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Jutsu Name | Sand Recovery
Jutsu Type | Supplementary
Ranking | C-Rank
Element(s) | Sand Release
Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu
Energy Cost | 15 CP (5 upkeep per post when sand is in use)


Handsigns | Dog -> Snake -> Bird
Range | 10 meters, AOE, around the user
Duration | The Sand created will last 3 posts. Sand can be used in the next post.
Description | The user will cast the jutsu, targeting the area around him for any sand that has been made unusable (for example: if a Lightning jutsu has turned your sand into glass). The user uses his/her chakra to manipulate the sand in order to recycle any sand within 10 meters of the user. The user will make the handsigns, manipulate his/her chakra, and be hit with a cost of 15 CP initially. It has an immediate effect on the sand, so the user can use the sand in the next post (NOT in the same post this jutsu is used). As the user continues to use the sand, it will cost him/her an additional 5 CP per post, for a maximum of 3 posts. After which, the sand will become unusable again.

However, the sand cannot be manipulated freely. The sand created or fixed will be added to your supply of sand in your gourd or around you for use in your next post. 
Other Effects | It can also be used to create sand from patches of earth near the user if he/she has no access to a gourd. 
Requirements | Sand Release
Status | Closed to Sabaku bloodline

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  1. Short and to the point: Just put 3 turns under duration. That will make things more clear. I don't see a need for a cooldown, but you can leave it if that's what you want.
  2. "The user uses his/her Suiton, Doton, and Futon to manipulate their levels within the sand in order to recycle any sand within 10 meters of the user" - Just replace the elements mentioned for the word 'Chakra'. While it's an advanced release, the sentence gives the impression you've got those elements unlocked for individual control already, which isn't likely to be the case.
  3. Please leave it perfectly clear that this does not allow you to manipulate the recovered sand in any way without the use of a different jutsu. This Jutsu is meant to give your sand to work with or recover the sand you've lost, nothing else.
  4. Given that this is a C rank jutsu and that, if I understand correctly, you cannot use the sand on the same turn you recover it, I wouldn't mind if the use you mention in other effects is used in combat as well. If you agree, please specify a reasonable limit on the quantity you can gather. 
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I believe I got everything you mentioned in your post. And no, you cannot use the sand immediately. I tried to reword it to make that more clear. I went ahead and changed the 'other effect' one. I wasn't sure at first if I'd be able to do it. But think I got it all done!

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Please remember the range of this technique is not enough to provide you with an outstanding amount of sand, just a moderate amount. With that in mind.



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