Beating the Heat

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It was early in the morning when Aito woke up, wiping his eyes with the palm of his hands as he moved out of his bed. The sun had barely risen yet, so no shining through his window. He began to shiver, a small chill moving in through his window as he put on his training attire so he could get a move on. He hated the physical exertion of training your body, but sometimes it was necessary and today was one of those days. He had begun to develop some new jutsu for his sand release with the help of his father's research, but he needed the ability to make them more than just his father's dream. So today he would be venturing out into the desert to continue active development.


He'd leave a majority of his equipment behind, bringing only a single kunai with him and a few canisters of water. It was the desert, anyway. This was his domain and his favorite place to be. He'd walk a few minutes away from his home before reaching the desert. After reaching the desert, he'd continue walking for a few more minutes until coming to an area that was wide open, except for a single tree that stood quite tall in this vast emptiness, and cast a nice shadow onto the ground from the glaring sun. That would be a good resting spot from this intense weather. But no time for that, as Aito was enjoying himself. A small smile would appear on his face as he walked into the wide open desert. His hands would weave into signs in a quick fashion, Dog into Boar into Ram, before concentrating his chakra on his own body, his mind moving to thoughts of his beautiful, deceased mother.


The transformation was a success. Although Aito was unable to confirm his appearance visually, his eyes darted down to his body, and his hands moved along the ridges of his face to confirm that he now had the appearance of his own mother. Another light smile appeared on his face as his hands began weaving more signs: Ram into Snake into Tiger. Suddenly, five clones appeared around him. His eyes darted from clone to clone, smirking to himself at how easy it was to manage five clones. Looking back at his academy days, when he could barely muster the strength to get out one, here he was with five. He wiped the sweat that dripped down his forehead and brow. He would reach into his cloak and pull out one of the canisters of water, taking a few sips before continuing his training. Would not want to get dehydrated in the middle of training, that's for sure.


Aito moved his hand into his cloak, gripping onto his single kunai tightly, holding it into his hand. Although he hates close quarter combat, sometimes it is necessary. So he charged one of the clones he had summoned, his feet moving silently through the sand beneath him. He jumped from the sand and on top of his clone, jamming the kunai into the clone's eye as he knocked over the clone and fell with it. He smirked as he watched the clone disappear in a cloud of smoke, before realizing his transformation technique had faded. He sighed as he stood his body back up from the sand and dusted himself off. He loved the desert and the sand, but he could not stand physically moving his body to attack someone. This is why he had the sand and why he had hoped to work on some of his new jutsu today.


He turned his body to face the remaining four clones, watching them stand still and quiet in the sand. He'd move his eyes down to their feet, where he noticed their shadows were nonexistent. He'd move his hand into signs once more, Ram into Snake into Tiger again. He would summon the one clone he had removed before and continued staring at them all around him. He'd begin to charge the clone he just summoned and take another stab at it with his kunai, running it through its neck before turning his body on the heel of his foot, carefully stepping on top of the sand, careful not to step too heavily and sink. With the turn of his body towards a second clone, he'd launch his kunai towards it, aiming for his abdomen. With a direct hit, both clones would disappear into clouds of smoke and his kunai would fall to the sand. Aito moved his hands into a cancellation sign, watching as the other clones followed suit and were removed. He walked over to the kunai and picked it up, placing it back down into his cloak, attaching it at his hip.


He removed his water canister from it, gulping down a liter of water. He moved over to the lone tree, moving into its shadow and smiled as the sun was no longer beating down on him. He'd wipe the sweat from his brow before moving his body calmly towards the tree. Concentrating his chakra, he'd send it flowing to the soles of his shoes as he placed one foot onto the trunk of the tree. Aito walked right up the tree trunk, staring down at his feet and he continued to carefully flow his chakra into his soles. As he reached around 3 meters high, he would push off the trunk, landing carefully down in the sand below, making sure to land directly in the shade. He'd smirk, remembering back to his academy days once again, being unable to even take the first step.


Wiping the sweat from his brow once more, he decided to cut the day short. It was enough for one day, he thought. Wouldn't want to tire himself out or anything, right? He'd return back home shortly after, dusting himself off along the wall. Training those jutsu would have to be another day.


Ninjutsu Training: Beginner -> Novice

WC 996 / 750

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