wear the extravagant outfit that he usually wore. If the people saw a feathery long coat wearing person, hanging in the slums since noon to evening. They would be a lot more than suspicious. Sure, he was still wearing his facial make up but, he was wearing the kind of clothes that would help him 'belong' to the slums. And thanks to that and the fact that he was on a roof top, he was feeling a bit cold. However, he was prepared for this too, he had some sweet coffee with him in a little thingy that kept it warm. Who knew how long this stupid meeting was going to be?


Word Count: 779


Equipment on person:

D-rank: Wireless Radio

C-rank: Flak Jacket

E-rank: Kunai Leg Holster

Scroll: Hikari (1) (Also placed in the kunai holster, in the sixth kunai slot)

E-rank: Kunai (5)

Explosive Tag (5)

E-rank: Smoke Bombs (1)

Puppet Parts & Equipment within puppet (Currently the only puppet in play is Hikari):

C-rank: Projectile Launcher (Puppet Part)

C-rank: Claws of steel (Puppet Part)

Puppet Part: Poison Pores

Chain Tail (Puppet Part)

Chakra Eating Poison (10 uses)

Sloth Poison (10 uses)


Lesser compact charge (10)


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"Looks like it's my turn.." the green haired man said as he waited in a small line. Rei and several other of the shinobi had met previously to create a plan, including Jin, no doubt some of the others were here by now. It was almost the appointed time for the meeting to occur and only a few people were left to make it inside. No doubt it was likely very crowded already inside. Two people ahead of him were inspected and then allowed to pass, he stepped forward and help up his arms. He smelled, a bad stench from his clothes: a common thing among the inhabitants of the slums. In truth, Rei had gotten these clothes from a dead man. Conveniently an old homeless guy in the slums had died and lay lifeless in a back alley. Rei had taken his clothes, made his beautiful jade hair all messy and dirty with mud and grime from the streets. He looked and acted the part of a homeless beggar in the slums, after all, he had been a street rat himself growing up in the slums. Even his fierce yellow dagger-like eyes had lost their usual sharpness and instead was filled with emptiness, as though he was a man without an identity of a purpose. The best kind of sucker for propaganda type manipulators such as these who had set up this secret rally.


He wore none of his usual attire, he had left all of that with Jin wherever his soul brother was currently. He had no weapons on him, only one object and the bodyguards would have to cut him apart just to find it. The guards patted him up and down, searching his person for weapons or questionable items, all the while, they held their noses, much too disgusted with the smell he gave off. A few moments later and the guards were finished searching him and allowed him entry to the small meeting room. He pulled the dirty cloak away from his face and walked inside.


Not moments later, he began to cough, rather violently. He pulled up a dirty cloth from his pocket and coughed into the rag to keep from spreading his germs. The people closest to him, moved away in disgust. He was smiling although they could not see it: his eyes no longer lifeless and dull, but poised daggers, ready to stab each and every guilty collaborator in this taboo meeting place. Finally, he stopped coffee and inside the hand cloth, he now possessed his little radio. The best way to get it inside had been to partially swallow it and then regurgitate it once inside the parameters. That was what he had done, and now he kept it hidden in his coughing cloth as he approached closer to the stage, wanting to be as close to the stage as possible so that Jin would be able to clearly hear the speakers. Looks like I managed to get close to the stage on the left side... this disguise works well as camouflage and a deterrent to others because its so smelly. he thought to himself almost humorous. The smell was really strong though and he couldn't help but sigh slightly. I am going to need a very long bath after this... he reluctantly admitted, somewhat disgusted with himself. For now though, he would play the part of a street rat.


Wireless Radio

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This was the designated spot that Utsubyo had instructed Kurai to meet, however he was till yet to make his presence known. With a few poeple left on the outside, Kurai queue up behind a fairly tall, green haired man. Non the less Kurai awaited to be let into the meeting hall, giving them a signal of what she was there for. Flashing a glimpse of the posters she had ripped off the walls around the village, she headed straight into the meeting hall. 


'For such a small and undercover meeting, this place was packed out.' Kurai thought to herself in amazement as she had gotten caught up in the atmosphere of the meeting. Kurai didn't bother change her clothes, she was sporting the full Uchiha clan symbol on the back of her tshirt, sort of making her stand out, but regardless of that it seemed that many of the people in the previous rally she had been too, were also there. Instead of acting afraid when surrounded by all of the people, she merely gave a slight head nod in recognition as they 'were all there for the same purpose.'


The crowd shifted rather quickly as people were trying to increase the distance between a disease ridden homeless man that resided within the slums. Kurai recognised this man as the person she queued up behind and was surprised that he was ill, however I guess this is what happens when some parts of the Village was neglected. Soon after the the crowd moved, a supremely strong wall of stench that hit Kurai's nose, almost causing a gag reflex as she was caught of guard she too moved with the crowd to get away from the source. 


Mixing in the large crowd Kurai, awaited for the rally to begin.

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Amidst the crowds milling aimlessly among the nicer areas of the slums strode a pair unlike those which most of the urchins of the street had ever seen; twas not oft that they spied a strange - though lovely - red headed woman with the telltale signs of a night worker, and a rather downtrodden one at that, roaming the streets next to some high-brow woman's - or man's - sexual plaything. In contrast to her, the huge man looked rather well manicured, his messy hair an artful tousle, his body hair trimmed to a dark dusting which deepened near his navel, his body the product of a great deal of gym time and a diet which had heard of only protein powder raw vegetables. 


He wore, if you care to call it wearing, a pair of shiny golden trunks which hugged his sculpted rear and a pair of black suspenders attached to his undergarments which wound up and around his broad shoulders. Upon his face, a pair goofy, aviator-style, silver-mirrored sunglasses kept out the diffuse light which seeped through the endless cloud cover of the village. Aside from this, he bore nothing in the way of modesty, his feet unadorned by the simplest of wrappings, just as his master had likely instructed him. Pool boys did not need shoes. 


His gait, normally the smooth prowl of a panther, had shifted into an overt swagger, his body swaying back and forth with every step, his huge bulk rolling about as he strode through the streets to his destination. Not all of the downtrodden smelled or sicked, but all felt the call of this revolution. The merchants, tucked up in cloaks of fine, dark silks, scoffed at him, and many of the poorer gawked openly at him as he passed, but his partner would help to confuse them more, as he traveled with what looked a common whore. 


They swiftly found their way to this meeting location and walked up to the guards present. One held his arms up, indicating that Chao should do the same, and he did, lifting his left parallel to the ground but using his right to minutely pull the front of his waistband, just in case they wanted to take a peak, or feared he might smuggle in a bomb in his pants. This earned him a rather sour look from the guard patting down his nude body, but he, removing his glasses to hand them over, simply winked. The crowd found this rather amusing, for the most part, but were one to inspect more closely his eyes, their blue depths reflected an icy anger mingled with light despair. His braggadocio appeared a facade, something to distract from his inner fury and helplessness. A large, greenish bruise covered his left eye socket.

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The brittle peaks of dusk faded beyond the incoming cloud formations which began to role in, choking the few subtle rays which let the village know of the moons presence. Clouds were not anything to bat an eye at, infact in the Land of Water it was more uncommon to see a clear sky; however these were drapes of a particularly thick nature veiling the essence of light and shrouding the lands in a darkness that even the street lights had trouble wading away.


The Slums in particular were lost amongst the darkness due to the already dim winding alleys. Though this was to the Water Shinobis advantage, for to not stick out was an advantage on the mission that had been assigned. At first glance Shimo looked right at home along the tightly knit streets, his clothes tattered and frayed from the continuous usage and no sign of nobility in the stride of his step he approached the rather plain door. Seriously bland. A dark metallic door basked in varying dents and scratches, the only thing defining it amongst the thousands of doors in the village being that two quite burly men stood either side composed to the tee. 'This is where the posters lead...' But he had expected a grander entrance for a gatherimg which aimed to appeal.


Stepping through the door was rather less tedious than he had planned. He was not stopped neither did the men take a second glance at him. To be rather plain seemed to have his benefits.


Walking down the narrow steps Shimo had now been expected to be greeted to a large room filled with all sorts of fanatics, but instead there was a small room no larger than a barn perhaps filled with others just like him. Curious of why they were here yet filled with some sense of purpose. 'This rally truly is for the people. To the average mind it would make sense for them to be discreet, however if they did not wish to attract attention they would not have plastered the world in this shrewd propaganda and place two body guards at the front door. Whoever is behindthis truly wants to present themself as an ally to the public.'


Shimo was initially interested at how these people planned on providing 'change' but mow he was more than interested. Like the rest of the crowd who were besotted with the thought of this night being the spark of something new Shimo look forward to the stage ears peaked while trying to remain towards the back of the crowd.

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Meiko would make her way to the "secret" rally that was going on within the village. It seemed that their attempts to quell any of idea of rebellion had proven to be futile. Now all shinobi of the village would be charged with infiltrating the rally and gathering intel on the newly formed group that wished to watch the village burn. If this proved to be successful they could gain the upper hand and quell eliminate whoever was starting this little revolution. Thankfully, almost everyone had discussed how tonight should go down and this mission would likely go smoothly. Everyone just needed to play their own little part and get into character before they infiltrated the rally.


Meiko had decided on who she would become for the night and would begin making her way to the rally in black lingerie. She looked too healthy to play the part of a beggar and didn't wish to use the Transformation Jutsu as she didn't wish to get caught so she decided to play the role of a whore. Not only did she refuse to use the Transformation technique she had also refused to bring any weapons to the rally. She didn't want to be caught with anything that would lead them to believe that she was a shinobi. If things did end up going south in the rally Meiko had decided that she would simply use the Chakra Scalpel technique. 


When Meiko finally reached the building where the rally was being held she would approach the door only to be confronted by two guards. It seemed that they wanted to make sure that no Shinobi entered the rally. Meiko would willingly lift her arms up for them and would let them pat her down and check for weapons. Once they had finally cleared her she would enter the building and would see that it was filled with people. If this was really a "secret" why were there so many people at the rally? It was weird to see so many people there but she would simply ignore it for the time being and would blend in with the crowd and wait for the rally to commence. If the event had proven to be a trap she and her comrades would likely figure out a way to escape. 

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Reimei trailed along the streets, her footsteps carrying her after the wild sparkly moose of a man. True to her act, she kept her chin angled downwards, bloody hair cascading down to the small of her back and shrouding her further. Her arms crossed herself in a futile attempt to make discreet the bold, black and twisting tattoo that covered the entire half of her left side like a massive swirling beast of the deep, which was revealed to the world between her black bra and open vest. Her torn shorts left her alabaster legs to raise with goosebumps against the cool tundra air drifting in from the coast. Bruises peppered her skin like soot, marks of possession that stood stark against her flesh.


She could feel peoples eyes on her, and she itched to give them a piece of her mind. She knew she stood out by merely being in the presence of the sparkly moose, however as soon as she had entered into the city with him, she knew she had no idea where they were going. Amethyst eyes darted around, taking in her surroundings and attempting to memorize their path, and she resisted the urge to anxiously finger the small hooped rings in her ears. She was keenly aware of her lack of citizenship here, which her sparkly moose friend was mercifully oblivious to. 


The pair reached the entrance of the meeting, and she mimicked her partner when he raised his arm. She stiffened as she was patted down, her toes curling with ire as she suspected one of the hands got too close to copping a feel. The guards would find nothing on her person, though they certainly raised a brow at her partner and at the girl's tattoo. They were allowed admittance and they piled in with the rest of the crowd. She took in the crowd and their sour looks as they all waited for the speaker. As people's attentions landed upon her sparkly moose friend, and therefore herself, she would yank the man, not too forcefully as to cause suspicion but maybe with enough force to make it seem asinine, into a back corner of the crowded room so that they were marginally less noticeable. She would push the man behind her, his large body making a an extra human shield between her back and anything else, and place his six fingered hands upon her shoulders with her five fingered hands atop.


Their backs were also facing away from everyone else in the area, a plus incase they needed to fight their way out. If anyone looked back at them, they would see the small redheaded prostitute standing in front of the larger Boy-Toy -shielding some of his outrageous appearance from view- with their hands clasped over her shoulders as if they were an odd whore-couple. 

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             IF YOU DON'T EVEN USE                 IT?"

➟ OOC: Apologies for the lengthy post <3
➟ wordcount: 1128

On this night of eerie darkness, a blonde beauty traversed the ordinarily forsaken slums of Mizumura Village, her mane of golden threads radiating in the faint moonlight. Like the Queen of the jungle, she prowled, her gait controlled and soundless, her intentions unreadable. A carnivorous beast, she hunted her prey, instincts predatory in nature her guide. The young Lioness revered as Tenri Terumi would discover her game, it would only be a matter of time. 

| The streets of the slums usually desolate now circulated with the bodies of people. Like sheep, they flocked to their shepherd, the man who would decide their fates. Tenri had accepted the current mission hours before which had given her ample time to devise a plan of infiltration and if need be an evacuation method. After organizing with other Mizu Shinobi and finalizing their plan Tenri had left to organize her own infiltration method. The solution had been simple. She knew these people, those trampled and oppressed, those who had been left to rot in the slums Once upon a time I was one of them. the woman would whisper to herself. Tenri and her Mother both had left behind their life in the Criminal Underground trading in their pleasure house for a simple life. It had been at Mother's requestion for retirement that the business had not persisted after the Mizukage's interference in their closure, a circumstance that still irritated the blonde. The seductive blonde had returned to the shoes of her former life. A life of jewels, courtesans, and business. Ahead of time, Tenri had sent two girls from the 'party' that flanked her, their duties to monitor the meeting place without notice Madame Tenri, the girls we posted are ready to regroup. They say two guards are positioned at the head of a door down a 'seemingly' abandoned alleyway. ❝Points of access?❞ So far they've reported just the one, My Lady. There have been countless amounts of people entering the facility all who seem to fit a common trait the man Kensho would say, the admiration in his voice clear. The young blonde had entered the dark alley with Kensho in tow, as expected the man walked two steps behind the young blonde making his presence known only when she deemed necessary. In truth, the blonde Dame held a place in her heart for Kensho, a man loyal to both her and her Mother even after they were unable to pay for his services as their butler, his years of service dated back to her childhood.

The deeper they ventured into the slums the worse the living standards appeared till finally, they reached a dead end. Like flies, people lingered the street, all awaiting admittance into the 'secret' meeting place. Hundreds of eyes watched as Tenri accompanied by her entourage of harlots walked, their beauty outmatched by their Madame's. Tenri awarded onlookers scarcely a glance, their existence beneath her. Like cornered prey people moved from the line that had formed, creating space for Tenri and her company to move up the chain. The whispers that erupted were almost deafening. Many knew of Madame Terumi-Tenri's Mother-her Brothel once the most sought form of pleasure in Mizumura's darker districts. Madame Terumi.. so nice of you to join us. I had heard your Mother had retired and cashed in for a life under the Kages control. Yet here stands her adopted mutt in her place❞  the nasal voice of a stocky bald man would say, an outburst of sniggers would follow suit. Why if it isn't the self-proclaimed Merchant King and his society of parasitic leeches. From what I had heard you went bankrupt after the Kage shut down your little slavery scheme and now no one will work with you. Forgive me if I'm wrong but wasn't it due to your little antics with my Mother? Warming her bed came at a hefty cost from what I heard.❞ a stifled snort of her own would resound down the scanty alleyway causing the man to redden in anger, embarrassment?. It would do you well to remember this King Neah, The Lion may think he's the King of the Jungle but the Lioness is the true monarch. It is she who outlives her husband when he dies from his pride and in his absence the Queen takes her rightful place, creating life, providing the seeds for the next generation, their King long forgot. During her reign, she protects that she holds precious without hesitation.❞. Pleased with belittling the tiny fat man Tenri would take her leave, brushing past the man and his posse, she had wasted enough time and attracted enough notice as it was.


Upon approach, the guards stared at Tenri with intent, their eyes slithering across the opaque silk dress that donned her boisterous figure, it's fabric almost suffocating the lines of her busts and posterior. The assorted glimmer of gold decorated across her fingers, her wrist and her ears only cemented her beauty further. Without a word, Kensho reached to remove Tenri's jet-black fur jacket that laid upon her shoulders like a cape of midnight while the eyes of the seductive blonde remained upon the guards before her. Entranced by her beauty the alley remained still it's silence an irritation. ''Good evening gentleman I deem I don't have to explain why I am here yes?'' with a tone sharp as a blade Tenri's crimson gaze flicked over the faces of the men before her curtly, her uninterest in their presence plain. Repeating the actions of those before her Tenri would allow the men to search her, their hands hovering upon her groin as if in contemplation Touch me there and you'll lose more than your hand dog❞ Tenri would respond her gaze like the flames of a magma. The same courtesy extends TO my Ladies. If you want the enjoyment of flesh you'll pay like all the other filth that frequent my business❞. Hostility and tension seemed to linger the air, it's touch almost suffocating. It's source Tenri Terumi. With hesitation, the guards moved from the door to let Tenri and her girls pass, hints of fear in the eyes of guards. Amateurs. Tenri and her working girls both had avoided the search. Thank you, gentleman. have a pleasant night. With that, the blonde beast made her entrance within. After making her way up the steps into the musty room Tenri would send her girls into the mass crowd of bodies while she and Kensho made their way to the center of the room. Soon the fun would begin and the lioness waited in earnest anticipation.

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Utsubyō arrived at the designated location stated on the poster. He wasn't wearing his usual black hooded jacket and his black pants. Neither was he wearing his usual playing cards themed outfit. Rather, he appeared in a white tank top and some black jeans with two silver chain accessories hanging from the side, to match his black shoes that had silver soles.


Utsubyō's clothes weren't the only thing different for this occasion. Utsubyō dyed his hair a scarlet red, and was wearing it down in contrast to its usual gel slicked appearance. Even his most distinct features - his face tats - were gone, covered with make up that wouldn't wear off from sweat or water and only a special chemical.


Utsubyō walked through the allies of the slums, turning a corner and finding a place with a line of people waiting to go in. Police Chief or not, Utsubyō didn't follow the rules. He walked with confidence to the doorway, cutting in front of the whole line.


"Right here, right?" he said with a friendly smile, pointing at the doorway with his left hand. The question was for anyone to answer.



"Correct," said the guard.


"Thanks," he said, positioning himself to get metal detected. All that went off was his chains and his shoes, the first not being long enough to strangle someone or do any other harm.


People might've thought the guards would sent Utsubyō to the back of the line, but Utsubyō's style and lack of clothes was that of a thug from the slums - afterall thats what he used to be. The guards figured, people like that in that poor position would be tired of being controlled by shinobi, so the last thing they would want to do is push thoss possible allies away from this rally just because of their inconsiderate, rebellious lifestyle.

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Nearly an hour had passed since people had begun to fill up the room, with the small enclosure now filled beyond capacity with all kinds of different people. The entire room, save for the stage and a few feet near the door, was jam packed with people, causing the room to be hotter than it should have been, the random stench of musk and dirty bodies floated over the crowd, mixing in with the dry dusty aroma settled across the floor. The last couple of bodies had finally made their way into the hall, the body guards moving from outside of the building, now standing with their backs against the wall, looking out over the crowd. The large wooden door would be pulled shut, a giant wooden beam slide across its surface. The door was securely locked from the inside, a possible attempt to keep anyone out once the rally had started. The lights in the hall would begin to dim, the only illuminated part of the room now being the stage.


A small wooden door located at the back of the wall on the stage would soon open, a hush falling over the crowd as those there were anxiously waiting for the even to begin. A large mass of black robes would spill out onto the stage, about twenty men and woman all dressed in the same black ninja uniform. It was obvious they were trying to hide their identity, however they cared less about hiding the weapons they had strapped to their bodies. Each person was decked out in various types of weapons, from swords to chain scythes and anything in between. The shrouded rebels, known as the Equalist, lined the edge of the stage, creating a perimeter to keep anyone from interfering during the rally. Their beady eyes scanned the crowd, taking a guardian type stance, as another figure walked out of the small door way, his foot steps echoing off the wooden stage with each step.


As the figure made his way to the center of the stage, he stopped in front of a microphone stand. Now facing the crowd he paused for a second, allowing everyone in the room to focus their full attention. Standing before them was a familiar sight to anyone who had been paying any attention to the village lately. He was a rather tall man, wearing a grey modified flak jacket, one that had not been seen for years. Attached to the leather suit was a cloth hood, that draped over the mans face. Staring out over the crowd was a set of small brown eyes, which were peering from behind the cover of a white mask. This mask was the same one that was plastered all over the village, the pair of eyes that belonged to this man were the very same that had been attached to the posters that were plaguing the nations. He stood tall and stern, placing his hand under the microphone and gentling lifting it to his face.



"Greetings my brothers and sisters, i am so very glad you have decided to join us this evening."


The masked man spoke in a very soft and relaxing tone, his words drifting across the room. It was almost soothing, with a very dark implication hidden behind his words. Regardless of the weight behind his words, the crowd could not help but zone in, as if being enticed to pay attention. The mysterious man began to pace across the stage, keeping his tone the same as each and every word expertly left his mouth.


"You all are here tonight because you seek change, you strive for freedom. Freedom that we once were entitled to, Freedom that is now being held hostage, hoarded by those who claim to have your best interest in mind. The Shinobi, led by the greedy and power hungry Kage, roam our lands doing as they please, suppressing your freedoms and imposing their own will. We have to abide by their rules, bend to their ambitions, and the moment we speak out, we are labeled traitors! Called rogue villains who only seek to destroy. We are the ones being destroyed! They wage war and conquest across our lands, with no regard to how things effect us and our lives. Our homes get destroyed, our people killed, for what!? For their heartless desire for more power, to assert themselves as our rulers!? We do not need to be ruled!"


His words cut through the silent room, every word he spoke being absorbed by the masses watching, like hypnotized sheep, nodding to every sentence. Eventually the crowd began to speak up, men and woman agreeing with his words started to shout things in agreeance. As the speech went on it was clear that the majority of the room was on his side, and the things they were saying were boarder line disturbing. It was clear to see how powerful words could be, and how deep hatred could run. As the masked man spoke, another group of black robbed men could be seen coming out of the door, dragging with them a person who was bound by ropes and wire. The group of robed men dropped the bound man into the center of the stage, directly behind the speaker. The bound man a jounin of the village, a strong shinobi that was well known around the village. His arms were bound, his hands being kept separate, and a cloth was tied around his mouth. The crowd erupted in excitement, beginning to get louder and more violent as the rally went on.


"For far to long have we been oppressed by these so called protectors. They use their gift of elemental control and super natural abilities to push us around, telling us how to live our lives. But what are they without their powers, their abilities and their weapons of murder? They are nothing, weak cowards who hide behind those with the true spines to rule over them. Their time is running out however! They have held the power over man for to long, now is our time brothers and sisters! We shall enlighten them, remove them and assert ourselves as the new power!"


Another eruption of excitement exploded out from the crowd, the entire room now throwing chants out, raising their fist into the air and agreeing with this mans point. As he finished speaking, the masked man turned around and positioned himself behind the bound shinobi. Holding the microphone in his left hand and placing his right hand on the top of the prisoners head his tone became softer, but still full of conviction.


"Now witness brothers and sisters, the next stage of evolution! Our weapon against the powers that would see us silenced. See how weak they are without their powers!"


The bound jounin began to shake, violently, as muffled cries of pain could be heard trying to escape from the man. A soft blue glow could be seen swirling out of the mans head and up into the hooded figures arm. As the chakra drained itself from the mans body, his skin began to take on a dark hue, shriveling up as the seconds passed, making the shinobi appear to be much older than he was. The color was pulled from him, his hair turning white and his flesh taking a translucent pale color now. Detaching himself from the drained body, the masked figure let the man drop to the floor, unconscious, and made his way back to the front of the stage.


"Now, you have seen real power, witnessed true conviction. It is your turn, this is your moment to be apart of the revolution. Tonight will be the first strike against our oppressors, and you all will be apart of the movement!"


Dropping the microphone to the ground, the masked man would raise his hands to either side, raising his gaze up into the rafters and speaking once more, his voice no longer empowered by the microphone.


"Your noble sacrifices will be the spark that ignites this revolution! Revel in this my children, you are now free and your voices will ring out through all the world!"


Without warning the black robed ninja on stage jumped into the crowd, pulling out their various types of weapons, and began to mercilessly slaughter the unsuspecting people in the crowd. The masked figure stood still, arms outstretched over the crowd, as screams of shock and horror filled the room. People instantly began to run towards the door that led out, which was now guarded by about fifteen more ninja, who were now cutting down those closest to the door. Blood quickly began to fill the room, with the crowd erupting into a swarm of madness and chaos. The brave ones tried to fight back, however they were unprepared and ill equipped for the large amount of men. The masked man would vanish, no longer standing where he was, lost in the confusion of the situation. The scene quickly grew gruesome, the body count piling up. It was obvious these men had no intentions of letting anyone out alive.




There is no post order, the story teller will make his next post on july the 28th. Please only make one post with your attempt to escape, do not make it harder for others to post. This topic is now closed to anyone who did not already post in it. 

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An hour passed slowly as people continued to fill the room, more people than the venue could comfortably hold. It wasn't long until people were squeezing between one another to get closer to the stage. The temperature in the room rose at least ten degrees from just the body heat alone. The crowding was worse up by the front of the stage. Everyone was eager for the event to start and were cramming themselves in as close as possible to the stage. Aoi himself was barely able to see the stage himself at this point thanks to his short stature. Thankfully, even from his vantage point, once the people came out on stage, he'd at least get a decent look of them. Finally, the stream of people came to an end and the guards made their way inside, barring the doors as they did. While a bit of an odd choice, considering the amount of people already inside and the sheer popularity of this event, it may have been just to prevent more from forcing their way in. 


A hush soon fell over the crowd as a small door at the back of the stage opened. From it emerged several characters clad in dark robes. They were fully clothed, head to toe to hide any distinguishing characteristics. At best, Aoi could just make out their genders but beyond that he had nothing. What was peculiar though, were the fact that these people were well armed and made no attempt to hide their weapons. "A show of power perhaps? They want to oppose shinobi so something like this might help raise the morale of the rally." Aoi pondered as one final figure emerged. This man bore a different attire from the others and once he made is appearance, a deathly silence fell over the crowd. Even the stray murmurs had ceased. This man was the leader without a doubt.


From the moment he began speaking, it was as though a wave washed across the crowd. Even Aoi could feel it, though his words were calm and inviting, there was a cold, underlying malice he was all too familiar with. It was as though he was facing one of the instructors at The Facility again. A chill ran down his spine and a feeling of dread began to wash over him. The man continued his speech, the crowd hanging on his every word. He spoke of freedom and liberation from the oppressive Shinobi and power hungry Kage. From how he spoke, it was likely the man was a victim of a prior war, who saw the battlefield from the perspective of a non-combatant. Not that Aoi could feel any sympathy for him, regardless of his past he was now an enemy who threatened the order of Mizumura and for that, he would need to be eliminated.


During this time, the crowd had managed to find their voices once again. Murmurs of agreement exploded into full on cheering and fervor as the speech went on. It appeared that many civilians in the village were displeased with their situation. There would likely be much blood shed before order could truly be returned.


Eventually, two subordinates, also clad in black, emerged from the back stage dragging along a bound man, a shinobi of the village and despite his current appearance, Aoi could tell he was strong. Perhaps a Jonin. The fact that he had been captured helped highlight this group's strength, if even Jonin shinobi could be defeated by these people, then they indeed posed a serious threat to the village. His appearance, caused the crowd's energy to skyrocket to the point that they were practically frothing at the idea of violence. 


The speaker then proceeded to give a display of his own power. The crowd cheering on as the man's chakra, and life was drained away, absorbed into the masked man's being, leaving little more than a dried up husk behind. Not even wasting a moment, the man declared that tonight would be their first strike against the village The crowd's cheering became almost deafening as the man dropped the microphone and gazed up to the ceiling. Aoi could not hear what he said next over the crowd, but that chill returned and he immediately became aware of what was about to happen. He didn't even have the opportunity to move before the black clad ones dove into the crowd, brandishing their weapons and cutting down the nearest spectators.


For the first few moments, the start of the slaughter went unnoticed by the crowd, still whipped up in their frenzy. It didn't take long however, for the people to realize what was going on. Exuberance turned to panic as people desperately tried to flee the attackers. Pushing and stepping on one another to little avail. The venue was so packed there was barely any space for most people to move. Although at the rate people were falling dead that would soon be alleviated. Most tried to get to the door, however, another fifteen assailants had taken up position and were mowing down the people indiscriminately. Some were trying to fight back, at least they would go out swinging. Most simply screamed and begged for mercy as they were cut down.


Aoi had been lucky enough to avoid those that had jumped from the stage, they had landed a couple rows behind him but it wouldn't take long for them to turn about and kill the ones by the stage itself. At this point, the fact he had come unarmed was moot, hell it might have even given him a chance. Had he drawn his weapons, they would have undoubtedly taken him down to silence any potential threats. He needed some time to think, to try and find a way out of here. Escape was his top priority. His short stature would keep him hidden in the chaos for a time. Calling back to his time at The Facility and his training as an assassin, he erased his presence as much as he possibly could. Even so, he could only buy himself minutes at best.


Ducking down, Aoi weaved through the panicking civilians, using this time to scout what he could of the area through the chaos. The leader had vanished, likely slipped backstage at some point. Trying to escape through the doors was suicide and the windows were likely being watched. Granted the windows were high up and out of reach for most normal people, attempting to exit that way would just reveal his status as a shinobi and make him a priority target.


"Speaking of shinobi, there should be others here too. With luck, they could provide adequate distraction" Most shinobi of the village would not likely be able to stand by and let this many people be slaughtered. Aoi was not one of them. These people had dug their own graves and now had to lie in them. At the very least, their deaths could prove useful in aiding his escape. Still, he was left with little options. With the door securely guarded and the windows dangerous, the only other option he could see was to head backstage. Yet if the leader was still there, he'd have better luck with the front door. As it was he couldn't see a good way out.


But perhaps that was the key.


An idea quickly formed in his head, it was risky and borderline insane, but it was the best he had.


"Here goes" Aoi muttered to himself as he formed three quick handsigns. Ram, snake, tiger. In the next instant, Aoi was enshrouded in a cloud of smoke that would undoubtedly get the attention of the assailants. From the cloud, five copies of Aoi charged out and scaled the walls, heading to the windows in an attempt to escape.


Meanwhile, the real Aoi had used the cover of the smoke to hide himself under a few bodies. Fresh blood soaked into his hair and clothes, covering his body. There he remained deathly still and slowed his breathing, bringing his heart rate down with it. For now, he could only wait for a better opening to run for it, or for them to finish the killing and leave. 


Patience was key.


Chakra: 100 - 5 = 95

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Taka narrowed her eyes, watching and listening from her hiding spot by the window. She could see everything that was going o from above and thought it was particularly useful that nobody could see the little grey cat by the window. She saw the men bar the doors inside and frowned, her cat lips tilting and her ears laying back against her head. Takara found it more than suspicious, she found it threatening, her grey fur bristling, a low soft cat growl arising in her throat. She listened to the man on the stage and every second, fought the desire to attack him. When they brought out the jounin, she actually whispered, "No.."


The jounin, Chiriko, had been a friend of her older brother, a frequent visitor to the sake-house, and a kind generous man. She had heard he had moved to greater things when he became a jounin, having not seen him for a year, his face was just as she remembered it: minus the terror in his eyes. She dug her claws into the wooden beams, watching with keen horrified yellow eyes. Chiriko, a friend and a role model. When his young dark hair turned white, his skin turning dark, and his throat breaking into a scream of agony, Taka thought she might pass out. Chiriko fell over, unconscious or dead, she could not tell from here. She was appalled, turned livid, her whole body shaking and her fur standing on end. The man was a lunatic, and when he said the word sacrifice, she perked her head up, and ended her henge transformation.


Taka the green haired shinobi perched awkwardly by the window and quickly focused her chakra to her feet. For the past seven years, all she had practiced was surface walking and throwing projectiles. Her feet were able to hold on to the small edge and prevent her from falling after her henge was broken, but not even a second after, she saw a horrific sight. The civilians who had cheered so vehemently were being butchered by 20 shinobi at the stage and 15 by the barred door. She cursed herself for waiting so long, drawing out a kunai with ease. With chakra holding her to the wall, the woman made her move.


Her green hair flew behind her like a wild mane as she ran across the wall, the woman enacting her increased leg speed with a little more chakra focus. When she neared the shinobi by the door, she found a group of 3 or 4 Equalists breaking from the big group of 15, heading through the civilians, cutting them down with weapons. She hurled her kunai for the back of one of their heads, her precise aim and speed hard to detect and avoid when she could safely assume that the murderous Equalist was focused on massacre. The goal was to allow the speed and the force of her kunai to plunge and sever the spinal cord from the brain, piercing through the small and weaker vertebrae of the neck. A second later, Takara kicked off the wall, reaching for the head of an Equalist standing besides her first intended victim. Assuming she was able to grab hold, her strong hands would twist, using her own body motion to fly over the man's shoulder and breaking his neck before her feet even hit the ground.


If all went as planned, she would have two dead at her feet, their bodies hitting the floor at the same time as her graceful feet touched down. Had she the time to think, had her mind not been taken over by animalistic anger and power, she might have surprised even herself with the efficiency and ease she had while killing these men: her second and third ever kills in life.Her eyes were filled with such loathing and anger, she doubted even her friends would recognize her face, her feet bouncing slightly in place with her Kaminari blood's enhanced speed. Her lithe right hand reached down to grab the bloodied kunai from the back of the dead man's neck, assuming he had both died and fallen by her feet, and gripped it with readiness to strike again.


Chakra: 195 - 5 - 15 = 175

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One might think that the prospect of being in a hot, smelly room filled with people angry at shinobi would be enough to draw some emotion onto Taidana's face. Yet it didn't. Her soft face remained indifferent, her eyes looked dead. It wasn't that she was finding this whole ordeal boring, it was more so the fact that she was just so. Damn. Tired. She had literally been napping earlier, and now she had been forced out of the house to do some kind of 'Secret Mission' for the village. Well, wasn't that just fine and dandy?


Anyway, she was currently a Jounin, and she needed to pay attention to her surroundings. There were definitely some genin in the crowd, perhaps all of her reinforcements were genin. That wasn't the most comforting of thoughts, but she wasn't going to hold people's abilities to their rank. After all, when she was a genin, she was easily able to dispatch chuunin. In her weird mind, she couldn't see why other genin couldn't do that same.


Her cyan gaze shifted along the room, her brain quickly picking up on all the details. A person giving some boring-ass speech, some idiot had decided to walk in with their clan symbol LITERATELY ON HER BACK. Tadaina had to do a double take on that, why was this person telling everyone that they were a shinobi? Maybe she didn't realise that this mission was about hiding amongst the civilians? Taidana made sure to give that one a little talk once this was over. There also seemed to be a ninja transformed as a cat in a nearby window. It was certainly an idea worthy of praise, but the fact was, the transformation technique did not disguise the weight of a human, and Taidana could kind of see evidence that the cat was much more heavier than it looked.


The cheering's sudden increase in volume made Taidana's attention divert back to the front. What she saw wasn't comforting in the slightest. It was one of the village jounin, he had been part of the 'group' which always tried to make Taidana do something in the Jounin lounge. She had never found it fun, but he had been a good friend. Seeing him up there now... Taidana's breathing quickened, the thumps of her heart drowned out all other noises. She had never been a fan of death, especially supposedly needless killing like this.


She watched as the room suddenly exploded. Enemies jumped from the stage and started mercilessly cutting down the front row, the cat next to her transformed back into its human-self. Revealing it to be a woman who looked vaguely familiar, maybe she was part of a company of sorts? Taidana didn't care, but she was a jounin and she needed to help to the best of her ability.


Without a second thought, the moment the room exploded, Taidana quickly shoved her way through the crowd and found herself directly behind Kurai. You see, Taidana was worried that the people might target her due to the clan symbol on her back. So, Taidana firmly placed both of her hands on Kurai's shoulders and dragged her to the back of the room at her fastest possible speed. Once there, Taidana would attempt to spin Kurai around, the panicking crowd pushing their faces uncomfortable close.


"You're going to need to ditch that jacket, did you not get the memo? These people are anti-shinobi and you're practically wearing a shirt which says 'I'm a ninja, kill me!'? Hide it in the corner before you do anything, things are getting messy." Taidana said, her voice only just audible above the screams of the crowd due to how close they were.


Once this was said, Taidana saw how the green-haired woman was cutting down enemies left and right, and she realised that the best thing she could do was help the people on the outside. But how could she get there? Her eyes scanned the room, and they stopped once the window was the centre of her vision. She would just have to transform and get through that window, it was simple yet effective.


So, Taidana quickly performed three hand-seals as fast as possible, a shadow clone of herself appearing right next to Kurai. Taidana did this, so that the moment the clone exploded, she would gain all the intel of what was happening in the room. As well as leaving a clone of herself to defend Kurai should the need arise. 


Taidana quickly pushed through the crowd, her jounin-level strength allowing her to do this without losing any pace. Once next to the window, Taidana grabbed the sides and jumped, using her hold on the window as a leverage point to angle herself towards the opening. As she jumped through, Taidana realised that the window was large enough to get through without the aid of transformation. With this new plan, Taidana used her forward momentum and shot through the window like a pencil, her dexterity allowing her to get through without cutting herself on the glass.


Once outside, she looked to her right and noticed all the people being cut down like dogs. The sight made her sick, it made her feel hopeless. After all, the majority of her techniques were AoE based, there wasn't any possible way that she could kill those people without severely injuring all the civilians as well. With that thought in mind, Taidana would sprint across the street and use the surface walking technique to run up the side of a building. There, she would perch herself and wait.


God dammit, why did she not have any weapons with her?



CP: 400 - 25 - 5 = 370


370 Remaining CP


Techniques Used:

Shadow Clone Technique (Made one clone and left it inside)

Surface Walking Technique (Used it to climb up the building on the opposite side of the street)


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Jin was in the perfect position to observe the people entering the abandoned building for the meeting. Not to mention, he could even peek through the walls. However, he could only see the spirits through the walls. He could recognize the ones that had met up with him earlier for the strategy meeting and obviously he was familiar of the spirits of the Tataru. He watched and sipped through his coffee until everyone entered and the guards went in. After that, Jin noticed the arrival of some exceptionally violent spirits. He immediately knew that something was off about this and things were definitely going to go bad. The Tataru are capably of differentiating the good spirits from the bad. These spirits that had entered into the room with everyone else, were spirits that displayed the perfect color of murderous intent. That was when Jin left his coffee and sweets behind and began to prepare for what was to come ahead. This was even before the speech began and right when the masked individual appeared on the stage with his comrades.


While he moved, Jin communicated with Rei to keep him updated with what he was going to do from the outside. "I'm planting explosive tags on two walls: One wall right behind the crowd and in front of the stage, the one farthest from it. The other wall is the one opposite to the side that has the entrance and the door in it. I'll be making my explosive entrance from the door", that was probably all the information Rei would need. Obviously, Rei too could keep an eye on Jin's movement through the wall if he needed. So could the other Tataru in the building but not the others, unless they had byakugan.


So as planned, while the speech progressed, Jin planted one explosive tag on the wall behind the crowd and in front of the stage. And then planted another explosive tag on the wall to the opposite side of the door's wall. Finally, he arrived at the door and planted two explosives on that thing. And then, he awaited his cue. Obviously, he didn't stand in plain sight. He had done all his actions in a shinobi like stealthy manner. And was now hiding at a place that allowed him to remain closer to the front door and probably the only entrance of the building. Unless you considered broken windows as entrances, for some reason. While hidden, Jin could hear the speech through the wireless radio that Rei was wearing. The crowd liked this fellow and that could be a problem. However, Jin wasn't worried because he expected things to go south when this fellow showed his true colors. If for some reason, they didn't do anything then Jin could undo his actions by simply not activating the explosive tags.


Surely enough though, as Jin expected, things did go south. First, a renowned jounin was dragged to the stage. Jin could recognize the jounin through his spirit and then he saw that spirit flicker. Almost as if it's life was threatened. The words used in the speech gave a hint to what was happening. He almost wanted to peak in and see this strange ability but decided to control his urge to do so. Rei was in there and he would get all the information he needed later. Once the jounin was dealt with, the main villain disappeared and then began the massacre of 'innocent' civilians. As the masked individuals jumped to the stage, Jin began his plan.


He used the ignition jutsu and exploded the two tags on the walls he had placed earlier. The explosion would be deafening for the ones inside and would create openings large enough for people to run out of. Following these two explosions, the next explosion would occur with only a moment's delay. The two tags on the door, guarded by 15 masked individuals would also explode. Thanks to Jin using once again, the ignition jutsu. And then Jin would appear, with his Hikari puppet; which he had already unsealed from the scroll he had brought just for this occasion. The explosion on the door would knock down all 15 of the villains, probably not take out all of them but for those seeking an opportunity to take them out; this was it. However, JIn's explosive entry in the scene was not done.


He followed up these three major explosions, with three lesser compact charges that were fired from Hikari's mouth using the projectile launcher part in the puppet's mouth. The charges propagated through the door and on top of the fallen villains when Jin made one of them explode. They were three in number; however, with one exploding the other two also exploded due to the heat; thus resulting in three explosions with a total diameter of 3 meters. The shinobi that had yet to get up from the previous explosion of the door fell victim to this attack and then Jin threw in a smoke bomb. The bomb would fall on the ground, in approximately the center of the room; give or take one meter of difference. And then wait three seconds to explode automatically resulting in a smoke cloud.


For the Tataru, the smoke would mean little. They could see using their third eye and identify the numerous villains attempting to attack people. Jin could see the villains, even without using a jutsu (because they're NPC, you need the jutsu for PCs). With the ground shaken and his explosive entry concluded. Jin would hurl the giant puppet within the smoke, attacking the villains and hindering them into getting close with civilians.


I guess I'm just mentioning this because I forgot to say it and I don't like vague manipulation. Jin had already attached his chakra strings with Hikari. Otherwise, how else would he make the puppet use the puppet launcher or attack other people? He was using three strings to move the gigantic puppet. One string for the body movement, one was used earlier to activate the puppet launcher. That same one was now controlling the steel claws weapon part; while the third string was using Hikari's chain tail. This chain tail was moving around, in the smoke, knocking and attacking the villains.


Word Count: 1039

CP Used: 38/100


Equipment Used:

Explosive Tag (4/5)

Lesser compact charge (3/10)

C-rank: Hikari

Jutsu Used:

Fuuinjutsu: Ignition (E-rank) (20 CP/ 5 per explosion, 4 explosions via explosive tags) + (5 CP for the lesser compact charge) = 25 CP

D-rank: Sealing Technique (10 CP)

Puppetry: Chakra String Technique (D-rank) (3 CP)



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Finally it seemed that the moment of beginnings were upon them, as well as the ending for some unknowing people. The room had reached its maximum capacity and on que, the guards shut the door and barred it from the inside. Placing themselves between the crowd and the barred door, they waited and watched the crowd as the sheep turned to look on stage as a masked individual approached the enter of the stage. Even before he had finished approaching, about twenty black robed shinobi encircled the stage to provide protection for their spokesperson. A little heavy on the armed side for a social meeting. Rei observed, now more curious about their intent than their fancy words. A paranoid and violent person by nature, Rei wanted to understand these people. THis situation was just too ideal for them if they wanted to kill anyone: in fact, he didn't doubt that if they wanted to start a village revolt, then they could kill everyone here and blame it on the village with fake survivors who could spin lies to incite the families of the murdered here. The thought was so casual upon Rei's mind, that he seemed to understand the intent even before he had became fully suspicious. 


His third eye opened and every black robed shinobi present at the rally, had souls tarnished and a deeper shade of black than their clothing. These were murderers and they held ill will in their heart to those present. He looked over his shoulder and could see that the spirits of these people were borderline fanatics, almost willing to kill in the name of revolution. If the spokesman's fancy words could incite them to this extent with words alone- Rei could only imagine how much more effective it would be the next time, when the families of these people would grieve the deaths of those present and seek retribution against the village system that had failed them. In truth, these people were collaborators. Guilty by association with participating in this taboo archaic meeting. If they survived, they would be arrested, questioned and then released if they weren't seen as a threat to the village. Either way, in Rei's mind, these foolish people would get what they deserved.


Given the Shinseina, Rei had already guessed to a good extent to the way things would play out soon enough. As the speaker continued to drone up, Rei moved silently through the crowd to a few rows of people behind the stage. It didn't matter now what the man said, he was just sweetening the crowd up before butchering them. Rei hdn't even needed to tell Jin that things were about to get bloody, as Rei moved back a few rows into the crowd, Jin had already responded to the radio and confirmed Rei's own suspicions. He followed Jin's words and took mental note of the walls Jin placed explosives on. Finally with a decent amount of people between Rei and the black robed shinobi, he turned back and watched as the speaker had a Jounin of the village brought out. Beaten and bound, it was an impressive display of power to capture a Jounin of the village without causing commotion. This helped Rei understand just how powerful this syndicate organization really was. He watched quietly from the left side of the crowd near the wall as the spokesman touched the Jounin and began to drain him. With the Shinseina, Rei could see the man's soul withering and his hair whitened to reflect his soul's sickness. Agonizing screams left the man up till the very moment he lost all his strength, though he did not die. His sol is still in tact, though very weak... this masked man must have drained all of his chakra. Rei reasoned, setting his own eyes on the masked man to confirm his suspicions.


Now that the highlight of the evening had been dealt with, it was only a matter of seconds before things would get bad. The crowd was in a frenzy, their souls a noticeable shade darker. They were so eager and willing to participate in violence, and yet when the violence would begin: they would turn tails and try to flee. Despite the grave situation, Rei laughed. He was trapped in a room full of sheep. Finally the moment as at hand, the spokesman promised that these people would be a part of the movement and then dropped the microphone onto the floor with a resounding thud. Rei pocketed his little radio and prepared his mind for the storm that was to come.


Without any warning, the black robed shinobi upon the stage leaped forward into the crowd and began to hack at the surprised and stupefied civilians with their weapons. Rei remained perfectly still, leaning against the wall as a shinobi leaped passed him and slashed a young woman in front of Rei. It was a nasty jabbed slash, spraying Rei's face with blood as the man continued passed Rei and focused more on those civilians who were brave enough to fight back.  Boar → Dog → Bird → Monkey went Rei's hands suddenly and he bit into his palm viciously as he drew blood and slammed his fists onto the floor. From his position, as he had bent down, he had disappeared from site due to the crowd and piling corpses. Summoning Jutsu! and a plume of small smoke enveloped his little area. From within the smoke, three dark lengthy shadows reached out and encircled Rei as he stood up once more. Three serpents of red, purple and blue had been summoned by Rei and now it was time to enact the counterattack.


While it was an unfavorable idea, Jin and Rei had planned for this turn of events in advance. Several other shinobi were present and they were privy to a contingency if they were attacked: though Rei doubted many if any of them at all would have thought things would turn out this way. The masked man remained on the stage for several long seconds with out outstretched hands, relishing in the sounds of fearful agony: then, he would make a hasty stealthy retreat that Rei had missed in the confusion. One moment he had his eyes of the man and his spirit- then a small crowd of fearful civilians blocked his vision, both physically and spiritually. Their spirits changed back and forth rapidly, masking the masked man on the stage and when they moved passed, he was already gone. Knowing he had missed his chance to catch the man responsible, Rei turned his attention to the more pressing danger.


One by one, the hidden shinobi present began to reveal themselves by responding to the provocation. The cat in the window which was really a woman, leaped from the window and revealed her human form and began to counter-attack with passion. A male used the clone technique to create a distraction while he hid beneath the pile of continuously growing corpses. A well thought out survival tactic. Though against one of the Tataru, you could not hide your soul. The catgirl had already been revealed before she had even transformed, because a cat soul was much smaller than a human soul. The boy's clones held no souls within them and as he hid, his soul was the only one present among the pile of corpses. If Rei had been one of these badguys, both of them would have met a very sudden and unknowing death. Rei was not one of these badguys however, but he also had no desire to help the cowardly boy who hid for his own survival. If a beast was to bare their fangs, then they deserved to be bitten back- and with poison.


Finally, Rei decided to take action. A wicked grin stretched across his lips as he three serpents responded to his will. Snake, TIger went his hands and his sleepy third eye opened all the way, giving him a much better picture of the situation, as well as to all the village shinobi present. That was when Jin took action. Through the eyes of one of his serpents, he saw Jin activate his technique, exploding two of the four walls and creating decent sized gaps for the civilians to escape through. While that happened, Jin attacked from one of these explosions at the barred door and seized initiative against the fifteen guarding shinobi. An explosion here and there, and the ranks of the guards were disoriented. The villain's plan to entrap the civilians and slaughter them had backfired. Now it had turned into a battle of attrition that was in the civilian and water shinbos' favor. With several exit points now available for escape, the black robed shinobi would be forced to scatter to try to kill everyone- yet their purpose was defeated. They would not be able to kill everyone and word would spread of this terrible event. While the Equalists might continue to preach about revolution & the evils of the shinobi system, some villagers would know the truth and oppose their movement.


A Jounin in the crowd performed the shadow clone technique, leaving two of herself in the crowd while the real her exited the small window that the cat had entered. It was a smart play- using the clones, she would be able to relay information safely in case things became far worse: yet she also left the clones to provide support for the fight. A better tactic than just hiding and hoping for a victory. Otherwise simply hiding in a pile of corpses would lead to yo being stabbed to death by the Equalists if they want, just to ensure there were no survivor. Rei thought to himself, recalling the one shinobi that hid and didn't fight back at all.


Jin's attack had been relatively devastating and he even further provided Rei and the other Tataru with a leading advantage by using a smoke bomb to enshroud the room and blind everyone. Of course the Tatru were perfectly capable of seeing souls within the smoke and could provide even more deadly and accurate force. As the smoke bomb went off and covered the room, Rei rushed forward, stepping over bodies: his serpents trailing on two sides and behind him as he moved. There was an unusual soul within the room, a soul that caused both suspicion and wariness from. It was a woman, a shinobi not of the water village- yet he could see by her soul that she intended to fight back instead of allowing herself to be killed. Oddly enough, this woman was with one of the Tataru brethren, Chaohuan. If she was with him, then Rei would overlook her for now, but he would not drop his guard. Who knew what she might do.


Unlike the others who engaged in direct combat, Rei decided that the victory would be more in information rather than bloodshed. Even if they left some of the villains alive, it was unlikely that they would get much information from them. Instead, the wisest decision was to retrieve the enfeebled Jounin who had his chakra drained. Though weak and likely fighting consciousness, he had yet to die. Even if he did die, his corpse would give the water village a leading edge with information on how the masked man had done this to the Jounin... and potentially give them an idea of how powerful he really was. Still, Rei was capable of more than just one goal. With his skills in summoning, he could multitask. Rei and his purple serpent rushed to the stage and would counter any black robed shinobi who might try to intercept him. His blue serpent would slither through the small wooden door in the back of the stage to investigate where it led- for it was the only rational way that the masked man could have escaped. Rei needed to know where it led and if the man was there or at least to see if he had left any other vital clues. 


Lastly, Rei's red serpent slithered towards Jin and the other shinobi fighting the villains.  rat → snake →Dragon went Rei's hands from the stage as his serpent responded to his command. Their shared sense of unimpeded vision through the smoke gave them the advantage of a ruthless surprise. The group of guards at the door had huddled together for defense in the smoke bomb to cover their flanks and stab anyone who got too close- that made them a perfect target for what Rei and his red serpent had in mind. A sudden shift in the stone beneath the feet of the room was the only sign anyone would get as a sudden stone spike would erupt from the ground with pinpoint accuracy in the smoke and aim to impale a good six of the guards at B Rank speed. Coupled with their positioning and the smokescreen, Rei doubted they would be able to escape without mortal injury. He had done his deed in fighting and now the rest was up to support and information gathering. While his red serpent complimented Jin's obscuring vale of smoke, Rei's purple serpent would also perform something- though this was not an attack. The serpent turned to the withered Jounin on the stage and swallowed him up, securing the man within its body during the obscured vision to both protect him and keep the enemies from knowing exactly what had happened to the Jounin they had held captive.


With luck, he would survive though likely never recover from his weakened state. He could however provide the village with vital information about things he may have seen, heard or been told of about the Equalists. Once this was all over, he would visit the Mizukage and hand the man over for medical care and questioning. For now though, Rei was focused on his serpents, seeing through their eyes and aiding where he could. That was when his vision was set on the green haired shinobi girl who had been the cat. Taka. he thought to himself, he knew this girl from missions. Naive and brave, she was trying to protect the villagers with great passion, but if she was not careful- she would find herself in a tough position against these black robed shinobi. The smokescreen wouldn't last much longer and Rei had something in mind. Much like he had done to the Jounin, the red serpent would slither up to Taka in the smoke and attempt to swallow her whole after a short warning "Do not ressisst, my masster wishess your ssafety!", then proceed to securing her within the space of its stomach, masking her signature from sensory techniques. With both Taka and the Jounin secured safely and a great number of the black robed shinobi dealt with, Rei focused his vision on his blue serpent's eyes as it slithered into the back room where the Equalists and their boss had first come from. While he watched through the eyes of all three serpents, he himself walked through the smokescreen and out of the building through one of the holes Jin had made. "Jin it is time to leave. We have done more than our share. Many of the villagers have escaped." he would say to his soul brother who was only a few meters away from him in the smoke. As Rei would leave, his purple and red serpents would follow on both sides of him, each carrying something within their gut. All the while Rei would remain close by in the shadows to monitor the progress of his blue serpent's infiltration for information.


WC- 2,601

CP- 45

Red Serpent CP- 25/50

Purple Serpent CP- 50/50

Blue Serpent CP- 50/50


Jade Serpent Contract: Red Phosphorous Jade Serpent

Earth Release: Rising Earth Spears

Hiding in a summon technique


Blue Phosphorous Jade Serpent(Link)

Hiding in a summon technique


Purple Phosphorous Jade Serpent(Link)




Summoning Jutsu

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Finally it began. The huge man clad is almost no clothing stood silently behind the woman he had brought with him, or who had brought him with her, and watched the proceedings from behind half-lidded eyes. He nodded and moved with the crowd with such alacrity that even close friends may well think he truly believed this cause - whatever that cause was - had fully swayed him. When finally the man appeared on stage, host of arm guards in tow, he allowed a small smile to grace his handsome face and he did not so much as flinch when the doors closed behind the crowds. Clearly this was a threat, but like the crowd his attention stayed fixated on the stage and this masked mystery. 


Chao's hand pressed powerfully into the shoulder of Reimei, warning her of something she undoubtedly knew. 


After a time, the speech began in full, a drab speech which nonetheless captivated this black haired man. He, within the crowd, moved as one of the riled masses cast out by the systemic oppression of the warlords who operated from the shadows. This man spoke, however, not to their perceived oppression but to their more base desire for revolution of any sort and at any cost. People loved to overturn the system, even - or perhaps especially when - they had no idea what dark power would come to fill that void. Chaohuan, perhaps alone, appreciated this tactic. 


A jounin then appeared and disappeared under a wave of some kind of chakra or soul draining magic. Chaohuan knew the man, had never formally met him but had seen him around the barracks and, on a few occasions, had taken orders from him, though usually through an intermediary chunin. However, the lids of his eyes never rose even as he shouted out in glee at the man's apparent demise. The strange magic seemed not to have immediately killed him, but likely he would die of shock sooner than later. With no expertise in the area, Chao guessed that this was something more than simple draining but that, instead, he had in some way been severed from his chakra, particularly based upon this man's claim that the ninja oppressed people through their supernatural powers. If they could not match a shinobi, the next logical step would be to reduce them to the powers of a civilian. 


Hell began to break loose then and Chao breathed out a sigh of relief. A small part of him wished that he had smuggled some kind of weapon with him, but the black-clad lunatics had overburdened themselves with arms which could provide him an implement of death if he required it. However, judging by the impending doom and their current situation in the grander political scheme, an escape seemed the best route. Chao, in this capacity, was to serve as little more than muscle and a distraction, which suited him quite well, though he felt a worry burrow through his consciousness; he wished to slay everyone present, civilians included, but even that would never save face and, no matter what happened, the ninja of the village would be blamed for this travesty.


His hands left the shoulders of the woman before him and, in but a single moment, he had ducked in front of her, chakra surging through his body as he knocked a few people out of his way. The two had their backs to a side wall and yet even so were pressed against by the sheer volume of bodies. The explosion of an outside force sounded, revealing twin exists on the fore and aft walls, though the man, already moving, did not flinch. Two people fell from him as his suddenly increased strength sent them falling, giving him a tiny pocket of room to extend his arms to their entire span. Then, he simply rushed forward three feet, arms and body scooping up four people before him and shoving them with strength of a much more powerful warrior.


The room was so packed that people, especially near the front, stood shoulder to shoulder, bodies pressing into one another in an orgy of discomfort held together only by the strange awe which the speaker had engendered. The sudden attack, coupled with the sudden explosion, stunned the crowd as they watched in slow motion, the first waves of blood landing upon the faces of the front rows before anyone knew they had fallen under attack. In that gap of time, Chao's shove would send the four people he had touched forward, swept off of their feet and launched forward into another row of people who experienced the same fate, the whole mass colliding with a third row. So confined were they that, like water, this would produce a forward moving wave of bodies, stampeding forward into the welcoming blades of the enemy. 


Unfortunately, the enemy also possessed no area upon which to find footing, their ingress to the crowd only serving to further exacerbate the cramped quarters. Weapons longer than a knife would prove useless in such confined spaces and, as people began to find themselves helplessly pressed against the attackers and the stage, the black-clad revolutionists would find themselves pinned between the wooden front of the dais, effectively trapped. Even could they free their arms and hack at the mass of bodies, the dead corpses would still ensnare and trap them; simply, they did not have the required room to move and removing the life of the people occupying the space they needed would not reduce their mass. This, combine with the herculean shove of the shining moose would incapacitate them for more than enough time to orchestrate an escape. 


The distraction complete, Chao now moved to the next phase of the plan for when things inevitably went south: escape. He trusted that the others hidden within the crowd could handle the doorman, especially with the aid of the explosion, and he had liberated them from having to worry about the twenty-five which attacked from the front for at least a few precious moments. Unbeknownst to him, Rei's serpent, blessed with a thin and agile profile, would easily slip through the legs and hordes of people to reclaim the body of the drained man. And so he released his pressure, allowing some of the people he had smashed together to fall back a bit and turned toward the side wall against he and his companion still stood. The removal of such force from the bodies would, in theory, allow the assailants to push back the bodies but most had already lost full control of themselves and fallen like dominoes into one another and, as such, the full force of the entire crowd now leaned upon those men and crushed them against platform upon which their commander no longer stood. 


Grabbing the woman's hand, he pivoted to his right and placed a quick strike to the wooden wall, smashing out a small seven by 4 hole with his vastly increased strength which they - and any civilians smart enough to react - could use to escape into the street, thought the smoke bomb which just burst would shield their flight. From here, the added spacial freedom would allow for a great deal of attack patterns, namely that anyone with a large-scale attack could simply demolish the building. Chao wished he had brought his bow, which would allow him to simply pick off any enemies attempting to flee. For now, he leapt up onto the roof of a nearby building, though would give pause if his companion did not follow, and moved to find a rendezvous location. He did not have a radio and did not know who owned one, so he could not easily locate their external demolition man. 

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With the crowds jeering increasing ever so quickly, Kurai refocused her attention back towards the stage. Even for Kurai what she witnessed was enough to potentially cause the girl to prematurely retire from mizumura's shinobi force. Watching as a man who was dragged in to the view to thousands, was exclaimed by the man orchestrating the entire event to be a jonin of the water village. Watching the way he struggled trying to get free from the group of men holding him captive, Kurai's eyes glassed over as she watch just what had happened. 


Cries of pain echoed throughout the arena, as the jonin was publicly executed infront of men, women, children and fellow colleagues. As the jonin dropped to the ground, Kurai looked at what used to be a healthy breathing man, was now someone that would seem to be suffering from malnutrition for a while.


Before she had even known what had happened Kurai was yanked backwards, by someone who she could only assume was a higher ranking than herself. Kurai did not even think anything of it, but it hindsight it was a stupid thing to do. Removing the jacket Kurai felt quiet vulnerable considering that her arms, and stomach were exposed. Thankfully she had worn a black sports type bra, that prevented any movements of her breasts.


Left alone with the clone of her superior, Kurai watched as explosions shook the area. Realising that the ground was probably the worst place to be Kurai ran to the nearest wall and climbed it using the Surface walking technique. Being fairly close to the front entrance Kurai, had to crouch down whilst still being parallel with the ground, protecting herself should anything fly towards here.


There was not much Kurai could do here, except watch and look on as the onslaught of the civilians continued below her. From her perch on the wall, Kurai was able to see a multitude of people making their ways out of the building as the entire ordeal had become too chaotic for the shinobi of Mizumura village to simply handle. Running on the wall Kurai was able to notice a few people who were trying to escape, however one that stood out the most to her at that given moment in time was a man assisting a woman. Jumping down from the wall Kurai had just made in time to witness this man smash a small hole in a wooden wall. Using her own initiative she followed the man outside of the rally, only to run a smoke screen. Kurai wished she could do more, but the moment she was out she ran a decent distance away to get a clear view of what was happening.

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Within her new counterpart's grasp, Reimei took in the people in the room. Bodies jammed together to get closer to the stage, though some, like them, hung back. An energy coursed through the tight space, almost solid in it's heaviness as it passed through the crowd, as masked men quite similar to the one she'd gutted on the beach earlier stepped out onto the stage. Her hands atop Chao's dug small crescents into his skin as she noticed a second group block and seal the door they'd come through. The only door. Hooded eyes took in all the unfamiliar faces around her, and her muscles tensed as it set in that none of the faces were familiar, not even the one behind her. She felt like an animal inside an overstuffed cage.


When the leader first made his grand entrance on the stage, Reimei didn't think too much of him. His build was that of an average man, his gait and words no different from watching any other fork-tongued politician in her eyes. She felt her counterpart moving and reacting as if entranced by this poorly veiled theatrical performance, though the bruising grip on her shoulder spoke a different tale only she were privy to feel. A seductive thought, if they weren't currently a part of a hot box of potatoes waiting to be mashed. She set that thought process aside; already her survival instincts were prickling at being surrounded. Her eyes widened as she took in the enraptured audience. It may not be clear how, but there was no way this room was not some kind of trap. Could they truly not see that? This was the bloody tundra! Surely they knew a trap when they saw one!


When the masked man turned an unfamiliar shinobi into a withered pitiable cripple before the entire crowd, she was willing to bet Chao could feel her nervous trembling with panic, shown only in the way that her heart rate increased. The roaring of blood through her ears was deafening. So this was what old man Kasai had spoken of when he told stories. As the masked assailants charged the virtually defenseless room of civilians, Reimei's only thought was 'So this is what war looks like.' 


Several of the civilians revealed themselves to be shinobi. One made clones of himself and hid. Pity that one. A cat tried into a girl and began going at the assailants she could. Good girl. Then the room exploded, and there were two massive holes in opposite walls. People filtered out through them and a dark-haired man on a puppet burst in. Another girl in the back doubled herself and made a break for it out a window, while her double remained to fight. After this the room was just complete chaos, even her new counterpart lunged before her to domino the mass of people between them and the stage.


Reimei took his distraction to form seals behind his back, out of view of anyone in the room except for those with particularly noticing eyes. Dragon, dog, tiger, snake, tiger, snake. Unnoticeable to anyone without some kind of chakra seeing eyes, the saliva produced within her mouth began to turn into lava. She stirred her spit around in her mouth, and as the crowd around them were distracted with being knocked over and slithering snakes, Reimei calculated her aim and fired a glob of lava the size of a gold ball from her mouth. Her first target was the main tie-beam that supported the center of the building's ceiling; her lava shot like a bullet through the wooden structure, as well as the next 4 main wall supports in the corners of the building's structure. The little golf sized holes would light with fire from the inside as the lava settled and it's heat reacted with the wooden structures as flammable things do. Hopefully most of the people in the falling crowd, if she were lucky all of the masked assailants, did not notice her little tinker with the building's structural integrity.


The fire burned slow enough inside the 5 support beams that there were a few minutes to spare for this building's new fragile state followed nature and collapsed. She released her Mná Bháis as her handsome, golden panted counterpart turned back to her. He grabbed her hand and smashed out a third hole through the building- whoops, time was suddenly much more of the essence for the building now- and pulled her through with him as smoke filled the air and disguised their escape. She was not one to pass up a good exit.


However on the outside of the building, her golden counterpart leaped to the roof of a building nearby, and she paused in following him for a brief moment. She turned down the left of the alley they'd exited into, and stood before the cornerstone of the building, the one closest to the doors they'd entered through earlier. forming hand seals once more, Tiger, horse, monkey; she molded earth inside her mouth and fired it from he mouth. The earth bullet would expand to the size of a head as it made a fast and forceful collision with the weak cornerstone, and shatter the cornerstone entirely. 


She would release her jutsu and very, very hurriedly meet up with the shiny moose. In other words, she would fucking run for it. Assuming the paired had made it safely out of the building, and she reached the cornerstone, the entire building with its structural integrity compromised, would suddenly collapse on itself and anyone left inside at the same time she retuned to Chao.





chakra= 400 at the start.


Jutsus used:

Mná Bháis  -75 cp

Earth Release: Stone Pistol Technique  -25 cp


Chakra left: 300 CP.


JSYK: She set the support beams on fire with lava spit, got outside with Chaohuan, and shattered the building's weakest cornerstone with a large stone bullet and met back up with Chaohuan. The entire building is collapsing. 'u' 

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Meiko would wait patiently within the large, tightly packed crowd and would wait for the leader of the revolutionaries to make an appearance. She would prepare herself for the bullshit that was about to leave his mouth and was prepared to stay calm through the entire thing, no matter what he said or what he did. People who threatened her village would often anger her to the point of no return but today she had to make an exception, she couldn't blow her cover and needed to carry out the mission without fail. When the man finally made his appearance on the stage she would listen to his words and would shake her head slowly in disappointment. The villages were at peace now and there was no conflict, the shinobi of the world did nothing to harm them and instead accepted their requests for help. Meiko didn't understand how the words of this man appealed to the people, none of it was true. Most people had become Shinobi to protect them from the dangers of the world and they instead wanted to believe that Shinobi wanted to rule over them. 


After spouting his bullshit she would watch as he revealed the next stage of their revolution. It seemed that they had managed to capture quite a well known and powerful Jounin which was no easy feat. She had talked to him a couple times and had even received orders from him. It was sad that she could only merely stand there and watch him struggle and cry for help as the life was sucked straight out of him. All of his chakra had been drained from his body and it was obvious that it'd take multiple Medical Nin to restore him to his former self if it was even possible. 


Meiko would look down and sigh softly before looking back up and listening to the man speak once more. It seemed that this time around he would confirm Meiko's suspicions that this was merely a trap to isolate and kill the Shinobi who managed to infiltrate the meeting. She would watch as the Equalists began cutting people down one by one and would listen to the people's cries of terror. Meiko was then forced to rush towards the door like everyone else and would look for a way to escape. Luckily, there had been somebody waiting outside and they blew a hole in the front of the building which was large enough for those not caught in the explosion to escape. Meiko would take the opportunity to escape and would run off to get help but little did she know while she was going to get help that a wanderer who had also managed to infiltrate the foundations of the building, causing it to collapse.



To make a long story short I said fuck y'all and ran off to get help.


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             IF YOU DON'T EVEN USE                 IT?"

➟ OOC: 
➟ wordcount: 767

| The once uproarious room had silenced with the eventual emergence of a masked individual. Cast in shadow by the dimmed lights of the room all eyes focused on the massive stage at the head of the room lined with numerous individuals armed to the bone. The blonde Kunoichi would simply scoff in their general direction as her eyes continued to scan the room for her girls and the familiar faces of those who had been in the meeting regarding the current mission. With an entrance of grandeur, Tenri's eye's peeled from her surroundings and plastered to the masked creature who had entered the room. Like a broken record the man rambled on, his words clearly enticing the crowd of bodies surrounding her, their applause of approval a clear blow at the Shinobi System. My Lady, might I suggest sending the girls to the back of the room. The tension in the room is suffocating. Something seems off. Kensho would whisper into the dame's ear. At her nod of approval, Kensho would disappear into the crowd in search of the girls, their safety a necessity to the man. Kensho was correct, the tension within the room had shifted yet the crowd had not noticed, their fixation with the Messiah before them had blinded their sense of danger. Like lambs sent to their slaughter...


On Your noble sacrifices will be the spark that ignites this revolution! Revel in this my children, you are now free and your voices will ring out through all the world!


| Chaos, absolute chaos. What had been assumed to be a gathering to build the foundations of a rebellion had soon transpired into worse. The events that had followed the speech by the masked man had turned the room into a slaughter house. Screams echoed throughout the room as blood coated the ground and panic rose within. The blonde Kunoichi had barely a moment before her senses returned to her, Kensho was still missing in the crowd along with her girls and the screams that now vibrated within her eardrums were almost deafening. Explosions sounded left and right as Shinobi began fighting within the room. The room would shake from the explosions reverberations the crowd now in a frenzy of fear. 


| Without hesitation, the blonde woman would prepare for the incoming attack from the two men coming for her, after previously collecting a Kodachi from one of the fallen Equalists Tenri would assume a defensive position, pivoting upon the approach of each man followed by a swift swing with her blade. With the swing of her Kodachi, Tenri would aim its sharp edge directly at the first man's jugular upon his neck and end the strike in a slicing motion to the left, if successful the attack would cause the man to spew forth blood. The second man Tenri would simply send her blade into the man's groin region with enough force to sever his... with a simple twist of her sword, Tenri would extract her blade from the man's crotch and with a simple kick would send the man reeling to the floor. Weak! the woman would roar at the bodies before her. 


| My lady! I cannot find all the girls. The few I found escaped out the broken wall. Kensho would say, his breath heavy. ''Well done Kensho, I think it is time we made our own exi- the blonde dame would barely finish her sentence before something caught her attention. To her left, a beauty of blood red hair had performed a jutsu, a jutsu that had allowed her to spit forth globs of lava. Wide-eyed Tenri would watch the woman from a distance, she had not met another Yogan user and here this woman stood using the very release that was the only clue to her heritage. My Lady, please the building is starting to cave! Kensho's voice would interrupt her. Without a second thought, Tenri would grab Kensho by the hand, her grip of iron would drag the man out of the giant hole the red-head had previously vacated from. Once outside the blonde Kunoichi would search relentlessly for the lava woman who had disappeared. Behind her dust would envelop the streets as the once standing building had collapsed into nothing more than rubble. Kensho get the girls back to Mother's, I still have something I must do with her single request Tenri would scale the wall of a nearby building to its roof where she would rest before continuing her search of the woman that had eluded her.

Edited by Tenri
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