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Water Clone Technique

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Jutsu Name | Water Clone Technique
Jutsu Type | Supplementary
Ranking | C-Rank
Element(s) | Water
Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu
Energy Cost | 25 CP


Handsigns | Boar-Rat-Ram
Range | Clones will lose their shape if they go more than 15 meters away from the user
Duration | Three posts
Description | Once the ram seal has been formed, the user manipulates the water in the air and makes a clone somewhere within 5 meters of themselves. This clone spawns with all the user's equpment, but the equipment itself is E-rank, regardless of whether or not the original equipment is higher.  Since this technique is much weaker than the original shadow clone technique, the clone will always be destroyed if hit by 2 E-Rank hits. D-Rank and above technique will instantly destroy the clone. If the clone gets more than 15 meters away from the user, it will lose its shape and turn into normal water. If the clone is destroyed, it will revert back into roughly 10 gallons of water which can be used for other water techniques.
Other Effects | If the user is within a 5-Meter radius of a water source or something similar (I.E: Hidden Mist) then the technique will cost one rank less.
Requirements | Water Village
Status | Public

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This technique is already in the approved site jutsu. Here is the link. 



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