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Bloodline Name | Sennin
PossessorsSennin Clan
Appearance | While varied by appearance and function from user to user and even from use to use, the affected parts of their skin change colour (the hair colour also may change) and if the transformation occurs in the eyes, they change colour as well.

Abilities | Sage Transformation (仙人化, Senninka


The members of this clan possess the innate ability to absorb and manipulate natural energy from their surroundings without any training in senjutsu due to their unique bodies. Through this they are able to transform parts of their body or their full body to achieve different feats and accomplish different task (sometimes some that would normally only be available for certain specialties). Most members of the clan have Senninka. Senninka increases all of the user's jutsu by one rank and all physical attributes increases are based on Shinobi Rank. Partial transformation jutsu used while in full transformation will be reduced by half the cost.  When a user undergoes partial or full transformation, their clothes may change. When they revert back to normal, it goes to what they were wearing before transformation. 


Because members of the clan constantly absorb natural energy, when facing an opponent that can drain chakra, this can prove to be fatal to the opponent if they absorbed too much chakra and will be turned to stone if they haven't had training with Sage Mode in the past. Once the opponent absorbs at least 50 CP, they will begin turning to stone regardless of rank, due to natural energy affecting a person not based on rank, but on training in Sage Mode.


WeaknessesSage Transformation

However, the adverse effects of passively absorbing natural energy results in sudden and uncontrollable surges of madness that make them want to kill, causing them to sporadically go berserk. Because of this, every so often, a user will randomly go into this state (listed in Here). This will cause the user to kill innocent people if not stopped, and can ultimately cause the user to be banned from their village, filed as a criminal, sentenced to death, or any punishment that the leader of the village deems worthy.


When the user goes into this state, he will not undergo full transformation, but will undergo partial.


A user who is skilled in Fuinjutsu or has a mentor or family member that is skilled in Fuinjutsu can counteract this weakness by creating an A-rank seal to store the natural energy. But in return, they have to expend 80 CP to unseal the seal every time to undergo full transformation. They can also temporarily nullify a seal by focusing, which costs 25 CP. If the user is already nullifying the seal, and then completely unseals it, it will cost 55 CP for a total of 80 CP.


Extra Info | Cannot have summoning Specialty because they have love for all animals


Chakra Cost | Depends on jutsu and shinobi rank.


**Note: Permission was granted to takeover and rewrite the Sennin Bloodline using previous thread as a reference. 

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Before I approve this, I'm gonna tell you one thing. I did not make the seal for this, and it might not be approved. So if you don't mind using this without the seal, I'll approve this now. But if you wanna wait for me to make the seal and get it approved, I'll approve this once the seal is approved. However as you probably already figured, you'd need fuinjutsu to use your powers.

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I was planning on using it with no seal until I reached a rank to actually create my own seal. (Character development there :P)

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