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So I was asking questions about how Substitution worked on this site and Kabel told me that you need to hold the hand sign for it to work. Meaning unlike canonically you can't just use it and then get hit by a jutsu later and poof into a log. That is not how it works canonically you do not have to hold the kata just before you're hit for it to work. 


I'm not arguing against that but the page for it does not say that. 



Kabel denied me, like he does every single time I bring up a potential error or mistake, and said that its common sense and doesn't need to be added. I don't see how it is common sense since the jutsu doesnt work that way canonically and so no one would have reason to assume that. I just want the page update to reflect how the jutsu works is all. 

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Heyo Jinpachi,


Thank you for making the topic about this after it was brought up in the CB. It is our aim to provide clear and concise information about things, especially when there is uncertainty involved. I apologize if you felt mislead or taken for granted. It is always important to be careful with out words, especially when we are the representatives of a forum!


Jutsu Name | Substitution Jutsu
Jutsu Type | Defensive
Ranking | E-Rank
Element(s) | None
Specialty(s) | None
Energy Cost | 5 CP

Handsigns | Boar (E-D Rank require 2 handseals)
Range | User can appear from 1 meter to 10 meters away from the object they substituted with. (E Rank have a limit of 5M)
Duration | Instantaneous (Just pointing this out for further elaboration below)
Description | User replaces them self with an object at the same time that an attack would normally hit them, and transport them self somewhere else in the area. Most users of this technique replace them self with a log. 


The technique can only be used once in a fight. But if enemies ambush a user, they can use Substitution Jutsu and it will not count as using it in a fight, therefore if the ambush progresses into a fight, the user can still use Substitution Jutsu one more time.

Other Effects | Smoke surrounding the object that was substituted with the user.

Requirements | The technique activates once someone or something is about to make contact with the user.
Status | Public


Alright, so as you can see. This jutsu based on my critique above, does not qualify for an adequate jutsu. In 2 areas, it lacks proper limitations in order to be accepted. The handseals and range are both inaccurate accordiing to our jutsu guide found HERE


In addition, the description of this technique implies that the jutsu can only be used during the moment that a shinobi would be hit. It states it may only be used once per fight, however includes ambushes and yet doesn't say whether or not it can be used in multiple ambushes. It does not say or imply that the jutsu may be held or maintained over an extended period of time(See duration, it is an instant use technique) While this jutsu is intended to get you out of a tough situation, it is not intended to be used as a "second life" move where you may use it beforehand and then automatically avoid a future fatal(or otherwise) hit. This requires both "knowing" of an impending attack, as well as proper chakra molding to perform. From the CB discussion, I see the potential that someone would use this at the start of a thread and then proceed to use other jutsu without being impeded in any way & then calling upon their Substitution when things get rough. @Drak or @Soul may tell me I am incorrect, but that is why I tagged them in this post for verification. 

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I'm not arguing that it SHOULD be something that you use turn 1 to always avoid the first thing that is going to hit you, FYI, but the way it was explained to me as to why you cannot do that (having the hold the hand sign the whole time) is clearly not written anywhere. That was my only issue with it. If there are more things wrong with it that needs to be updated though then by all means lets do that.


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Your concern has been noted Jinpachi and the substitution technique has been updated in light of this discussion. Thank you for bringing it to attention.


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