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I don't understand weapon ranks. Specifically:


1. A bladed weapon is given rank. A blunted weapon is the same rank. The bladed one is more effective, yes? A person of a higher rank would be equally cut by the blade as compared to a person of a lower rank, but he of the higher rank would be more resistant to blunt force damage of the non-bladed weapon? Do I have that right? Totally wrong?


2. Related: bladed weapons are always better than fists, controlling for other variables, right? An A rank punch will do less damage than an A rank stab? And an A rank punch will also do less damage than an E rank blade stabbing you?


3. If two weapons clash, how does that work? If the weapons are the same rank but users have vast gulfs in power (like B rank vs D rank or something), the higher rank person could probably overpower the lower rank, yes? If they are the same rank, does the rank of their weapons matter? Does the rank of weapons clashing ever matter? Could an X rank sword do anything notable to a D rank sword without any uneven external factors? 


Same questions for projectiles basically as well. The rank of the item being thrown does not matter right? It's only the rank of whatever launched it? And if so, can you deflect that with any weapon/item, assuming you have enough speed to properly react? Can I knock S ranked projectiles away with a D rank shield or D rank sword? If two projectiles clash, does the outcome rely primarily upon how fast/strong one is moving?


I think that's it. I'm speaking generally on these scenarios, assuming no special jutsu or anything are used and the like. I know that specific situations could cause differences, like in what manner you deflect a blade, but as a general idea I just don't get what's going on. And I would like to, cuz I have bukijutsu and just bought a bow.


I'm just very, very confused. 

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1. What weapon type is strong depends entirely on the situation. I would rather have a blunt instrument for certain situations and a cutting one for another.

2. If there is no chakra involved in the situation then the stab is 99% better than the fist

3. The rank of a weapon only determines the amount of abilities it has. In the situation where you are clashing weapons it is entirely based on the skill of the people involved. If you make a D-rank sword and a X-rank sword with no abilities then they might as well be the same weapon. What you have to focus on is the concept/design of the weapon and the abilities you incorporate into it. 

4. Projectiles are based on the launcher to determine its strength, the rank as above is based on the concept of the projectile and its abilities. There are a myriad ways of combating projectiles, but it stems from the ability to see that it is coming, if you are able to see a projectile you will most likely be able to deal with it in some manner. In a specific case, if two kunai, one moving at S-rank and the other at C-rank, clash head on they will both be diverted off course. Do not take this case and try to apply it to every type of projectile, because not every type of projectile is the same.


Generally what we want to see is a lot of thought put into the use of your weapons and not just assumed because you have higher rank weapons that you are automatically stronger than someone with lower rank weapons.

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