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The sounds of mumbling and whispers slowly began to fill the small dark room, a tight cramped location hidden somewhere deep in the village. It was a square room, most likely an old abandoned building being repurposed for whatever was about to take place. Rumors had been spreading all week of this meeting, with most people believing it to be nothing more than a myth. However those who paid enough attention managed to learn the secret location. With the start time quickly approaching, people began to flood in, cramming as many people as they could into the room. The smell of dust and sweat filled the air, a low rumble of voices setting the mood.


The front of the room held a stage, illuminated by several spotlights shining down on the wooden platform. There were a few microphones located near the front, with a massive banner hanging from the wall behind the stage, a banner that oddly resembled many of the posters that had been plastered around the village. The stage was empty at the moment, no one in sight for now, however voices could be heard coming from behind a wall, signs that things were about to begin. The opposite side of the room bore a small door, located at the base of a stone stair way that lead up into the streets of the village. Two dark figures stood positioned at the door, obviously body guards who were inspecting people as they entered. For a meeting that was meant to be a secret, many people seemed to know about it. The room was quickly filling up as all kinds of individuals could be seen finding their spots on the floor.


Apart from the random whispers, the room was actually pretty quiet, everyone on edge, tension filling the room. The walls of the room were littered with posters, with most of the people holding signs or wearing articles of clothing to symbolize they stood for this cause. That cause was still unknown though. Everyone here was anxious and ready to meet the man they had so blindly been following for the past few weeks. This meeting was promised to enlighten those who were tired of the unjust treatment by the shinobi world. An era of revolution was on the horizon, one which promised freedom from oppression. The truth would coming eventually, for now the meeting place continued to fill up, many eager ears ready to hear the truth and be enlightened.



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Kao didn't know what was up with all these stealth missions that he was constantly getting assigned to. He would've thought that his over-decade-long tenure as a shinobi would've taught the mission dispatchers that he was not to be trusted with any task involving the words: infiltration, undetected, and high-stress trampoline jumping. The last of which had been a fairly recent discovery that he had very thin ankles and, as of thus, could not be trusted with the ability to jump high. His last team for that disastrous assignment had been admitted to one of the mental health facilities and there were rumors that the trauma they had faced during their experience there had led them all to retire. Honestly, he could say it wasn't his fault but that pesky little chicken's who had managed to sneak into a top secret facility and had laid an entire bundle of eggs which had bounded up from the trampoline in question and had caused quite a messy incident with chopsticks and a can of albacore. Still, he must digress from his current train of thought to focus on his current predicament.


The recent posters that were being put up throughout Yamagakure and the outlying districts had become a widespread problem to the point where the famed Saisaki Nishio had been forced to take on custodial duty from the sheer number of propaganda flyers despite her status as the Head Medic of the village. Of course, after his first expedition into the Voltage Lands to remove the slanderous material, he had a very strained relationship with the subject and distributor of this revolution-in-the-making, having to clean up entire alleyways of the material. Sure, he had had fun, but it was the morals of the matter and he firmly believed that, if some guy started all this, then they should put down the posters themselves! The nerve of them forcing him to janitorial duty. He harrumphed in indignation at remembering it all and, crumpling the envelope in his hands, he tossed it into the trash and pulled out a random mask from his drawer. He stared.


It was the old frog mask he had when he had first started out as a Genin; Ribbit, as he remembered naming it. He wasn't happy to be parting with Kit-Kat, his well-accustomed cat-styled mask. but for now he had to make do in order to properly disguise himself during the rally he had been ordered to invade unnoticed. As he slipped and tied the mask on, he slowly stalked his way through the village center before making a few turns and, within the span of five minutes, found himself at the rally entrance. It was an nondescript, hidden alcove nestled deep inside the village and, upon noticing how dark the surroundings were, formed the hand sign of 'Rat' and whispered: "In The Shadows."


The chakra coated his attire, turning it into a camouflaged black as he sunk into the background. And, as he blended into the surprisingly large crowd, he noticed that many were wearing apparel or holding up signs supporting this widespread revolutionary ideal. He stayed quiet and, when he noticed a particularly clumsy man handing out posters, he grabbed one from the stack and slipped away. He held it in his hand, hoping that it would be enough to paint him as an adherent to this heretical doctrine. And he stood there, opening his ears and staring at the talking platform. It would be his main source of information and he was sure that his concentration could be mistaken as particularly strong devotion. He might find his partners in this mission later. Right now, he had to remain vigilant.

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Katsu woke up and moved his palms to his eyes, rubbing them for a moment before letting his crusted eyes adjust to the light shining into his room from his window. He sat his body up and moved over to the side of the bed, resting his head in the palm of his hands. He let out a large sigh as he grabbed hold of a folder that sat on the ground next to the bed. Glancing back over the dossier one more time, he ran his left hand through his large, untamed mane of white hair that stuck up in every direction. He'd pick up his fluffy white cloak and place it over his back and the hood over his head. The dossier mentioned infiltrating a rally, so he must stay hidden. But if it going to be filled with criminals, how would they know him other than his headband?


Katsu removed his headband and placed it on his nightstand to retrieve after the mission was over. He wasn't the best at sneaking around, so he decided to blend in the best way he knew how: by looking and acting like a criminal one. With his cloak on, most of his face would be covered. The large cloak ran down his legs and covered a majority of his equipment. He didn't look like a shinobi anymore. He removed his kunai holster as well, holding onto only one kunai and one smoke bomb, which he placed in one of his pockets. He needed to be able to fight and/or escape if it came down to it.


He walked out the door and through the streets of Yamagakure, to the position he had been given. He noticed the posters were still hanging around, despite the village's effort to remove them all. He pulled his hood over tighter as he got closer to the building he needed to go into. Once reaching the building, he cracked his neck, and kept his hands hidden beneath the cloak. He would blend in seamlessly as he entered the same time as two other men. 'Hide in plain sight. Always works!' He thought to himself as he slowly walked in, using the two men for cover. As he entered, he noticed a large crowd had gathered for the rally. This was a lot bigger deal than he had thought. He broke off from the two men and moved into the crowd, grabbing a spot near the back. He wanted to be near the exit, just in case he had to make a run for it. Most of the crowd was quiet, though you could hear some chattering among the guests.


Katsu let out a low sigh as he relaxed his back and waited for the rally to begin. He'd have to report everything he heard back, especially from the crowd. His eyes continued darting from person to person, seeing if he could make out any other shinobi or any one he had known but had no luck. He'd be alone for the time being. His eyes moved to the stage, where the podium stood in the center, and waited for it all to begin.

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Saisaki stood in front of the mirror in her bathroom as she applied the finishing touches to the layer of makeup which concealed the scarring that marred the left side of her face leaving her skin flawless in appearance. Contacts had tinted her eyes into an golden hue and they were framed with dark liner and lengthened lashes. Even her lips had been stained a soft red. It was strange to see her reflection staring back at her with the mask of cosmetics altering her features in a way that she was completely different, yet still the same.


The academy had taught her that sometimes the best disguises were the most simple and to not use jutsu unless you had to for masking your identity because of chakra sensors and strain. Saisaki mused over that has she adjusted the way her bangs fell so that they framed both sides of her face and fell over her eyes rather than covered the left side of her face as per usual then twisted her normally braided hair into two loose buns, one on either side of her head. The outfit she chose was a style common to younger women in the region for the summer time; a halter top and asymmetrical wrap skirt in yellow with black and white accents. Saisaki felt exposed wearing something clingy and that left so much skin bare, including her entire midsection and right leg, but the propaganda that littered the town seemed to target the wilder spirits of the more youthful population.


After a few finishing touches, including hiding explosive tags and a few info cards in pocket on the inside of her skirt along her left hip and wrapping a length of wire around her left wrist as a bracelet, Saisaki slipped into a pair of black sandals and rushed off to meet someone she really didn't want to see while wearing what she was - Hitomaro. Of course she was glad to not be going into the undercover assignment alone. He was supposed to be waiting for her a block away from the place the meeting. Surprisingly he was actually on time for it. Or maybe it wasn't surprising. He had seemed oddly excited for the mission when they had decided on their cover story. Saisaki sighed as she approached him and even though she was quite obviously avoiding eye contact, she grabbed him by his hand to lead him to the hideout.


"Please, don't say anything."


Hitomaro was hardly the type to listen to her though, so Saisaki had devote all of her energy to ignoring him on the way. Once they arrived though, Saisaki's attention was torn away from the blond to all of the people that filled the room once the guards let the pair pass. She was shocked by how many people had showed up, though she knew other plants were in place to observe what was going on. Still, they wouldn't account for just how cramped the room was. The fact that this organization had managed to set anything up under Kabel's nose was far more surprising than the number of people. Surely that didn't sit well with the kage.







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Hitomaro leaned his back against the wooden frame of a nearby building, miss buttoned up brunette wasn’t early like he’d expected, that kind of bummed him out. She was the only good part about a task like this, not so much because of her but because of how much Hitomaro enjoyed pushing on her buttons. When she was around he reverted a few years and remembered what it was like to be an academy student, poking at the female students to get their attention. He didn’t have a good reason for doing it, probably lasting damage from repeated head trauma, but he did enjoy it. He smiled while thinking of her, at least he wasn’t stuck with some strange Chunin. He’d started doing more of the babysitting work and was more than a little glad to finally be paired with a relative adult, even if she was a bit naive for her age.


Hitomaro kicked a loose stone, he kept thinking about who he was with rather than the mission. It was a conscious choice, not an infatuation one. The real truth was that this meeting they were about to go infiltrate hit a bit too close to home for him. He nervously reached up to scratch at the blue skull tattooed near the base of his neck. Had a few breaks gone the other way he would probably be joining them, not spying on them. It was why he’d chosen to focus on the girl rather than the task up until now, it was just easier not to remember old wounds. So he’d played the part he always did, confident verging on cocky, maybe even a bit excited; but that wasn’t the case.


His eyes veered from the plot on the ground he’d planted them in, just in time too as a young brunette woman with golden hued eyes, a soft complexion, and a well trained frame that widened towards the hips. His mind tried to drag a frame of reference as she approached him, too late as he stood there with his jaw gaping while she snatched his hand and, in a familiar voice, said "Please, don't say anything."


What a different Saisaki, gone were the beat up clothes that had seen too many consecutive days, gone was the well traveled smell, maybe most notable was the absence of the scarring on her face. The scarrs hadn’t bothered him when he’d seen her before, but it was different to see her face when she wasn’t trying to hide half of it.


Had he wanted to say something as she dragged him off he couldn’t have, his tongue numbed by her transformation. It was a wonderful way to get his mind off of his own past. When they arrived he’d finally managed to recompose himself, partly because his shock had turned into the urge to laugh at how embarrassed she clearly was to let him see so much of her. At the entrance he removed the tan hooded jacket he’d been wearing to expose his simple black t-shirt and proceeded in without it. He’d wanted to blend in so choosing the dull black shirt and tan cargo pants seemed like a great idea, somehow he thought that Saisaki was going to draw some even if she’d meant to do the exact opposite.  


Don’t flinch.” He leaned in to whisper into her ear as he placed his hand around her waist and pulled her in close. The male gazes would hopefully pass right over her now, it seemed foolish but Hitomaro was in effect marking like a far less evolved creature. The real question though was was he doing it because of their cover, a story he’d been more than happy to go along with, or was it something a bit less professional. It didn’t matter. He ignored his rational mind and kept her pulled tight for the moment, this was a mission, he needed to focus.  

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Aito awoke early in the morning, the sun shining brightly through his windows as he moved quickly throughout his home. He woke up early, but he was far off from the center of the village, which is where his mission today would be bringing him. He gathered his clothes, and threw on a small cloak. His clothing would not stand out much among the group within this rally, so he was not worried about being hidden. Aito typically refused to carry around or wear his headband, so he'd be able to hide in plain sight among this group inside the rally. He was not a regular among the village, either, so that definitely helped.


Aito moved quickly through the mountain passes and headed towards the village, wiping sweat off his brow as he broke off into a quick sprint, making sure he made it on time. He followed his dossier's instructions and went to the building that had been given to him. A few people were walking in as he apporached, and he slid behind them, masking his presence with their shadows. He made it inside of the building, his eyes darting from group to group within the room. 'Lot more people here than I expected,' he thought to himself. 'Now I see why this was such a big deal.' He sighed a bit before moving his body out of the walk way and into the crowd of people. He'd place his hands into his pockets and wait for the speaker to walk to the podium. 'Just here to listen.'


His eyes continued to dart around the room, attempting to notice any other shinobi. He failed to do so, which was a good thing. He should not be able to notice anyone, so that meant their jobs were successful. He was not even sure how many people had gotten this same mission. He had left his equipment back at his home, so he hoped he would not stick out to anyone. Or run into any trouble here. Back to waiting, his eyes continuously moving around the room, studying the groups that had gathered. 'Get information and avoid trouble.' He'd say it in his head again to really drill the idea in. His eyes slowly moved towards the podium on the main stage, where they stayed until the speaker approached.

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Nearly an hour had passed since people had begun to fill up the room, with the small enclosure now filled beyond capacity with all kinds of different people. The entire room, save for the stage and a few feet near the door, was jam packed with people, causing the room to be hotter than it should have been, the random stench of musk and dirty bodies floated over the crowd, mixing in with the dry dusty aroma settled across the floor. The last couple of bodies had finally made their way into the hall, the body guards moving from outside of the building, now standing with their backs against the wall, looking out over the crowd. The large wooden door would be pulled shut, a giant wooden beam slide across its surface. The door was securely locked from the inside, a possible attempt to keep anyone out once the rally had started. The lights in the hall would begin to dim, the only illuminated part of the room now being the stage.


A small wooden door located at the back of the wall on the stage would soon open, a hush falling over the crowd as those there were anxiously waiting for the even to begin. A large mass of black robes would spill out onto the stage, about twenty men and woman all dressed in the same black ninja uniform. It was obvious they were trying to hide their identity, however they cared less about hiding the weapons they had strapped to their bodies. Each person was decked out in various types of weapons, from swords to chain scythes and anything in between. The shrouded rebels, known as the Equalist, lined the edge of the stage, creating a perimeter to keep anyone from interfering during the rally. Their beady eyes scanned the crowd, taking a guardian type stance, as another figure walked out of the small door way, his foot steps echoing off the wooden stage with each step.


As the figure made his way to the center of the stage, he stopped in front of a microphone stand. Now facing the crowd he paused for a second, allowing everyone in the room to focus their full attention. Standing before them was a familiar sight to anyone who had been paying any attention to the village lately. He was a rather tall man, wearing a grey modified flak jacket, one that had not been seen for years. Attached to the leather suit was a cloth hood, that draped over the mans face. Staring out over the crowd was a set of small brown eyes, which were peering from behind the cover of a white mask. This mask was the same one that was plastered all over the village, the pair of eyes that belonged to this man were the very same that had been attached to the posters that were plaguing the nations. He stood tall and stern, placing his hand under the microphone and gentling lifting it to his face.



"Greetings my brothers and sisters, i am so very glad you have decided to join us this evening."


The masked man spoke in a very soft and relaxing tone, his words drifting across the room. It was almost soothing, with a very dark implication hidden behind his words. Regardless of the weight behind his words, the crowd could not help but zone in, as if being enticed to pay attention. The mysterious man began to pace across the stage, keeping his tone the same as each and every word expertly left his mouth.


"You all are here tonight because you seek change, you strive for freedom. Freedom that we once were entitled to, Freedom that is now being held hostage, hoarded by those who claim to have your best interest in mind. The Shinobi, led by the greedy and power hungry Kage, roam our lands doing as they please, suppressing your freedoms and imposing their own will. We have to abide by their rules, bend to their ambitions, and the moment we speak out, we are labeled traitors! Called rogue villains who only seek to destroy. We are the ones being destroyed! They wage war and conquest across our lands, with no regard to how things effect us and our lives. Our homes get destroyed, our people killed, for what!? For their heartless desire for more power, to assert themselves as our rulers!? We do not need to be ruled!"


His words cut through the silent room, every word he spoke being absorbed by the masses watching, like hypnotized sheep, nodding to every sentence. Eventually the crowd began to speak up, men and woman agreeing with his words started to shout things in agreeance. As the speech went on it was clear that the majority of the room was on his side, and the things they were saying were boarder line disturbing. It was clear to see how powerful words could be, and how deep hatred could run. As the masked man spoke, another group of black robbed men could be seen coming out of the door, dragging with them a person who was bound by ropes and wire. The group of robed men dropped the bound man into the center of the stage, directly behind the speaker. The bound man a jounin of the village, a strong shinobi that was well known around the village. His arms were bound, his hands being kept separate, and a cloth was tied around his mouth. The crowd erupted in excitement, beginning to get louder and more violent as the rally went on.


"For far to long have we been oppressed by these so called protectors. They use their gift of elemental control and super natural abilities to push us around, telling us how to live our lives. But what are they without their powers, their abilities and their weapons of murder? They are nothing, weak cowards who hide behind those with the true spines to rule over them. Their time is running out however! They have held the power over man for to long, now is our time brothers and sisters! We shall enlighten them, remove them and assert ourselves as the new power!"


Another eruption of excitement exploded out from the crowd, the entire room now throwing chants out, raising their fist into the air and agreeing with this mans point. As he finished speaking, the masked man turned around and positioned himself behind the bound shinobi. Holding the microphone in his left hand and placing his right hand on the top of the prisoners head his tone became softer, but still full of conviction.


"Now witness brothers and sisters, the next stage of evolution! Our weapon against the powers that would see us silenced. See how weak they are without their powers!"


The bound jounin began to shake, violently, as muffled cries of pain could be heard trying to escape from the man. A soft blue glow could be seen swirling out of the mans head and up into the hooded figures arm. As the chakra drained itself from the mans body, his skin began to take on a dark hue, shriveling up as the seconds passed, making the shinobi appear to be much older than he was. The color was pulled from him, his hair turning white and his flesh taking a translucent pale color now. Detaching himself from the drained body, the masked figure let the man drop to the floor, unconscious, and made his way back to the front of the stage.


"Now, you have seen real power, witnessed true conviction. It is your turn, this is your moment to be apart of the revolution. Tonight will be the first strike against our oppressors, and you all will be apart of the movement!"


Dropping the microphone to the ground, the masked man would raise his hands to either side, raising his gaze up into the rafters and speaking once more, his voice no longer empowered by the microphone.


"Your noble sacrifices will be the spark that ignites this revolution! Revel in this my children, you are now free and your voices will ring out through all the world!"


Without warning the black robed ninja on stage jumped into the crowd, pulling out their various types of weapons, and began to mercilessly slaughter the unsuspecting people in the crowd. The masked figure stood still, arms outstretched over the crowd, as screams of shock and horror filled the room. People instantly began to run towards the door that led out, which was now guarded by about fifteen more ninja, who were now cutting down those closest to the door. Blood quickly began to fill the room, with the crowd erupting into a swarm of madness and chaos. The brave ones tried to fight back, however they were unprepared and ill equipped for the large amount of men. The masked man would vanish, no longer standing where he was, lost in the confusion of the situation. The scene quickly grew gruesome, the body count piling up. It was obvious these men had no intentions of letting anyone out alive.




There is no post order, the story teller will make his next post on july the 28th. Please only make one post with your attempt to escape, do not make it harder for others to post. This topic is now closed to anyone who did not already post in it. 


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You guys really don't need to read anything until the 7th paragraph. Whoops.




- 3 Explosive Tags

- 5 CP for Ignition


295 CP Remaining


A flush turned Saisaki's cheeks a vivid shade of pink that was dimmed to a gentler hue thanks to the makeup that smoothed over her scarred features when she felt the heat from Hitomaro's whispered words graze along the sensitive skin of her neck and ear then felt his hand find purchase along the curve of her hip. There was a brief flashback in the female's mind of the first time they had met and the blush deepened as she recalled the sensation of being pulled to sit in his lap. It was far from the appropriate time and place to try and process the thoughts she was having so she bit down on her bottom lip almost hard enough to make it bleed, but not quite. The pain brought her focus sharply into the present moment and her temporarily golden eyes scanned the room as she and the man now adhered to her side made their way to a corner where they could see both the entrance and the stage at a point that was somewhere between the two of them to get the best vantage point they could manage on each area simultaneously.


The atmosphere of the cramped makeshift auditorium was uncomfortable for Saisaki in more than one way. All of the bodies in the confined space had made the temperature rise above normal as time passed and her own body temperature had risen involuntarily from the close proximity to Hitomaro. Yet she was a shinobi and that meant she was trained to push through discomfort and distractions to complete a task; in this case, that meant information gathering. She attempted meaningless small talk with the blond to maintain their cover, but took in every detail of her surroundings that she could in the moment and as the seconds trickled into minutes, Saisaki's naturally paranoid state began to heightened. There were a lot of people present. She couldn't believe that so many individuals harbored ill will toward Yamagakure. The threat of rebellion was far greater than she had anticipated and it made her stomach knot up in worry.


Her anxiety only grew worse when her gaze snapped toward a loud clunking noise to see that a heavy wooden beam had been positioned across the door everyone had come through to enter the room. It just as effectively locked people in as it locked people out. Saisaki understood the need for the latter given that these people were trying to stir up trouble, but in all honesty, a wooden beam wasn't going to stop a powerful shinobi from getting through a door and if they had truly intended to remain unnoticed, they wouldn't have setup the meeting inside of the actual village - that was practically a suicide mission in and of itself. Saisaki's neutral expression belied her fretting, but she did find herself subconsciously pressing her body closer into Hitomaro's for reassurance. The negative aura of their situation overrode the awkwardness in her that arose from her naivety. Hitomaro was the only familiar and relative safe point for Saisaki to ground herself with in the moment.


The reflexive action occurred again when the stage came to life with a barrier of beings armed to the teeth and Saisaki's paranoia reached its peak. Everyone at the door had been given a visual once over to make sure they weren't packing an real arsenal, so she didn't understand why anything that had a chance at being peaceful would require such a display of obvious force. Even if they had been expecting shinobi interference, it would have been best to hide their numbers for a counterattack. Saisaki felt her breathing slowly start to hitch in a panic as her eyes shifted from the stage to the guarded door. Everything about this setup felt off, but she didn't say or do anything aside from making sure to stick to her partner.


If Saisaki had been unnerved by the close quarters filled with armed enemies in an undercover operation, it was nothing compared to monsoon of feelings that poured themselves across all of her thoughts when the masked man appeared and gave a speech worthy of any past, present, or future cult of personality. It made her skin crawl and what was worse is that he had valid points mixed in with the slander. However, the moment he brought out the bound shinobi native to Lightning, Saisaki really began to panic.


"We have to do something," she whispered to Hitomaro. Saisaki didn't have much on her person though, just the ninja info cards for the information she had been gathering, including what physical characteristics she had been able to glean about the speaker, and... explosive tags. They were hidden beneath her skirt though in a secret pocket. Still, everyone seemed enraptured by the figure preaching onstage. She hardly thought they'd notice two lovebirds lurking in a dark corner and even if they had turned to look at the pair, they more than likely would have averted their eyes at the scene because Saisaki was guiding Hitomaro's hand down her thigh. The action had another purpose besides embarrassing people away from looking as it got Saisaki's own hand close enough to where it needed to be to free three explosive tags from her skirt.


"Please don't say anything," she whispered for a second time beneath the roar of the crowd as they cheered for the awful things happening on stage. There was nothing Saisaki could do to aid the man from her position or given the particular situation and that guilt would hound her for long after this day would inevitably pass if she survived, but his death did draw essentially all focus to the stage and in that time, Saisaki moved along the wall as if pushed back by the bustling group that crowded the front of the stage to get a better view of what was going on. In truth, she was permitting herself, along with Hitomaro, to be jostled out of the way. It allowed her to furtively slide explosive tags behind propaganda posters on the wall as they were forced backward. The tags were about three feet away from each other and Saisaki, having used them many times before, guided her conspirator a safe distance away in case she needed to use them.


And she did.


Saisaki's training as a ninja and her natural paranoia were validated in a single instance following honey coated words about slaughter masquerading as sacrifice. The dark clad goons were upon the crowd like wolves in a herd of sheep in the blink of an eye and the leader had disappeared from sight just as quickly. They didn't appear exceptionally skilled with their weapons, but in such a small space and against unarmed and inexperienced people with the sheer numbers they had, it didn't matter. She didn't think even Kabel would have been able to escape confrontation unscathed, so she certainly wasn't going to try it. Saisaki twisted her body so that it looked like she was burying herself into Hitomaro's chest to hide from the carnage, but in truth, she was still playing her undercover role just in case her actions were being noted and she was using their bodies meeting to conceal the use of hand signs. In particular, she was making the seals for Ignition.


The center explosive tag was ignited in a five foot explosion and it further caused the tags on either side of it to explode as well, their spacing causing the damage to the wall to manifest in a ten foot gaping hole in the side of the structure. Most people that had been trying to flee had already moved toward the barred door, so Saisaki prayed she hadn't injured too many people herself and that by providing an outlet for people to escape, she could somehow convince her conscious that it was worth it later. For now, she needed to focus on getting herself and Hitomaro out of the kill box; she'd never be able to help anyone if she died. She reached for his hand once more to drag him out through impromptu exit, reminiscent of how they had met an hour earlier. It already seemed like a lifetime ago.

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Kao didn't exactly pay attention pay that much attention before the Jounin was dragged out. That, in and of itself, worried Kao immensely. While his impression of this so-called revolution before had been the image of rampaging civilians, the fact that the instigators of this rally managed to detain one of the elite ninja of the village (who most likely outclassed him by far) meant that they had more power than it had initially appeared. The implications sent shivers down Kao's spine and he knew that this would be much more dangerous than he believed. The B-Rank label on the mission scroll should've given him a clue but he hadn't expected it to go like this and he hastily slunk back into the shadows, trying to draw as little attention to himself as possible. He could feel his nose scrunching itself up in disgust as the attendants cheered and roared louder and louder at the bound man's entrance. He was terrified and, as Kao looked through the crowd that seemed to be so happy about a man's death, he couldn't help but wonder why it was his job to protect these little sadistic hellions. He shrugged it off, calming that bit of rage sparking in himself, and resumed to pay full attention at the podium. The masked man, the presumable leader behind this entire messed-up scheme, lifted his hand above the ninja's head and, slowly, a blue color started to seep out. It didn't take long before the Jounin began to wrinkle and grey, his skin turning into an ashen black as he decayed. He was witnessing a murder and Kao knew he could do nothing to stop it. He refused to look away. He may be loyal to his village and would follow the mission's orders without fault but he would deign the dead man with respect through this memory. He may be careless and forgetful but, whenever Kao witnessed a death, he would always ensure any friend or stranger would live on forever in the back of his mind. He was relieved when the man merely fell over unconscious, but drained of his life force. He might not be alive for much longer but it was a small blessing for Kao. He might be a murderous ninja but that didn't mean he was a sadistic monster.


"Your noble sacrifices will be the spark that ignites this revolution! Revel in this my children, you are now free and your voices will ring out through all the world!"


The moment Kao heard those words, he stilled. As the black-robed ninja bounced into the crowd, hacking and slashing away, Kao backed away. "Oh sugar honey iced tea," he mumbled underneath his breath as he made sure his stealthy 'In The Shadows' technique was still in effect. He looked around only to find the doors barred and guarded. There were too many of the treacherous ninjas to fight and, seeing what their leader did, he wasn't sure if he'd like to be bound, gagged, and ripped of his chakra and turned into an old man (he was almost at the beginning of his mid-life crisis, too!). He could definitely make a mist and then fill the entire room with Vapor Expansion but the problem would be that it would interfere with the escape attempts of others. There's no way he could make a clone that could distract all of them; there were too many adversaries and he only had so much chakra left. His choices dwindled down and he was pulling at strings as to what to do. He didn't carry any explosive tags on him and most of his abilities would harm the others around here with its ranged attacks. He was meant for one-on-one fighting, okay? Not whatever this is.


As he was debating ideas in his mind, he was snapped out of his musings by the sudden boom that erupted through the building. He couldn't help but praise whoever thought of that. The opportunity for many others to escape at the expense of likely casualties and injuries was a good decision in his own mind and the only worry he had was how he would get there. He just hoped that the construction would be sturdy enough to withstand a blast of that caliber and that the sound would bring attention to this obscure meeting (with reinforcements). As people pushed him back and forth, however, he realized that he should probably stop thinking so hard in a life-or-death situation and probably make a break for it. Body Flicker wouldn't work in such a crowded area so the best he could do was slink to the edges of the crowd, attempting to be as unnoticeable as possible, and make a break for the impromptu exit forged by explosives. He thanked whoever made that awfully convenient escape route and dashed off.



CP: 140 (-5 per post)

SP: 150


OOC: Continues to use In The Shadows and attempts to exit through the hole made by Saisaki.

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Hitomaro could almost feel the brunettes body shiver as he spoke into her ear, it was almost more fun to tease her than it was to play with other women. He smiled slyly, the crowd was growing with every passing second and having another body pulled so tightly against his own was raising the temperature, but it was worth it this time. Hitomaro let the young woman lead him to a dark corner, for a moment he had flashbacks to his younger moments when he’d convince the pretty girl to join him in the back of the bar, if it wasn’t for the old man he’d have a litter of young blond haired fools by now. He didn’t dwell on that scary thought, he didn’t think the world could handle too much more of his genetic line running around.


He followed relatively obediently, staying close and keeping his arm around her or on her hip at all times. It was a marking thing, seemed stupid on the outset but highly effective at curtailing the environmental threats. Men were prone to make a move on an attractive young woman when fired up, and there was no doubt in Hitomaro’s mind after five minutes of looking around that there was excitement in the air. The problem was that Hitomaro remembered that feeling, he remembered what it made him do, better to be overly cautious than to have a repeat of his past with the shoe on the other foot.


The reached the corner. Hitomaro and Sai exchanged small talk, blended in. Whether she knew it or not she was showing her inexperience. In a setting like this it was better to be in the crowd, to be one of them, you drew more attention being the cautious outlier than being the rabid supporter. The blonds attention was pulled from the crowd in front of them to the door at the same sound Saisaki noticed, he didn’t like the way that felt. Not that he worried about that for long as the young brunette pushed her weight into him, it was a familiar feeling but it was kind of nice. Normally he’d have to pull her in, drag her to him, trick her in some way, this time she moved on her own and didn’t shiver as she came into contact with him. If he hadn't been watching the stage as the masked man arrived he would probably have found a way to enjoy her willingness more, moving his hand from her hip down and around to her taut backside was all he could muster.


It was a great moment, but that moment was quickly spoiled as a bound and gagged man was dragged to the stage. Hitomaro heard Saisaki’s comment but didn’t respond, instead letting her spring into action. It wasn’t fear, it was caution, acting at that moment overtly would have cost him, her, and anyone stupid enough in the room to break cover their lives. That fear didn’t stop the brunette though, in fact it spurred her on as she grabbed his hand, pulled him in, and proceeded to guide him down her inner thigh.


It wasn’t like he wasn’t interested, of course he was, but at a time like this? For a moment as his hand was guided down her soft skin, between her toned legs, he thought about finishing what she’d started. Sure there was a deranged man on stage holding one of his village brethren hostage, but he thought it was unlikely he’d ever get another chance to have his way with the Kage’s favorite medic.


“Please don't say anything,"


She’d moved her hand skillfully, detaching from his own as he’d pulled her tighter to fetch whatever it was she’d hidden under her skirt. Once she had it she pulled away, dashing his hopes and shoving him back into the situation. Maybe it was callous of him to be thinking about getting lucky when a murder was going on behind him, but to his credit he wasn’t actually planning to take her right there.


She’d pulled away and the crowd moved forward, Hitomaro slid through it with practiced skill reaching the back wall with his female companion. He’d picked up quite a while ago what she was doing. It was a good plan, preparing an emergency escape knowing the door they’d entered was locked, he had to give her props. It was no wonder she’d quickly become the Kage’s favorite with instincts like that. He let her lead him again, this time a safe distance from the wall she’d rigged to blow.


When the carnage began he pushed the thumb on his right hand against his incisor, piercing the scarred tissue just enough to a bit of blood to spill onto the collar of his jacket before Saisaki shoved her body into his. Hitomaro wrapped her tightly, bracing for the inevitable explosion, then it happened. He didn’t need to see the explosion behind him to realize what had happened, the dust, debris, the noise. What had been a slaughtering was now going to turn into a disorganized mess. For a moment the blond thought about staying to fight, to save his people, after all too many could have ended up just like him.


Then Saisaki’s small hand wrapped around his and she pulled him away. She was right, their first priority had to be surviving the slaughter, had to be getting favorable position. Besides, with an explosion knocking out a wall there was no doubt in Hitomaro’s mind that reinforcements were about to be on the way.


Nothing to see here, simply followed Saisaki around and am now escaping through a large hole in the wall.

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Aito had arrived last minute, moving towards the back of the crowd before the show had started. He settled in nicely and stood still watching the crowds around him. This was a nice size group, not what he was expecting at all. Something more along the lines of a few people is what he had expected. The man had walked onto the stage and begun his short speech, attempting and succeeding to incite and inspire the crowd. 'There's this much hate for shinobi?' he thought to himself as a man was dragged onto the stage. He stayed in the center, tied up and looking beaten.


Aito watched as the masked man drained the chakra out of the jounin on stage. He did not look away, nor did he show any sort of meaningful reaction to the man. Aito was not a huge fan of the village, but he sure did not want to take the shinobi down. Then the guards began attacking the innocents within the crowd. Aito was caught off guard, his mind wavering off having been thinking of what the man had been saying. He was excited to be assigned this mission. He was hoping the group would be spouting something meaningful. Instead, all that was found here was terror. As the guards began to move from the stage and into the crowd, slaughtering men and women as they moved towards the back of the room, Aito did not know how to react. He wanted to help the innocents who were being killed. He was tempted, but he had left most of his equipment at home and there was no way he'd be able to take them all down with him.


Then, an explosion close to him. So close, his ears were pierced by the loud boom and dust poured over his head, his hands moving towards his ears. He stared back at the large hole in the wall as the people in the crowd began charging towards it in order to escape. As the aisle towards the door began to clear, Aito started to weave handsigns: Tiger into Snake then ending it with Boar. He waited a moment, making sure the aisle towards the large door that had been closed was now clear of patrons. He inhaled, filling his lungs with wind chakra and then exhaling, sending the wind current flying quickly towards the door. The current of wind would circulate over the door, smashing into it and smashing the barge that had locked it. The wind current would tear and rip the wooden barge apart as well as making a small hole in the door, letting it swing open.


'That would help with congestion,' he thought to himself, as he began moving his body quickly to the door, still looking back at the front of the room. He shook his head as he barged his way through the crowd near the door and moved out of the building.


CP: 175/200

-Art of the Wind Spear (25CP)


Used it on the door, causing it to break the barge that was holding it shut. Would help congestion of the room, allowing for myself and others to exit through it as a second option.

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Katsu stood near the center of the room as he watched the man in the mask walk onto the stage and begin his speech. His hands settled on the top of his head, running through his magnificent head of white hair. He cracked the muscles in his neck as he listened to the man's speech. It was inspiring, in a sense. The man seemed like he really wanted something to change. So long as they went about the right way, Katsu was sure some compromises could be made. He wasn't really sure of the issues shinobi had caused, though. He treated everyone the same, regardless of their status so he was ignorant of any plight the members of his village were dealing with. But still, he listened. Until he watched a fellow shinobi being dragged onto the stage and stripped of his chakra. 'Why would they do this?!' He watched as the man hit the floor, shocked at the horror he just witnessed. 


Then the slaughtering began. Blood started flashing into Katsu's eyes and the screaming pierced his ears intensely. He was shocked. Too shocked to move, as a matter of fact. He stared towards the front of the stage in horror as he watched innocent villagers being slaughtered in front of him. He couldn't believe it. This was not how revolutions went, was it? It was not until a large explosion occurred in the back of the room that Katsu suddenly snapped back to reality. He turned his head, looking away from the butchering going on at the front of the room, but images still flashed in his head of people being cut down. His ears were ringing due to the explosion as he watched another man burst down the door leading outside. His ears began ringing; he could no longer differentiate between the screaming, the sound of steel on flesh, or the trampling feet of the others. Suddenly, someone ran into the back of him, pushing Katsu forward and over. He'd fall to the ground face first. This had awakened him, though, and he was able to catch himself before connecting with the floor. He reached into his pocket and grabbed a smoke bomb. 


He'd throw it behind him, setting it off at the front of the room. He'd hoped it would make it so some of the civilians could still make it out of there as he began to rush the back down. Weaving the hand signs Ram and Tiger, he'd concentrate his flow of lightning chakra around his body, forming the electric current armor over his entire body. He began to rush the door, pushing his body into one of the guards that stood at the back, attempting to stop anyone from leaving. He rushed into the guard, causing the lightning from his armor to begin shocking him, moving through his entire body and stunning him momentarily. He'd make another quick move towards the second guard, pushing his right hand into his face, catching him off guard as he was grappling another civilian. Katsu raised his arm and flash the sign of Ram, concentrating his flow of chakra now on his right arm, sending the lightning chakra through it and into the guard's face. This causes an explosion, sending the man bursting back into the wall behind him, knocking him out. He stared back to the front of the stage at his smoke bomb before leaving through the door. 


-30 for Lightning Rod

-25 for Electric Current Armor


CP: 145 / 200


-1 smoke bomb

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